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Monday, 23 August 2004


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Fru Ndi is in effect asking me to sign my own death warant. Will he do same if some one asked him to?? He was asked to allow them play a little game of elections in his SDF and he could not for fear of the game getting too serious.
The point is the will be no computerising of any elctoral lists. And we'll not tell them how many people we have registered to vote. And he is absolutely wrong to think that we need some help from them after our electoral hollywood. We need the help of the army, gendarmes and police and that we have as they have their salaries.
By the way let's keep jokes to the side let him and his friends stop decieving themselves that they love Cameroon they love Cameroon. If they did they'll exactly tell Cameroonians what they will change if they become president. Other than that they are fighting to take my place and that of my friends and that has nothing to do with loving Cameroon. If they are serious they would have said what they wanted to change and would have been holding demonstratons to change the things. Then they would have been credible in the eyes of the people and the world. A part from that, elections! everybody around the world knows is a power struggle between individuals and the strongest will win. About their little story about war and weapons I just laugh. We have a good eye on them and that will not happen here. We are not in Ivory Coast where Gbagbo and his friends decided to upset French Masters(Businesses).
And one more thing, we'll also not tell them the date of the elections till when we know the people are demoralised enough and we can capitalise on that to win our election without too much efforts to manipulate this and that.
I'm happy he is now here in Yaounde and everyone is now able to know exactly who is the CAT and WHO the RAT. When he use to be in Bamenda one almost had the feeling he a leader equal with me.

Jonathan Tingume

I am of the oppinion that if Mr Biya knows he brought true democracy to cameroon he should give the people what they want.
Register the people give them their voting cards and go in for the true test,we are tired of election rigging in this country.
I dont see any reason when he boast he is this or that yet very little things to take care of he cannot,we can buy a plane for 100 milliard but yet we cannt satisfy our own citizens with a clean election.
We have money to give central African Republic but we cannt build an important bridge to a province that holds the economy of cameroon.
I dont think a right thinking cameroonian will accept we are living in a country well managed,there is total lack of control and accountability in all the domains in this country, a whole book can be written about our troubles but what I wish Mr Biya to know is the master of democracy dont fear defeat in elections,he should go to the drawing board of African democracy and look at the like of the Mandelas,Nyerere,Abdou Diouf and think well were he is heading to.
Time will tell


Criminal Biya has made himself the supreme God of Cameroon. One good advice to him. Posterity lies right ahead of us. He will one day pay for his actions, if he doesn't, his children will pay and if they can't his children, children will pay. Cameroonians should continue fighting for their democratic rights.

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai

Benjamin Disraeli, the Great British scholar once said that a good politician is one who knows when his opportunity comes, and he is ready to seize it. In the case of Fru Ndi, two questions: Has his moment come? And is he prepared for it?
Judging from present indices, one can say without fear of contradiction that Fru Ndi's time has come and gone without him seizing the opportunity. Which is why I read with lavished amusement his recent threat that Biya is pushing them into the bush (whatever that means). The truth is that whatever the kind of elections are organised in Cameroon today, Biya will win! You may tend to wonder why I say so, but the reason is simple. Paul Biya really has no time to campaign, he has thousands of civil servants who are members of the ruling CPDM party, who are prepared to go out and campaign for him once called upon to do so.
But the most important reason is the fact that the opposition are yet to devise a clear strategy for dealing with the incumbency factor. It is very easy to say Biya must go, but just think about Fru Ndi, for example today slammed with Article 8.2. Incredible, isn't it? So all the yearnings for change by our so-called opposition leaders will remain at best a luxurious desire, for all the ingredients needed to bring about the badly needed change in Cameroon, have not been put in place.
As a people, Cameroonians are lucky that our the lamentable absence of democratic credentials by our opposition leaders, solid as they are,have not yet exploded into low intensity conflicts. The Cameroonian people, who the opposition take for granted are not amused with the snail pace of reforms even within the small family groups they pass around for political parties. We say thoughtlessly that politics is a game of numbers. Indeed it is. So whether it is Paul Biya or Fru Ndi, our patience has been wearing out. If our leaders don't want to move, then we will move them, that is we, the Cameroonian masses. And when we shall do so, we will do so knowing that God loves us, else He would not have created so many of us the masses.

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai
Boston, MA


we are personally preparing to kill mr paul biya befor the end of next year so that cameroonian can be happy. from isreal.


i advise mr biya to step down of power with an emmidiate effect otherwise hot death will remove him despite the fact that he deals with many spiritual powers. a word to a wise is suficient.


It is ironical to find The Post publishing such articles. This is a contributor actually threatening a human being - Paul Biya- with "hot death". I wonder what would have been the reaction of The Post if someone else had written an article in which Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi is threatened with even cool death.

My concern here is that of fair play from The Post. I will do everything to see Paul Biya leave power, but I wouldn`t do this by staining my hands with any human blood.



When Fru Ndi starts holding elections for SDF, then we can take him serious when he complains. The man cannot practice democracy in his own party, why does he think he can practice democracy in Cameroon. He and his people are no better than what we have. The vast majority of fracophones have seen that. Biya only needs 51% of the francophone vote to win. So for the fake democrat to win, he has to appeal to francophones as well as South Westerners, just to get 51%. However, his closed mind and that of his advicers and party people, coupled with their hatred for democracy, will not allow them see past their tribal ways. If you want to go to the bush, by all means go. Your country people MIGHT follow you, but the rest of Cameroon will not.

Samuel Moore

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