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Wednesday, 12 January 2005


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Ngandjui wittus

Jorge know's notthing about African football.
He overlooked George Wear while coaching PSG.
Bring in another White coach will change notthing in Cameroon football.All we need is to change the system.No Government intervention into football.We need to bring in somebody like Joseph.A:bell who can tell the government nosses what they will like to hear.Jorge will not withstand the Gover't pressure.
He may be one of those whitemen who do not care about the Blacks.but look at it as money making oppotunity.Take a look at Nigeria and Togo.Black coach for Black football.


I think this is a good decision by the Minister of Youth and Sport. Cameroon needed a coach with a good resume and arthur certainly has that kind of a resume. For someone to quote nigeria and togo and say they're doing well because of black coaches is laughable, because there are more african teams being coached by white people who are doing better than nigeria and togo. Besides the best man should get the job, be it black or white, to me all that matters is that the lions make me proud, wether it is jules nyongha or bianchi coaching the team. If he's good enough, fine, but to disqualify someone because of his race is lamentable.

Kongnso Cyrille Limfenyuy

Dear Cameroonians and lovers of Football,
The time is come when decisions will not have to be taken by members of the gov't, by by the officials directly concerned with the boys on the pitch. Differences have always sprouted as a result of the Gov'ts influence, to the extend of showing preference to some players at the detriment of others. Please there should be a clear cut between matters relating to football and politics. Football is pleasure while politics is chance no doubt but they are different. Give the new coaches the chance like they were politicians and let us see what they can produce. I am happy Jules if finally on board. A great man He is and worthy of this nomination. I enjoyed him in the days at Mount Cameroon F.C. Please, address the issue to the nation and let the Gov't take it's stand apart. I am sure something great will come. Please Mr Mboma, you could start your job right away by mediating the players who because of some reasons letf the squad like Etame. You were sometimes of his view and can manage it well now. Please avoid all tribalism and favouritism for we all are cameroonians and please try to incorporate those english speaking cameroonians who are versed with the football. In the 90's they were given a chance and proved their worth, why not now.
Long live cameroon and fellow supporters of football.
CYrille Kongnso

John Monono Forseh

New Year, New's sure a good way to start the Year 2005 with a New Coach for the Lions. Personally I think it's a good bunch of guys who will turn the Lions around and make us proud again. With the addition of Mboma and Jules...will make a whole lot of difference. What I will love to see is the integration of home-based players and the Pros. This combination will be great...that's what made the team of the '90s so special and hard to beat. I don't see any reason why the highest goal scorer in the First Division doesn't make the National team and yet we complain our Pros are not scoring.

So lets give them time and see what happens and also hope for little or no Gov't involvement.

Long live the Lions and may the Good Lord continue to bless them.


The problem Cameroon is facing at the moment is not just that of a coach, but the players as well. The boys just look like a bunch of undetermined sheep, with no little mark of patriotism. I am afraid they have just reached the dog stage. They can hardly even win a single match. If Cameroon can obtain a draw in their next match with Senegal on Feb. 9th, I will view it as a win on their part. Coach Artur; and the rest of the new people to help him; will do no better. Trust me.

God Bless

Hi All

Personally I am just spell bound. In fact i do not know what to say again. You know what I mean guys. I am mnot a racist but I hate this Idea of "white" coaches heading our national squad. One famous German coach once said that if the players do believe in their coach and themselves then they could perform miracles. It is high time that a national and continental hero like Roger Milla takes the responsibilty to coach our national team. He speaks the language, he knows how we guys feels, he knows what Garri and Okro soup means. In short he is one of us. I 100% support Ngandjui Wittus who to my view recognizes the importance of a black coach coaching a black team. Experience has shown that the African player has this inborn talent and creativity that is really undermined when we hire these so called football experts from Europe. Listen guys you can never run more than a normal German player becuase these guys start learning how to run after the ball at an early age. what they lack is the technique and creativity that black players posses. So we need a coach that can really concentrate on this and bring our black guys to perfection.

It really makes me sick to see that in the 21 st century we black Africans cannot trust our people to solve our problems. Please tell Mr Nyunga not to accept this disgrace of taking the position of a "second" assistant coach in his own country behind "whites".


pa jaff

Football is my passion mr so call god bless, you sound retarded for real,how long have you been watching soccer? I strongly feel this section for commentary is ment for people who want to make realistic suggestion to help our team progress instead of discussing racial issues, how many african team coach by africans has brought glorious moments to thier country as we did under the guidance of whitemen?. Think about it.Am not picking on you.there are lots folks who feel thesame way. look at what Song did to that team, we are almost out of the world cup. can you imagine a world cup without cameroon? see you guys from mr pa jaff sacramento califonia usa

daddy kins

hi all,
i have always behind the ideal of getting a white coaches, 4 me i know song is the person bringing our playings behind.they should send him away.then we gonna play a better football.

bakah derick

let our ministers allow this team in the hands of this aspiring coarch. do not forget to pay his money as he migth not put forth all what he has has for us.

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