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Monday, 17 January 2005


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Wacham tasili

The ambassador has said it all.what is left now for Biya and his new govenment head by Inoni is to put in place the demanded conditions.we loose the coming of investors to our country because of not practicing good governance,no respect human rights.corruption has eaten up the whole nation and it has to be eradicated before it contamonates the young generations


It has already corrupted the young generation. That, tragically, is Biya's presidential legacy. Depending on who takes over from him, and if Cameroon as we now know it does not disintegrate after his death, it would take generations for this legacy to be undone. What I can say for certain to anyone reading this is that, it wouldn't be in our lifetime nor our children's lifetime. The rot is too wide and deep. Sorry!

Martin Douala

The US Ambassador is a smart politician seeking to stay clear of controversy. The Ambassador cannot honestly expect Cameroon's rubber stamp National Assembly to fix an "archaic" investment code made at the Presidency. Recently, a honorable member who questioned the timing of a Government bill was labelled Nigerian by an idiotic CPDM grazer.

If Paul Biya cannot devise a competitive investment code for the country despite 21 years in power, foreign education, foreign travels and experience, then what the heck is he doing at the Presidency. The Ambassador should ask him in private.

On vacation in Mutengene.


Mr. Marquardt's hypocritical rant about corruption in Cameroon does proof that talk truly is cheap! This is the representative of the Bush administration which did not think twice in endorsing the recent charade of an election in Cameroon as free and fair. This is the representative of the Bush administration which by cheating its way to power in the US elections in 2000, and probably in 2004, legitimised election fraud in the eyes of bloodthirsty dictators, like Biya and Mugabe, all over the world. This is the representative of the Bush administration in cahoots with corrupt big business like Enron, Worldcom and Halliburton. This is the representative of a US administration that has absolutely no moral authority in pontificating to Cameroonians about fraud.

This is the problem being poor.....anyone feels it is their God-given duty to patronise you. Mr. Marquardt, while he is in Cameroon, should shut up and save us the trouble of listening to his administration's hypocrisy of on one hand supporting a corrupt dictator and on the other hand ranting about corruption.


Mr. Marquardt does not stay clear of the controversy but rather, soils himself thereby buttressing suggestions that Biya is passing through some American multinational lobby groups to lay a toll on Cameroonians. I think it is insensible and irrational for a new ambassador to a nation like Cameroon, who should be playing the role of watchdog to be so insensitive to the realities of the country as to perceive an increasing commitment to democracy. Had it been this commitment was seen on the part of the citizens, this would have been understood. But for him to attach it to investment implies that Cameroon is advanced in democracy to the extent that it is now a safe ground for foreign investors which is a huge mistake. If one were to recall the influence of the powers that be on the Australian who was outwitted by his Cameroonian wife and the intransigence of the powers that be on the situation, then one would know that Cameroon is far from any safe haven.
In his appreciation of the Cameroonian situation, Mr Marquardt is to an extent, right to censure corruption as a cankerworm at the centre of the country’s socio-cultural and economic dilemma and as “one of the key factors limiting Cameroon’s potential for growth and development in all areas.” This is a positivist perspective, but I think it is an overstatement to perceive even a trace of democracy in a country that has been ruled by one person for 22 years and that increases presidential tenure from 5 to 7 years in contemporary times, a country that rejects all calls for an independent electoral commission, with the ruling government serving as referee in elections in which they have a candidate, a country that denounces external aid aimed at organising free and fair elections, a country in which the cream of the academia have been forced out of the country through political victimisation, in which human rights violation is at its peak and a former ambassador is arrested and locked up with over 50 people with claims that he is hosting a cessationist meeting, a country in which people are continuously being arrested and locked up for years without trial, a country in which the Anglophone minority are continuously marginalised and dehumanised, a country that does not care about the plight of the majority poor people.
Let the international community realise that Cameroon is still to sniff a grain of democracy. I would also like to caution foreign investors to be beware of the marginalisation of Anglophones which is giving room for a possible civil war and to be cautious of increasing crime which most often, is masterminded by Biya’s cohorts.
Festus Ndeh
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Joe Beasley

Dear Ambassador Marquardt:

I would like to know your position on GEOVIC CAMEROON S.A.? I will communicate with you in the very near future via letter or phone call. I recently established an organization, AFRICANASCENSION. You can learn more about our goals by visiting

I am the Southern Regional Director of Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and very connected to the National Baptist Convention, USA, the largest African American organization in the United States.
Look forward to speaking with you soon.

Joe Beasley


To Whom It May concern,
I am interessing to know more about AGOA in Cameroun. If You can provide me some of the information, I will appreciate it.
Bertrand Tchouke

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