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Monday, 24 January 2005


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Yeah! Such wonderful police PR skills as:

1) How to ask for a bribe nicely
2)Special course, "How to kill your own thieves" for the students around the University of Buea
3) Cameroun police drink themselves silly on the job while carrying deadly weapons. Figure out how to make people feel safer around these loose cannons
4) How to intimidate English-speaking Southern Cameroonians in French.

Mbangha M Chris, USA

The police bose sounds so good and determined in his promise. I just hope this is going to be a turning point in the life of the police force in Cameroon and not just the usual empty promises we have been hearing over and over. The image of a country can be seen in its police force, since tourists any other visitors have to pass through them as they criss-cross the national teritory. If Mebe Ngo'o means what he is saying, then its going to be a revolution in the police and a moral booster to other corrupt sectors in the Country, because if the police of all can stop corruption, while not...
I don't want to compare the police here in America and what we have in Cameroon, but I just want to comment here that I envy the police here and wish that our police back home be the same. Here the police is at the service of the people.If you have a problem and see the police officer coming, know thatyou're fine. The guys are so nice. Not like back home where the officer whole want to victimise you insteat, so that he can creat a 'motive' and ask for 'chop'. I recomment that some police officers be sent out here for refresher courses and to other countries where the force still has some credibility. In that case, they'll learn some moral, respcet for their fellow citizens, duty consciousness and above all, the ills of bribery and corruption. If the state really means to kick corruption out, stringent measures should be taken against corrupt officials and execution of public duties should be transperent and objective. E.g Commitees should be set up for all public exams, contracts and recruitment and Cameroonians who still command some respect be put to head these commitees; I know we still have some Cameroonians who command respect like the Cadinal, Prof. Anomangu and some other renown religious and laity. The system of President's list, priministers list,... should be abolished. All Cameroonians should be given equal opportunities. I hope someone who matters is reading. I also want to recomment that these comments should be published in the post news paper (without the names of the contributors). This would make it available to those who don't have internet access or who are too busy: The ministers, Administrators etc.

Jam Nabi

That sounds like a pretty good idea but would we need another police force to police the force that polices police eventually?
What this may come down to is the police officer that polices the police officer would receive bigger bribes and very soon every one will be clamoring to get into the business of the policing the police.
It will take a big change in structure and organisation to stamp out corruption.From revising the tax code ,revising compensations,and a lot other remotely related items which encourages corruption and are put in place by the state.
Do not get me wrong, policing the police can not be completely ruled out as a bad idea but what goals does the delegate general have in mind in the long term?
Jam Nabi


Cameroon will always be Cameroon.......... Evryday there are new invention of fake ideas in cameroon. Today a new one has come, police of police. Now bribes will be distributed in many ways, Because the police of police will be taking bribes to the police who is not a police of police and also to the normal cameroonian citizen who has not even been to the police. Where are we heading too? When ever there is a shake up in the goverment, the new people who are appointed to head new positions always come up with ideas of stealing.Are they having diffrent training from the once in mutengene? Or what actually makes them police of police?


It is important for Cameroonaise out of cameroon to be able to meet up with life events in real time.

Grace Okeng

I congratulate the Cameroon Govt for the determination to wipe out corruption in the country. But I must add that it is not the number of anti corruption agencies which matters in containing corruption but their efficiency. In Uganda we have so many of them but Corruption is on the increase and to some of us the State has lost the battle against corruption. After all, there is no political will to comabat corruption. All ceasored Ministers have been brought back into Government; there are non-existent workers (Ghosts) every where - Ghost teachers, Ghost policemen and women, Ghost Soldiers, Ghost Primary school pupils... there is just Ghosts of everything which leads to billions of shillings being lost and in addition the President tolerates the rot involving his own relatives.
Secondly, who will be "guard the guardians" i.e who will police the police who will police the police who will police the police... in Cameroon?
In Uganda we have the experience that the officials of the Inspectorate Of Government (Ombudsman) and Auditor General's Office; the CID and DPP are they themselves involved in corruption and many case have never been prosecuted. I would suggest that the Government of Cameroon should not create so many anti corruption agencies (which duplicates roles) but to strengthen the existing ones to make the more efficient. Look into their conditions of service eg Salaries, training and facilities that they use. In addition, the members of the public and civil society should be involved in the efforts to stamp out corruption. The Motivation of the staff of these anti corruption institutions need to be taken seriously, otherwise an hungry officers will never fight the temptation to take up bribes. Above all , there is need to make corruption a risky venture to send stong signals to all the citizens. If a public servant embezzles say 50,000 dollars and is given only a two year sentence, he will go to prison while praising his god because he or she knows that it is a good deal. But if he is sent in for 10 years, told to refund the money stolen and his assets taken over by the state, he will think twice before making any move.
Good luck to you all as you endeavour to promote good Governance in your country.

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