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Monday, 22 November 2004


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felix Mailiy wanyu

I have a different view on how the situation in the Lions camp can be quickly solved before it makes a big mess on our faces as Cameroonian footballer lovers.

It is not a very long view point:Hire a young energetic, dynamic and passionate footballer lover, be the person a woman or man. She or he should have, as a recommendation; a formal academic qualification of up to a master degree level and it should essentially be a Management degree or at best an MBA-Masters in Business Administration.

The person may not necessarily have been into playing pofessional football and finally who further loves to see Cameroon's lions roar successfully in competitions.

This view, i suggest to be adopted may sound very daft but i think it should seriously be considered.I bet you if a football manager were to work like an entrepreneuer in his or her own business with a passion for success like that of these entrepreneuers: Bill Gates of Microsoft, Tasha Lawrence of Amity Bank Cameroon,Richard Brandson of Virgin group,with managers like Arsene Wenger of Arsenal etc, how can the lions not bounce back into the football race which they have been signed off.

Please sign off some, not all of the old names in the Lions den. Infact if you were to keep the old names, i rather would have strongly recommend H.E. Roger Milla who will deliver in times of need instead of Song and his clique.

Ready to respond to queries related to this view!!

Felix Mailiy Wanyu
MA(Management)Univ.of Southampton
MBA Student
Southampton Bussiness School

Enyabe Ndone John

The problem of Cameroon is a complex one to handle. from politics to football, cameroon is in an advanced state of decay and collapse.we should not only talk about the coaches, the biya governement itself is made up of cronees who have no respect to getting the country's reputation on rails but are bend on filling their puckets and leting the country go bankrupt.The result which cameroon is reaping at all front prove that everything in that country needs to be revised. from education to sport, social economic and you name the rest.while cases of financial mishaps continue to increase in manitude, president Biya is sitting on the watch. he has been hanging on the lion's success for his political he outlive his usefullness, even the God's of football in that country may not rescure the situation not even the best coarch "Fabio Capillos". In a country where curroption is the main slogan of the administration and where a new brand of democrazy"'Tribal Democrasy" is growing, everything is in disarray. Mr Schaefer has refused to concede his dismissal he think i can still manipulate ofcourse( the biya startegy)the Cameroon people.
We lack managers not only in Football but in all of cameroons business and administrative circle. that's why our country is progressing retrogressively.
fraud wouldn't let even the best coarch in the world to remedy Cameroon's falling glory in football. our ancestors want Biya and his entire team of thieves to live our belovet land so that we can start building from the scratch and become once again a great nation not only in sport, in economy, political and social arena.
If we mean business now, we should seperate the corrupt political system with the coarches. not only do we need a young and dynamic coarch, we need a young minister of youths and sport. that ministry is not made for retirees. mr etame will not be a solution what did he do while serving as a minister that warrant him to come back. look at mr Akame mfounou who was brought back to rescue Came air. he mainly help the Airline to head to a peaceful Meribund. why should Biya be using old men and not bring the new tallents?. does his democratic ideas hang on old and tribal lines?.Now that our only unifying force, football is at stake, he whole ideology of the old and tribal democracy should be brushed out. The new coarching climate in Cameroon should comprise of a panel of cameroonian talented coaches with an expatriate. this will deliver not just the goods but the glory can be restored if the old Etame and retirees of his cligue accpet to go home and let the younger generation also play their part in running this country.
God bless us.
John enyabe.
M.Sc development and international relations.
MBA student. ajou University Business school Republic of Korea.

neba funiba

I agree with Mr. Enyabe. If you read the article posted by postnewsline about how numerous persons are sending petitions to the presidency and clamoring for ministerial positions, you will understand why things are now really falling apart in Cameroon. They want to be rewarded for the lies they spread during the so-called presidential election and not that they want to go in to serve the interest of any constituency. I am very positive that somebody wants to become the next MINJES boss because it is a way of illicit enrichment. The system in Cameroon is a neopatrimonial system--presidentialism and clientelism: the politics of patronage. As long as you can sing biya's praises, everything below can go to hell. "The national team is on its way to hell." Even the best coach or players will not deliver Cameroon from the conundrum that it now finds itself. It is how a team is managed that matters to some extent. The national team is just another source of income for biya's cronies that is why when the team travels, a majority of the entourage has nothing to do with sports at all. The national team is falling apart, mungo bridge has already fallen apart, matters at ENS Yaounde are falling apart, biya's health is falling apart, Camair has fallen apart, Marketing Board fell apart, Cameroon Bank fell apart, even Santa coffee fell apart, etc, etc, etc. It is the same way that Zaire started falling apart and finally fell apart under mobutu as his cronies sang his praises. Mobutu was a leopard, biya is a lion but the two are still cats--you figure out the rest.


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With all these suggestions,I don't know why no body mentioned trying a Brazilian coach in future.Brazilian coaches are the best on the face of this planet.Did anyone ever made an efford to bring back laurant Meyer at this crucial moment? I don't know what Cameroonians are thinking.

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