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Thursday, 09 December 2004


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JP Tanyong

The fact that events in Cameroon go so much unnoticed just illustrates what Biya and his gang have turned the country into: an irrelevant country in world affairs. The same old devils who have plundered Cameroon so wickedly are back. Biya has also increased the number of ministries and created ministers without any real responsibilites. What the hell is a minister of the youth supposed to do. Why have a minister of Secondary Education and another for Primary Education, or a minister of Environment and another one for Forests? Are these the grandes ambitions? Of course so many helped Biya rig the elections and now they have to be rewarded.
I make this prediction: Biya's crimes have reached the high water mark and that government will not see 2007. It will be brought down by popular frustration at daily injustice. The leading credit agency Standard and Poors have released a report to the effect that Cameroon can no longer pay it internal debt and the country is in serious financial problems with the IMF. The liquidity situation is so poor that very soon the government will not be able to pay civil servants or indeed its beloved military and gendarmes. If anyone has been following the news back home, Biya's reelection was welcomed by riots in Douala (lawyers), Yaounde (students and disgruntled Sonel customers) and Ngaoundere. All these will culmiminate at some point and bring the evil regime down very soon. Even Biya cannot stop people form seeing the light forever.


The poverty rate in Cameroon is Increasing every second and Biya is Increasing ministerial post while excluding other areas of the country.But i have just one thing to say, Cameroon is going to experience a situation that is worst than that of ivory cost and is non reversible.Gone are those days Cameroon was called an ocean of peace In Africa.The French kept spy planes in chad to support Biya in case of an uprising after the election but, the situation in ivory coast made them to change thier minds.Cameroonians will react when everybody laest expect.
May God Bless Trust worthy cameroonians


Biya is a joker with nothing whatsoever to offer his fellow Cameroonians. The man has been in power for 22 years and has nothing to show for it. His demise along with that of his crew is nigh.


Charles taku

With the publication of this so-called government can many Southern Cameroonians who deliberately committed crimes against democracy in their respective regions now admit what we have all long told them, namely that there is a price to pay when one worships false Gods and give to man, praises that are due only to God Almighty?
Now that Biya is a lame duck president, many more who persist in thier perfidy will pay for the many crimes they committed and continue to commit in the name of Biya and the CPDM.
I have opined through this reputed Paper in the past that the the choice in the past election was not between Biya and the many failed opposition candidates who were bribed to pretend to confront him at the purported polls but between those who believed that Cameroon was going to end with another Biya mandate of seven years and others who believed in Cameroon of the future.
With Biya's seven year plan to hand over power gradually back to the North, do his many Anglophone stooges not agree with me that time has come to accept the reailities on the ground , namely, that as long as Biya remains in power they have no place in his crime syndicate called government?
Why therefore not look for alternative means of asserting your relevance and survival as a people by joining the Southern Cameroons struggle?
As prolific Opio had pointed out in Post, many of you should start packing your bags for a very long wait in the widerness sometime between now and the end of seven years except your man -god Biya decides to decree twenty more years for himself as he had in one of his rantings promised.
Chief Charles Fuatabong Achaleke Taku.
Lead Counsel.
UNICTR-Arusha, Tanzania.


Best college ever

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