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Saturday, 24 July 2004


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Prince Lawrence AYAMBA

Southern Cameroons Youth League Leaders says time for speeches is over

Exiled Southern Cameroons President, Ebenezer Mbongo Akwanga Jr, has said Southern Cameroonians should move from speeches and meetings to action this year. In June 2004, the SCYL chair told the BBC Focus on Africa that his escape from prison was masterminded by the elite unit of the Southern Cameroons Defence force, Delta Force which took advantage of his stay in the hospital to rescue him.

As he said in a New Year 2004 speech, distributed via the Internet, Akwanga, now referred to as the President of the interim government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Southern Cameroons, called on his Compatriots to sacrifice for their liberation because Freedom has never been handed to any people on a Platter of gold. "We must lead the way to our freedom. True freedom goes with sacrifices, and it is only through sacrifices that freedom can endure," Akwanga said.

He added: "There comes a time when the spirit of freedom takes control and urges a people on and this is the time; the time to move from meetings to gatherings; the time to walk away from speeches and empty slogans to real action on the ground; the time to be extremists for the CAUSE OF FREEDOM of the Southern Cameroons. Many of our elders tried their best. The struggle must be continued at a different level."

He lamented that all attempts by Southern Cameroonians to get the issue of their independence resolved peacefully with the annexationist regime of La République du Cameroun has fallen on deaf ears. Instead, he said, Southern Cameroonians have been subjected to flagrant human rights abuses and degrading treatment. "The force of argument was defied; instead we got amputated legs and arms, broken limbs, battered bodies, smashed hopes and shattered dreams, bruised cheeks, arrests, kidnappings, assassinations, imprisonments…" Akwanga said.

Arrests Continue

Weeks after its collapse, there have been confused ideas and opinions following the collapse of the Mungo Bridge. While some government members think it was master minded by the military wing of the SCNC, some think it was just and accident. Surprisingly Southern Cameroonians feeding fat from the government of La Republic du Cameroun, share this opinion. With this in mind, some Southern Cameroonians have been questioned and others hunted. Those hunted are most SCYL activists like Ayamba Lawrence Ayamba, George Tabot Tabi, Maryland Fri Dickson, Micheal Azeminki, Kojo Franklin and Mildred Ayamba Mani are on the run. It has been noted that there are great dangers for both SCNC and SCYL activists in Cameroon. An activist told this reporter that it is very risky reading Southern Cameroons emails in internet shop especially in a town like Tiko known to harbour most SCYL activists.

There is also a red alert for the arrest of some activists who are said to have skipped jail. Top on the list is one Lucien Junior Kombe, who is reported to have escaped from a Muyuka police cell in July 2002. He was reportedly detained after he failed to disclose the hideout of his father, an SCNC activist on the run. Security forces are reportedly trying to track down over two-dozen activists who they suspect are currently hiding within the country.

As Southern Cameroonians grieve the death of their hero, Pa. Albert Mukong, it is obvious that the security forces will try again to disrupt funeral programs and arrest SCNC and SCYL activists like they did during the funeral of the former SCNC chairman Late Dr Martin Ngeka Luma (RIP). The SCYL said they will march force with force if police or Biya’s security agents do anything stupid to disrupt Late Pa Mukong’s burial. This reporter also gathered that, vigils will the held in over 25 countries both in Europe and America on July 30, 2004 in honour of the legendry Albert W. Mukong.

In a recent article published on ‘The’ titled “Goodnite Comrade Albert Mukong”, the author concluded that “the Cameroonian people are beginning to see their ethnic and cultural multiplicity and diversity as strength and a resource; a divine gift for projecting collaboration, continuity, growth, unity and tolerance. This is not the message we have been exposed to regarding our numerous ethnicities, but now we are beginning to see clearly and this is why Mr. Albert Mukong must rest in peace. His work here is done but his memories will remain with us. Sleep tight comrade Mukong and goodnite”.

By: Prince Lawrence AYAMBA
Secertary of State
FDRSC Interim Government in Exile

Andongma Bwang

Dear Friends,
Please do let me know the day our most highly respected human right activist, Albert W. Mukong passed away.I have found that he was laid to rest on the 30 July 2004 but the day he died is of importance to me for my records.
I count much on your usual, kind and urgent considerations.
Thanks and happy new year 20005
Yours sincerely
Andongma Bwang


I think this website has a search feature, using google, which will take you to the information that you are looking for.

Gan Charles

I this a joke? Is the SCNC a political party, a movement or a government in exile? Assertions like "Exiled Southern Cameroons President" make Cameroonians, even sympathetic ones, view such activities with suspicion. When did Southern Cameroons hold the elections that made him president? Mandela never declared himself South African President when the ANC was fighting apartheid.
Let's be humble. Work towards free and fair elections. Submit your candidacy, campaign and get elected. I guess this is the process which SCNC is hoping to attain. Unless their struggle is to exclude others from the process.

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