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Monday, 22 November 2004


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courtney Eko

Well,give the man a proper sack letter.Good riddance if you ask me.

courtney Eko

Well,give the man a proper sack letter.Good riddance if you ask me.

Oliver Tamfu

Schafer has been given the sample of what will soon happen to many bigwig of the Cameroon government. I sure that if things where being given this type of attention many could have change in this country. So, Mr. Etame is given hopes to us that Cameroon may one day change from overwhelming corruption.


Now that the search for a replacement for Herr Schaffer is on, I think we can carefully reflect on what he achieved with the Lions. Any replacement should be assessed by his standards and I think we are within our rights to at least demand that a new coach achieve as much.

Let us look at what Schaffer achieved:

(1) He won the 2002 ANC without conceding one goal;
(2) He achieved this within a few months of taking the job;
(3) He got to the final of the Confederations Cup doing Africa very proud;
(4) He got to the final of the CC without losing one game. Contrast this with the apology of a tournament Lechantre had;
(5) During Scahffer's reign, Cameroon only lost three COMPETITIVE matches - To Germany in the World Cup, to Nigeria in the ANC and to Egypt in a WCQ;
(6) Schaffer brought through a crop of good young players including Kameni, Souleymanu, Doumbe, Atouba, Djemba, Mbami, Tum, Iddissou, Douala, Makoun and Mokake;
(7) I believe that in three to four years time, the new coach will start to enjoy the benefit of Schaffer's good work. He laid a good foundation for the future;
(8) Some of you here fail to accept that Schaffer prolonged Song's career. Were it not for Schaffer who got Song to move to Cologne in 2002, by now, Rigobert would have rotted away in West Ham's reserves;
(9) No coach can give birth to players. Schaffer could not automatically produce replacements for Song, Tchato, Mettomo, Geremi, etc. I think he has done well to preserve their careers for as long as he has. He is not a magician that can wave a wand and get players to magically appear;
(10) Whatever anyone says, Schaffer was the first African coach to defeat Brazil's senior national team.

However you want to look at it, Winnifred Schaffer has achieved more than any other Cameroonian coach and no matter how much you hate him, you have to give him that. I maintain that the recent problems are due to the dearth of talent at his disposal.

All teams go through a rebuilding phase and Cameroon is in the same position it was in the early 1990s when after Italia 90, the team aged and only Oman Biyik was at his peak, with the youngsters like Foe, Song and Kalla not yet there. By 2000, these youngsters had matured and the Lions were back to winning ways again.

Every team in thew world goes through rebuilding phases and I fail to see anything wrong with what is going on. At one stage, Stephen Keshi was single handedly carrying the Eagles and in Japan/Korea 2002, too much responsibility rested on Okocha's shoulders.

Whoever takes over will have to be compared with Schaffer. Just remember that the bible was not compiled until about 300 years after Jesus's death. People's deeds do not get appreciated until after they have long parted the scene.

Ayoakinfe - London, England

"No matter how loud the Lion roars, it can never soar to the heights of the Eagle" - Go Eagles!!!

Sammy Ndingi

I would first of all like to hail the effort Mr AYOAKINFE for taking the courage to appreciate Cameroon's football and it's coaching. If not mistakening, then Mr Ayoakinfe's appreciation is with a foreigners eye and not a Cameroonian one. If Mr Ayoakinfe claims to know Cameroonian football so well, why should he be so blind to base his critique only on the positive aspects of Schaerfer? Secondly, Mr Ayoakinfe failed to note that though Cameroon won Brazil during Schaerfer's helm of the team, Cameroon had won teams like Argentina in 1990 which are none theless better teams too. I think the right decision has been made and no matter the praises we levy to Schaerfer, we the cameroonian people have given a go ahead of his departure. We cannot sit and see the only unifying and undisputed talent being destroyed by one man. ADIEU Winfred Schaefer!!!

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