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Monday, 23 August 2004


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K. Chiefons

This should be the beginning of a complete wipe out of this morons, thieves and pedophiles called Fons and Chiefs. Europe did the same with their royalty who thought they were God's representatives on Earth to get out of the Dark Ages. This monkey of a man called Doh and the other monkeys like Mukete and the Angwafors must be dealt with as enemies of our people. Espeially in the Southern Cameroons. Their Palaces cum Polling Stations must be all razed to the ground, and bring to an end, once and for all this nonsense of fons and chiefs that colonial authorities from time immemorial have used to kill and destroy our peoples.


Well, so much for freedom of speech! However, the last writer should be reminded that the Brits still to cling to their monarchy, the Japanese to their emperor,
Liechtensteinians to their royal family, to name just a few.
AS a graffi man, I bow my head in shame if truely a fon in Graffi land is involved in things like these. However, this is no argument to get rid of fons and cheifs. Theey represent a heritage that many of us cannot do without

Graffi Man Too

Let's make these fons and chiefs the Museum and ceremonial peices the Europeans you cited above have made of thiers, the ones who behave. Otherwise they should all go the way of Louis XIV.I agree with the previous writer, guillotine them all. What do we gain from them. They do not give us food, medicine, protection, all they do is chop money from evil people and kill the weakest amonsgt us. Guillotine them all.

Francis  Njung

IF said Parliamentarian as alledgely said is linked to murder, what would happen if he is actually implicated given that he has immunity as a parliamentarian to prosecution? what is the standard to be used, Is it parliament that will uplift that immunity or who or Judicial Authorities, it doesn't seem to be clear cut, could somebody throw some light on this, especially as is a murder case currently being investigated.


It doesn’t amaze me hearing this news. I am pleading to all Southern Cameroonians and Cameroonians of good will to go to prayers even if you’re not a Christian. Let’s pray for this barbarian in the name of Fon Doh and who so called himself the lion of Balikumbat that God may make him anew. It beat my imagination how a fellow human can treat his brother like this. The lion of Balikumbat has been committing atrocities in the North West since the early 90s. Only God can tell the number of lives he must have wiped away. Tears flew from my eyes hearing this sad news, being a Christian as I am, is a big lucky for the so called lion for God alone knows what I would have done.

Tradition in the Grass-field is the most dignified and respected it’s splendid and well with Fons like that of Nso, Bafut, Bali to name a few but barbarians of the type of that of the Fons of Balikumbat, Esu, Mankon to name a few as well shouldn’t exist. These later should know they are punishment to their subjects. Fellow brothers let’s pray for these that they may imitate their fellow brotherly Fons formerly mentioned. I don’t have much to comment but let Fon Doh know everything he does, he will be paid back in his own very coins. My condolence to Kohtem’s family and the entire SDF family. To God be the glory.


..To add to Graffi Man Too, some of them also keep slaves aka "nchindas."

Martin Douala

Thugs like Fon Doh exists because of prayer mongers on Earth. If the Evil Spirit of Bali aka Fon Doh lived in the United States, he would surely be heading to the "electric chair" if found guilty in a court of law by his jury peers. That is fair justice on earth. Murder crimes deserve special punishment. Prayers belong to heaven and we are not yet in heaven.

Martin Douala


It's a shame for a royal family to get involved in the killing of its own subjests.Whatsoever they do it shamelessly to satisfy the Yaounde OverLords.They fail to know that the Fon can not be without people. If God sees with the people of Southern Cameroons and SDF, then John Kohtem will raise in peace and the so called Fon Doh will rotting in pieces.
My heartfelt condolence to the Kohtem's family.


My Heartfelt condolences to the Kohtem family in Balikumbat.


Fon Doh is a wicket inhuman being who doesnt deserve to live.He has blood in his hands, though not compared to Mukete. They all should be publicly beheaded , as a means of discouraging others from acting alike. Our traditional heritage should be maintained and respected. We are a peace loving country, and must maintain that status quo.


Fon Doh is a wicket inhuman being who doesnt deserve to live.He has blood in his hands, though not compared to Mukete. They all should be publicly beheaded , as a means of discouraging others from acting alike. Our traditional heritage should be maintained and respected. We are a peace loving country, and must maintain that status quo.

Oliver Tamfu

I can assume that Fon Doh is a image of Samuel Doe of Liberia in the 80s and 90s.
We should beware such characters in our midst because I can't believe that we are fighting poor and unemployment which are our main crisis but the said culprit is handling well-paid post of responsible in a great number thus; Chief who have stipend for the state, a mayor managing a budget, parliamentarian on the other hand.
Last presidential boss was a lion President and with courage maybe that is what he want to emulate.

Brandon Moore

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