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Thursday, 27 January 2005


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Festus Ndeh

Thank you Mr. Ambassador for realising and echoeing the democratic lapses in Cameroon. Cameroon is hell and Paul Biya and his cohorts have decided to make it even harder on the suffering people. In fact we are ready to suffer more to ensure that things are put in order. This is what every other foreign governemet should do, for any aid that is given does not get to the people but to a few hands who misappropriate it into some foreign account. Thanks once more for noticing our plight

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Well articulated message, but are the powers that be capable of hearing? Why does it have to take an American telling Cameroonians what they ought to have been doing for the good of their own country? How bad can the situation be? Developing and maintaining infrastrure should be the number one priority of any government. In Cameroon, everything is evaluated tribally, then linguistically before it can be implemented. The ports of Tiko and Limbe have been lying iddle for ages. Yet, we spend millions dredging a congested Duala port yearly. If the port of Duala were to be in the Southwest and both Tiko and Limbe in Litoral, Douala would have been abandoned long ago. When small countries like Benin are opening up their ports and declaring them free trade zones and enjoying economic growth, Cameroon, with its strategic location as the gateway to the Central African region is instead stiffling its own growth with limited thinking and internal hatred. We have Japan building our primary schools, while our leaders are buzy buying personal planes. When shal we wake up?

Glenn Wilson

While there are many areas desperatly in need of attention, the backbone of improving the plight of cameroonians is in the Judicial system.
Until corruption is rooted out of the courts there will never be any improvement in other areas. Until every Cameroonian has the fundamental right to seek and receive justice without corruption and tribalism rearing its ugly head, faith that other areas should change will be lacking.
Some few are destroying a great country for the sake of their own greed. What type of Cameroonian is that? One who's interest is only in himself/herself and not using the powers entrusted upon them for the betterment of their people and country.
If and when the Government delivers some hard blows to the corruption in the judiciary, then things may move forward in other areas. Instead of making a show of anti-corruption activity by chopping of the end of the snakes tail, they need to cut of it's head. Until such bold moves are taken, I fear little will change.
Glenn Wilson


Mr. Marquardt is either naive or stupid, or both. Has he bothered to be briefed by his diplomatic officials how Biya has run Cameroon for nearly a quarter of a century? If he thinks Biya is going to put the good of the average Cameroonian above his own, then Mr. Marquardt may expect pigs to fly someday.

As for aid money, I am sure Biya's ministers and henchmen are all licking their lips at the prospect of getting their dirty paws on all that dosh!

Mr. Ambassador, your country cannot support a corrupt dictator and not end up with a corrupt country...this is not rocket science! Get it?

Peter Nyumba

Sorry Sir but we can't root out corruption in Cameroon.

Corruption in Cameroon is in the blood and a Mental illness with no treatment.

Blessing to all

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