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Monday, 18 October 2004


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If Cameroonians who want change are serious, now is the time to get down on serious business. We should begin by attacking and destroying french interests in Cameroon. Having drained SONARA up to the point that crude oil is now being imported to be refined in Victoria, shameless chirac wants the thug, biya, to hang in there so that the resources in Bakassi can be depleted by france within the next seven years. Those who doubt the fact that chirac is a fraud should be informed that he was very much involved with the Elf oil scandal in which late mitterand's son faced trial and was jailed. chirac has used presidential immunity to shield himself from indictment. Only a crook like chirac will make friends with a thief like biya and this should not be a surprise because chirac has a history of dealing with dictators. The latest report concerning the UN oil-for-food program in Iraq is that france coordinated saddam's misuse of the money. Coincidence? Not at all! chirac=biya=saddam. What a trio. What happened to those jokers who were also presidential candidates? How come only Fru Ndi is actively vocal about the election fraud? Is this not the perfect time for ndam njoya to condemn the actions of france? can he? ndam njoya wanted to use SDF popularity to make a name for himself--thank God it did not work. he has blood in his hands as a result of his ahidjo days.

JB Samba

Thank you Anglobami. Try to identify yourself next time. I wish others could look at issues the way you do. Ndam Njoya is undoubtedly part of the CPDM regime. He will proof himself not long from now.


that same so called chirac,and his country has been accussed by the US for not supporting the war on irag becaues,france was getting oil from saddam, despite the UN embargo on irag,france is noted for causing trouble in africa,so cameroon can not be an exception, chirac is afraid of an anglophone at the helm of the state, france will likely miss her influences in cameroon. that is why ,the sychophant has to support ,the dying Biya, from my looks i doubt if he is going to leave for the next 2 years , from his poor medical history,
one thing is clear , the oppsition should be as one keeping aside their differences and denounce the awaited supreme court verdict which i know woulnt be different from that of MARAFA,biya must be flushed out ,by force, from his outlook he will not be able to withstand any shocks due to his health, and any of that kind he will likely escape,

T. Victor

Can someone point to any good thing done by france? France couldn't even liberate itself in world war ii. France is now all over Africa draining its resources. Its soldiers are now looting the Ivory Coast's treasury. France cannot back a United Nation's resolution condemning the wrongs of the Sudanese Government in southern Sudan. France stood by and watch the Rwanda genocide in 1994. France is good for exploiting Africans. In Vietnam, its influence did not work. 'Mr. Cameroon Lover',
you must be out of your damn mind. You must be one of those in Cameroon who believe that corruption is a way of life. You are not even man enough to make your damn name known.
Are you even sure that Biya will last a year?

T. Victor

Rev M.L Rene

Look brothers, all these talking will not help. When fire lost, dog go sleep for fire side.Make we light fire the dogs (frogs) go run.It is too much!!!


Cameroonians should get up!

Who is Chirac? A man who heads a country that causes political unrest in French-speaking African countries. Whether it is Chriac or Mitterand or any former French president, the French policy in Africa is continuous exploitation. In fact, they are prepared to squizz water out of stone if it comes to their interest. In the past decades, the resorted to supporting stooges like late Kabila in Zaire and the rebels in Ivory Coast. They achieved their aims. Now they want to continue using another idiot in Cameroon to achieve their dirty, selfish, hungry and capitalist objectives. Small wonder - do you know that the very French president could have been given lots of Cameroonian money to send such a message?. Imagine that an intelligent person like Chirac sends such a message when he very well knows that election results have not yet been published in Cameroon. Just like the so-called Ex congress men from the US who call themselves election observers, capitalist can do anything for money and why not Chirac? It costs Biya nothing to offer the very SONARA, all the future oil from Bakassi and all what he has embezzled to obtain just such a statement from Chirac. The Westtern leaders are a mafia, but if we are determined, they shall not overcome us all.

We have to resort to operation dead country and ghost town and move Cameroonians to the presidency to take over our country from these group of bandits. If you and I and our children, and our children's children and so forth have to live in Cameroon, then we do not have to waste this opportunity. The time has come that we have to fight. Of course we have nothing to lose, except our chains. Chains that have been fastened around our feet by our own leaders.

If the opposition is sure that the results they have reflect the field and the wish of Cameroonians, then they should coordinate the protests as Yondo Black earmarked. The SDF and the CDU should cover the remaining provinces and take Cameroonians to all administrative divisions and the majority to the presidency. It is only then that the international community may come to rescue us. In any case, I am sure that the cameroonian people can change their country if they are prepared to.

I pray that God almighty takes us out of this dreadful situation perpetuated by a group of bandits who claim to belong to a party that does not exist.


I Knew the french goverment will confirm the poor results.cameroonians are the ones to loose if they give up.I hope it is time we start attacking french companies in cameroon,we want them to leave cameroon alone.they brought corruption in cameroon and it has come to stay.If there is any thing good about the french that i know is that ,they are clever at palying dirty politics,let the trouble begin and support will be on they way??????????

Kangha Adolf

I read Chirac's congratulation message to Popo with much angar. He surely must be out of his senses. Well it would be interesting for him to know that we shall not let go this time around. Fellow brothers, sisters of the struggle what more can i say for you all share my views except this fellow who called himself cameroon lover. I don't even think he is a cameroonian. If really he is then something is wrong with him. It beat my imagination the he can view things in a devilish perpective. Supporting those who do wrong means you're an acomplice God created man free, why then should France hold africa in captive; yet the western world seems blind about the whole issue. I believe its time, its time, the die is cast the time as come for all fellow cameroonians, all forces of change both home and in the diaspora, to stand up as one man one force and combat this dictator in the name of paul biya. Let's give Pa John "Fru Ndi" the support he needs. It can happen in the form of a revolution where we all decides to disobey the perpertrators and heed to the orders of our true leader "Fru Ndi". Remember what happened in madagascar. For sincerely to the best of my knowledge in our own age, our time he is the only true leader of the people now. He needs our support I and You to kick biya out and liberate our dear fatherland. He led go in 1992, surely not this time around. I pray to all fellows readers of this page to pass on this message to their belove brothers, sisters, parents, friends, relatives etc that it's time now to join hands and effect a change in this country.

Think of this God created the world, with the purpose of living with mankind in harmony forever, regretably santan hijacked the world and God being so kind and out of his love for mankind had no choice but to sacriface his only begotten son to save mankind I and you. He did it for our sake. We must be ready to die for the truth. Taking a look at what history has for us, we realise that in all parts of the world evil regimes where usually removed by force. You will bear witness with me that ours is not different. In days of Ahijo, one couldn't even offer a word of crititism, when biya came we were happy more than ever before believing that the change we had been long waiting for had dawn, little did we know it was the other way round. biya has proven more worser that his former boss Ahijo. If biya is to go believe me the next of king wouldn't be different which means we shall ever live in bondage, we shall remain slaves for France, God forbid. Therefore fellow cameroonians, freedom fighters its time now or never. After we have done we shall face chirac. France must stay clear of africa. we shall combat France wherever she is in Africa. Enough is Enough. With determination we shall make it. God is with us. CAMEROON MUST CHANGE GOD WILLING. THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF ALL IS NEEDED.



The enemy is at work again.Chirac is the backbone of all the conflicts in French speaking Africa.No one doubts that.Having plundered this continent over the centuries,France is determined more than ever to see that Africa remains where it is now.Of course that will benefit France.They project themselves as God each time they come in with the so-called aids and loans.
I don't know why the boycot on French products was stopped in the first place.
Let us reinforce this boycot and also extend it to these shameless supporters(tax evaders)of the regime.
The impact must be felt.Anything French is evil.Can't continue because of anger.

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