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Thursday, 26 August 2004


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Muah Freedom

Please,continue to follow that story cos it is really something that is undemocratic done by a person who claims to be a Mayor,Parliamentarian,Fon.Just imagine with all these titles,he does such a thing.
For your information,he has been beating up even old mothers in the village.Just imagine such a chief or what he calls himself.ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.He should be treated accordingly.
More power to your elbows and i wish you continue to follow the story and keep your readers informed.
I congratulate you also for the website cos it has eased some of us young cameroonians to read directly from the net since we have no income of ours to buy the print.
Wish all the contributors of this marvelous paper the best

Edwin Ngang

Let us all be HONEST and give a hearty welcome to what should be admitted by all as a “dawn of a new era”! For to get back to that unalloyed reverence of our 'culture' on the one hand -- a culture which is actually working against our freedoms-- while pretending that we are fighting for our independence from Cameroon re-colonization, is basically a fraud. However, the victim of the FRAUD is ironically the very person starving of freedom, yet just can not seem to decide between FREEDOM and SLAVERY when they present themselves. For the facts are there which no one can honestly dispute them that several attributes of our culture have been actually, actively working against our best self-interest as a people of our own sovereign state. The question is whether we will continue to live this charade of serving TWO MASTER? At this very moment our FREEDOM is been sold in a futures trade of perpetual slavery by our CULTURE and we unable to react to this? Which should give way to the other, for one must?

This CLASH OF CIVILIZATION will have to be confronted, and the SOONER we confront it the BETTER for our survival in this world where only the COLLECTIVE definition of our self-interest in the sovereign state wins at the end of the day. That we can no longer serve TWO MASTERS is not a matter of debate but of pure science we can violate only at our won peril. The known and tested ways to navigate this ambivalence is when the LAWS RULE equally for all in this our idiosyncratic world.

-That these laws have not been equally applied as they should be equally predictable in the dispensation of justice should not be a matter of debate as evident for a region called BALIKUMBAT in a country called CAMEROON!
-That inside the world of Cameroon the principle of equal protection in the law does not exist, and whatever version of law exist, already has been exempted for some people--for some tribes--should never surprise anyone!

So let us work together as one people of our sovereign state of Ambazonia (not of that tribe who still reveres a culture, albeit, one which is working against our freedom) and make sure our FREEDOM is not hijacked by some culture.

This can only happen when we transfer our allegiance to the TRIBE to where it is universally known to sustain FREEDOM for all-- the sovereign state of Ambazonia.

Edwin Ngang

Peter A. Asafor (Barrister  U.S.A.)

Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin has exceeded himself in his mis-deeds this time around.The blood of patriots whose deaths he has caused is crying out for JUSTICE. This time Paul Biya should ensure that JUSTICE is done, no matter whose ox is gored. No more sacred cows.
The law provides for parliamentary immunity to be lifted where a grievous crime ( capital murder) is committed. Let the LAW take its course. JUSTICE MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE, NOW !

Gerald Vando

Justice delayed is justice denied. I wish to see
Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin or what ever he called himself
behind bars. He has gone just more than to far.
Gerald Vando

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