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Friday, 26 November 2004


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Divine Echalle

Dear Sir,
I am wishing you all the best and hard work.I think justice has to be practiced to every body.With this I mean the chief should not be left out of this matter.How can a gentlement,well respected in the society can be treated such an unkindly manner?Something has to be done.People should not take powers in to their hands.I wait to read the final decision of the matter.


It is about time dignitories like Fons are held accountable from power abuse in Cameroon.Gabby should consider suing the Fon and his boys for any tort(physical,psychological,reputation) that he may have suffered from.The law has provision for that, it is left to Individuals to make use of them.


It is about time dignitories like Fons are held accountable for power abuse in Cameroon.Gabby should consider suing the Fon and his boys for any tort(physical,psychological,reputation) that he may have suffered from.The law has provision for that, it is left to Individuals to make use of them.

Boy NC

Its all a terribly SHAME to a well respected personality like FON CHAFER of all people and fons, let alone a man of law to to commit such an outrageous crime. The GUY he is claiming to be a thief is one the most honest, gentle and handsome Cameroonians this nation can boast of. I know the older generation in the likes of Fon Chafer will normally be jealous of such fine breed of young Cameroonians who are out to correct the wrongs inflicted on Cameroonians by the generation of Fon Chafer.
He (Fon Chafer) thinks we, Cameroonians do not know the young man he claims is a thief. The Guy is not a hungry man, does not lack a pin and proud gentleman who would not go that low.
Fon Chafer, you have now join your fellow comrade Fon Doh. The respect most of us had for you is now at ZERO. You can only go to the streets like a man and ask for apologies from our generation, or else this act will hunt you till you meet your demise. SHAME ON TO YOU. Why then do people like you criticise Fon Doh? When you equally have his types of claws but pretend to the public. Like the lizard that has to lie flat on its back because of belly ache, we now see your claws very well. Posterity will judge you even if you try to twart the law. We are fully prepared to SHAME you until you learn a leason. You'll meet us in every country you visit. SHAME AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Gaby
Am very happy with the great work you are doing ,god will one day change our beloved country.

Austin Achunkwe

What we read in the papers evryday about the human rights situation in Cameroon makes most Cameroonians who are out of the country think twice about returning home. This story is one of such nasty cases.
The laws of Cameroon are quite clear, starting with the constitution, about peoples' freedom. A pereson is presumed innocent until he is proved guilty. By extension, and by the practice of law in the North west and South west provinces (common law jurisdictions) somebody in police custody has right to a bail and to fair and hamane treatment. Thus, to imagine that one of fon Chafa's boys boasted that his victim is a thief who deserves inhuman treatment is an outrageous act which must be condemned first by fon Chafa himself, then secondly by society. Mbipah and Aruna are not abovr the law and should be brought to face it.
Fon Chafa is a respected traditional leader who happens to be a legal luminary at the same time. I presume that by dint of his training, experience and profession he knows the implication of these acts of brutality and falsehood emanating from his home. Even if the accused were a thief or a lover of the fon's wife, wisdom and lagality warrant that the fon takes steps to solve the matter as fast as possible and with the highest level of justice.
Here, therfore, is my advice to fon Chafa: Your honour, and personality are at stake if you allow yourself to be dragged in mud by your boys. To meet up to the respect which goes with your double office of fon and judge, allow the law to take its course without any interferance fromm you and your colleagues. ALso prove to the world that you are a just man by letting the law also take its course against your boys or even you if the accused wishes to bring an action against you. It is only then that some of us would place you where we did before this incident.

Manyi A. T.A

The human right abuse in Cameroon has reached a point where every body wants to take the laws in to his hands.Even reputed people like the fons,majestriates no longer have respect for human beings, using their positions and wealth to intimedate others. It is regretable that Fon Chafa who is one of our most regarded Fons in the North west can go so low to let himself be pulled by the nose by his boys with the faults alligations levied on Gabby.
Gabby is a boy popularly known to be one of the most honest,social,friendly, polite and above all handsome boy in Cameroon who will not pass without causing attraction to any woman who appreciates nature.I personally know Gabby can,t go that low.He is self sufficient.If Fon chafa says he is chasing his wife then he lacks some qualities which his wife wants to have from another man.Please you are a disgrace release him dont be jealoused of his youthfulness.


I very much appreciate all the media in cameroon has been doing despite all the odds they are going through. I want to comment on the recent news headline concerning the case of the High person of Fon Chafah and Simple Gaby. It is a big shame i must say for this great personality who has gained so much respect and is also held at very high esteem to tarnish his image and mess all of his big name by running after a young man in the bid either to get money or for fame. Please Fon Chafah,you are really far above that. Kindly but earnestly leave this boy alone. He has been the voice to the voiceless and we the people of cameroon in the diaspora do aprreciate all his efforts. It is a pity that the very laws he is fighting for has become his trap and a shame for you to have been the tool behind this good job.If you are jealous, try another way. YOu should have been compensating this for anyhting what so ever than huniliating him. Nevertheless, we take sides with him in this great moment of distress. On the other hand, Dear Mr. Fon, if u ever read law to practice on Gaby then be rest assured, you have failed. In jesus name.

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