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Thursday, 27 January 2005


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CONGRATULATIONS!to Mola Meoto,on his appointment as the

Director of the civil cabinet in the Prime Ministers`

office.As a person I know intimately,can comfortably say

his appointment is that of having a square peg in a square hole.

Besides being a tested and proven administrator,Mola

is of that rare breed of cameroonians we can expect to

deliver.Very humble,soft-spoken and good mannered,Mola

is a very considerate human being,unbias,friendly and

above all,very approachable.I can vouch that his doors

are going to be open to all and sundry,24/7,and would

treat every cameroonian equally, as need be.With such

appointments,we can begin feeling the ambition of the

present Inoni gov`t to rid our society of mediocrity and

chalatantism.There can now be hope of a rigorous fight

to save us from the scorch of corruption,which we must

admit,was ushered in by same regime over its`23years of

rulership.We pray the band of cameroonians,who have

glamourised this act,should be willing to give it up,and

not indulge in a campaign of witch-hunting against this

administration,in its fight to right this wrong.

Kudos therefore to Inoni and his team,in their fight to

bring back the glories of yester-years.We only hope they

should remain stead-fast to the end.

Enjema Lisoke, Bafoussam

Hon Meoto's appointment has little to do with competence (even though he is a seasoned administrator) and everything to do with ongoing political in-fighting in Buea subdivision and the ensuing cold war between the Endeley/Njeuma camp on the one hand and the Inoni camp on the other.

Those familiar with Fako CPDM politics will recall that during the last parliamentary elections, the Fako CPDM President, Larry Lisinge, a protege of the Endeley/Njeuma camp, was forced not to contest a CPDM parliamentary seat in Fako and instead allow the less popular Meoto (another protege of the "big two") to run for that position. In return, Lisinge was assured that he would be "given" the Buea mayorship. Reports say this deal was signed off on by former PM Musonge. Well, as politics would have it, Mola Musonge's political rival, Ephraim Inoni, came from behind to instigate "the mother of all palace coups"; a coup that led to the election of the "illiterate" Mbella Moki as mayor of Buea over the "educated" Lisinge. Needless to say the Endeley\Njeuma political kingmakers of Buea were incensed and have never forgiven Inoni for his act of perfidy.

Thus, the appointment of Meoto, who grew up in the Endeley household and who is married to Dorothy Njeuma's niece, is nothing but a timely "peace offering" from the ever so politically astute Ephraim Inoni. With this masterstroke he is now assured of the support of the troublesome "upper Bakweris" who were also a thorn in the flesh of Musonge (the same people had tried to hoist Meoto on Musonge back in 1996 and he had in frustration appointed a non-Bakweri, Moukoko Mbonjo...). In the same token - and this is the bad news for the people of Fako - the Endeley\Njeuma stranglehold on Fako politics thrives on as it continues to marginalize many experienced Bakweri administrators and civil servants who do not kowtow to their political whims and caprices. Meoto is just OK for the position, but the PM and the people of Fako know that the PM could have done much better. Whatever the case, there is a younger generation of Fako administrators more in tune with the political aspirations of the Cameroonian people and their day will come ...

Martin Douala

To outsiders, Hons Inoni and Meoto speak the language of submission and loyalty to President Biya, quite unnecessarily. These men do not articulate any policy or ideology, thus signifying a lack of political substance and clarity at national level. It will be surprising if they can add any meat to Biya's empty slogan of "greater ambitions".

Corruption is endemic in the PM's hometown and Province. SONARA continues to import labourers from Douala despite the ready availability of labourers in Victoria and nearby Buea. The University of Buea under Dorothy Njeuma continues to execute intellectually corrupt admission practices vis-a-vis prospective Anglophone students. A court case is pending on the latter sponsored by an irate and brave lawyer from Mutengene.

It is the absence of intellectual purity and fortrightness in those who rule this land that has tarnished Cameroon's image and allowed the Francophone Presidency to attempt francophonizing Anglophone Cameroon.

Martin Douala
On vacation in Mutengene


Big deal.....just another hungry crook on his way to lining his pockets and filling his stomach.

Elias Mukiri

I'd like to join Martin Douala in stressing the lack of independence or sovereignty at the heart of the present Cameroon State. The French Ambassador in Yaounde is the defacto Vice President of Cameroon and is more powerful than the PM and his entire cabinet. This fundamental weakness is at the heart of Cameroon's sociopolitical and economic problems.

All modern states on Earth do not compromise on economic questions. The goal is to safeguard the national interest and consequently the wellbeing of citizens in their own country.

Yaounde does the exact opposite as programmed by Franco-African strategists at the French Presidency here in Paris. In their calculations, the interest of France come on top of the interests of Africans whom many French People see as incapable and not deserving democracies.

Take the case of the national seaport in Douala, where French companies make billions CFA annually in capital equipment sales and maintenance for dredging sand. Victoria with a natural wharf has been ignored and renamed Limbe (a local appellation of Limburg - a German baptist missionary). This was a calculated attempt by Ahidjo and his French advicers to diminish cultural ties with Great Britain.

Take the case of the so-called Central African Economic Community with whose members Cameroon does far less in trade than with Nigeria. Yet, Cameroon has no official trading ties with Nigeria and has no good road to the border. Sea routes to Nigeria remain undeveloped and entrepreneurs have to ride rough on dangerous seas without adequate coastal support facilities.

With odds stacked so high, what can we really expect from the paper-premier Inoni ? Nothing ! By submitting uncritically to the colonial master France for over 45 years, Ahidjo and his lapdog Paul Biya have drastically undermined the economic base. The French and their colonial Africans will never change.

The only solution to Anglophones is the decolonization and de-annexation of West Cameroon. Then Southern Cameroons can teach a lesson of democracy and economic sovereignty to Yaounde by working closely with Nigeria to develop her nation and people. Of course the official language will be English in tune with most of the World. Down with French !

Mukiri, Paris.

Courtney Eko

Thanks Ms Enjema for your brilliant analysis!The Honourable is basically an approachable nice guy but I am not too sure he is high brow enough for the position.There are ypunger and smarter fako indigenes who have marter minds.However,the ripple effect of his appointment is great:new MP,New Principal.


We are thrilled; there are Southern Cameroonians who are no longer deceived by cosmetic politics. If we translate this thinking into action, our independence will not be far.


Congratulations to you, M P Njie. I always know you as a very unpopular politician, but this appointment of yours has made me to know you are a popular politician. I pray God guide you and gives you the spirit of hard work to work for the citizens of cameroon. Power hunger should not be at your neck and you turn your duties down, Know there are many innocent cameroonians who are not benefiting from the national cake because of power hunger which people from above even turn to misuse it. Hope we shall all work with you to fight curruption which is one of your mail goal as one.
More love and peace be with you.
Asibong(Student Denmark)


congratulations molla njie, the only thing you should know is to be honest hard working.

Ngombe Lyonga

Congratulation mola Meoto. Your appointmnet did not come as a surprise to me. I have know you personally for long now. Your hard work and devotion to your daily duties had always inspired me. To all those who know you and your services to the Cameroonian people through the various post you had gone through will have no dought that you will succeed in your new post.

You are a very considerate person always at the service of nation. You are very soft spoken, listen to all and unbias helping the people as much as you can,not forgetting your friendly altitude and openness.

I hope you will put all your weight behind Mola Inoni to root Cameroon of the corrupt practices.

May the Almighty God Guide you through your new mission.

Mola Ngombe (Student Denmark)


After all the mawkish responses, and frankly tribalistic sentiments (no surprise there), about this man's appointment, it would be interesting to come back here in a year's time and read how far him and his PM clansman have gone in the noble aim to "root Cameroon of the corrupt practices."

Ngombe Lyonga

To PW.
I would have love to know you personally. From your response I know where you came from. At certain memomts I thnik the truth must be said. Your forefather sold the birth rights of all Southern Cameroonians just for the post of Vice President and Speaker at the Assemble. If we are in a mess today is due to them and where you are,you are still benefitting from their stolen ( corrupt money). I would be very Grateful if you (PW) could tell me that you have no tribal or tribalistic sentiments. Then I will propose you for the post of President of the republic.

With Camerronian like you (PW) who just want their own to be at the top that country will never prosper.

I wish your mother or father or very close relative is elected PRESIDENT of the republic of Cameroon one day. then I will know if you would not sent the person any congrat.


Mr. Lyonga,
May we know what you're studying in Denmark? You're completely besides the point here. To be candid, this sentiments of yours CAN'T have a place in any modern society, and it tells unfortunately,that you lack adequate savvy to participate in a healthy debate . Why don't we wait and see how much work these two will do with corruption as PW proposes and...?


I know tribalism does blind its proponents to an objective view of life, but surely, Ngombe Lyonga, you must know that 15 million Cameroonians are not clones of each other. We are not all born with a genetic predisposition to be tribalistic. Among those 15 million Cameroons are people like me, maybe a minority, but still a reality, who do not care about the ancestry of those in positions of power. I do not care if the President is a Francophone or an Anglophone. I do not care if they are Muslim or Christian. I do not care if they are from Bertoua or Nkambe or Garoua or Kumba.

All those of my ilk want is a Cameroon that works. We want a Cameroon which ensures our most talented people remain in the country, where our taxes are accounted for, our wages keeps up with inflation, our children attend schools which prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century and our hospitals can provide the best that 21st century medical science can offer. I do not care which part of Cameroon the President who can aim for these ideals comes from, that person has my support.

It is because of tribalists like you, Ngombe Lyonga, that, although I am an Anglophone, I have a healthy scepticism about the concept of Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia as a viable political entity. For people like you, your tribal affiliations will always come first, whether it is in the context of Cameroon as we know it, or in a separate Anglophone republic. Your tribalistic instincts will always comes first. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope people like you become the minority rather than the majority in Cameroon.

kamdoum  christian

why not favour science students in cameroun..???//

kamdoum  christian

why not favour science students in cameroon..???//

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