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Thursday, 19 May 2005


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Nako moni luma

I am very happy to read about the Fakla law dinner. I do wish you gays the best and hope it will be useful to all.

Mbong Maclarine

Waoh!!!! FAKLA & JUSTICE EBAH..My Congratulations...Keep it real forever...
God Bless

Jo Ngoe

The Common Law Code, particularly its emphasis on precedence permits consistency in good judgments and is serving citizens of the British Isles, Canada, Australia, United States, Nigeria, Southern Africa and the Caribean. Justice Ntoko has lit a candle.

Atekum Joe Ngoe
Los Angeles

Rose Odine

Good idea but Cameroun's Francophone political leadership will see this invitation as an overt defiance of Yaounde and the ultimate expression of autonomy by Anglophone legal big wigs. FAKLA, if it has to host a dinner should invite the Minister of Justice from Yaounde and not a Nigerian, however qualified !

That is how the monolithic power apparatus in Yaounde thinks and sees the World through tinted glasses. Such monolithism has ruined the development of genuinely professional associations in Cameroon and is another reason why the socio-political culture of La Republique du Cameroun is anathemic to the aspirations and developmental needs of the people of Southern Cameroons.

Rose Odine

Glenn Wilson

The Fako Lawyers dinner looks like a great place for an enterprising photographer to earn $100 or more. Visit -



Hi Ebah,it was nice reading the interview.i hope you succeed in ur objectives.And enjoy ur dinner


The statists in la Republique du Cameroun always look askance at this kind of autonomy. They want the Common Law to disappear in the Southern Cameroons, and they have been working at it for ever. Only an independent Southern Cameroons could maintain a system of law based on the Magna Carta that protects the individual against the overbearing and intrusive power of the state. Good move, FAKLA, but bring your legal brains to bear to free the Southern Cameroons.


The FAKLA leadership of Barrister Justice Ebah Ntoko is taking the association to different heights. The vision of the Fakla President should be emulated and followed by similar associations. Those of us who want to see a better Cameroon and to leave a legacy for posterity are very proud of your initiatives and leadership qualities. It is my humble opinion that this should not be the be all and the end all of such dinners but should be as a spring board to more of such dinners with influential speakers.
I am very impress by the whole idea of not only having a law dinner but that of inviting a legal icon and luminary Chukwuidofu Oputa JSC as he then was to deliver a key note speech. Oputa is not only famous as a nigerian judge but also as a legal scholar whose mastery of the Queens language is wonderful. His judgements and rulings were always cited in the law school. Small wonder that he was called the Lord Denning of the Nigerian Bench. His vivid description of justice as a three way traffic; to wit; justice for the accussed, for the victim and also for the society whose laws have being violated will always stand the test of time and will always be quoted by legal scholars.
I do hope you can also invite the Nigerian legal guru, human rights campaigner, social critique and `advocate of the masses` chief Gani Fawehinmi.
The organization of Law dinners is a classic tenet of the anglo-saxon or common law system which encourages interraction between members of the noble profession. By so doing Junior members of the profession can always learn from their senior colleagues. The topic of the dinner `The Judiciary and the Bar in the Democratic Process in Africa` is very vital at this point in time in the history of Africa wherein most countries are at the verge of democratic transition from the one party State to `multiparty monolitism` to genuine democratic multipary politics. The Judiciary and the Bar have a major role to play to midwife a genuine transition especially in Cameroon. Its my hope that Judges and Magistrates will attend this dinner so as to benefit from the experience of this legal icon. The timimg could not have been any better than at this period where the reputation of the judiciary is at its lowest ebb. Members of the Bar will also benefit especially the senior members of the Bar whose lethargy has contributed to the Bar being considered as a toothless bull dog. The Bar needs to be at the vanguard for the fight for democracy, civil and political liberty in Cameroon.
Members of Fakla should try to unite with other common law lawyers association in the country to fight against the francophonozation of laws in Cameroon. Its the opinion of this writer that attempts at harmonization of the laws are laudable but it should not be done at the expense of the commom law. We must fight to ensure that the commom law is not eroded in Cameroon.
More grease Mr. President and congratulations to all FAKLA members.
Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho is a FAKLA member who writes from Atlanta GA.

Divine E.Koge

Dear Justice Ebah Ntoko,
This is a brilliant idea and hope the tradition will continue in the future.For the Cameroon lawyers to work effectively,efficiently and to be kept abreast with what is happening in other common law jurisdictions,meetings of this nature are necessary.More grease to your elbows!
Divine E.Koge

sume ntoko

good job barrister ebah ntoko.first of all i'll like to say as an observer what a great job u r doing and as a jr. brother i can't be more proud of u.keep up the good work bro.

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