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Monday, 20 December 2004


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Che Sunday (Dr.)

The Problem is not all Administrative, We are partly to Blame.
When you cultivate an apetite for that which you don't produce, you must also be ready to pay the market price regardless of changing economic logistics.The items listed as non local products, beer, cigarettes, diary pruducts, liquors etc.are items that could either be substituted or produced locally. Unfortunately, we have an afinity for foreign produced items, and a propensity to consume them largely. This is exactly where the administration wants you to be. Once you have gotten hooked, they then introduce surcharges that will drive one to dire lengths of acquiring the means for supporting his/her consuming habits.
In Cameroon, it is often said that one can always eat to his fill. We fail to grasp the fact that the machinery behind this abundance has worn out and slowly coming to its salvage value. I am refering to the female Cameroonian. Over the years, they have grown all that is eaten locally. That population has joined in the rural/urban migration, coupled with greater education opportunities, women are now moving on. What has the Cameroonian man done? Not much. He has intensified his quest for production for a foreign market or what we call export agriculture. More cocoa and coffee is being planted. Eventhough rice could be grown locally, we still bring in tons from India, Pakistan and Thailand. CDC could use some its land to grow rice and there will be a local market for it. But it will not. Don't ask me why. Kumba has been known to be up in arms as to why there has been an increase in the importation of frozen chickens. No answers are readily available. We would rather bring in imported chicken loaded with growth hormones, than strive to come up with a hybreed from our local stock. Yet we spend millions supporting schools of agriculture.
On the score of taxation, our government derserves the nobel prize for stupidity. Heavy taxation drives away business. The tax assessor who closes a business thinks he has done the government a service. He has done a disservice both to the government and society. The employee who use to work in such a business no longer pays payroll taxes. The busness owner no longer pays business taxes. The government has lost two sources of revenue. This is where Western nations have beaten us to the punch. Businesses should be encouraged by lowering business taxes and allowing business deductions such as depreciation, business insurance, and loses incured in their daily transactions. No, our government officials, most of whom have never operated a business are more concern with putting the entrepreneure out of business via extortions such as heavy taxation and bribery. We still have the most repressive tax laws we inherited from our colonial slave drivers. The Pool tax, a tax levied not on ones ability to pay, but of coming of age is still widely used. If you are 18 years, and not a student, gendarmes will asked you of your tax documents regardless of whether you are employed or not. Its up to you to pay your tax liability. But how does one have a tax liability when there is no taxable asset?
On the score of a value added tax, its a necessary evil. Per the other forms of taxation, its criminal, to say the least.

charles Taku

Taxing the citizenry to support failed policies is nothing more, nothing less than the policies of France so eloquently denounced by Karl Max in the Brumaire of Banaparte where the socalled leaders were but parasites of the state.
How does a crime sydicate create more ministries to compensate it's members tax the people dry to pay for this gross act of corruption?
This tax increase justifies the fear by many that Biya sought and obtained another mandate through fraud inorder to milk the cow to death.
For the skeptics who do not want to blame the jucta for making Cameroon a nation of consumers and not producers, let me informthem that without good liberal fiscal policies, no one can venture to invest in the industrial sector.And as long as incentives are not given to nationals to invest in this sector and policies put in place to protect indegineous enterprises and industries, the economy will remain under the control of foreign companies like the French.
Cameroon also lacks good laws and policies that can encourage nationals and foreigners alike to invest in the country.
The dual policies of unreasonable and excessive taxation and corruption which are the cornerstone of Cameroon government policy will surely plunge the country into another disaster in the subregion these unfortunate seven years of Biyaism.
Chief Charles Fuatbong Achaleke Taku.

Austin Achunkwe

I am really shocked to my bones to note that there are only two reactions to this article. This page is supposed to be flooded with comments fron Cameroonians from all corners of the globe.
It is unfortunate that a government that claims to have won elections should reward its citizens with a tax increase on basic commodities. Call it provocation but I will call it madness. Stack raving madness. Only a mad man will reward people as such. Madnesss coupled with wickedness can be very dangerous. This is actually what we are facing. This is just a prelude of worse things to come. We are stuck with this government for the next seven years. We desperately need God's mercy and solace at this very moment. This is the Christmas season when Christians believe that God listens to their prayers most. I implore all Cameroonians to pray, and to pray very earnestly. His intervention can always be very surprising.

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