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Tuesday, 21 September 2004


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Samuel Ndip

Dear Editor,
Could you put out an issue that profiles the candidates? President Biya has a very impressive resume on the state site. We will like to know how the other candidates match up. Will there be some kind of a mini convention to limit the playing field to fewer candidates? Sixteen candidates I think is some kind of an over kill of the democratic process.



A look at the list of candidates for the post of head of

state,the majority of whom are clearly adventurers is

nothing short of making a mockery of cameroonians and

their so called brand of democracy.The twist and turns

of the regime in power,to perpetuate themselves,is so

clear,even to a blind person. The outcome of the october

election,even before a single vote is cast,is already

known.The ``have-nots``of the country would have benefited from the millions that would`ve been spent to

conduct this kangaroo election - that is,if it wouldnot

have found its way into the pockets of cpdm bigwigs.



This is a mockery of democracy. I am quite sure that most of the so called candidates are sponsored by the Biya regime just to disrupt the kangaroo election. The country is so currupt, and nothing can be trusted coming out of Cameroon. Biya and his regime are telling us that 3.8 million Cameroonians out of a population of about 15 million are currently registered to vote. What a shame.
It's a waste of time. Biya, through the blessing of FRANCE and the help of his provincial appointed corrupt administrators, is still going to steal the kangaroo election
Wake up Cameroonians>>>>>>>>>>>

A. Che Mofor

To the leaders of SDF and other real opposition parties,

I am scared by the number of presidential candidates in a country of just 15 million people, Cameroon. It is shameful to see that, what was called a coalition of the opposition is, at the end, so confused that almost each member of the coalition is sending a candidate. This proves again that our politicians are out to fill their own stomach first, even Ni John Fru Ndi, the leader of a party that cost the blood of many Cameroonians like the six matyrs of May 1990 and John Kohtem, murdered by the lion Fon. It is shameful!

If the SDF is not aware, let them know that Dr. Ndam Njoya as coalition candidate has gained support from many staunch SDF voters and supporters. They should also remember that parliamentary and presidential elections in Cameroon are two independent elections, i.e., should Biya obtain a simple majority in the upcoming elections, he remains president. The inability of the candidate choosing panel to respect the 7 phase procedure in choosing a candidate for the coalition is not welcome, but it would not have tantamounted the SDF sending Fru Ndi as presidential candidate. As blind as all our politicians are, they were not quick to identify spies within them, in the name of coalition partners. The SDF would have been more popular, should they have respected the candidature of Ndam Njoya and stood behind him for a change in that country. After all, it is understood in the coalition that the SDF has the majority support. This would have meant getting key positions in a new government in the event of a coalition victory, and gradually bringing in the SDF plans. If the SDF dreams to work with Biya afterwards, then I must remind Fru Ndi and T. Asonganyi, the man I regard as intelligent in the NEC, that it is better to work with the coalition than with Biya, because they shall not achieve anything under Biya. Let them see what has become of Belo Bouba Maigari who betrayed his UNDP militants. If the SDF still considers that it has supporters, then Fru Ndi should withdraw his candidature with immidiate effect and stand behind Ndam Njoya. He shall regain his popularity and open the way to changing Cameroon. If they continue to maintain Fru Ndi's candidature, then they have betrayed us all. The consiquence shall be that, it shall cost two or three generations of politicians to take the SDF to the position it used to occupy in Cameroon.

Openion polls do not necessarily determine election results, but if the differences are high, the probability of obtaining a contrary results approaches zero. Ndam Njoya has about 52%, Biya 21%, Fru Ndi 17%. The other opposition candidates are hungry-people. Will Fru Ndi come back to the coalition after elections or shall they join a non-existing CPDM party in the opposition afterwards? How long does the SDF want to remain opposition party?

A word to the wise is sufficient!

brian pipi

just send me more


Dear mr Che Mofor i wish to address you directly, stop misleading cameroonians on no acount should Fru Ndi stands behind Ndam there are all spies. If Ndam was a man if integrity he should have rather backed Fru Ndi. The is no room for debate, SDF, Fru Ndi and Cameroonians of good will shall put up the fight and i bet you by the grace of God don't be suprise to see a change. Again stop misleading Cameroonians. Thank you.

Muyuka Woman

What is this villification of Fru Ndi all about? Not one of these people can muster the moxie it took Fru Ndi and his colleagues to face down this Paris-directed junta government in Yaounde. Fru Ndi and the SDF are not saints, yes, but the are not devils to be villified by any Jack or Jill from their peanut galleries. I just read an article by one Ntemfack Ofege who quotes one of the members of the coalition who saying this about Fru Ndi: "How can you let a man from the bush become President?" Unfortunately this notion seemed to be shared this Ofege man himself as he launches a personal attack against Fru Ndi. And he has a well documented history on the internet of doing so with his "undiluted truth"

In anycase my problem with the SDF and Fru Ndi today is that they have abondoned what inspired their struggle, justice for "anglophones" and liberty for all of Cameroon.


Donot try to crucify Che Mofor.He is just giving his opinion.From 1990 when the SDF was launched to date a lot has changed.Fru Ndi as a person has become super rich.His children especially those here in Lodon have incolcated the attitude and arrogance of Frank Biya.Their father,like Biya is hanging to power in their various corners.Who is kidding who.
Fru Ndi started a great revolution in Cameroon but it doesnot mean he will lead it to success.
Sorry,the Anglophone problem is more important than the SDF winning the presidential elections.Enjoy your money, Massa FRU NDI.Afterall, as members of the Freemason Lodge,is Biya not your brethren.
F A M London


Actually as one of the somany people who see with me just sighted "Out of a population of about 15 to 16million Cameroonians only about 4 million are registered to vote" if I was the president of this seriously corupted Country, i could have immediately councel the elections to potray a good image to the international sceen.What a shame!!.

Neba Funiba

This is blatant mockery of democracy. How can someone be a presidential candidate with no parliamentary representation? Also, can someone explain why Ndam Njoya immediately made a trip to France after the coalition conspiracy? We are trying to cut off from the neocolonial chokehold of Cameroon by France and the first place Ndam Njoya goes for advice is France. We must not forget the damage France has done to Cameroon since 1917. Neocolonialism is worst than colonialism because neocolonialists use your brethren as agents of oppression, subjugation and subordination. All those who think Ndam Njoya is their man should think twic

Neba Funiba

This is blatant mockery of democracy. How can someone be a presidential candidate with no parliamentary representation? Also, can someone explain why Ndam Njoya immediately made a trip to France after the coalition conspiracy? We are trying to cut off from the neocolonial chokehold of Cameroon by France and the first place Ndam Njoya goes for advice is France. We must not forget the damage France has done to Cameroon since 1917. Neocolonialism is worst than colonialism because neocolonialists use your brethren as agents of oppression, subjugation and subordination. All those who think Ndam Njoya is their man should think twic

A. Che Mofor

What has been the effect of the coalition problem?

When I wrote here in the past that Fru Ndi and the SDF made a mistake by turning their back to the coalition, some people (Muyuka Woman and Thomson) almost crucified me, saying that the SDF was the strongest party in Cameroon and that they were going to change the regime with the help of Fru Ndi. Some even warned me not to mislead Cameroonians. It is now time to take stocks.!

As a staunch supporter of the SDF and as one who has organised and lead demonstrations as SDF militants, I must tell SDF militants that Cameroonian politics is not politics of the majority. If you rest asured that your party has the majority support, then you will never win any elections. What worries me much is that in the past 14 years of SDF, there have been so many mistakes that make me ask whether the SDF is out to change Cameroon or only to preach utopic democracy.

Every opinion poll before the elections showed that Ndam Njoya was leading, followed by Biya. With more than 30% from his rival Biya, one would not have imagined that Ndam Njoya shall not win the election. Just as I said about Cameroonian democracy, Ndam Njoya did not even emerge 2nd, but 3rd according to official results. The SDF candidate (Fru Ndi) scored only about 17 percent. You and I know that these results are cooked. Even the Commonwealth observers made it clear that the election was full of irregularities, but reflected the choice of those who voted. The fact is that these results may not reflect the interest of Cameroonians, but how far the results were cooked, remains a question to answer. So we find that the SDF candidate did not manage to score even 30% according to official results. The next question is, how could this be avoided?.

As a Cameroonian and a citizen of the work, I am free to give my opinion, even if it annoys you again. Can you prove that Ndam Njoya was a spy in the coalition as Thomson said? My judgement is that, forgetting about ambulant voters and registration frauds, the opposition lost many supporters to Biya as a consequence of their inability to work as a consistent coalition. The other support came from the election malpractices - election malpractices alone would not have even given them the 70% voters they had. The SDF and every other opposition party was aware right from the Genesis that the elections would never be free and fair under Biyaism. (Remember that elections in advanced democracies like the USA also have iregularities), but they facilitated Biya's victory by sending in 15 opposition candidates to contest against Biya. It is so silly that even parties that are made up only of a presidential candidate and his family members hoped to win the elections. This is pure evidence that they were out to fill their pockets. My problem with the SDF is that its leaders have not been able to clearly identify the battle ground on which they are fighting. This idea of puting people first before politics is one of the main sources of failure in the SDF. Must it be Fru Ndi? Must he be the presidential candidate for the Cameroon opposition?. Ni John is a man that you and I highly respect and even adore for his contribution to multipartism and democratic change in Cameroon, but his followers must not forget that he must not be the one to end it and he shall never be the one to end it. It is a continuous process. I still cheer him for his achievements, but it is a positive contribution to criticise him and the party. This is an aspect of democracy as well. So people should not try to crusify other party supporters who critise the leaders. If you do not learn to identify mistakes, you shall never learn to improve!

What is happening now? Fru Ndi has been mandated to negotiate with Biya's government (according Post News Line). Is he not the very peoson who vowed never to negotiate with Biya? What has happened now that the SDF is prepared to negotiate? They completely refused to work with other opposition parties in Cameroon, but are prepared to negotiate with the Biya government after having lost the elections? Why this zig-zag mption? If I now say that the direction of the SDF cannot be predicted even with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, some die-hearted followers will call me names.

I remain a sympathiser of the SDF and shall always criticise in the interest of the party - whether you like it or not!

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