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Monday, 17 January 2005


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Frederick Otto

I think Fondungalleh was not very considerate to him self.The big question is ;Is killing himself the solution to the problem in the council?. I think he did not take the best decision. The best solution for him should have been for him to turn to God his creator for a solution because there is nothing impossiblbe that our God can not do.If he dies,the council will continue and only him and him alone will die and be forgotten after some few weeks.His wife died and is now history same as what he did now is history.My advice to every one in problem is to turn to God for the solution because Jesus never fails.
God bless you.
Frederick Otto from China.


It is rather surprising to learn that Mayor Fordungallah wanted to commit sucide. It is a parodox of a man who has all along demonstrated bravery, courage and determination. How could chose to take away his life? Thank God he is not dead. Wish that he recovers and continues his job at the Muyuka Rural Couincil. David

Kongnso Cyrille Limfenyuy

My fellow Cameroonians and Natives of Muyuka,
I think you should be very happy that you have someone like this, presiding over you as Mayor. someone who has the council at heart and takes the greatest risk humanity can imagine,taking his life away, simply because a people he has fought for and offered all he has for, will only compensate him with backbiting and slanders. I pray the almighty restores him his life and give him the strenght to go about the issues that are more than his mind. I appreciate what my brother from China wrote asking him to appeal to God in time of Distress, he never fails and is the divine ruler and Judge. Dear Natives of Muyuka, may I inform you that your mayor has something great for you people, and needs your little efforts to support him go ahead. He has the community in heart.
Stay well Dear Mayor and a speedy recovery I wish you.
Cyrille, Germany


Muyuka,Muyuka again,well the Mayor has just shown the true picture of MUYUKA once again,it is not new to the people of Muyuka.

A town with unbelievable stories and incredible people,the history of Muyuka is like the history of Muyuka Rural Council itself.

BALONGS are now like the red Indians in the USA today,the natives or the tribe Balong is history so is Muyuka,the unthinkable.

CLARENCE,The Netherlands

Nkem Pius

If a man felt within his innerself to take away his life in anticipation for peace within a human community because he felt his physical existence on earth may hamper its progress,then he will certainly not die but would live to be part of the solution to the problem.
Turn to Christ as already said and the solution would be seen just around you.It is not far from the fact that,the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart(conscience).


I can't believe you guys are actually praising this guy for trying to take his own life. I don't see anything brave in his actions. I think he is cowardly and stupid. If people are trying to oust you, you don't try to take your life. You can either decide to fight them or you can quit your job. I don't see how killing himself will do any good to his reputation, nor will anyone stay up at night worrying about his fate. I can understand being depressed about loosing his wife recently. THis guy needs psychiatric help and loads of attention, or else he will attempt to kill himself again. He might eventually be successfull, but he is putting his family members through hell. Someone please talk to him.


People: catch up with science and stop being so judgemental. Suicide is not necessarily 'sin' or 'weakness'. It is illness, and should be regarded and treated as such. How many of us do something very irrational in response to overwhelming stress. Most stressed Cameroonians are alchoholics, a situation that is potentially as devastating, if not more devastating to society than suicide. Back off and do not add insult to injury.

but he is putting his family members through hell. Someone please talk to him.

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