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Thursday, 09 December 2004


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M. Mbangha Christian, tennessee, USA

The list continues:
minister in charge of Chantal: Atangana
minister of roads leading to Mvomeka: Owona
minister of state in charge of unforeseen situations and...: Suleman Aboubakar
minister of of of of
I wish to use this medium to tell Mr Biya and his clique that it is not by opening more channels for stealing, i.e. creating a multiplicity of functions that he'll achieve the so called 'grandes ambitions'. ministerial appointments should not be determined by who voted who. There should be some regional balance. I hope he doesn't mean by appointing the only NW secretary of state in charge of prisons that the people of north west are criminals! what a shame! Biya has told the NW man to go to hell isn't it?


The hand writing on the wall now is very clear for all thomases and devils advocates to read.He(Mr.Biya)has finally said it all the Emah Basile's style.Il n'a qu'aller ailleur.You can go elsewhere,if you are disasatisfied with what i have,and will do to you as second grade Cameroonians.
If the man is not suffering from dementia,in times of poor economic performance,instead of reducing the government,he goes ahead to increase it.No matter what he does to appease the grand north,the memories of 1984 will not be forgotten,for muslims as a tradition in bequeathing material wealth to posterity also hand over all vengeful tacts they might have.
It is poor of a President to polarise a country he lord over into tribal and/or political hate camps in order to rule it.
I will ask the sacked anglophone bootlickers to know from the present experience that,they need to join the fold and stop vultures from picking over our wealth for their sectorial development.Cameroon's economy thrives largely from crude oil and agricultural products the anglophone community produces,yet this part of the country is highly infrastructurally underdeveloped.Does it mean that,no Southern Cameroonian can hold an important ministerial portfolio in the Biya dynasty?Those who can read his silent language should read it now and for all and not wait for another opportunity,which shall never come in so far as he remains the man that incarnates 666 in Cameroon.
No meangful development can be achieved without sacrifice.Anglophones need to stand up now and either seize out freedom or play cowardice and remain subjected to blatant marginalization.Freedom has never been given,it is taken,so let join hands and take ours now or never.


If the United States,the most powerful nation on earth,

has just 15 ministers in a cabinet,it`s such a laugh,

that Cameroon,at the other end,is claiming to have so

much,as to afford such an extensive cabinet.

The cabinet,which we had always been made to understand,

is suppose to reflect the complex cultural,social and

multi-regional character of the nation,has failed to

show so,this time around.What even the blind should see

now,is that Biya is preparing his exit in style -an exit

which is to be within the next two years! You mark my

words,as I can foresee a conundrum,even worse than what

is in the Cote D`ivoire,happen to this characteristical-

ly peace-loving people.We wouldn`t want that,would we?

Therefore,Biya,if satisfied within the next two years

that enough pilferring of the national coffers has taken

place by the rest of his Beti brothers he`d not pleased

this far,since his enthronement 22years ago,would

abdicate,by pretending to pass on the mantle of steward-

ship of a nation,he`d of left,an empty shell.I pity who

ever would be the inheritor.

To those who think their region has been denied a

place in the gov`t,I want to ask what those who`d been

there before had ever achieved for their people as a

collective?I even wonder if any son or daughter of a

minister in cameroon today,can feel excited over the

nomination of a parent.Meaning therefore,that, being a

minister in the country today,carries no weight as it

did before.How different,in terms of status are they

from the common man in the street?Absolutely none!

God had always been with and for us,and I donot see

how he`s going to abandon us now.

Julius Mola, London

I think what Mr. Biya has done has just gone to prove thathis ideas of policitic is nothing but egoism. In one words the new carbinet is total rubish.

Julius Mola, London

I think what Mr. Biya has done has just gone to prove thathis ideas of policitic is nothing but egoism. In one words the new carbinet is total rubish.




Very disappointed with you Mr Biya.
I thought you had grown past the desperate state of scratch my back I scratch your own.
The electorial commision is under you,the Minister of territorial administration is appointed by you.
CPDM utilized the taxpayers money to campaign for you.
Is there any reason you would not have won with such a divided opposition?
Why this destitution.It is true that the more sea water you drink the more thirsty you become?
Cameroon should be taking over as the place to be in sub Saharan Africa with the mess in Ivory Coast but you just let us down.
I thought if the man on the street is under the politics of chop a chop the president should be above it.
God help our Country

Rexon Tayong Nting.

I will not be scared or ashamed if i have to introduce myself next when i meet any of my francophone brothers in any of our streets in Europe that I do not come from La republic du Cameroon but from a small nation called southern Cameroons that is still fighting for its independence from the hands of la republic du Cameroon. No matter what love and respect we have for our francophone brothers and sisters, i think their actions are going too extreme. I wonder why Inoni should accept the shodowy position of prime minister he has been offered has it not been for his stomach. there is only one Cameroon, the french speaking Cameroon and we, English speaking Cameroons should look for adopted nations for our families. that's why we are scattered all over the world as we have no nation called la republic du cameroon. the discrimination is too extreme.

Musa Idris

Haba malam Biya!60 ministers for small Cameroon? I can't believe that an "experienced technocrat" like you can stoop this low. Do we still know something as shame?
Minister of Primary education
Minister of Secondary education
Minister of higher educaton
Minister of Youth
Sec.of state Ministry of Secondary education
haba malam Biya! 5 ministers for one ministry? This can not happen even in Kuwait with much oil. haba! haba! haba!
Musa Idris

Ivo Tonya

We the Southern Cameroonians do not acknowledge Mr Biya and his corrupt Government, a Government that does not protect us, it has no future for us, it only extorts our resources in to the pockets of some few individuals, We are tired of hearing words when no action is taken, give to the people what they want, We want an independent Southern Cameroon.


We the members of the Southern Cameroons, are disatisfied with the maginalisation of the La Republiqe Du Cameroun, for the appoinment of members of the Government, now is time for us to stand up and fight for our sovereignty which has been denied, so dear Anglophones, lets wake up and do something for there is no time to waste, since alot of time has been wasted.
I am sorry for my brothers and sisters of the Southern Cameroons.

Chi Eric

The good thing here is that Biya has distanced himself from his ideal of National Integration .ie By sidelining the Anglophones especially the heavily populated North West in his bicycle and re-cycle government. In the days ahead, I foresee all Top brass of the CPDM from the North West resigning. What are they going to Tell the more than 700.000 North Westerners that voted for Mr. Biya in the NWP. In terms of per head count for the re-election of Mr. Biya, The NWP contributed more than the sparsely 500.000 population in the entire South Province that has been heavily rewarded by our headache of state thanks to his cherish policy of tribalism par excellence.

Chi Eric Awah,

Dingha Ngoh, Kassel Germany

It is not a surprice for Dr Biya to continue exposing his degree of stupidity.How can the Dr create five different ministry of education and the other sub ministries that he has decided to brek into different areas? where will the budget to run those minsitry come from. I wonder if the Dr is a product of Surborne University France and a graduate of Political science or mismanagement science.there are season and there are times, i am convince the days of the Dr are drawing nearer when he shall give an account of his activities. To all the new comers, be prepare to render an account on that day. Fellow cameroonians lets rise up and pray for our Nation, if Biya wants to rob the Nation, not in this century and generation.God Bless of Nation the land of promise and Land of glory full of riches and natural gift.Cameroon is Gods property.

Ebai George


Tanyi Ntaka Paul

It is so funny,to realised that Cameroon has about 60 ministeries with so many ministers without portfolio. Biya has to do something about this. I can just believe that there is a ministry of secondary schools. The list of worthless ministeries is so long that you can name them all. What also scares me is that each ministry is run on a budget. We Cameroonians don't have to sit and watch these blokes run our country like it is some World Bank or IMF project. I have to know who actually advises Biya and if trully he is a Cameroonian.
Paul Tanyi
Normal,IL 61761


Dear Members of this post forum, i grieve with you on our crouching country, but i also hold the believe that by spouting insults at Mr Biya will as we have learned from the past not yield to any fruits. What do you as a Cameroonian do to see that the situation is remedied?


Dear Members of this post forum, i grieve with you on our crouching country, but i also hold the believe that by spouting insults at Mr Biya will as we have learned from the past not yield to any fruits. What do you as a Cameroonian do to see that the situation is remedied?

Mba Leonard Eko

I am sure after the appointment of the new cabinet,Biya should be back to the switzerland where he spends 3/4 of a year.
Its really a shame to cameroon,Our change is only going to come from within.I dont think with the government now in place things are going to be better ,considering a ministry didvided into five when considering our economic situation since the Party came to power.
I don`t mind anymore.Our Francophone brothers here in Germany refuse us infront of Germans that we English speakers are not cameroonians.SHAME.

Abuh Ebaneck

i think my Biya is indirectly telling cameroonians he is tire,but does not want to let go because of shame and selfinterest of c.p.d.m lets see how Biya will gamble it out with his government.for the end shall justify the means.i wish him long life ,for he shall bear the consiquence of all his bad dids while alive for he will be judge infront of all lets keep our fingers cross.

Fai Wilfred ,U S A

We were not expecting anything short of what you just did.You are simply telling Cmaeroonians and the world at large that you are old and stupid.
Remember that one day the almighty God will appoint you as Head of State in hell.

Aminde Nkem Atabong

Cameroon is really going backwards despite the advancement of all other African countries.Take a look at neighbouring Nigeria and see how they fight against corruption, but Cameroon who thinks she can resists with corruption is trying to manipulate its way at the detriments of the citizens.How can Biya who claims he is a politician be so confused, stupid, useless and a maniac of human nature, still forge on with his corruptive ideas by creating more than 60 ministries in the very cameroon that i trying to meet up with the HIPC fund release?I must say Biya is really a "big fool",because no one who thinks and have conscience can do such a thing when he knows how much the ordinary man in cameroon suffers.Let our illetrate and useless brothers and sisters in the English speaking Cameroon who sold themselves for a bottle of beer and a worthless t-shirt see the extent to which they made the mistake by voting for Biya.After all is isn't too late as its better late than never,let them get up now and turn round 180degress and see into it that Biya doesn't succeed in any Anglophone province in the coming municipal elections.Biya, this is your time i must say so, but be warned(I know my warning means nothing to you because all your mischievous life at the presidency for 23years of nothing done, you have been warned by various people but still you won't give in).I see you have gone another step to put another anglophone as PM in the country so as to buy more time for your sacrifices, i must say the new PM is nothing more than a stooge as the former one was, because they make no decisions by themselves as all comes from you.When you are out of the country for one of those your manipulated journeys to Europe with your family enjoying what you haven't worked for at the expense of the ordinary man,you no one makes any decisionuntil you return.Have this in mind,even if you escape being punished by us Anglophones, hell awaits you and the final thing is we shall all go "SIX FEET DEEP".

Aminde Nkem Atabong, Cyprus

Mr, Dr, General or what should i use before writing your name Biya only you can tell.You didn't study law but you are the lawyers of all lawyers in Cameroon, you didn't do military training but you are the general of all generals in Cameroon.What more do you want or aspire for, please let us know for you seem so confused and desperate.Appearing in 1982, people thought you were God's chosen but no more than 10 years from then, you became something else.Dr Biya, please answer for me this question,"What have you done in Cameroon for your 23years at the Presidency?"nothing you can boost of other than fraud, killing of innocent souls,aggravated theft,corruption just to name a few.You have much investment in Europe that is virtually why you spent 3/4 of your life in Europe so as to guard you stolen fortune.You rige elections as you want and bribe those supervising it so they shoudn't reveal your secret.During this last presidential elections in October, you had prepared a year before the elctions and had used Cameroon money to print t-shirts, caps, banners, pens just to name a few but you refused to give money on time to the other political party leaders for fear of being ousted if they had the chance of doing what you had done a long time ago.That is exactly why you gave them their own campaign share a week before campaign, how did you expect them to go round the nation successfully within a week?yet you had other thieves like yourself who were already stationed round the nation giving free drinks and t-shirts to drunkards and the hopeless to vote for you.Must you buy votes General Biya?Mafany was there when the Mungo bridge collapsed but you were out, to show the extent to which all powers are rested into your hands and that not even the PM can make emergency decisions in your absence, he had to wait for you to come from Europe before any decision was taken.Since as the bridsge collapsed in SW province, that meant nothing to you and so you proposed a badge for the replacement of the bridge.If this had happened in either Yaounde or your village, there would have been immediate reconstruction of another bridge.God is looking at you Magistrate Biya and i can see that your time draws nearer than expected.

Aminde Nkem Atabong, Cyprus

There is just one advice i'd like to give you Biya, you must not think you are God and nothing will ever happen to you, all the souls of those whom you have murdered are restless and longing to see you with them soon.Your time is limited and you must think of ways of trying to make cameroon a safe and not an Ivory-Coast like country.If any war should occur in Cameroon, let me assure you Massa Biya, the first person to be killed will be either you or any of your family.Power is good, that was why your wife Chantal was heard crying like a baby when she heard your condition was getting worse while in Switzerland.All the money that you have stolen and successfully taken out of Cameroon, will not i mean will never follow you to the grave when you die, all that will follow you will be your evil deeds to hell.Leave from that place Mr Biya, its not your fathers house nor your personal house, stop all these rigging of elections and syphoning of gov't money into your private pocket together with your endless ministers who hwlp you in stealing the money.When you entered power, things were better and prices of things cheaper, no sooner had you entered than prices started going up in a geametric not even an arithmetic progression and today university fees which was initially 3500frs have now climbed to 50000frs,stamps are just but worst,a normal physical stamp now is 1000frs, where are you taking Cameroon to, do you want to kill everyone before you leave, if that is you plan, then you shall die first.You seem to care only about your family and the francophone areas.But God being so kind and Grateful, gave to the southwesterners the oil refinery and CDC and to the Northwesterners, he gave food to feed the whole country.If God haden't given us such opportunities, then i think there would have been no roads in South and North west provinces.I know you regret but had no choice other than signing the SHip yard project in Limbe because all you wish and want is to get everything in the french section.A cement factory had been promised in Limbe for dunky years but nothing has been done.What do you want Biya, where are you driving to.University students strike and to seek to destroy only those in the anglophone section.God will punish you and you will suffer after you resign.Enjoy now cause your time is short.

mofor ndong

o the best of my knowledge nobody is God that people should expect him or her to rule this naztion without problems. if things are not moving well for our belove nation Camerron what we should do is to pray that things change for th e best rather than making useless statements we cannot substantiate. Iam congratulating President Biya so far for a good job done and i will like God to guide him to take decisions that can enable Cameroon to advance in a positive direction. i think our wish is that the econom,y should be revamp so that employment should be as it worse and that the prices of basic commodities should drop in Cameroon. i will like the President to take this in to cognizance when making any economic decision

matute rudolf esombi

i have nothing to kick against what H.E Paul Biya is doing.What makes the situation bad is people are giving him a bad name for nothing.Please let him rule us and stand for the LIFE Presidential candidate of his party BRAVO MR BIYA I am behind you


mr Biya has made some errors but it does not mean we too cant make those error if we had the oppurtunity to have been on that post. He is confused and scared and of which every other person is. What do you all want now? i mean lays give soluutions rather than adding more salt to the wounds. If his ministers could fail him what about u? so lets be realistic

Ngwana E=k

Like every human bean in his (Mr Biya) position will do,has made mistake but that is not enough for to go on criticising him. Rather we need come together as one people to help him out. It is said that the best to correct your brother is not by critising him behind but openly rebuking him. I know the question is who will be brave enough to do that? My people, i will ask you all this:For how long are we going to remain carwords? Lets stand for true Democracy.


I have a message.....I WILL NOT STOP!!!!!, I have been SCAMMED by the Cameroon (Fake) governement and ministry offices with Bafaka Local Miners and Aft Lines Export and many others We have started our investigory report with Local Law enforcement, Our USSS, Interpol, The both Governments of USA and Africa, plus Now I WILL NOT STOP until many peoples are punished and there is a STOP to these SCAMMERS and THEIVES of your Countries

Frank McDonnell

Robert please call me regarding Bafaka 617 216 7121 they have pulled similar with me and I need advice on how to put the screws to them Frank

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