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Thursday, 14 October 2004


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cameroonians have been thrown into another seven years of groaning,it is a very sad moment, for prayers seems not to yield friuts ,but i believe God always have an answer to the groaning of his people.Who knew Abacha of Nigeria will go?only God did answer the preyers of the Nigerians and i believe Our answer is not far from now .cameroonians will be suprise lets keep our fingers crossed for the battle is in the spiritual world Now.take note of this God will not allow his people to suffer for another seven years.


is really a shame,from those old so called, american congress men who were blinded with the money we know they took from biya,before hand to stand by his side, the results did not reflect the out come of the vote,so they were marred by fraud, but biya should know one thing , the ivorian saga, how learent bgagbo came to power when the population suppoted him , so the cameroonian pop should do same,


Well cameroonians,we are not far from war,when it will start all developed nations will support us for they are just waiting for us to start it.Biya and his gang thought they snatch our victory quietly,but we shall show them where to sleep and what to eat when the minister will be forced to read real results,you what General ASSO did to Diakole Diasala,that is the only Human being who can distinguish urine from water in the mouth.General Asso urinated in his mouth and he drank it.We shall do the same to Musonge and Achidi Achu,People like Late Muna and Foncha went after leaving behind an apology.
God bless our beautiful nation.


Its rather a sad situation Cameroonains have been put into. Rather than the 11 of October being a day of jubilation it became another day of mourning for them just like the day some Cameroonians decided to live under Nigeria. But the battle line is not yet drawn. Light always conquers darkness.And moreso God is the warrior of every depressed soul, every exploited soul and every soul put under repression and toment. The God of justice will fight out and the wicked will be put to shame. Biya shouldnt forget he is a human like any other and that every human is subject to defeat. And I deeply beleive Cameroon will be saved, its a land of glory and so shall it be no matter who stands on its way.

Jean Paul

Well, Finally the moment has come. Man no run!!!

charles Taku

Prior to this fraud, I had warned on the pages of The Post that the SDF was going to win but declared loser this time by a very wide margin.I also predicted that Biya needed the participation of the SDF in the socalled elections inorder to give a semblance of cridibility to the socalled elections.I have been proved right.
The issue that falls for determination now is why did many Cameroonians take part in the fraud even when they know that Biya is a lame duck president and so can achieve nothing in this mandate?The answer lies in the geopolitical strategy of the distinct groups within the crime syndicate.Biya's inner circle , the esingan want security for themselves and Biya's family in case of his demise or when he will vacate office and so believe they have a hand in controling and directing the choice of a new leader; possibly amongst themselves or one of their stooges.Can Musonge play that rule of a viable and trusted stooge? I doubt.
The Northerners through the conspiracy of Belo Bouba and Marafa want Biya Biya to respect the sacred pact between the Aujoulatists that demands that power came from the North and must return thereto.
The Francophone mafia represented by all the above do not want an Anglophone to come to power at all.They believed that they had settled this problem when Biya sponsored a so-called North /South West dichotomy and deceived them with the empty post of a so-called prime minster while handing back the de jure and de facto constitutional successr back to the North.Now here comes the SDF; the spoiler who by participating and contesting the fraud has unknowingly brought the real motivation for the massive fraud to ensure the victory of a lame dcuk president to power, to the fore. Strange not so?But real all the same.
By virture of the fact that Biya may effectively decide that Musonge like Andze Tchoungui has more than compensated himself for the rule of the royal stooge he has played to the detriment of all Southern cameroonians and so must go home to meditate like others before, on how to answer for his rule in execution of massive frauds as well the greatest of all plunder of the nations resources under Biya's watch ; is it time for Anglophones CPDM to put the constitution before personal interest and claim back the position of president of the national Assembly?And isn't the time now?If they are still hoping that Biya will do something for them before leaving the stage, let them ask other lame duck presidents in the continent.
If they are incapable of at least articulating the above demand, why not open up to the truth and join the SCNC and other Southern Cameroons liberations movements to secure rights which annexation and enslavement have denied them these forty- five years?Or are they confortable in this slave position in which they have been relegated?
My dear brothers and sisters, I want to repeat what I have said all along. The fraud that has been committed was committed to serve the abition of a crime syndicate and had nothing to do with the free exercise of franchise and poupular sovereignty. The true choice was between those who thought Cameroon will end in seven yeras with the constitutiional end of Biya's mandate and Cameroon of the future.
The Cameroon of seven years and the eternity of Biya has by fraud won the day but will Cameroon of the infinite future conceit? The choices are still wide open. To the surprise of the fraudsters not so?
Chief Charles Charles Fuatabong Acha Taku
Lead Counsel UNICTR Arusha Tanzania.




I am a cameroonian resident in Budapest,Hungary and i have been following the elections with keen interest.Before the elections,the foreign media (CNN,TV5) we already talking of an easy victory for biya because of the fact the opposition we not able to put in a single candidate.And i would like to say that the victory of President Biya for another 7 year term has been achieved solely due to the dis-unity of the opposition.I cannot imagine that in a modern world of today,15 candidates should be vying for a presidential post.Why can't it be limited to three atleast.And it is even more shameful that the so-called opposition could not put in a single candidate.Why does every body want to be president?And they call themselves patriots.They are not.
They should take the example of Of Nelson Mandela who struggled for his country not to become president,but for his people to be free.This is a patriot.Not the likes of the Fru Ndi's and the Ndam Njoya's.
Untill we cameroonians come to realise that we can only remove Biya from office the day we are first united.Shame to the opposition,and shame to myself.

JeanErnest Nkwate


Can this uncalled for and prematured message from Jacques Chirac be short of anything but being provocative to the about seventeen million Cameroonians?How can a supposedly seasoned plolitician like Chirac fail to understand that his message tantamount to inciting Cameroonians whose voting rights have been for many years disenfranchised to rise up with arms to defend their inalienable human rights? How can Chirac of all who knows the procedure of publishing election results send a message to 'Dear Paul' when the polling merely closed and the results from interland were still being expected? Ofcourse to him , it suffices to pre-empt the results so that they should not arrive the level of those of 1992 when it was clear that Fru Ndi led Biya by 1.2million votes as against 800,000 for Biya and the French government shamelessly and categorically declared by their mouth piece in Yaounde- Omnes Yvon"that they knew that Fru Ndi WON BUT IT WAS NOT YET TIME FOR AN ENGLISH SPEAKING CAMEROONIAN TO RULE THE CAMEROON."
One sees why it is better for him to nip the results at the bud by pre-emption because in 1992 after the French had decided to change the results they found it difficult for the vote counting commission to effectively change the figures from the field at that stage.At such they disengeniusly instructed their puppet government to use the co-efficient method intead of the arithmetical counting by which they gave Biya co-efficient five in areas they said were Fru Ndi's stongholds and Fru Ndi Co-efficient three while allowing Biya the total results of where they claimed were his strongholds.This notwithstanding, it should be clear that even in some of the areas they claimed were Biya's strongholds Fru Ndi still won. A case in point is that of the East Province were a talented and unflinging governor of that province resigned because of the blatant distortion of the results which he genuinely compiled and sent to Yaounde but was shocked to learn that Biya had won in the East . No doubt Dipanda Mouelle in declaring the rsults unequivocally said " I know that there were irregularities in the results but I was called to proclaim the winner . I therefore proclaim Biya the winner."
Let every Cameroonian of rightful mind rise and decry this latest attempt by the French and their surrogates to stiffle Cameroonians . Let it also be made known to Jacques Chirac that the blood of innocent Africans whom they have slain inorder to protect their economic interests is on thier heads and their children and children's children.
In the sub region of Africa, the French have mounted coup d'etat upon coup d'etat; the dust has not settled in Ivory Coast and Chirac's diabolic attempt is to cause blood shed in Cameroon.Let him be told without mincing words that God is the God of all Creation and that He has never forgotten a people to be oppressed for ever or else Isael would never have left Egypt after 400 years of bondage.
If any one thinks he can refuse Cameroonians their political liberation or the right to choose their leaders let him be told that there is devine liberation.Let him take the example of Bishop Ndongmo and Ahidjo to be a window on the wall.
Jean Ernest Nkwate
Senior Civil Administrator( retired)
Maryland USA.


Mr. Nkwate:
Mr. Chirac, like DeGaulle and Foccart before him who instituted this racist system consider Africans less than human. They deserve less than what French people enjoy. They are monkeys, and Biya is their favorite monkey. Really look at Biya very well, if he does not look like a well-fed monkey his brain functions like one. Chirac made clear a while ago that democcracy is a luxury for Africans, and as Biya told us all, all thieves like Chirac and his friends need is "peace" and "stability" so they can extract and exploit all our wealth. This monkey called Biya promised them that. His people can all die at 25, but peace and stability so that a thiefman like Chirac and his friends can do their deed. Of cousre he will congratulate his little monkey "Cher Paul" before his other monkeys like Marafa, Musonge, Mebera (why? their names all begin with "m" as in monkeys!) can even count the votes.


Biya is nothing but a vampire, when I was a kid and still in living in Cameroon, all I dreamt of was supporting CPDM and eating my own share of the national cake when I grow big, and thats the same mentality he has given all young growing Cameroonians, Corruption, embezzelement and fraud. Untill I came to U.S.A did I realise that I was just controled by the power of Biya's Personal devil. Cameroonians most stand and fight that vampire before he sucks all the good and blood in them and their children to come.
Hermann Allo Nkwate,
Accounting and Finance Student.
Antioch University,Ohio, U.S.A.

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