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Thursday, 16 September 2004


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Francis Kegbuma, computer science Student, Germany

It doesn´t matter who the presidential candidate is.Even a dog could do better that Biya who just travelled into the country barely one month to presidential elections. Is he not making a fool out of Cameroonians? If the coalition voted for Ndam Njoya as their presidential candidate, then Fru Ndi should mobilise all the SDF members and the general cameroonian public to turn out massively and vote for Ndam Njoya. For they all have thesame motives of bringing life into a country rich in natural resources.Long live the coalition, long live the opposition and we all pray that God would have mercy on all Cameroonians and deliver them from the hands of the enemy(Biya regime).Amen

Okolle N.J, Singapore

Concerning the choice of Dr.Adamu Njoya as a presidential candidate for the Coalition Party, i would personally beg Cameroonians to vote for him. All we need now is to give a try to a change - This should be the first step. If he happens to win and continues with Anglophone marginalisation, then it will be a good lesson for us to plan other strategies for future elections. If Cameroonians think well of this and give their votes, then in less than a second the CPDM WILL BECOME THE OPPOSITION. NB: THEY SHOULD PUT MECHANISMS TO MAINTAIN TRANSPARENCY.

Victor Tufoin

It does not matter who the opposition leader is. This is a waste of time. Biya is still going to win/steal the election. Cameroon is his personal property. There is NO body in Cameroon who has the interest of the country. I blame Cameroonians for not outsting this guy long ago. Anglophone Cameroonians, please stop dreaming; NO anglophone shall be president in "La Republic".

Francis Enwe

My Brothers/Sisters.
We all LOVE that poor beloved country CAMEROON.We all North to South, East to West have equal rights if we are real human beings.It is provoking if we claim "No Anglophone will ever rule Cameroon".Do you mean we creat our own country and rule since leaders were born only from the Francaphone region?.Victor this is rude of you.You want to provoke us.

The Coalition has finally come out with the last straw on the CPDM.Pa FRU NDI should Bless NDAM NJOYA as their candidate if he loves Cameroon and Wants a change. Because you will never win a battle if you cannot fight on a common front.I know thats a political tactic.You are honored for starting what you did to the entire people of Cameroon.PLEASE Consider. We what to hear you openly calling on all to stand behind your candidate NDAM NJOYA.You pulled us to this level don't frustrate us.GOOD LUCK NDAM NJOYA.


We are all advocating for equal opportunity for all Cameroonian. If that is the case, then why as already mentioned by Victor that, NO Anglophone shall be president in ''La Republic''. This is a clear example of marginalization of the Anglophones which is not accepted. If Dr. Adamu Njoya was considered as the right candidate to represent the opposition, then fine provided Ni Fru Ndi was not eliminated because he is an Anglophone. Also, if it is true that an Anglophone will never be the President in Cameroon, then the unity between the English and French Cameroon should be reconsider.

Courtney Eko

If Fru Ndi gives his blessing to Ndam Njoya,then there is a remote possibility of ousting the royal president.Remote possibility is the active phrase!But then,why select Ndam over Fru Ndi? What following has it got? His supporters are only a few intellectuals with their utopian ideals.Fru Ndi has the numbers,is charismatic and knows the country better than the Bamoum Prince.The Prince cannot undertand the sufferings of the ordinary man.He has had a cosy life from day one.Ndam would have made a fine prime minister under Fru Ndi! However, francophone arrogance will not let that happen.I am afraid we are heading for another seven years under an inept,shiftless and unpatriotic Paul Biya.Do you know the man has never been to Kumba?


I think that for the interest of the all nation, John should not leave the coalition that he has initiated. According to the plan, if elected the new transitional government will have only three years and the president will not be candidat for 2007's election. It is of the best interest of Frudi to wait for 7 years term, unless he has another idea about the transition.
With regard to a fellow who is thinking that Ndi was not selected because he is an anglophone, I think that is not an issue, owing to the fact that there are also many francophone who are members of sdf.
In my viewpoint, Ndam Njoya is the ideal person for the transition, since we need someone who can keep his promise.

A. Che Mofor

Fru Ndi or Ndam Njoya? Democracy on test in Cameroon.

The diversed comments here show that Cameroon is truly in the process of democratisation. To anglophobianise the selection of Ndam Njoya is not a very wrong direction of thought. If people like Issa Chiruma, Akame Mfoumou etc. find themselves in the group of possible candidates for the opposition, it is also real democracy - a democracy where there is digital switching from pro Biya to opposition. Democracy is being tested in Cameroon because besides Biyaism, the opposition has also proven that majority does not necessarily win the vote. I hope this is not what they shall exercise when they finally have a grasp of power.

It is also democractic for the SDF to send in a Biya-challenger, but mindful of the common enemy, it is advisable for the two presidential candidates to seek a consensus. It is frightful for Cameroonians to have two opposition candidates, but it is clever for the two parties to still form a coalition after elections. There, they will decide who becomes president, depending of which opposition candidate obtains more votes. This is more democratic than what the candidate-choosing pannel did.

God bless our nation.

Martin Douala

A President Ndam Njoya will be good for Cameroon. He is a visionary and the one cabinet minister who stood up to Ahmadou Ahidjo and demanded reforms in the Ministry of National Education, particularly in the areas of national scholarships and training.

His formula advocated as many Govt secondary schools as possible throughout the land, overseas sholarships for gifted Cameroonians and controversially age-limits at the University of Yaounde. Ndam Njoya foresaw the problem of over-crowding and its impact on standards. He likes success and dreams of a better Cameroon.

This is the one person who knows and understands why France continues to lower the age at which French children must start learning English. If English is good for France then it must be better for Cameroon. As a scholar, he must understand the grievances of ex-British Southern Cameroonians.

Viva Ndam Njoya.

Martin Douala

Ni John Fru Ndi is making a point that Cameroonians should take note of. It is unfortunate that Ndam Njoya's selection did not come out at the end of the agreed procedure.

That is a bad omen for Ndam Njoya.

Francophones need to understand the importance of adhering to agreed procedures - the very foundations of Law. Anglophones are much wiser after the tricks of Foumban and will not always accept casual approaches to serious matters.

The SDF can run on its own.

Janet Mungan
Lyons, France

Dr Ndum Fidelis Nkom (UK)

I honestly believe anglophones lost their chance for the coming presidential race when Christian Cardinal Tumi rejected appeals to contest.

Mr Fru Ndi should have realised long ago that, like late Chief Awolowo in Nigeria, the Presidency of the Republic is elusive to him. In the coalition, no matter his great contributions and the comparative significance of his party and following, he remained a 'cocroach in the court of fowls'.

That said, Dr Adamu Ndam Njoya is not a bad choice at all. Let's give him a chance. I only hope that for the future cohesion and unity of our country, people like Issa Tchiroma and Professor Hogbe Nlend will be more ethical, curb their bigotry and excessive and unhelpful arrogance.

Dr Ndum Fidelis Nkom (UK)

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai

The Benevolent Despot and the Inevitability Myth

So it turns out the coalition of opposition parties have chosen Adamou Ndam Njoya as their single candidate. And quite predictably, SDF chairman Ni John Fru Ndi has backed out of the coalition and announced he will be running solo. And so the drama of 1992 is played out again, and this time backwards. What is so uniquely frustrating is that this whole idea of a single oppostion candidate was Fru ndi's brain child. But the man has once again proven that his anti-democratic credentials are solid. It is either me or "all man loss"
How alarming for the self-styled leader of the opposition in Cameroon. This calls for interesting parallels. Throughout the Cold War the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists kept posting dire warnings, by way of its famous clock, that it was seven, or five, or two minutes to midnight, reflecting the editors' sense of the imminence of doom. The clock was first set in 1990, at seven minutes to midnight. Twelve years later, it is again at seven minutes to midnight.
As propaganda tools go, the clock was a stroke of genius: It bespoke inevitability to generate a sense of urgency – with all the authority of "The Atomic Scientists." Yet the clock was always silly, tendentious and even dangerous. Silly, because a clock that tells the same time after 12 years is plainly broken; tendentious, because the clock moved backwards only when there was "progress" in the search for a single opposition candidate which in the minds of SDF fanatics means Fru Ndi; and dangerous, because it raised national expectations and promoted hysteria by failing to deliver on these expectations.
Cameroonians have been marking the political times with doomsday clocks. On one hand, there is the view that the clock started ticking with the signing of the Tripartite in 1991, which led to the controversial 1992 presidential election which Fru Ndi robbed Cameroonians of their most golden opportunity to remove Paul Biya from office thanks to his greed and vaulting ambition. On the other hand is the belief that the clock started ticking in 1990, when Fru Ndi defied a heavy security presence to launch the SDF in Bamenda in 1990, during which six people were killed. So, "Papa Ebibi" has been ordained as God's chosen candidate, and anything short of that may either be seen as moving the clock back a bit (if you're on the Right), or moving it forward (if you're on the Left). What Cameroonians of both stripes seem to agree, however, is that we're on the road to assuring paul Biya another seven years.
This is rubbish. Both Left and Right posit the same argument, which is that the future is inevitable – unless we do something about it. But either the future is inevitable or it is not. If the clock is ticking toward the apocalypse, then the apocalypse will come – and precisely on schedule – no matter what our opposition leaders do. If the coming of the apocalypse is contingent on whether our leaders unite behind one single candidate, then there is no clock. Of course, this isn't really the argument.
When people speak of "inevitability," they in fact mean "increased probability." Still, the fact remains that even if pro and anti-Fru Ndi ideologues mean increased probability when they say inevitability, they still say inevitability. This is more than just a rhetorical posture (or imposture. Like the Marxists of yesteryear, Fru Ndi and his cohorts claim to have seen not only where history should go, but where it was going anyway. Why chose another candidate other than "Ni"? To do so, they implied, would be as idiotic as debating the merits of death.
In other words,the SDF hawks during the search for a single oppostion candidate were not propounding a vision for the future, which would have been a legitimate thing for it to do, and would have required the usual tools of democratic persuasion. Rather, they were prophesying the future and presenting Fru Ndi to the public as the future's humble messiah. But if the future was inevitable, or if the process the SDF hawks had initiated was irreversible, why then did the SDF go about so much of its business in secret, presenting the public with one fait accompli after another? And how did the public believe Fru Ndi would have stepped down for another opposition candidate?
Such lame agruements that Fru Ndi is the main opposition leader are false and misleading. The truth is that Fru Ndi's xter traits as a tribalistic dictatorial jingoist and conspicuous consumption lifestyle has greatly diminished his public stature and image,contrasted to Ndam Njoya's strong academic credentials, past track record, strength of character and gentlemanly demeanor. Fru Ndi has lost his relevance and missed another opportunity to stage a come back.
One would have expected common sense to dictate to Fru Ndi to back Ndam and the common three-year transitional platform to level the playing field for populists like Fru Ndi to get their fair chance. Refreshingly hopeful as this thought appeared, it merely opened up the possibility of changing circumstances and wishful thinking. But it is also problematic, in that it raises a serious contention about the calibre of people aspiring to run for public office. It is now crystal clear that all the materials to bring about the badly needed change have not been put in place. Our yearnings for change have merely been a luxurious desire.
But the larger problem lies with the parochial widely held attitude that anything less than Fru Ndi's national maximalism leads ineluctably to minimalism; that is, that the choice for Cameroonians is between Fru Ndi and no one else. That's why there is so much frustration among other opposition leaders. Troubling situations like this reminds me of Josiah Gilbert Holland's book, "Wanted", in which he asked God to "...Give us who the lust for power will not kill, men who the spoils of office will not buy, men with a vision, men who have a will, men who will not lie...Put differently, this means leadership rests not only upon ability, not only upon capacity; having the capacity to lead is not enough. The leader must be willing to use it. His leadership is then based on truth, integrity and nobility of xter. There must be truth in the purpose and will power in the xter.
In modern philosophical discourse, the idea of historical inevitability belongs first to Georg Hegel, then to Karl Marx. For the most part, it has been a discourse of fools, deceivers and tyrants. Nothing in this world is inevitable – except death – and those who speak in this vein should be heard with skepticism. Let's keep suffering and smiling.

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai
Boston, Massachusetts


FRU NDI should Reconsider for the interest of Cameroon

Having been out of the country for almost six years, making an opinion about the current situation has not been easy. I have read through the papers, Mutation, Cameroon Tribune and Le Messager. I have visited various websites and read what the Southern Cameroonians concerned with the politics of La Repbublique think. I scanned through the opinion of voters in La Republique. Then i have also looked at the online opinion poles. And I have come to the conclusion, anglophonizing the Ndam Njoya Choice is wrong.If the opposition does not beat Biya in the upcoming elections, Cameroonians of both sides of the Mungo would never pardon Fru Ndi. I go down on my knees and beg the Chairman of the SDF to consider the following points:

1. The single candidate idea came from him
2. The big Mission is to get Biya out first,
3. Fru Ndi had had his chance in 1992. Let someone else also try. If the opposition wins, he could contest only in 3 years. If they loose because of him he would have to wait 7 more years.
4. The opinion Cameroonians have concerning his withdrawal speaks much against him, his party and his future political carreer.
5. Biya could further humiliate him by even making him not 2nd , 3rd of 4th but maybe 10th or worse, thereby weakening his political image.
6. Prove to cameroonians from both countries that he can accept defeat.
7. He should seek a powersharing agreement that would benefit the SDF as the largest opposition party. By this i mean seek more ministerial posts and insist that SDF Ballots should be used on election day.

8. Supporting Ndam Njoya before, during and after the elections with his carisma, his energy and humor would re-establish his ever known heroic personality amongst cameroonians. If Biya cheats, and the opposition says enough is enough, people power must prevail, it would be easier to mobilize the entire nation to come out and defend the victory on the streets or march to Etoudi. Should they win he would be loved.

9. The SDF suppreme Organ NEC should convene an emergency session to discuss the issue

The SDF has the biggest opportunity in history to show to the entire world that its been fighting for Change and not for power. There is no how without trouble. Wether procedure 4 , 5 , 6 or 7 remain a disputed issue or not , Cameroonian opinion in both La Republique and the Southern Cameroons, find nothing wrong with the choice of Ndam Njoya. Besides of 11 leaders in the Coalition, if 10 voice their support for Hon Adamou Ndam Njoya, its argueably a democratic procedure

Würzburg, Germany

Leneg Jude

I think Fru Ndi took the right step to go out of the coalition.This shows that he isatransparent person bearing in mind that ther were alot of malpractices during the voting of the single candidate for the coalition.I think he had discerned that ther were government agents in the coalition and decided to isolate himself.We had hoped that the opposition parties merge their forces and confront Biya but given the situation in the coalitoin I think Cameroonians should be content with Fru Ndis decition and vote for him massively,because he is the only one who can effectuate a possitive change in Cameroon.Thank you.

Jude F Ndumu

Hello,fellow Cameroonians i want to tell you poeple that enough is enough.I have never seen a situation whereby a head of state cames publicly to support homosexuality Like what paul biya did criticing journalist that it is poeples's privacy,and is not their concern.Simply because his government is a government of occultism.But i want to tell my poeple that by God grace they shall not succeed.I'm pleading on all Cameroonians that they should enmass they themself and let paul biya be wipe off the Cameroonian scene like phone Simon Vugah II.

Enow John

Cameroonians are known to be intelligent,trustworthy and upright in their ways.Hence an aberration of a Cameroonian cannot be the president of a Great nation as ours.Cameroonians should select a peace loving human being who is and will never have the traits of a Dictator. The president should not be sectarian in any aspect of his being,since he is supposed to be for every Cameroonian.
Adamu Ndam Njoya has all the qualities of a gentleman who likes peace. Besides, he has never ordered fanatics to burn property in any particular province in the country,because he respects the rights of all Cameroonians no matter their calm or violent nature.He does not believe in cohesion or coaxing people to be for him. Njoya does not think he knows it all,for he dialogues even with his opponents.Hence, he is a perfect democrat.
The other candidate is morally and academically bankrupt.CAMEROONIANS SHOULD NOTE Lenin came as a messiah,preached a sermon that the people loved to hear.The result was enjoyment for a selected few who were members of the Politburo(in this case members of his gang) and pains for the rest of the people in the Union.He made slaves of human beings.The damage has not actually disappeared in that part of the world. This should never be our portion.

Adamu is credible and educated,the cap fits him. Cameroonians give him your votes.

painter of the white dove

Fru Ndi is rightfully the father of present day cameroonian political plurality and it is incumbent upon him to potray change, and not power, as the driving force behind his political ambition. The world is watching.....
ako, the painter of the white dove.




good luck to who so ever would replace this greedy man biye .i need a change ,atleast we shoul have a change in all what we do .


I think the problem is not who becomes the President but what kind of government he puts in place.
The present government most people will agree with me is not bad solely because of Mr. Biya but largely because of the government he has put in place.
What Cameroonians should be worried about now is making sure that the new government will be constituted of people who are concerned about the progress of the entire country.
A good leader leading a bad government will lead to a bad system. If the member of the coalition think they have something good to offer then let them work as a team to set up a good government.



Ma Mary

This is what makes the web great. We can bring back relevant things and comment on them. Ndam Njoya and Chris Fomunyoh have been out there building support (hello NAN, where are you?) with external powers to take over after the death of President Biya. Right, it will be a life presidency.

The foreign supporters of this team ought to recognize something about the Southern Cameroons question. Even if the Soviet Union had become free and democratic, such a democracy would have meant nothing to the people of the Baltic states. Democracy means nothing to an annexed people under occupation, because it is foreign imposed by an oppressor with an agenda.

It is surprising that Chris Fomunyoh does not recognize this, as a Southern Cameroonian himself. His NDI roots make him like the proverbial carpenter who thinks all problems are solved with a hammer.




One does not have to be an intellectual to know the problems of Cameroon. Mr. Ndam was the minister of Education in the days of the late President and that was that time. By trying to reform the educational system was just like United republic of Cameroon and today republic of Cameroon. He knows Fomban better and not Cameroon and that is why everything of his is in the Noun division. member of parliament and now Mayor. Do you think he can get himself away from the french?. Cameroonians want someone who knows their problems. Most of those ruling today schooled in french universities you see where we are today


Danny Boy

Mr. Jacques Delors,
where have you been all these years? You remind me of this fellow recently found hiding in the forests of S.E Asia who thought the second world war was still going on!
For your info, we have just had twin elections(municipal and legislative) in Cameroon. The Presidential elections will be in 2011.
Stay tuned, yah. LOL.


who cares,we just need a change

Emmanuel Jaff

Ndam Njoya Coalition Candidate
i have read with amazement the comments many readers have made about this issue. After close to half a century of colonization by the french cameroon, am suprise that Southern cameroonians are still excited with the fact that an eastern can speak our second language which is english.
If we can not recognize our educational system that has been destroyed and burried by these frogs, if we can not recognized the fact that we get enpoverished each day as our resources (wood, natural gas, banana, rubber, tea, just to name a few) are being drained out each day, if we cannot recognized that our culture has been imprisoned by these people, if we cannot recognize how many people die each day in our villages because they can not afford a nivaquin to safe a life from that fever, then its a shame.
Then i think it will probably take us another 2 - 3 centuries to recognize what the french cameroon has done to the Southern Cameroons and its people. A country that was sovereign and now is enslaved.
Guys lets look beyond. Lets think of what will happen to our grand children. After all the struggle politically by the fonchas, the munas, the fru ndis, now you want to rely on the Bamoun,s. I think its over, the writing is clear in black and white. No where in history will the southern cameroon ever be anything so long as we remain in this parasitic life with the french cameroon. Lets get rid of the parasite by fighting for the restoration of our independence and lead a healthy lifestlye.
Emmanuel Jaff
Silver Spring - Maryland


u are totally right. Though your impression of Muna and Foncha are questionable, you get the bigger picture.
Impressive quotation from a loyal Cameroonian.
" No where in history will the southern Cameroon ever be anything so long as we remain in this parasitic life with the French Cameroon".
Thumbs up.


@ Emmanuel Jaff,

You are quoting platitudes. You forget to ask two simple questions concerning the litany of problems you listed:
- Are these problems unique to the former Southern Cameroons?
- Will they be solved by a simple geographical separation?

By your logic the people of Dibombari should also be seeking separation because their bread basket (SOCAPALM)was privatised in 2000; so too the Baka pigmies could make a case for sovereignty, as their life style has been devastated as a result of wanton deforestation, and we can go on and on. Fact of the matter is there can be no end to seccesionist tendencies and we should not resort to our whims just because we feel aggrieved.

Granted, there are inequalities in representation between the two linguistic zones, but in these day and age should be talking about Francophone influence on the Anglophone educational system? What happened to personal responsibility? Have we not got the necessary tools to develop our curriculum to reflect our needs? When seasoned Anglophone journalists left the state media (CRTV) I was hoping they would team up and give CRTV a run for their money. Instead they left living a vacuum for Francophone private media providers to exploit. Should we blame someone else if we are not dynamic enough?


The government has to create the atmosphere of free enterprise and free market competition.
Government is responsible for upholding free speech and protecting individual initiative. Goverment also has to support and nuture personal reponsibility. The current repressive, short sighted and corrupt regime of La Republique offers none of this . These are blood suckers, sucking life out of us with our eyes open.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

LimbeKid hits the nail on the head...

...While government has the responsibility of creating an enabling environment, profits are huge in the current state of Cameroon, and Francophones are reaping where anglophone publishers/journalists have failed not because they have beter networks; simply because your folks are not entrepreneurial...they are waiting for Southern Cameroon Civil Service to recruit them like their fathers in 1960s....

...times have changed. The republic of Cameroon is here to stay. Get involve or miss out.......

Mr Moderator: You can delete this too!


"When seasoned Anglophone journalists left the state media (CRTV) I was hoping they would team up and give CRTV a run for their money".How different are the TV stations being closed down in the country today,with the teaming-up Anglophones would have done? Among the first generation of Anglophone journalists who started off at CRTV,how many of them have passed away under suspicious circumstances? Should a baobab like Peter Esoka be forced into retirement while his age mates at Crtv are reaping the fruits? For those Cpdm apologists who on this forum,get it clear that Francophones are not only reaping at Crtv,they are reaping in your backyard at SONARA .We are waiting for you to show us the private enterprises in Cameroon that are reaping high profits.They have been struggling of late to break the CBC bank managed by Yves Michel Fotso,so show us the private enterprises with huge profits!


MMmmmm. I smell Sulfur. There is Sulfuric acid in the air.
He lurks in the dark with different clothes.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...most of you ignorantly think your outbursts are mutually exclusive from inciting violence, hatred and betrayal of Cameroon....Your wishes will be defeated, here and this space.

Recall that more than 20 million people live in Cameroon...some are making profit and progress. those in cameroon who reasoned just like you are lossing and stagnant, and are the failures who permanently complain when they email you or you telephone them.....

You run your mouths as if 99% of Cameroonians live outside the country.

The state of Cameroon has only 250.000 civil servants. All State corporations employ only 100.000. If you add dependents, not more than 500.000 Cameroonians look up to the state. Meaning about 19.5 million are living lives and making progress....So you better shut up...and stop dirtying this website with ignorant outbursts.

If You guys want physical war it will come to your bedroom.....given your cowardice behind fictitious screen names, i wonder if you will be able to fight......How else do you measure cowards?


A real coward is someone who has multiple screen identities. Only cowards and traitors do that.
Are you backing off from advocating war?
La Republic will leave Southern Cameroon either voluntarily or through foreign intervention. We have specific agenda and time frame. We reserve the right to force out this army of occupation through surgical acts of Commando Style Raids against La Republique. Our cells are in place and ready to unleash havoc at the word go, with no innocent or civilian Casualties like biya is currently doing.
For now, we are engaging through negotiations.

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