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Saturday, 31 July 2004


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Hello Mr Banmi:
If you make life a living hell for your spouse, it is in her rights to escape from your clutches. Women of Cameroon, fight for freedom from oppressive, 'langa canda' men, who beat you while giving you AIDS.

Martin Douala

Mr. Emmanuel Banmi implies that his wife is a chattel, owned like a man owns cattle. What amazes us abroad is how the legal system allows a citizen suspected of wrongdoing by another fallible citizen, to be arrested by a paramilitary force, detained overnight in a cell and physically abused with impunity. Cameroonians must rise up against these bad laws and those who implement them (agents of tyrany).

What processes transpire in the thinking of officials like Justice Rose Mbah Acha in knowingly granting the execution of abusive powers against fellow citizens? Emmanuel Banmi, has shown a shameful lack of integrity which must question his human capacity to serve as the Inspector of Treasury and Second Deputy Paymaster General, Bamenda.

The United States is a beacon of hope to the oppressed. Welcome Emilia to the land of George Washington. Drop your husband's last name and be yourself. Yours is a good example to any oppressed woman willing to escape domestic tyrany. Mr. Banmi's arrogance and vindictiveness against Evelyn Tatani proves his domestic reign of terror.

Martin Douala
Washington DC


Ngwe Tatani, husband of Evelyn unexpectedly died 5 days in Buea. I talked with him about 10 days before his death and he expressed concern for his life following threats made on him. I hope the cause of death is not what I suspect it to be.

Ngew - R.I.P


I am a close friend of Ngwe Tatani, Evelyns husband and spent several days with him in Cameroon two weeks ago as I vacationed there. He went over this story with me and also expressed several threats that were made against him by this banmi fellow. Its still hard to believe he is gone. But I hope and pray foul play is not involved. Unfortunately I fear that might be the case. May his soul rest in peace.

Austin Achunkwe

This is one hell of a shit story I am reading here. Since when did men start pursuing others for the escape of a spouse? Isn't it shameful that a man should go that far? It even beats my imagination that a credible guy like Justice Julius Nchu should sign a warrant to that respect. Julius would have done well to advise his friend to send a mail to his wife to come back, if at all she would.
Trying to arraign someone for the escape of your wife is like chasing the shadow instead of the substance. Don't you think, Mr Banmi? Wtithdraw the case and appologise to that poor lady.

JB Samba

Mr. Emmanuel Banmi or what ever you call yourself:
Can you just let the people know or get a glimse of why you wife should leave you for safety somewhere else. You are certainly that type of a man who batters. Give up on the case, appologise and leave you Ex-wife and every other person in peace.
JB Samba (New York)


Emilia, welcome to a land where you will be able to live like a human being. Shame on you Banmi or whoever you are. You should be sorry for treatimg your wife badly,not trying to seek revenge. Remember, God sees all things and he pays us according to our own coins!

giselle ndeh

emilia pasiah knew what she was getting herself into. she married emmanuel for money. ever since from saker she had shown a tendency for dating rich men old enough tobe her grandfather. SHAME ON YOU EMILIA WOGBA PASIAH FOR ABANDONING YOUR HUSBAND AND 3 YEAR OLD SON. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO WOMEN ALL OVER! SHAME!

giselle ndeh

To: emilia
mami i be very sorry. weti be my own?
i get two na juju the other na angel. i get for pray. so i be very sorry. i will never haunt you. bye.

giselle ndeh

Emilia,just to say sorry for all those insults. i am turning to God and i hope you forgive me as i am sure he will.
i was in Saker but this is not my name. bye

Modi Nossack

Justice Julius Nchu is a man I know very well, he has let himself and his profession down by receiving stolen treasury money as bribe from the Banmi man. Julius why are you making a mockery of this noble profession? How can you judiciously defend this case in the court of law? Knoweth you that you cannot force a matured woman who live with somebody against her will and not to talk of somebody like Banmi? I thought you would have advised your friend on the right channel to follow and bring back his wife to the matrimonial home, if at all there is any.

Tell your friend to give up, apologise to this lady and move on. Julius, last but not hte least, I want to make you understand you and Banmi are not fit to hold public offices and the earlier you resign, the better.


“Evelyn, you no know me. I go show you! I bi Inspector of Treasury and Second Deputy Paymaster General. You don see weti? I go show you pepper!"


Why did Mister Emmanuel Banmi not go after his wife in the US? He could have taken Cameroon Airlines to wherever in the US, caught the wife and taken her back to "marry" her in Buea, or have her face the courts in Cameroon. Alternatively, he could have sued her in any US court for desertion if he really wanted vengeance. Why did he leave his wife and go after Evelyn? Is Evelyn legally responsible for his wife's dissertation? Why's Evelyn's husband dead? How did he die? This is going to be a test case on gender issues, legal matters, human rights, and probably even worse. Granted that his wife deserted him, why's Evelyn the target for his wrath? I would like to get the opinion of legal experts, human rights activists, feminists, and the society at large on this case. It will be interesting to see how the matter will unfold in the courts in Cameroon. Did I read of an "ngambe" man?


It is outrageous, callous & idiotic and seemingly straight from a horror movie, but off course it is the reality of a woman's life in that hell hole called Cameroon.

You can not forced, coerce or by compulsion extrude love out of someone, neither is it possible to "OWN" a person even if you think you have legally married them.

If the lady decides to leave her matrimonial home, it is her fundamental right to do so at her own volition, whenever she wants to, it is her freedom to decide when & how she can stop loving such a KNAVE, BUFFOON, GOON, THUG & MISCREANT OF a human being.

But the reasons why this woman had to flee her home for the US is obviously quite clear & simple, the vindictive, brutish, pugilistic & vociferous aggressiveness of this GOON that was her husband is obvious & clear even for a 1 month old baby to recognize.

This man is a threat to society & to civilization, he should be kept behind bars immediately.
I will also recommend that the lady in question, should print out everything about this tragic story & send to US authorities to indicate that her life is in immediate danger.


Ma Mary

This story is connected to the other one about the ironing of young girl's breasts. It has to do with alcoholic, abusive, promiscuous men, who would not hesitate to grope and fondle young girls below the age of consent. It appears to me that a practice, namely "ironing" which was probably rare in the past, and confined to certain ethnic cultures, has become widespread because parents, particularly mothers are afraid that their daughters could be "spoilt" by bad men and boys with no restraint. Checking alcoholism would be a very important step in ending this awful practice "breast ironing".

Along similar lines, it appears as if this Mr Banmi is a lecherous, abusive goat, and no woman of any intelligence should be creating a home with him. Why do some men think that an adult, responsible person, with at least the same mental and cognitive ability could be their personal property? Your wife is not your property, and if she leaves you, you cannot force her, use your gendarme friends against her or torture her friends and acquaintances. If you have been an ass, and your wife decides to terminate your relationship, this is definitely not the way to settle the matter.

Alcohol and archaic traditions have a lot to do with this kind of behavior.

A P Geofrey

hahahaha why don't you go and follow her in the US?



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