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Monday, 18 October 2004


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Cameroon lover

Fru Ndi should quit being a cry baby. He couldn't deal with democracy in the coalition, but he is always crying foul. Why can't this dude realize that he is simply not material for president?
Based on reports from Cameroon, the elections show that teh country is well advanced in its journey to a democracy. There is no such thing as a perfect election, not even here in the USA. We simply have to continue working until we attain a system that is ideal based on our resources. Personally, I think that Biya is too old to have another seven year mandate. I also believe that Biya will make a better president senile, than Fru Ndi would at his most brilliant. Fru Ndi did a great job in helping form the SDF. He has repeatedly shown incompetence in managing the party. It is time for him to retire and clean the lint from his scrotum. Yes, the dude has balls, humongous balls - no brains, however.
Cameroonians, do your work - you have seven years to build systems that will identify your real leaders.

Cameroon Hater

This is directed at the so-called Cameroon lover. You are nothing but a neocolonial scion and brainwashed 21st century slave. Yes i said it, you're a SLAVE. You veil your true identity because you know the fragile foundations your stand on. I am no Fru Ndi fan, but for you to sit wherever you are and call that farce in Cameroon democracy is sickening. My guess is that you are the son/daugter of one of those self-hating negroes in Cameroon who have rampaged and demolished that country in their greed and shortsigtedness. You are a disgrace to Africa and progressive thinking as a whole. I won't be surprised if your ancestors were involved in the Atlantic slave trade--selling your own family members for gunpowder and the whiteman's crumbs. Shame on you. Shame on you. Vengeance will someday come your way, coward. I know your type and i know you can't look at your self in the mirror because the collective agony of our people will haunt your peace. May the forces of darikness haunt you wherever you are chewing the crumbs of the CPDM regime. Unveil yourself sambo, unveil yourself, stop hiding.

JB Samba

Thank you Mr. Cameroon Hater. Unfortunately you did not disclose your identity either. Mr. Cameroon Lover should either be a SLAVE or some idiot benefiting from the crumps of the CPDM regime.

And to you, Mr Cameroon Lover, if you don't have anything to offer, stay off the scene. Though you claim to be in the US, if you really are in the US then, you have just proven your ignorance of the system that operates here by trying to liken it to what obtains in cameroon. For instance, Fri Ndi is very ready to go into an open debate with Paul Biya like Bush and Kerry just did but Biya cannot stand that, not to even talk of going roung the corners of "his" own country and canvas from "his" votes. SHAME TO YOU MR. CAMEROON. You are the worst enemy to cameroon.
JB Samba
New York


It is amazing how ignorant 'Cameroon Lover' is and how he/she exposes that ignorance by writing the nonsense that trickles out of his/her small mind. I guess you are one of those living in political obscurity, who keep singing the praises of biya, calling him a natural candidate, and how he has achieved this or that. You are really a champion of false consciousness. Do you really think Cameroon can withstand another seven years of biya? For the last six months leading up to the so called elections, biya spent more time in Switzerland and france doing his banking than in Cameroon visiting communities and telling them what he will do in the next seven years to improve their lives. By the way what can he possibly do in seven years that he could not do in 22 years. It appears 'Cameroon lover' is one of those who think that change should come incrementally and slowly (another seven years on top of 22). Dude, incremental change, 'democratie par etape' (as biya once said) is a major weakness of Modernization Theory. Stop blaming Fru Ndi, and do your homework so as to stop being ignorant.

AC. Mofor

I think that idiot who calls himself Cameroon Lover has been dealt with very squarely. If he were legally living in the US, he would have at least given one of his names. All has been said. The idiot shall live to suffer from day to day, even though he seems to be a beneficiary of Biyaism. You are a slave to yourself!

website co-ordinator

Please let us not be cowards.Why don't you identify yourself(use your real name).If you do not identify yourself and keep reacting, you will be barred from sending your reactions.

Cameroon lover

Some of our comments have shown how ready you are for democracy. If you unable to accept opinions that differ from your those generated in emotional marginalization, you are not ready for a giant leap to democracy. My identity is concealed because of my role in the US gov't (not the Cameroon gov't). I am simply a lover of Cameroon, and willing to debate any of you on the pertinent issues.
Stop and listen to yourselves for a second - it is obvious that your emotions surpress your intellects. I am assuming that under normal circurmstances you have some intelligence. A gov't is not run by perjorative cliches and nonsensical innuendos, neither is it won as such.
How have each of you contributed to the democratization of Cameroon? If you can't answer this question with specific examples, then think for a while before you write. You are eventually responsible for your actions even in free societies.
(Please make available a personal email address, and I will contact you if you are willing to debate on this subject).

Cameroon lover

R. Affuombue

Sometimes, l wonder why some Cameroonians and leaders of political parties seem not to know the reality in their country.Your newspaper caption-Fru Ndi, is like a none event to some of us who knows the reality and those of us your regular readers of The POst.Tell me Ni whether you wanted him to misinform Nigerians!Do you want to say you don`t know who they are?How on earth did you want Marafa to tell Cameroonians the truth against his Master.l have been following this political thing in Cameroon for sometime now.Being supporter of change,l thung Mr Fru Ndi has to take this my points very well.l and millions of Cameroonians have often admire your vision for change and the way you fight for this Change.
l know in course of this struggle ,you have acted unwisely in some cases and have also step on peoples toes unknowingly.l`ll take this opportunity to apologise on your behalf in my own way.However Mr Fru Ndi despite all odds you have to leasd us to the end.
Let me tell you something Mr Fru Ndi,in 1992 the SDFparty won on a wide margin,just for Cameroonians to be told on one unfortunate morning by Mr Dipanda of the supreme court that its Biya who won.ln 1997 the SDF party didn`t go in for the elections and they received criticisms from all corners blaming them for not participating.Today we participated in the just ended Oct.11th.2004 polls.We are crying foul of fraud and other malpractices.The CPDM had prepared their victory very well so much so that they were even confused on how to unveil it.lf not how is that they proclaim results of polling stations at 8:30pm in some remote areas of the Far North province while the majority of results in the Centre province were yet to come?You will bear withness with me that in the history of multiparty politics in Cameroon,the CPDM has never won any elections.They stole in 1992 because we (esp. the leaders)were very laxed,in 1997 because the SDF party boycotted and today if we allow this hard earned victory to be taken away just like that,what do you think will become our faith as young Cameroonians and the generation to come.
The SDF has proven her worth as the outstanding mass party today in the country.Being a mass party means it commands a following from all works of life in Cameroon.Therefore,Ni John you have a very big task to defend the voices of the masses.This voices are the majority votes caste in favour of the SDF party on the just ended elections.
My advice to you Ni John is that this elections perhaps your last litmus testand if you don`t take care,your mass following,name,charisma etc that you enjoy from Cameroonians today will fall in the deepest pit earth.You have to understand that there is no dictatorial regime who will freely relinguish power to the people.History has shown that power is never given but the people are those to fight and take power that belongs to them.At the SDF massively attended rally whereby l was one,you told us to go and vote on polling day,defend our vboyes and give you the results.That we did despite the numerous problems we encountered in so doing.Now Pa we are looking forward to you.Now is your time to lead us to claim our victory that is being tempered with by some unscrupolous Camreoonians.
Your being in Yaounde is good,forming a government is better,and ruling the people who genuinely voted you en masse will be the best thing Cameroonians want.Don`t border about what those people who were called in to endorse fraud are saying.The so-called ex-congressmen were mere hungry beggars whose main role was to see their accounts swell with money extorted from the suffering masses in Cameroon.As of those who call themselves Francophonie,they are just a group of frustrated people,together with their Godfather Jacque Chirac are interested in plunging the entire French speaking Africa into war.
l learn you are planning to confront the USA and French embassies in Yaounde.That`s very good.Don`t forget the other embassies,ask them to stay aloof of what is happening in Cameroon if they are not ready to speak the truth.Another thing is that the massage from Chirac is the greatest provocation and is supposed to be treated as such.They ared trying to prepare our mind as they did in 1992 to accepting their trash.Good forbid.
YOur being Yaounde is good,and you have to be there till we finally swear you in.Mobilising people in the Capital city is the best thing for when it starts there, the rest of the provinces will follow.We have learn a lot after 1992 from differnt countries aroud Africa and the world.Which means even if we knew nothing in 1992,today we can`t pretend that we`ve not learn something.What is going on now is exactly what happened to Wade of Senegal,Ravalomanana of Madagascar,Custunica and the case of Georgia etc.But these leaders were strong,courage and brave enough to lead the people to claim their hard earn victory.Why should we be indifferent?A lot of Cameroonians are languishing in poverty and the future is growing dark and dark everyyday.Mr Chairman,do you know what it means by another seven years of abject poverty, untold suffering,hunger,embezzlement,diseases,corruption mismanagement,tribalismetc?lf this regime is allowed to continue,it therefore means that all the ills we`ve gone through for the past 44yrs combined will be shouldered for this seven years.Maybe at the end of it,even the commercial banks will be declared bankrupt,mindful of what has happened to the post office bank.
lts better now for you people of the opposition (Ni John,Ndam and Garga)who have made a name in this elections to put your heads together and free this country.Ndam and Garga needs no magic to tell them to raaly behind you and complete the fight.
l learn you people have filed in a petition.Mark you that it may be there for the next years.


"Mr Cameroon Lover" or whatever you call yourself, you are the greatest idiot in the Christiandom. Judging from your English you are a Francophone Cameroonian who was certainly smuggled into the States to acquaint yourself with the Queen's language by the very kleptomaniacs of this triangle. You seem to be using this honourable medium to exercise the limited vocabulary you have been able to retain in your good for nothing skull. Mr Man, I am sure you are one of those who went out there for holidays and soon decided to adopt a slave status by petitioning for assylum with false stories that you (Francophone, possibly from the South Province of this Country) are being persecuted by the government of La Republique for masterminding SCNC and/or SCYL activities in Cameroon. What a shame that What you hate is the same thing that makes you get your daily bread. Now instead of you eating your crumps and remaining quiet like a patient dog, you want to eat meat before you grow teeth.
Let me give you this warning: Don't think that we'll not get you. Just go on for we know all of you who have the hunter(cpdm)'s meat in your mouths, that is why you'll not dare to say anything against the hunter (cpdm + biya paul).
Onething I'll tell you is that if this fraud can go as far as cheating time then you and your quackmires have succeeded. If not then you have scotched snakes but not killed them. Hope your empty skull understands, SLAVE.


Oops! Cameroon lover won't be coming back. I know that. Our ancestral alchemy will hold him hostage and he'll never have peace. I know the ghosts of all those who've died in the Biya era will haunt his peace forever. This medium is the closest we have to a panel and this is democracy in action. Cameroon lover, you are a minority here and you've lost. Put your tail in between your legs, hold your fleshless bone tight and go lick Biya's shoes. You've got seven more years to do that. That's democracy.


I hope ,Mr cameroon must have learn a lesson it is a disgrace for him ,but there is one thing i must let him understand,if he has contributed in ruining cameroon,he has a good dose of curses on the way to be part of his life as Cameroonians fight for change.

Jb Samba

The Website coordinator:
Thank you for that comment. I don't the least like the idea of people hiding their identities. I hope you do something to stop this category of people.

Mr Cameroon Lover:
No body in a US Government will hide his/her identity when he/she knows that he/she is telling the truth. And if you understand and I quote you "You are eventually responsible for your actions even in free societies." justify this by identifying yourself and even post a picture. Quark.


I can't reveal my identity because i am familiar with the regime's witch-hunting and diabolic intentions. Ideally, there should be no need to hide identities, but people have lives seperate from this so-called struggle. Personally, i am not willing to jeopardise my current circumstances because a slave like Cameroon lover decides to spew some misguided political garbage. I commend those who chose to reveal their identities, but i don't think this site's moderators should censure people who chose to voice their opinions using an alias. This is a necessary medium for us to voice our repressed views, why put rules to it.


Mr Cameroon lover i think even a newly born baby who can not even speak nor see will certainly write something more meaningful than the nonsense you wrote. From what you and your american/francophonie observers have written and said, it is crystal clear that you have really no idea of anything about cameroon politics. For 22 years the corrupt and ill-managed regime of biya and his thugs has done nothing good for the average cameroonian. what does he has for the next seven years to offer cameroonians apart from misery, corruption and probably brain drain. this dictatorial regime has been known for siphoning the country´s wealth out for the interest of the so-called western observers who have nothing to offer but rather to see this beloved country sink more and more into poverty and hardship. i think it it is better for mr biya himself to leave power or die for the sake of peace and prosperity of cameroon

sango monie

Just like most oppostion leaders who have been opposing for too long , Ni John has become. If he couldn't accept the verdict of the coalition what more do we expect from him? I happened to attend his rally in Limbe and he made so many promises that any reasonable person whould have dismissed as Bullshit. Interesting was the fact that he never made any policy statement (the only one I remember was that his people have told him plantains can be packaged and sold). It seems to me he is disconnected with the "dynamics" of how cameroon is being "run" I don't know that he can debate Biya in any forum, I guess all he would say is the bad things that are happening and would not be able to come up with solutions to solve existing problems. In fact I've never seen any policy document from Ni John. I remember reading somewhere that he'll not say how he planned to implement policies to achieve his goals, because others will plagiarise them and thats just plain Bull Shit.
I can see him complaining about the electoral process, but not the results of the elections. I won't be suprised any way, because it will be deja vu all over, he did not accept that Ndam Njoya was the candidate of the coalition and Like I said before why would he accept results of the presidential election? He should stop being a sore looser and suck it up..

sango monie

Just like most oppostion leaders who have been opposing for too long , Ni John has become very tacky. If he couldn't accept the verdict of the coalition what more do we expect from him? I happened to attend his rally in Limbe and he made so many promises that any reasonable person whould have dismissed as Bullshit. Interesting was the fact that he never made any policy statement (the only one I remember was that his people have told him plantains can be packaged and sold). It seems to me he is disconnected with the "dynamics" of how cameroon is being "run" I don't know that he can debate Biya in any forum, I guess all he would say is the bad things that are happening and would not be able to come up with solutions to solve existing problems. In fact I've never seen any policy document from Ni John. I remember reading somewhere that he'll not say how he planned to implement policies to achieve his goals, because others will plagiarise them and thats just plain Bull Shit.
I can see him complaining about the electoral process, but not the results of the elections. I won't be suprised any way, because it will be deja vu all over, he did not accept that Ndam Njoya was the candidate of the coalition and Like I said before why would he accept results of the presidential election? He should stop being a sore looser and suck it up..


nc azohe, u seem to know so much english but can't spell bread crumbs (crumps), besides I don't know that quackmires is an English word, I know of quagmire I don't know if thats what u meant. If I'm right, then I don't see how u could use the word in the statement u made. I'm sure u'll say they were typo errors, but b and p (and q and g) are so far away on the keyboard that I don't see how u will make a typo like that. Lesson, before u criticise my English, be sure yours is perfect.

couurtney eko

The elections had been fixed before they took place.Who did not know it would be this way?The international community is not interested in rocking the boat,so we suffer.I personally think CPDM won the elections,but numerous government officials were paranoid about CPDM losing in their fiefs and over did the rigging.Of course Ni,what we have is a tribal democracy! SDF is voted for buy 90% of northwesterners.99% of the south votes for CPDM,90% of bakwerians vote CPDM because of the PM.Ours is not a democracy based on issues.Let us get real!!!

couurtney eko

The elections had been fixed before they took place.Who did not know it would be this way?The international community is not interested in rocking the boat,so we suffer.I personally think CPDM won the elections,but numerous government officials were paranoid about CPDM losing in their fiefs and over did the rigging.Of course Ni,what we have is a tribal democracy! SDF is voted for by 90% of northwesterners.99% of the south votes for CPDM,90% of bakwerians vote CPDM because of the PM.Ours is not a democracy based on issues.Let us get real!!!

Cameroon lover

Ladies and gentlemen,
To reiterate, a government can neither be won nor run by pejorative clichés and nonsensical innuendos. You are NOT building a democracy here if you don’t learn to respect opinions that differ from yours. You respond with insults and censorship at the first hint of antagonism, yet you all think you can do a better job than Biya – right? I am NOT a sympathizer of the CPDM party. I have made financial contributions to the SDF in the past, before I realized that its leaders were sub par. Sango has stated adequately what ALL Cameroonians should know – the SDF leadership does not have what it takes to run any country. The SDF leadership, in pulling away from the coalition, displayed to the world where they stand on the issue of democracy.
I am not going to respond to the personal insults here. I realize the unfortunate influence of ethnicity in the politics of Cameroon. I know that my remarks are pissing off the Northwesterners. Hey buddies, it is the democracy that you are longing for, deal with it. You must realize that your liberties end where those of another person begin. I also realize that some people have paid the ultimate price in the struggle for democracy in Cameroon. Cameroon still has a long way to go, and all Cameroonians are responsible for nation building. The SDF needs to clean house, rejoin the opposition, and use the next seven years wisely.
If some of the NW leaders spent as much time in nation building as they did in separatist activities, maybe it would have made a difference. In the mean time, I withdraw my debate offer to you ethnocentric grass field hill billies (you know yourselves). May God bless Cameroon.

T. Njang

I'm sorry but you all are barking here for nothing. As much as we are all tired of this endless regime charade, I will dare to say that Mr. Ndi has cried over spilled milk enough. Emotionals will not help us. You'all need to quit screaming and cursing. That's the problem with our politicians, you'all stop focusing on the needs of the people and get so caught up in your egos. Bump that! Cameroon is down now, but we are on the slow and steady rise. You'all need to stop hating and start participating.


There are people who come here just to sidetrack discussions and make the serious deliberate on issues that should be ignored for those that need our attention. I thiNK this is the intention of this num skull CAMEROON LOVER. He has very little to offer and so lets everyone get annoyed. Anyway the curses he has got so far should be enough to put him away except he wants to see them manifest. I think its time for him to apologise bc you know the mouth has power.

Anyway I just want to tell Ni that so many are looking up to him and this time he should try his best as not to let Cameroonians down bc this time around people might lose faith in him. Every one knows there has been massive rigging like always. Rather than spend so much time trying to prove himself right I guess he should just go ahead towards figting to free this country from the hands of VULTURES, bc soon we wnt have breathing space. We are putting all out trust and hopes in you. I wish you the best of luck and Gods richest blessings. He is with you.


Cameroon lover

To my ethnocentric adversaries (being polite).

"Reasons always existed, but not always in reasonable forms" - Karl Marx (1818 - 1883)
Bene diserere es finis logices - right? Right MFs.

T. Victor

Why are all of you begging to be Cameroonians? You are not considered Cameroonians at all. France has repeatedly told you anglophones that none of you will ever be president of "La Republique du Cameroun". What part of this rejection don't you all understand? Biya and his "La Republique du Cameroon" have said you are "l'enemie dans la maison" and even called you "BIAFRA"
So called anglophones, why are you begging for everything? You will very soon beg for air from Biya to breath. France is coming after the Bakassi oil too. CDC and the rest of the institutions from the anglophones provinces have be sold to France. Keep on begging.. Biya's fans can go to and read Cameroon's resume under Biya for the past 22-years.
T. Victor


I just don't understand. Must an anglophone be president of Cameroon? In my opinion, francophones have the majority population and it makes sense that the president is francophone if I have to go by what T. Victor is saying. I for one don't believe in this anglophone will never be a president shit, I just think the best candidate should be president. I will not support John Ndi because he is anglophone. Unlike most Cameroonians, I look at what they put on the table and to be honest, I haven't seen anything he is bringing. I'm not saying the status quo is the best, but I just don't see something better John Ndi is putting forward. We sit every day and cry that Biya and his croonies are getting fat on Cameroons money. What about John Ndi? He's a rich man today, I'm sure if he declares his wealth today, it'll be a lot more (and I mean lots and lots and loads more) than what he had pre-SDF. He's not different from Biya in this sense, they're all corrupt and we shouldn't fool ourselves that he has a magic wand to suddenly change things granted he's poffering us with cheap talk.

Rev M L Rene

I beg to disagree with Sango.John Fru Ndi was not elected to be the SDF's candidate because he is an anglophone.Was he elected only by anglophones? Do you know that there are more Francophones in the SDF and Anglophones? If Fui Ndi was elected by the entire SDF to be her candidate, should reject him because he is an anglophone?
Must Fru Ndi always remain a poor man? For sure!!! with every passing day people develop.What is wrong if Fru Ndi too has to develop? By the way before the SDF was Fru Ndi a poor man?

Courtney Eko

See what I mean?The Northwesterners take care of their own and so do the Southwesterners and others.what a shame!I sometimes wonder if the single party was not a better system?At least we were all in one boat!There was the green list and the white list.Arguably more engaging than the present day parody of democracy.

shu Ngwa j

union for change brothers,
my Kamerun lover, does not have an idea of the pains of cameroonians he is certainly the cousin of a minister hiding out there, But God is watching the pain striken cameroonian from whose bread your family is making fortune out of
my pain doubles when i read the rubish from Mr. Cameroon lover, besides that i will want to think this so-called mr.cameroon is an Agent of the regime who is in cameroon , why do i say so ? becasuse if he is in the US and sees the level of development that is there, comparatively to our ghetos we called cities, he will never say any thing Good about biya
I very much doubt in which part of the US is he based
To you MR kamerun think of thesame lakes biya goes to visit and pay money for in switzerland, we have more of them in Cameroon undeveloped one even one the way to his son's residences that is used as a seawage wasted desporsal for the ministries and the hotels

you my kamerun lover are certainly living a comfortable apartment ten times better than what a minister has in cameroon yet you are a slave in the US economy
just come to think that if biya and his click of brothers and friends give cameroonians just half of what they deserve
i bet you, you will certainly take your real name again and start heading for cameroon
to my brothers for change in not bother about the identity of mr kamerun lover, he most have changed his names so he may even be your longtime neighbour that you do not know, but now he has a new name without an identity so what name do you want from him
Dear friends the struggle for the democracy is a continuous process
do not think the francophone cameroonians should be kept aside that is making what biya and his men are calling as the anglo phone party(alluding to the SDF) to be realistic no body wants biya now in that country except for his well paid military men
the country is enriched with a wealth of men and women francophones and Anglophoes alike in the diaspora full of skills,knowledge and wanting to come back home and take our country out of the mess once again nobody wants biya there!!!!!!!!!!!
do not get pist up by what people like kamerun lover will write here
but know our changes is there
the real cameroonians out here have seen what is development and willing to push that in our system and we are all rallied behind those at home in spirit for the struggle to get change come
peace !!!!courage!!!!

JB Samba

Sango Monie:
Have you ever gotten any policy statement from Biya? If yes, what is it? And if it exists, has it ever been implemented? Finally, if it was ever implemented, what was(were) the results? I need concrete answers, no bluffing.

T. Victor

In response to Mr. Sango's points, let me say the following: Francophones have the majority population in Cameroon; that's true.
There are more of this population that are followers of the SDF than anglophones. Being the majority does not necessarily mean that a president should come from the francophone half of the country simply because they are the majority. Canada has an anglophone majority. Is the leader an anglophone? Unlike most Cameroonians as you call youself, if we go strickly by the ballot, do you think the Biya whom you adore so much will ever be president of your beloved Cameroon? Before SDF, Fru Ndi was rich. You may not know it if you don't know his backgroung.

A car that you can buy in Nigeria for say $5000.00, you can buy the same car in Cameroon for $10,000.00. Do you know why Mr. Sango? This is economy slavery from France. Mr. Sango, may be you don't even know that no imported goods from anywhere in the world goes into your beloved Cameroon without passing through your slave master France. What has that got to do with anything you may ask. France imposes its taxes on these goods. An anglophone president in your "La Republique du Cameroun" will never accept this type economy slavery. France will never let that happen. Just accept the fact that you and your Biya's followers are NOT YET independent from your slave master France.

T. Victor


I know understand why my generation is bearing the burden of agony. My guess is those enslaved minds that move to the tempo of their colonialism in this panel are those were rendered spineless by British, French and German missionaries. Here we are clinging to identities that were imposed on us. Shame on us all for embracing those repulsive brands. We are sick in the psyche. For any right thinking human to praise the Biya regime is scary. I am hoping no one's fate lies in those minds, becausei would hate to know what moral values they would exude. The problems of Cameroon haven't begun, when they do, we'll think the Congo was military basic training. There is a new generation of us who are seeking an alternative what the neocolonial generation gave us. There is a new generation of us just prepping ourselves to take Africa to a new direction. Besides Cameroon is derived from the word prawn and i would never be a prawnian.
Amun-Ra aka Cameroon Hater

JB Samba

Thank you Mr T. Victor for clarifying on his point on "whether Fru Ndi is rich". Those who think he is poor or was poor before the creation of the SDF don't actually know his background.
To buttress your point, let these people know that Fru Ndi's building on the Commercial Ave in Bamenda was constructed before the thought of creating the SDF. NO POOR MAN CAN ERECT SUCH A BUILDING


Mr T Victor, I see u didn't get the point I was trying to make. I was reacting to an earlier comment that "No anglophone will ever be the president of Cameroon." All I said, was that to me it don't matter if the president is anglophone or francophone, what mattered was that we had the best candidate for president, whether he is Beti or Hausa should not matter. It ties down with what Mr Eko said, politics in Cameroon is very much associated with tribalism and not policies. Its a sad situation but I was trying to point out that we should focus on policy issues, of course I was assuming that most people in here were intelectuals and would attempt to be objective (although I know politics is very subjective) and would question what various political leaders are promising, some of them were clearly not doable and I heard Ni John saying things that did not make sense in terms of simple economics.
As concerns Biyas policies, his book are there to see, u can check his website @ and u'll see what I'm talking about. Are his policies working? Thats a totally different question which I didn't address and brings me back to my point that John Ndi has not made a policy statement that I've seen and I won't support cheap talk. I'm an academic and won't follow people blindly. John Ndi has clearly benifitted a lot financially from the SDF, we may try to refute this but its a fact. Is Paul Biya the best for Cameroon? I don't think so, is John Ndi a better alternative? He hasn't convinced me yet. Thats were I stand in politics. Do I think the results that are being published reflect actual voting? Yes I do, Do I think the electoral process is greatly flawed? Yes I do and I hope someday, it will be improved.
Its a shame most SDF militants are so intolerant of others views. People vote one party or the other for very different reasons. Do all the reasons make sense? No, e.g. maybe I'm profitting from the current regime, maybe I come from thesame province as Ni John,or maybe the prime minister comes form my village, or like in the U.S. some people support Bush because he's a conservative and antiabortionist, or that he doesn't support the gay movement. Again there are various reasons why people vote the way they vote and I encourage SDF militants to be tolerant of other views, they don't have to agree with them, all they have to do is tolerate them.

manga from Budapest

i am happy to make a comment on this page once again.i dont care what cameroon lover or whosoever is preaching.what i beleive is that the presidency should be giving to whosoever won the election.If it turns out to be Biya,let it be so.And if the rightful winner is Fru Ndi or Ndam Njoya,then he should be decleared the new head of state.Cameroon is a unified and peaceful country and should be fatherland to all Cameroonians regardless of being french or english speaking.
Although i dont know if the result as proclaimed by the chairman of the S.D.F is true or not,i outrageously disaprove the proclamation of the results of an election barely a few hours after the end of voting.
Even incountries where telecommunication and technology is far more advanced than in cameroon,it is impossible to know the out come of an election after a few hours.
I just pray that this time around cameroonians are not going to be deprived of their rightful leader,be it Biya,Fru Ndi,Ndam Njoya or myself MANGA,let the will of the people prevail.
Greetings to fellow cameroonians from Budapest in HUNGARY.

JB Samba

Sango Monie:
If you are the intellectual you say you are, please tackle the question to the point. Biya may have a library of policy statements (I don't care) all I need are answers from you that address this question-I repeat especially the last two portions.
Have you ever gotten any policy statement from Biya? If yes, what is it? And if it exists, has it ever been implemented? Finally, if it was ever implemented, what was(were) the results? I need concrete answers, no bluffing.
Again, if you are an academic and won't follow people blindly. Paul Biya the best for Cameroon? You don't think so, is John Ndi a better alternative? He hasn't convinced you yet. According to you WHO should be at the helm of Cameroon? You are a confusionist... back off.

sango monie

Mr JB Samba, It doesn't take a genuis to figure out what I was trying to say. Does it mean that because we have 16 candidates running for the presidency we have the best candidates? No, maybe I'm one of the disenfranchised voters who thinks none of the candidates actually brings anything to the table. Lemme give u and example, some Americans think Bush is doing a terrible job as president of the U.S. the alternative is Kerry, but Kerry has not convinced them that he can do a better job that Bush, reason why some people are called swing voters or better still reason why some people will vote for Nader. Now does that confuse u?
Talking about Biya's policies, I've given you his books and websites to check them out. Do I suppport them? I didn't say that. Besides, policy the gov't is implementing now can be considered as Biya's policy be it on Aids, Education, Sports, etc etc. I'm not saying and have not said I support Biya's policies. I'm just saying John Ndi should be able to convince me that he can do a better job than Biya has done. One way he can do that is to make policy statements and convince me that he can do the job. As a scholar, I've written a couple of grant proposals, and in order to get those grants, I have to convince those who offereing the grants that I can complete the project. Thats all I'm asking of John Ndi. The fact that Biya is a terrible president does not automatically make John Ndi or Gustave Essaka a better president than Biya is. If you disagree with this statement then I guess you and I cannot really have a decent conversation.I've been leaning towards the opposition but I've learnt a couple of things, the transparency or lack theroef of SDF's handling of gov't "grants" during the last parliamentary and municipal election made me think more than twice. All they have to do is convince me they can do a better job and I'll join the band wagon. I'm sure there are Cameroonians who can do a good job as president but do not have the popularity or do not belong to an organisation that can succesfully win the elections. One reason behind this in my opinion is because a lot of people have made up their minds about who they'll vote for. Some because of tribal links etc etc. I'm one of the few who simply says, tell me what u'll do and how u'll do it, if I'm convinced that it is good for the country and that u can do it, then I'll suppport u.


Hi Brothers and sisters of Southern Cameroon,
Have you guys heard the lastest news, Please read the article below.Imagine that what happened in the Northwest province in 1992 might repeat itself again. God bless our beloved nation and you all.

The French poodle aka Biya, fresh from his "Cher Paul" congratulatory letter from the man known in French journalistic circles as the superthief and supercrook, Jacques Chirac, is currently deploying his rapist thugs of crack troops to attack defenseless and unarmed inhabitants of the Southern Cameroons.
"Cher Paul" must feel very confident having received
the blessing of the mass muderer and serial killer
JACQUES RENE CHIRAC, the Godfather of Francafrique.

Folks, we must make our voices heard prior to this French-orchestrated massacre in the Southern Cameroons.

Moderating Team FDR Southern Cameroons People Forum


Oct. 20, 2004 - 09:50
Headlines : Exodus in Bamenda as dwellers fear state
of emergency
By Michael Ndi in Bamenda

A good number of people who witnessed the 1992
Presidential elections in Bamenda, have started
checking out of the town, with their families
frightened by the influx of troops into the town from
other provinces.

The troops began zooming in since Friday 15 October,
while a military helicopter has been hovering over the
entire Mezam Division and occasionally landing in the
Bamenda municipal stadium apparently to frighten SDF
militants and sympathisers who have been rallying
every morning in front of the North West SDF
provincial secretariat waiting for instructions from
the party hierarchy to go on demonstration over the announcement of Paul Biya’s winning of the 11 October Presidential election. The protesters the election was won by Fru Ndi their presidential candidate.

In Bamenda, soldiers could be seen every-which -way
heavily armed while others are stationed along the Bamenda-Nkambe ring road and border towns. This has frightened some Bamenda dwellers to an extent that they have started checking out of the town with their families and portable properties. “We see the same incident repeating itself given that SDF has rejected MINAT/D’s election trends indicating that incumbent, Paul Biya, has won the October 11 Presidential elections.” They said the justification of the state of emergency could be viewed from the influx of troops and daily hovering of the military helicopter in Bamenda.

Those leaving the town are both Cameroonians and
foreigners especially Nigerians and Chinese.

However, SDF diehards who have been rallying in front
of their provincial office waiting the party hierarchy
to order them to go on demonstration, have vowed to
respect their plan of action until Fru Ndi whom they
say won the election is sworn in as president. Fru Ndi
had in the morning of Tuesday October 12, exhorted
them to remain calm while he gets the results from the
entire country before making his declarations. Like
his militants, he believed that he was the winner of
October 11 Presidential elections. In the entire
province prelates have been praying for peace to reign
most especially after the proclamation of the
presidential elections on October 23.

courtney  eko

The African's supposed civilisation is only skin deep!So,if you disagree with some one you summon'ancestral alchemy' and a 'good dose of curses'?All these from supposedly well educated persons who should have a scientific mind.Talk can leave the village but the village cannot leave you.
The cameroonian opposition has failed us.Woefully so.It all boils down to graft.No one was prepared to give up the millions offered by the state to presidential candidates.So the coalition collapsed.A few more floors might be constructed in the commercial avenue building!

M.L. Rene

Somebody once told me PAUL BIYA stands for
PREACH ALL USELESS LIES, BAMENDA IS YOUR ANSWER.I am not saying that i am happy that it always begins with Bamenda, but there must be a beginner.We must not allow our victory to be stolen again because we are afraid of the guns.Even the troops would not support the thief this time around.

JB Samba

I didn't say it takes a genius to figure out what you were saying, but it takes a genius to understand the present situation in Cameroon at the moment. You might have been out of Cameroon for years, I left Cameroon two months ago and know exactly what is on the ground now.

Don't confuse the American situation with the situation in Cameroon. In Cameroon we have a situation where the votes have already been casted and somebody has to president. Out of the 16, there should be at least somebody that you think can do the job. If somebody is undecided (and needs Bush or Kerry to make a policy statement) in the Americam situation, I will understand because the selection process is still some days ahead. People like you and Nader will always be there for the people who don't fined it easy making judgements.

I understand very well that the policy's being implemented in cameroon now are biya's, but are thay working. You quote Aids, education sports and "etc etc" Aids is almost doing away the youthful population, the edicational systems (National as well as Higher) is going down the drain. even the mgt of sports the only instrument left that the Biya gov't could used to put Cameroonians together leaves much to be desired.

For fear of plagiarism. Fru Ndi reserves the right to keep his policy statements it he can still get the electorate to vote him as he has done. I there is one thing that made the gov't to steal Fru Ndi's victory in 1992, it was fear of the Sovereign National Conference (You know this very well). Tht TOLL GATES that you have filling the treasury (and making campaign money for the CPDM) in Cameroon today was a Fru Ndi policy. Can you tell me what is being done for the benefit of the contributors (Cameroonians)? If Fru Ndi were given the chance, cameroonians will benefit from the toll gate in one way or the other.

You can see clearly that you have no point to be undecided about the situation in cameroon.

Concerning what you call SDF's handling of gov't "grants". I really see you as a pro-CPDM guy who like any other CPDM "bigwig" doesn't have anything to offer. Let me treat you to this

If you had 9 younger brothers and sisters and you dad were to go on a trip and leave you as the older son to take care of the rest. If he calls a meeting and announces that he will leave you with 10.000FCFA to take care of the family and effectively leaves 1,000. You decide to share the money equally amongst yourselves (100 each) because 1000 is rather too small to do anything with. Your consience in clear, right? Because you have shared it equally with you fellow brothers and sisters. But they who heard dad talk of 10,000, Do you think they will ever think you shared the money in a transparent manner.

As I say you are a pro-CPDM guy who listens to propaganda from the CPDM and doesn't care to find out the truth. HAS THE MONEY FOR THE LAST CAMPAIGN BEEN HANDED TO THE 16 CANDIDATES? I don't think so. Very soon you will say the SDF didn't manage the campaign money for 2004 presidential elections transparently.

Find out more before you comment.

sango monie

Mr Samba, U still don't seem to understand what I have been trying to say. Talk is cheap and I won't accept cheap talk. Did I say the CPDM's policies are good? No! Did I say Paul Biya is a good president? No!! What I'm saying is u need to convince me that u can do a better job than Paul Biya is doing for me to join u, if I'm offering u a job, I need you to convince me that u can handle it, which is what a democratic process effectively does (maybe not the case in Cameroon). There have been situations were people have promised manner from heaven (like some parliamantary candidates promising tarring of raods in their constituencies), something beyond their control. Its not hard for me to deicide who I should vote for, all they need to do is convince me. I'm not a CPDM fanatic, in fact I think Biya is doing a very bad job, but that does not mean John Ndi can do better than he is doing, nor does it mean John Ndi cannot do better than he is doing. All I'm saying John Ndi needs to convince me that he can do better and I'll join him. This is my view, and you shouldn't take it like thats how everyone should see it. I tihnk getting a very good education is one of the reasons why I look at life the way I do. I question everything I'm told, not because they're not true but because I want to be sure they're true. John Ndi needs to convinceme he can deliver.

JB Samba

I now understand you very well. You don't know the exact situation in Cameroon, that's why you think you Fru Ndi needs to convince you that he can do better than popol. Infact the SDF and Fru Ndi have already convinced cameroonians that they can do better. That is the more reason why the CPDM will rely on all sorts of unrorthodox means available to rig elections in Cameroon because it cannot stand up and convince the Cameroonian public that if somebody like Fru Ndi gets to Etuodi, he won't do better than Popol and the CPDM.

Let me quote a few situations. In my area in the North West Province, a few projects have been realised with the SDF at the head of the councils than has ever been realised with the CPDM at the head of the councils. You will bet with me that much was realised in the Buea municipality under SDF leadership than under any CPDM mayor. The CPDM imposed Government Delegates to major Council run by the opposition to stall good projects earmarked by the opposition mayors because they are not ready to stand the disgrace. DID GOVERNMENT DELEGATES EVER EXISTED IN THE ONE-PARTY CAMEROON ERA? WHY?

What does any opposition leader in cameroon or Fru Ndi need to tell you in order to convince you that they could be a better alternative to popol. Where the opposition has had the opportunity to proof to Cameroonians that they are a better alternative, the CPDM through it's loyalist Police. Gendarms, Army. Governors, SDOs, DOs right down to traditional rulers won't let them do it. You mean to tell me you don't know about all these?

You will bear with me that at times when you are confused which clothes to put on, you often would reflect on previous appreciation from friends to make a choice. So much (negative) has been said about the CPDM that reflect reality that it's time you should realise that you have a choice but simply don't want to accept that you have a choice

Who ever told you that you have a good education? And if at all you have a good education, where did you get it. Do you think and want your brothers and sisters back in cameroon can have a good and sound education? Do you think they can ever get under the CPDM regime that appoints instead of electing leaders of academic institutions and who end up victimising good university professors who oppose the mixing of politics with edication (negatively to maintain their positions. You know very well what can happen it Heads of academic institutions like universities were elected. The results would be Hard work and Progress.

In one were to quantify development or progress For 22 years, Development in cameroon is 20% and backwardness is 220% and if you were to calculate the resultant, you will see that Cameroon is 200% backward. For 22 years popol has taken Cameroon backward by 200%. Do you think for the next 7 years it will take Cameroon further backwards of can be able to bring cameroon to the 1982 era.
By the way where is your location? I am in NY City.

sango monie

Mr Samba, I don't disagre with u, Endely did a good job in Buea Municipal council and Mbella Moki is doing an equally good job. We can always site CPDM and opposition mayors and palamentarians who are doing an excellent job. Thats besides the point I'm making. maybe I'm just one of those skeptics who need to a lot of convincing to take a position, naybe my experience has thought me this. The U.S. people trusted their president to make a good decision when Iraq was concerned, some people are convinced he did the right things, nmany others think he was wrong and I'm sure u have your opinion about this. John Ndi has to convince me that he as president will make those decisions that will be best for Cameroon.
Point of correction, I attended three universities in the U.S. up to the point of a terminal degree. None of the heads were elected. They all got their jobs by appoitment. The process do appoint them however differs from that used in Cameroon. There are so many issues I disagree with Paul Biya, but it don't mean John Ndi can make them right. Thats what I'm asking him to do , convince me that he can do it. There are people who don't need any convincing and I'm okay with that, but for me, he needs to convince me.
I used to like Lapiro's music and I'll go out of my way to borrow from what he said recently about John Ndi and biya that both of them have little to offer to Cameroon. I don't neccessarily agree with him but in a way he relfects the point I'm trying to make. None of them have convinced him that they can make Cameroon better.

JB Samba

You are there now. You see, What Mbella is doing is trying to meet up with what Endeley did. Had it been the CPDM trail wasn't broken by the SDF in the last tenure, Mbella won't have done anything. You cat at least see the effect of the SDF transition on Mbella. All the samba is it a good idea for Mbella to abandon good projects that Endeley started because it was started by Endeley (SDF Mayor)? Remember the benefits are to the the entire Buea Municipality (SDF or CPDM). There is a project abandoned by Mbella right besides the BRC Office that was started by Endeley. Do you think if Fru Ndi or Ndam were to be made president in Cameroon today, they will abandon Etoudi palace nd construct another one elsewhere? That is the spirit the CPDM is planting in Cameroonians and helping ,more in Dividing rather that uniting cameroonians. Biya and the CPDM have to give way to somebody for Cameroon to forge ahead, period

I don't know which Universities you attended, but as far as I know, Directors of academic programs, Deans presidents... of American are elected. and When I say heads of Institutions, I don't mean the individual heading the University, it goes way down to Heads of Departments. You say Heads of your Universities got their jobs by appointment, did they tell you that? OR they were appointed by who? Clinton, Bush... WHO? State Governors? There is no way you can convince me that that ascertion is true. I am currently in a US Institution pursuing a Ph.D. and heads are elected for term (renewable). I was told this at the orientation.

Don't bring Lapiro into this because he too is playing that very politics of the stomach that is ruining Cmaeroon. He talke of singing "Mimba we" to Biya if he were given the opportunity. I bet you if he was invited to sing to Biya, he would have composed a praise song for Biya like Mendo Ze. Don't mind the fool (Lapiro).

If you don't mind, we could continue our discussion privately. We have much to discuss than just Cameroon politics.


Mr Sango,

It's a pleasure to read your comments. I have noticed that the SDF supporters are purely driven by emotions and they have neither the patience not the tolerance to understand what anyone is trying to express. All they care about is whether or not the person is a total supporter of SDF and John Fru. The way they approach this discussion is rather hasty. It makes sense to actually see things for what they really are. Nothing is entirely good or bad, and as far as the present government in Cameroon goes, one must acknowledge those things that make sense, inspite of the obvious. Cameroon does not work, that is recognised, it hasn't worked under this gov't for Lord knows how long, but, their policies are clear enough for anyone to see where it is not working. I haven't seen any reason to become an SDF supporter because there is nothing there but impossible promises. Cameroon is not the USA, why can't people realise that and stop making such inappropriate comparisons? Before people let their emotions drive them to turning Cameroon into another Congo, they should actually try to make a positive difference in Cameroon.

Edwin Ngang

Whoa....what some really sad testimony of what pan-cameroonism has done for an entire people. A people who indeed once qualified as a distinctly independent state and had their independence even before a country {neighboring French speaking one} called Cameroonian ever had hers on January 1, 1960. Why this people, with a well defined country geographically as well as statutory never took advantage of this independence they got in 1959 when they had a full fledged government, with an elected Prime Minister as Head of this Government braced by two houses of legislature, and an independent judiciary as well as really free press can only be blamed on one thing. These people naively believed in the "goodness of that PAN-CAMEROONIAN brother-in-the east"! Today that so called pan-African in miniature has become the devil incarnate -- a monster of a country determined to impose the most savage form of neo-colonialism ever on another African state. All this done in the name of the farce of CAMEROON UNITY!

Fellow AMBAZONIA.. Let stop deluding ourselves with all this grand debate about democracy by SDF in Cameroon. AMBAZONIANS [the so called Cameroonians Anglophones] in Cameroon are complete strangers and as strangers care not supposed to aspire [don't even mention occupy] those strategic positions in governments. Just how many more lessons do we need before coming to terms with this stark reality--that we are third class citizens inside a country called CAMEROON! WAKE UP AMBAZONIANS and STOP this DAY DREAMING.....nobody, no country is going to intervene in the internal affairs of Cameroon. As long as we continue to define it as CAMEROON, it will remain as an internal affair, off limits to any kinds of international scrutiny. But it should not be so since this country, CAMEROON, illegally as well as forcibly annexed and is occupying another country, called AMBAZONIA {formerly known as "The United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Admnistration"} The "Southern Cameroons" is only a name of convenience, abridged to serve someone else best self-interest--that person is certainly not you, that so called "anglo-fool", that Biafrien, that enemie dans les maisons, etc, etc, as we have deservedly come to be known and called by the francophones!

So it should be crystal clear to us now that the battle lines was long chosen by the Francophones and their proxies pan-Cameroonians since 1961 when they annexed an independent state then called "the Southern Cameroons". This state is now called the REPUBLIC OF AMBAZONIA. Please, people of AMBAZONIA, let us stop wasting our time and effort thinking CAMEROONIANS and pan-Cameroonians will ever be reasonable to our quest for justice. Let us instead concentrate all our time and efforts in finding a logical way of getting out of this mess. As you have rightly deduced from the above debate, they will never be availed to reason processes. But as history has it these type of intransigence has it sown life span. Let not person of the so called southern Cameroonian origin {better called AMBAZONIA} ever again waste time debating democracy inside a country called CAMEROON. Please adopt your new pre-independence identity and nationality in the Republic of Ambazonia and see how very easily it can be to define, contrast and categorize Cameroon as just another FAILED AFRICAN state that needs to be divided into it most logical components:
--The English speaking sector return to their pre-reunification state as the Republic of Ambazonia, and
-- The French speaking sector remains as Cameroon to deal with lack of democracy problems just as any other French African state--the Ivory Coast coming to mind.

SOLUTION: Please the so called Anglophones southern Cameroonians, adopt your new identity and nationalism in the Republic of Ambazonia. Please do this now and let the TRUE Cameroonians who love the current state of affairs be left to deal with the Biya dynasty. The most dynamic way to be initiated into the AMBAZONIA MOVEMENT is by joining the AMBAZONIA LIBERATION PARTY [ALIP]. This you can do where ever you are [at home and abroad] and as people WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE and as people WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, we can bypass these Cameroonians and their pan-Cameroonians moles and simply concentrate in making AMBAZONIA HAPPEN.

Edwin Ngang
For more about AMBAZONIA open these links below:

sango monie

Mr JB samba, Just as there are SDF elected officials doing a good job, there are also CPDM officials doing good jobs too, and there are SDF elected officials too who have done a very bad job too. I would have voted for Endeley in Buea because he was doing a good job and he had convinced me that he could perform the task. Same as I will vote for Nnoko Mbelle in Kumba because he is equally doing a good job as Gov't Delegate. Do I agree with the position of a Gov't Delegate? Nope, but thats a totally different point. You can pick on Mbella Moki but I'll suggest that if u want to talk about him, you should put up a well weighted argument on both sides, the good and the bad so we know u're not biased. If course u're bias because u're SDF and cleary cannot support any other position. Not even a neutral one. I'll still say that John Ndi has not convinced me. Its really not hard to do it, all he needs to do is say make good policy statement. For example things I want to change in Cameroon, ENAM, change the system of promting judges were they are promoted based on the # of judgements they passed that were upheld my an upper court not on the # of cases they hear each year(which includes every adjourned case). There are so many things he could say that are actually doable and I'll know he can do it. Its really simple. You know John Ndi could be actually elected president of Cameroon and not deiliver up to what people expect of him? There are so many people in Cameroon who believe that if he is elected president, their lives will suddenly become better which will never be the case. Its happening in Kenya today.
Concerning the universities I attended, every post is by appointment not election. The higher board of education appoints the president and vice presidents of the university and they in turn appoint deans and HOD's upon reccomendation of a search commity. I was a student in the search commity for of one of the deans of my school so I know what I'm talking about.
I'm open to continue the discussions privately. I've got so many interests but top of my agenda is to make Cameroon better, and I think there are so many ways in doing this. It takes investment in the right industries and policies that will make Cameroon more competetive globally. Its not an easy task because there are so many road blocks created by the richer nations but slowly and steadily, it could be done.

T. Victor

Mr. Sango, I respect your point about a candidate for political office convincing you before obtaining your vote. From the way you and Mr. Njang have been commenting on this forum, I don't think there's any convincing that can be made by any opposition in Cameroon to lure you to their camp. At least Fru Ndi or the other oppostion candidates have been able to convince most Cameroonians which you are not one of them. They have not been given the chance to prove what they can do and can't do. You may not agree with me on the fact that the SDF is more popular in any part of Cameroon than the CPDM and the rest of the other parties put together. Has any of the candidates convince you apart from Fru Ndi?
Biya has been in power for the past 22 years. Did he (Biya)convince you before becoming president? Did Biya convince you before fraudulently stealing the past election? Fru Ndi has not convince you but he
has done so with other so--called Cameroonians. The bottom line is that he cannot be president in "La Republique du Cameroun". I have said on this forum and will continue to say it. He is an anglophone, and without the blessing of Cameroon's slave master France, no so--called anglophone will ever be president in "La Republique du Cameroun". At least give Fru Ndi some credit for standing up to Biya the dictator before any other so--called Cameroonian. I am no fan of Fru Ndi but credit should be given to him for initiating an opposition which didn't exist in your beloved Cameroon. Bamenda has now been evaded by your Cameroon soldiers just because of the SDF. Check that out. Do I need to convince you on that too??? With all due respect please, bring up something difference from "Convince".

T. Victor

sango monie

Mr Victor, I totally agree with u. John Ndi has convinced many Cameroonians that he can do a better job than Biya is doing. Biya is convincing people in his own way that John Ndi is just making empty noise and cannot do better than he has ever done. I've not said Biya has convinced me that he can do better than John Ndi is doing. I'm saying if u want someones job, u need to convince his employers that u can do better than what the current employee is doing. Politics is very subjective and people base thier votes on a wide variety of issues. I have issues that I consider important to me, are they neccassarily what everybody should be looking at? No, its just my one vote. All I'm saying is if you want that one vote, then convince me to give you by making good and sound policy statements on how u plan to do a good job. Its not too much to ask. It doesn't just take you to point out the negatives of the present regime for me to believe that you can do better than they're doing nor does it tell me the contrary. I give John Ndi the credits for standing up to Biya and he holds a big place in History books in Cameroon, but that in itself is not a sufficient condition for me to vote for him. He's a brave and very courageous man, I'll give him that. But the bottom line is, for you to get my one vote, u have to earn it. I don't have a political crowd following me, its just my one vote that needs to be earned. If u can't earn it, then move on, afterall its just one vote.

T. Victor

Mr. Sango,
Now you make sense.

T. Njang

Good Point.

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