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Thursday, 26 August 2004


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Titi Enanga Manyanye

The lord mayor is doing a terrific job.My wish is that the people of Buea should help him give another face lift to our dear and beloved Buea and to reach his goals in whatever he wants to do.
Once more CONGRATULATIONS and God bless all the inhabitants of that beautiful municipality called Buea.
Titi Enanga from USA.

Ebobi Williams

I wonder the sort of mavellous job you think this dick heard is doing in buea wat else can he do aprt from ebezeling council fuds ands enriching himself.
I want you guys who prtray such sacastic and wrong news to the world that he is know good and people like meano kalle and ndeley molulu just use him to get free money of the council.
Please the population of buea should put their hands together and get rid of this illitrate.

Joseph Nkeze

Hi All,
The Buea Rural Council underwent some real changes under Mayor Endeley. Those changes were there for all to see. That council had been pitiful before he got there. I do not know at what costs he was able to carry out some of his projects. Posterity will judge him for that. I am not an advocate of the former mayor, and do not pretend to be one.My articles are occular proof of this fact.
I do not care if politicians blow their achievements beyond proportion. They always do. It is the work of the journalist to separate fact from fiction. This piece was bare on the facts, quoting the mayor only to butress the entire story. Each interview or piece has to have a critique. If we blindly write articles like this one, it diminishes the spirit and letter of the profession, and the end game is that the citizenry is ill-informed to make solid choices at the next election. For me, it looks like this article was written by the Mayor himself. We should be able to ask tough questions to some of these politicians. At what cost were those bridges built? where and how did they acquire those computers? Was he presenting this report to his cronies? Did the councillors question him on some of his failures? Journalist should be able to look at the interplay of forces. Was X done by the Mayor's buddy or his relation? what is the Mayor's relationship with opposition party members in the council. Did he form a bogus company to award contracts to?
The Mayor might be doing his best, but I have had the opportunity to interview several people, and the impression is that the mayor falls short im many aspects of his job.
Thanks for your time.

mballe sube arnold

Many people especially in Buea don't know the importance of people except when they are death or are not there.

I thing we should try to appreciate the good work of people especially whatlord mayor Mbella moki in doing right now.

I thing what we have to do is to join ideas and work more harder in other to develop our town.We need good roads,medical facilities,clean water especially in small villages and so on.

Buea was a good touristic sites during the 90s but now things are changing.

We need changes and I am very optimistic that Mbella will bring smile and joy to the people of Buea.

Long live Buea.

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