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Monday, 17 January 2005


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What can France and French spies offer to Cameroonians other than the theft of our resources and the marginalisation of the anglophones. Mr Ambassador, you can fool someone sometimes but not everytime. Here in the UK, I have got the opportunity to lecture french Undergraduate students. I always tell them what i think their goverment is like.France is very open in criticising the United states but where does all the money that has been used to construct France and Belgium Came from? It is not from its provinces in africa including Cameroon? You came there to cheat, steal and corrupt and you should not open your stupid mouth to speak about corruption. you make the money you used to corrupt cameroonians. You designed aspects of corruption hampering our local economy and you should not pretend that we are the ones that are corrupt. You instituted corruption to be able to steal what you think you cannot keep on taking for the rest of time and now you are branding my society and my people corrupt. Note well that there is also corruption and theft in paper which is the one you are good at.

Che Mofor

Cameroon does not need any aid from France. We have not asked France to help us. Why does the French government want to force aid on us? France, the sickman of Europe must have understood by now, that we Cameroonians are not prepared to continuously be neo-colonised by any country, most especially France.

It is time that our people get public education and understand what is behind the so-called aid given by countries that are not able to maintain country's deficit below the 3% limit set by the European Union. If France is fighting that this deficit limit be extended above 3%, it means they do not have any 1.000 million francs to give to Cameroon. These fictitious aids exist only in the media and on paper. If they can manage to give anything in the name of aid, very long strings shall be attached to them. In fact these so-called aids are not free of charge. They shall give us tractors, pesticides to cultivate our land and plant bananas, tea, coffee, cocoa, rubber etc., which they do not have. They shall take these things from us at almost no cost afterwards, and our children and grand children shall continuously be indebted. What that Mr. Ambassador means is exactly what happened and is happening in Ivory Coast, where the actions of France undoubtedly showed how France is greatly dependent on its former colonies. Now they want to intensify it in Cameroon .. God forbid!

Cameroonians, believe me!, we have enough to take very good care of our people and future generations. Our main problem is that we have decided to live like suffering people even though we are very rich. None of the EU countries has a fifth of the resources we have, yet they are advanced. I humbly plead to our leaders to realise that Cameroonians deserve much more than corruption, poor medical system, tribalism, repression, marginalisation of some regions and all forms of discrimitaion. If we are honest to ourselves, we shall reach great heights.

Neba Funiba

The two responses to this deceitful offer by france are encouraging signs of our growing consciousness of the persistent criminal interference in the affairs of our beloved country by france. Recall that it was chirac who shamelessly pronounced in 1992 that Africa was not ready for democracy; and has ever since strengthened his ties with African dictators. Recall that jacque chirac congratulated biya for winning the so-called elections when counting was still in progress. Last year, the french ambassador was visiting Buea and was asked why his country was not taking biya to task on the issue of decentralization in Cameroon and his response was that he does not see how a country such as france with a heavily centralized government can tell cameroon to decentralize. By implication, everything france does is good for Cameroon no matter what. People should not be deceived into thinking that france can actually help Cameroon in particular, without reaping huge profits. By the way why is Cameroon in this state of economic snafu if its relationship with france since 1917 was symbiotic? chirac is like a king to african dictators and you need to see the picture showing him sorrounded by dictators at the francophonie in Burkina Faso. While other western countries go into third world countries to encourage democracy and development, france goes in to discourage democracy, encourage dictatorship and looting of that country's bonanza.

"Mistaken interpretation of the causes of underdevelopment usually stem from prejudiced thinking or from error of believing that one can learn the answers by looking inside the underdeveloped economy. The true explanation lies in seeking out the relationship between Africa and certain developed countries and in recognizing that it is a relationship of exploitation" (Walter Rodney 1981).

“Neo-colonialism is the worst form of imperialism. For those who practice it, it means power without responsibility and for those who suffer from it, it means exploitation without redress. In the days of old-fashion colonialism, the imperial power had at least to explain and justify at home the actions it was taking abroad. In the colony those who served the ruling imperial power could at least look to its protection against any violent move by their opponents. With neo-colonialism neither is the case” (Kwame Nkrumah 1965).

Peter Aka

Che Mofor seems to make things look so simple. We have our problems and we should rather confront them instead of looking for scape goats. Is it France that told Biya to marginalise anglophones by appointing just one anglophone minister in his so called cabinet of 'grand ambitions'? I don't know if Mr.Mofor has some notions of diplomacy. Countries do not give AID to others because they have too much or because they have satisfied all their economic needs. Countries like Morocco, China ets classified as developing countries offer hundreds of scholarships to foreign nationals including Cameroon,yearly. Why has Mr. Mofor not questioned this? France has an obligation as a colonial master to be genuinely concerned about Cameroon's economy. Whether France has stolen from us or not is another matter. Did the British not steal from us as well or are they better because they are not offering AID to Cameroon? As intellectuals, we should exercise more restraint in our arguments irrespective of whether we are championing the anglophone course or not. The anglophone problem has been created by our colonial masters but now we must solve it as Cameroonians.

Peter Aka

General  MP

the issue of cameroon's economy troubling the French Ambassador to me is it not france who covert or overtly controls cameroun?who is going to stop corruption in kameruns?where is the (southern cameroons) Republic of Ambazonia gone to?who is toturing the resources of Ambazonia including the oil.who are those doing it?which ailing economy troubles mr ambassador?who thinks only talking will wrest power from the mercenary regime?a regime full with people with imbued hands.the french ambassador has onething to do. you and your province LRC find your way out of Ambazonia territory.end your colonisation operation as part of fighting corruption .your rhetorics has no space to entice or sway anyone into conviction of what you wish in the said triangle.since 1945,things have been more devastating than ever.the pandora box is open for everyone. the dinkum oil is what we should incessantly sread about the story of the kameruns ,not man made ailing economy .the Ambazonia cause is indubitable,inexorable,ineluctable and therefore dinkum.the heat will be on ad infinitum until the final york of slavery toturing Ambazonia extirpated.

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