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Friday, 26 November 2004


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Che Sunday (Dr.)

Wonders shall never end. I find it very worrying that an army officer of the rank of a colonel and with a medical degree allows himself to be duped by a near illiterate. First off, when the surface of any currency is stamped, it simply means the currency is no longer meant for circulation, or that its just a sample and not the real thing. Before the colonel started dolling out his life savings to finance such a criminal enterprise, did he have the courtesy of seeing this so called stamped dollars meant for relief aid? Secondly, if the money was meant for relief aid in Seirra Leone, why was he trying to help have it cleaned in Cameroon? What makes him less of a thief than the accused. I hope the presiding magistrate will not be intimidated into not pointing this out to the colonel. He has been well paid by the state, instead of using some of his earnings to re-invest in the country, he choses to willingly hand it over to a thief in the vain hope of doubling it at the expense of suffering Sierra Leoneans.
The accused should be tried for all four counts being sued for, but should not be asked to re-imbursed the colonel. Both are out to defraud society, unfortunately, the less educated got smarter and got the better of the better educated. Let the colonel be sent for a refresher course in honesty.

Dee Doh

I find it difficult to believe that Severin Wandji is on trail and not Colonel Mosah. A man of the Colonel’s Mosah’s calibre and power should have stopped this crime at source with CFA 000.000 spent.

Would Wandji have been taken to court if he had handed over the stamped US dollars to the Colonel would the nation have heard of it?

I personally think the Colonel should be punished for helping to sustain crimes such as counterfeiting in Cameroon and now that he has been duped, he is using his power, influence & authority to uphold the law.

Martin Salah

If you cheat the system, the system will cheat you. Dr. Mosah is a typical case. He spent years in US taking salaries and allowances in Cameroon and in USA. When he returned to Cameroon in 2002, he further accumulated the money through bribes on the army recruitment and illegal arn deals. He has being channeling $10,000 through most of his friends returning to US to deposit in his account in US and provide others for his wife and the children in the US.
Dr. Mosah should be investigated on the origin of his wealth and if found guilty of enriching hinself illegally at the expense of Cameroon economy at the same time promoting corrupting, he should be courtmarshalled.

Rexon Nting

I will never be scared to telling this nasty system my point of view even if it means that i will avoid risking my life to visit Cameroon in the future. What i know is that the Colonel made his wealth from such shabby deals and that is why he also believes in depriving the suffering masses of their relief aid. He should be the one to be questioned. That is how even the backbone of the present regime have all made their wealth, through corrupt practices.

Courtney Eko

The colonel is just one of a good number of gullible people ,whom con men take advantage of to make easy money.The origins of his wealth does not inetrest me at this point.I know a number good people who have lost money to these scum of the earth.I personally never cease to wonder how a semi literates can hoodwink such smart minds.There is greed involved but greed is not a crime.419 is!!

monono henry ngale

This is yellow journalism at its best. If you read the whole article you understand very clearly that this was a clean cut 419 deal.In Cameroon it is 318 and the con man is being charged with obtaining by false pretences under that section.This transaction had nothing to do with counterfeiting.To make the story garish and sensational the newspaper made it look like it had something to do with counterfeiting.You may not like the colonel but it is just not fair. We expect dispassionate and objective journalism from the post which is fast becoming the first paper for many Cameroonians.

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