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Sunday, 29 August 2004


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maureen lifongo

I do really think all those connected with the death of Mr Kohtem be brought before the law.It is injustice in the first order and the person alleged to have murdered him has to be treated as per the law.The late man is a victim of circumstances who were just exercising part of his rights as a citizen thus his gruesome murder should not go unpunished.I just pray that calm should reign though difficult. My condolence to the Kohtem's family

FA Mbitabot

The Fon of Bali Kumbat is a vivid example of 'Power without control'.I will not be surprised if he goes unpunished.The gov't of Cameroon is a complete shamble.
Doh Gwayim has committed all sorts of attrocities and has always gone scot free.I wait to see how the CPDM govt will prosecute a CPDM deputy.What a shame for Cameroon and its 'democracie advancee'.Just consult some reputed Human Rights Organisations.I really feel sorry for the SDF and its vain attempts to get to Etoudi.Time is running out.Too much talk but no action has made Biya to think he is God.Its time to call to arms.Only a loud bang or the hand of God can send Biya packing.22 years is enough.The last option must now be used.
My sincere condolences to the Kohntem Family

Glenn Wilson

I'm afraid that I would agree with the previous comments by Mr Mbitabot. I would bet my life savings on the fact that no justice will be served (There is no justice in Cameroon) and the criminals will continue their reign of terror. Though if I lost the bet, I could never pay as the same people who are in place to dispense justice in Cameroon have stolen it. But when the criminal activities start from the top, what else can be expected. Biya and his regime of opinionless puppets are a militant cancer that is destroying a country that could be the jewel of Africa. By the time Cameroons resources are sucked dry and deposited into bank accounts overseas, there will only be a dried out tumor remaining. Usually this would be treated by cutting out the offending growth or killing it with chemotherapy. My sympathies are not just with the aggreived Kohntem family, but with all honest Cameroonians. How can you tell which are the criminals? A: They are the ones found hiding under a females skirts when the truth calls upon them.

Alvin Mbah

The People of Balikumbat should act. Hang Fon Doh and burn his body at Bali market square. Or better still, the evil Fon Doh should put a gun to his own head for the sake of justice. Balikumbatans are fade up with this murderer at large.

Alvin Mbah

Cody Clark

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