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Monday, 25 October 2004


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Dinga Ambe

Of course, the so called solemn proclammation of the falsified results by the so called Supreme Court was a simple formality.After all the land lord Chirac had already announced it to the world even before the votes were counted!It should be remarked that the constituencies where the stealing of the victory was most difficult took the longest time for their "projected results" to be announed by the Minister of the Interior(MAT), player/referee.I am referring to Yaounde, Meffi,Wourri,Fako,Meme,and Moungo,just to name these few. An objective analysis of the results shows that the SDF candidate won the Grand West, Biya the North-South axis and both shared the capital.Biya, as a former seminarian knows that God takes care of the dispossesed.He should withdraw his forces of occupation from the North West and let us continue to fend for ourselves in pride.As for those who sold their consciences in search of material benefits by way of positions in the Admistration,they may be very dissapointed for no matter by what factor he multiplies the posts he cannot satisfy even his ever greedy clan.Our brothers from the part of this blessed country who produce the nation's wealth but are rewarded with crumps from the King's table will continue to wait in subjugation.Long live the SCNC.

the sheikh

I'm very greatful for Mr Ambe. I read his comment happily, AS IT GAVE ME HOPE OF THE FACT THAT WE STILL HAVE GENUINE INTELLECTUALS, in this Country. i pray that we should have many like him who can still talk without allowing fear to dictate their consciences. The so call results should only go a long way to remind Southern cameroonians of who they really are in this junta.The are enemies in the house and how could they ever hope of rulling over their lords.
I'm only happy for the fact that most southern Cameroonians never bordered to even register for this masquerade. well as the saying go, everything that has a begining also has an end.... at the moments many cameroonians can perceive a violent end for the almighty biya who for 22years has plunged the Anglophone part of the country into an economic and political nonentity.
The southern cameroons; economic and political gaints who have been reduced to economic and Political dwarfs only have one lesson to learn from the masquerade of today; the day should inspire them to stand up as one man and fight for their lost kingdom and dignity which has been thrown to the dogs. long live The Southern Cameroons, longlive the SCNC, and short live the Biya junta.......Amen


Talk about a tragedy in the making. Even the great Soyinka couldn't write this script. Biya and his clique of enslaved Africans are putting their all into this plot and we need to finish it for them. I can see Biya's bulging tummy hanging from his CPDM wrapper as he dodges bullets heading his way. It will come to that and must come to that because we have the power to make that manifest. I feel sorry for those "Anglophones" who have chosen intangible wealth over good judgement and reason. Their time will come and history will judge their kin based on their actions. I am sick and tired of all the rhetoric from the SCNC, the SCYL, Ambazonian movement and all those so-called resistance movement in Cameroon. Talk is cheap. All the ingredients are in place for an uprising, how long do they need to figure that out? Instead of wasting time and money on conferences and travel expenses, we should be buying guns. Yes! i said guns!We've been meek and cowardly. It is time for an armed struggle. There are guns and disenfranchised fighters in the great lakes region. Biya is unpopular in the country and the region. THe country is on a downward spiral. What else do we need? Every effective transition from tyranny to self-determination by every people requires an armed resistance. Are we so naive to think that ours will be any different. The slavery must end and the only thing that can bring about that is an armed struggle, so i am challenging my fellow Africans of goodwill who happen to carry the colonial tags of Cameroon/Southern to Cameroon to take advantage of our enemy's handicaps and strike now. There needs to be a war and nothing less. No more conferences and marches. Its time to take it to the bush. One last word, damn the "peaceniks". Its time for war.
NB: The United Nations and Britain could give a damn about our fate, so all the effort being put to get their support will is a waste of time. About a million people were killed in Rwanda in 94. No one cared. Aparthied prospered for over half a century. No one cared. Over 2 million people were killed in the Congo and its environs between 1998 and 2003. No one cared. Over 70,000 have been killed in the Sudan. Still no one cares. Do we think these white people care about Cameroon. Sorry they don't. To them, i think we are just a new breed of slaves--a means to an end and a subject of contemporary ridicule. Some of us are ready to give up everything to make some people in Cameroon pay.
Fatherland or Death!
Let's go to war!

Janvier Tchouteu

Before the elctions,I wrote to a group of Kamerunians with a fervent commitmet for change . It read thus;

Dear compatriots,
I observed your deep feelings for change in kamerun
and felt uplifted by it. We should know exactly what
the struggle is all about, clearly identify the
enemies, harness our potentials, formulate a clear
strategy and pursue steps to realise our objectives
based on time frames and flexiblty.
Share with me some of my writings, some dating back
more than a decade, when there were visible signs that
we were derailing. A lot could have been prevented.
Well, it is kamerun.
Janvier Tchoutteh

Janvier Tchouteu

Two days and a day before the elctions, this same message and others went to many foreign papers and to SDF, etc.


Hours before this presidential masquerade, genuine
kamerunian union nationalists and patriots with a
clear vision for the new kamerun understand that our
only victory tomorrow is an opposition disengagement
from Biya's fraud. What does this mean? Fru Ndi, Ndam
Njoya and the other contestants should pull out of the
race, which they are going to lose by the way, even
though more than 80% of the population is against
Biya. It is claimed that there are 4.6 million
registered voters. Actually, less than 20% of
Kamerunians of the voting age actually registered. The
inflated figure stems from the handing of more than
one and in several cases even ten voters card to CPDM
supporters. Election results are already being
whispered around, even though Kamerunians have not yet

If Fru Ndi, Ndam Njoya and others continue into the
race, then they are merely giving Paul Biya more
ammunition to defend his false results. And
Kamerunians of the post-independence generations will
not forgive them. These so-called opposition leaders
will be considered as traitors to the spirit of the
struggle. They have made too many mistakes in the
struggle starting with the TRIPARTITE, taken too many
wrong actions, considered by many to be intentional,
pursued strategies, which are devoid of advanced,
patriotic and embracing ideals. In short Fru Ndi, Ndam
Njoya and others have acted like amateurs confronting
this monstrous, corrupt and anti-people system under
the Biya regime, amateurs who lack an essence of the
struggle. They have been allowed to carry on because
kamerunian union nationalists of the revolutionary
brand are not yet fully organized. By failing to
redeem themselves by pulling out of the race, Fru Ndi,
Ndam Njoya and the others would be committing
political suicide. The post-independence generation
who got involved in the struggle with virginal
intentions, who risked and lost their lives, and who
feel betrayed today by the opposition, will consider
them too as enemies of the people and obstacles in the


Janvier Tchouteu

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