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Friday, 08 October 2004


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Dear Che Anoma,

Thanks for the article on Dr Nyamndi. Does he hold a Doctorate of Medicine or a Doctorate of Philosophy? I presume the last mentioned option is the best one.

However, I wish you could give us an idea of the academic institution where Dr. Nyamndi completed his PhD. I read one of his profile, which described only his A'level education, after which he went straight to full time employment in West Africa until returning to Cameroon.

Anyone with reliable information could answer this question.


I would like to contact Mr Abel Eyinga.
Thank You

Marinella Loddo

Ambe Johnson

You can check out Dr. Nymandi's bio at:


Those who want to distort history should be aware that The Post and its able journalists are keeping tract of events in Cameroon. It is ironical to find people trying to use this forum to distort the history of democracy in Cameroon when we have documented facts to the contrary in The Post archives.


To say that Ni John Fru Ndi initiated Multi-party politics in Cameroon is political dishonesty. Even though multi-party politics was already enshrined in the constitution of Cameroon, it was YONDO BLACK MANDENGUE who actually forced open the doors of multi-party politics in Cameroon. Ni John Fru Ndi and the other founding fathers of the SDF merely passed through this door when Yondo Black and his other "Founding Fathers" of Multi-party politics were in prison.

As Francis Wache of The Post rightly puts it, "YONDO BLACK MANDENGUE: The Man Who Triggered Multi-Party Politics" in Cameroon.

It is therefore sad to find even people who call themselves intellectuals, "Journalists", and "residents of free and honest societies" using this forum to give the false impression that it was another "man" who triggered Multi-Party Polictics in Cameroon. In the North West province especially, 95% of the population would insist that Multi-Party politics was triggered in the Bamenda on a certain May 26 and by a certain bookseller. Big lies!

Hear the truth from Francis Wache:

"Yondo Black Mandengue, 66, it can be said, is the man who fired the first democratic shot in Cameroon in 1990. With a group of ten other Cameroonians, Yondo Black was arrested and sentenced to a three-year imprisonment.

At his trial, Yonda Black admitted that he and his associates had met to discuss the rampant economic crisis, corruption, laxity, fraud and the slow process in the execution of justice.

When he was released, he went underground and little was heard about, or from him."

When we talk of the after Ahidjo era in Cameroon, it is YONDO BLACK MANDENGUE who championed the cause of democracy and Multi-party politics in Cameroon. As Yondo was doing all this, the very person who wants to consficate the title of "Initiator of Multi-party politics in Cameroon" was weeping over his failure to go to parliament under the ruling CPDM party. This opportunist and his other "Founding Fathers" started thinking about creating a political party ONLY after the government had declared officially that YONDO BLACK MANDENGUE and his colleagues were not arrested, tried and imprisoned because they attempted to create a political party. This is clear enough to confirm the notion that all those who are actually fighting today within the SDF were mere opportunists. If Yondo Black Mandengue hadn't press on the democratic trigger, these opportunists would have been fighting for positions within the very CPDM they pretend to bring down.


GUSTAVE ESAKA's Democratie Integrale Du Cameroun (DIC) was the first opposition party to be registered in Cameroon. This is the fact we have in history.

Hear Joe Dinga of The Post:

"Gustave Essaka, one of the Presidential hopefuls for the October 11 Presidential polls, is the founder and flagbearer of his party, the Democratie Integrale Du Cameroun, DIC."


While those who lead "BIG opposition parties" are busy accumulating large illegal sums of money and properties; some through doubtful means with the CPDM government, a leader of a small party, Gustave Esaka, is the only presidential hopeful who find it necessary for all presidential hopefuls to declare their sources of revenue.

Hear Joe Dinga of The Post again:

"He (Gustave Esaka)believes that for the elections to turn out fine, all contesting candidates must declare their sources of revenue.

Openly declaring his, he told The Post in a telephone interview that he earns FCFA 208.000 at the council where he serves as Deputy Chief of Service in the Public Market Department. He reiterates that he is ready to say this to whosoever chooses to listen to him, and insists all should have done the same before being given the chance to run for President."

Consequently, all those readers and mean item "eleven Journalists" who are using this forum to openly declare their bias on current issues should be aware that we have able journalists on whom we can count and trust. The building of the history of a country has never depended on item eleven journalism.

It is sad to find people doing everything to use this forum to distort history. After brain washing the common man in the street and making him aware only of distorted facts, these "manipulators of history" are using all their energy, strength and resources to attribute credits to those who do not deserve them.

These "manipulators of history" recoil like earth worms whenever they find someone bringing the real thruth to this forum. Not only that. These "manipulators of Facts" use all strategies and even speak in "soft and appaling voices" as they struggle to climb down on any "trouble-maker" who dare bring the hidden facts to this forum. They just want to keep everything under their thumbs, insisting that their own versions of history must be accepted as the only true ones, while others simply come from those who are being sponsored by the CPDM.

These "manipulators of facts and history" would use the only weapon they have to blackmail those who release some of the hidden facts their masters and gods have in their cupboards: "Those who are against the liberator are people sponsored by the CPDM to blackmail him." They do everything to poison the minds of readers against those who let the plain naked truth speak for itself.

The Post should keep up the good work. We are thankful for those dedicated Journalists who do everything to keep history intact. However, to those fake item eleven journalists who are teaming up with confusionists to (dis)organize lies in this forum, they should rest assured that this forum is not a fertile ground for them. They better go ang join the communication department of the "HOUSES" they foolishly defend.

Congratulations to the dedicated POST team.


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