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Thursday, 23 September 2004


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leneg jude

I was very shocked after I read this article.Every day the Head of state is broadcasted over TV talking about Democracy and his utmost desire to ensure transparency in the up-coming Presidential Elections.This is most ignominious of the Head of State,and this Bamenda case,coupled with the current regristration of CPDM militants in Douala depicts Mr Head of as a highly corrupt and wicked leader whose deeds carry nothing of what he professes.Mr President,if Democracy and Transparency have never been words in your vocabulary then Cameroonians suggest you withdraw your candidature from these elections and resign.This will establish you as a peace-loving leader who has the interest of his fellow country men at heart.History will honour you.

Janvier T.C


Kamerunians are right to say that we are perhaps the most socially advance in Africa with the highest living standards in West and Central Africa. But it hides the fact that we had the second fastest growing economy after South Korea in 1984, that we had a GNP per capita of US$850 in 1984(the third in Africa south of the Sahara, after South Africa and Gabon), and that it is a mere US$ 550 today (the ninth in sub-Saharan Africa), and that our GDP per capita should have been higher than Botswana’s US $ 3,450.

Yet we Kamerunians continue to delude ourselves that there is a future for the nation under the present system when growth over the past years have come from the exploitation of our exhaustible resources (forest, and limited newly discovered petroleum reserves that dries out in 2008).

Kamerun has the worst brain drain rate in Africa and perhaps the world; it is the number one country in Africa where its citizens invest far more in other African nations, than they do at home. In addition, it is the most sleazily corrupt, with a head of state that triples as an election rigging monster, a detached and absentee president, and Africa's most unpatriotic president and puppet of France.

So what is the future when the anachronistic French-imposed system led by the ethnocentric, kleptomaniac, nepotistic, paranoiac and oblivious Biya regime has almost depleted our forest and oil, eroded our values and caused the contraction of our Agriculture and industry?

Kamerunians suffering from incomprehension should know that there is no future for our nation unless a government comes up that has a vision for the nation, a union nationalist government that is prepared to utilize the full human and material resources of kamerun, by including all in the process of nation building.

As the BBC statistics show, if nothing is done today Kamerun would end up as a beggar nation to neighboring countries such as Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola etc, exporting labor and dishonor. These countries have their petroleum and are prepared to use it for their development when we have squandered our oil wealth and have nothing to show for it.

It is our unavoidable task if only for the sake of our children that we get rid of the French-imposed system and the Biya regime and start on the colossal task of nation building that is our only salvation. Or else, it would be too late. There are multi-parties in kamerun, there is no democracy. Paul Biya is the worst criminal to the kamerunian nation and the worst affront to our hopes, dignity, progress, unity and future. In the throng of presidential hopefuls, there is no revolutionary, no far-reaching union nationalists to lead Kamerunians to totally, and completely change the anachronistic French-imposed system. Their presence in the contest is barely to justify Biya’s electoral masquerade. For there is no reason to be in an electoral contest where the electoral list is 30% of those of the voting age (Rwanda with less than half of kamerun’s population has almost twice kamerun’s number of registered voters), a list where more than 80% of those registered are targeted CPDM voters (through several registrations). Yet we all know that through CPDM electoral fraud, the electoral list is more than three times the number of people who actually registered. So less than 10% of Kamerunians of the voting age were actually registered.


Janvier Tchouteu

Janvier Tchouteu

Since 1992, politics in Kamerun has been a reaction to actions taken by the Biya regime and the system it is defending. To change kamerun, the struggling masses led by their advanced representatives (union nationalists with a clear essence of the struggle) with revolutionary fervour and vision, would have to take the centre stage and be the pace-setters of the struggle. That is when we Kamerunians shall understand that figures like Abety are just detractors whose empty phrases should be ignored, that Biya deserves to be in a psychiatric sanatorium and that the current heads of the so-called opposition leaders are neither revolutionaries nor nationalists , and that they are pseudo-leaders for change who have been acting like amateurs who bear much of the blame for our failure to unseat Biya and bring an end to the anachronistic French-imposed system. Biya's election result is a lie. But builders of the new kamerun should not fight a lie with a lie of their own. The worst self-destructive crime a parent, a group, a government or the world can commit is to lie to its people.

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