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Thursday, 23 September 2004


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Kangha Adolf

I've read the above article with great interest, and i want to say thanks a hundred fold to the author. In fact it goes a long way to shut off the mouths of those I would describe as ignorant who keep on blaming Fru Ndi or the SDF for the break in the coalition. Absolutely little do these people know the truth. Let them know that the truth will always previl irrespective of what. The SDF stands for truth that's why they couldn't withstand the mafia within the coalition. Cameroonians should hope on, they will have a bright new day under the umbrella of the SDF God willing.

Ambo Akonji

Your article is exceptionally illuminating.It provides an inside into the psychology of cameroonians and their politicians.

If you permit we could foward the article to Dr Sandra (University of The west of England)who is quite intrested in African politics especially the upcoming elections in Cameroon.Ofcourse any publication will be done on your consent.

Oswald  Tebit

I had been waiting for this article when the "unique" opposition candidate was declared last week.
Those who have a solid knowledge on current world political affairs would agree that the terms of a political coalition of political parties any where in the world are based on the strength of each party on the political and geographical landscape.The only way this can be measured is by going through statistics.
Lets have a look.1992 presidential elections,the SDF came second with 36.9%,1996 municipal elections,second,1997 and 2002 legislative and municipals respectively,they were second.
So it should be the SDF deciding a candidate not the other way round.NEC and Fru Ndi should stand thier grounds as only time and time alone will proof them right.Thanks Clovis for such an explicit article at a time when naivity has taken a grip on some Cameroonians.

Teke Julius

A President Ndam Njoya could be worse than than the Catholic Paul Biya. Njoya is elitist and devoid of the feeling of the common man. By failing to strike a deal with Fru Ndi, Ndam Njoya has shown his weak streak - an inbility to solve tough political challenges.

Princeton, USA

Dr  Ati  Emah S

Country People,
Just reading through the many reactions after the article by Mr clovis and coming across phrases like"majority leader","Unique opposition leader" and "strenght of part". these are phrases one gets very often in a hall where political debate takes place.Therefore saying all the above in the Cameroon context I am afraid doesn't hold too good.

First do we take into consideration the following:
(1) The Anglophone/Francophone divide,
(2)The south west/North west Divide,
(3)The experience of the 1992 MUNICIPAL and PRESIDENTILA elections.

One writer skillfully didn't mention the SDF ad her role in that particular year, which in my mind was supposed o be the turning at that time and and even now in the political history of this country.

If we realise all these and consider their importance, probably we will have a change in attitude and our strategies and to know that the "enermy" isthe common gold and there is no better way to fight that enermy in division.

As an anglophone(the writer), I will say without any regret that , Mr Fru Ndi , in his heart of hearts Knows that he can't WIN this elections talk less of been the President of Cameroon in this present dispensation. This is not in anyway down grading his acheivements in Cameroon politics/democracy.

The fight now, if I may suggest should be to change the present state of things and not who goes to Etoudi.

This will be the outlook of any SELFLESS opposition leader.

Teche Nyamusa

The award winning Atatah!
Seasoned pens contribute – so lets not allow any stone unturned!
It is a noble cum urgent task to wipe Biya-like symptoms from Cameroon.
Indeed the problem with Cameroon is not in Francophone/Anglophone, NW/SW divide, etc – a real peoples’ leadership will be resisted by those profiting from the suicidal colonial arrangement in place – francophone-lead (original) UPC was not allowed to usher most needed independence to Cameroon!
However myriad cases abound where peoples’ power has enthrone mass leadership –the objective opposition (within & without home has to be ready for worst scenario – time is more than now!
Teche Nyamusa ,Kaduna Nigeria.

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