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Tuesday, 22 February 2005


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Vutumu Aloysius

I am thankful to the Post for creating this website. I am a Cameroonian chartered accountant working with PricewaterhouseCoopers-Angola. The post has brought me close to home.

Rev M.L.Rene

I am so dosappointed with Ni Fru Ndi and the SDF.
I think Fru Ndi is more a disppointment to Cameroon like Biya.I use to hear that a rich man can not fight the fights of a poor man. This is true of Fru Ndi. How can Fru Ndi fold his arms and see the victory of the people stolen more than twice? Look at what happen in Ukrine.
My Dear Ni Fru Ndi, from all indications, the true change in Cameroon can never be gotten from the Ballot boxes or through any political party.Stop fooling the people. Desolve the SDF and let the people stop hoping in you.May be when there is no SDF the people will think better.

Tony Macolo

I dissagree with the writer holding Fru Ndi partially responsible for the plight of the Cameroonian people. The writer seems to be out of touch with the realities on the ground.
"It is not for nothing that it has usually been said that each people have the government they deserve. If they do not want it, they bring it down by vote or by force," We all agree with the above statement. It isnt Fru Ndi alone that will take Cameroonians out of this situation. The change in Ukraine came through the ballot box. The people realised they had been cheated of their rightful/cherished president and took action. It is such collective force that is needed to relief our people from the wicked claws of Mr Biya. Fru Ndi has done alot on behalf of his people but they have failed to give him the neccessary support like the Ukrainian people did. I have the opinion that Cameroonians are virtually happy with the situation in the country. Just recently there was an increase in VAT yet no popular action was taken to force the government to avert the situation. Believe me, if a strike action is called for now, even those who stand to benefit from it won't participate. There is an atmosphere of fear gripping the population, people afraid of being arested and locked up. However, we should know that if the entire population stand up in one voice against the government, it shall come crushing. When the population is ready, i believe Fru Ndi will always take the risk by being at the forefront. Let's all rise like the people of Ukraine and say no to the forces of darkness. If action is not taken now, tomorrow would still be spent in lamention. We certainly dont want what happened in Togo here. Long Live FRC.

Janvier Tchouteu

Mr. Tony Macolo,
When a people are in bondage, and have a history of a failed attempt at liberation where they paid a heavy price, they become cautious about who throw in the lot behind to attain freedom and liberty. When they pin their faith on someone, give in their lot and realize in the end that the someone was not genuine, their faith in a liberator becomes shattered. That is the case of the kamerunian people. Fru Ndi and the other so-called opposition leaders ended up as nothing but "False prophets". They never had the prudence, temperance, fortification and sense of justice that is required of leaders that are capable of righting a wrong or changing the anachronistic French-imposed system. They in the end betrayed the struggling kamerunian masses, the struggle and the memory of those who died for a free, liberal, united and prosperous kamerun.

If we are not honest to ourselves and criticize and reject not only the system, but those who contributed to its survival by their half-hearted or false opposition to the system, then the kamerunian people shall for ever be trapped in the deception and shall never realize the change to a new kamerun and a desirable society.

It is not surprising. I have indicated several times that the rot in the SDF was by a clique many often referred lightly back in the late 1990s as "The Ntarikon mafia" , “The Baforchu mafia”, "The Ngemba mafia", etc. That clique had Fru Ndi at his head. Simply, the chief spin-doctor in the Fru-Ndi led mafia in the SDF was Mbah Ndam. They are heavily tainted by much of the vices that we citizen in the horrible Biya regime. With their self-interest unveiled the Fru Ndi-Mbah Ndam etc clique are, just want a share of the "supposedly" national cake, that is all. They have become as irrelevant in the struggle for the new kamerun as much as Bello Bouba, Ndam Njoya, Koddock etc who sold out to the system and its French masters.

They have all lost the essence of the struggle, and as stated earlier, I consider them as traitors to the noble ideals of the kamerunian struggle to change the anachronistic French-imposed system. They betrayed the union nationalists and revolutionaries of the SDF and above all, they betrayed the struggling kamerunian masses and the hundreds of thousands of Kamerunians who died for a free, prosperous, liberal and united kamerun.

Visit the links below.


Dear Mr. Tchouteh,
I have read most of your contributions on this forum and I must say that almost all have been very educative. I must assert that you have a great mind. However, we must give credit where it is due. I'm not going to ask you personally what you think Fru Ndi would do to salvage the situation in Cameroon, since your views, which may just be a little different from what most detractors of the SDF have, may not help us out here. I must mention that I’m very far from being a sympathizer of that party. However, I think that some of your utterances are not so contiguous to the efforts made so far by the man, Fru Ndi in our country’s politics, especially if you haven’t done more. I never heard your name anyplace apart from this forum Sir.
I have my reservations about him, and his party’s policies, which maintain him as the Chairman, and sole presidential candidate, but I remain grateful to him for the contributions he’s made on the political platform of the country. That is the view we should expect objective individuals to hold. Unfortunately, from your contribution, which points at him as nothing but a ‘false prophet’, one can conclude that you have not been very objective. I think if anything is to happen,most, if not all Cameroonians, and not just Fru Ndi should rise up. You can start that, Sir…

Janvier Tchouteu

Well Nkellefac,
We are all temporary instruments in the hands of providence. It is irrelevant whether you have heard of Janvier Tchouteu before or my person known in another name. This is a forum and we all are trying to send a message.
The question you should ask yourself whenever you read my writings are:
Why is he doing it?
What is his purpose?
What is his my conviction?
What values does he believe in?
Is he writing out of a blinding emotion or for self interest?

If the answers are in the negative, then you should be curious and try to go deeper into the subjects I am writing about. I don't think I was any less a supporter of the SDF and its chairman than any of those commenting here. And I don't think I understand the pains from the mess that the political leaders caused any less than my fellow commentators. When I write, I am trying to confront myself and the reality for us all to judge, learn lessons and never repeat the wrong actions of those we believe or once believed in. We are in the most complicated and difficult part of the cause for a new kamerun. Many of us can't even identify the enemies, let alone our friends. And unless those identifications are discernible based on the virtues of a right cause, we shall find ourselves trapped for ever.


MR. FRU NDI, you are one of the politicians decieving the poor cameroonians who think the can ever be a change. fru ndi allow those untop to eat thier own share of the cake ok.MR. FRU can you tell me what you want to change in that our lovely country ? in the firt place you are an ordinary book seller from ntarikon hoping to become the president of cameroon ,let me tell you JOHN you can never rule that country BIYA IS THE BEST . you have been decieving those innocent cameroonians especialy the CAM NO GO,S. i want to make it clear to you fru that you are not a politician. continue you book selling.

ekiti raymond



MR. FRU NDI , please stop decieving those innocent cameroonians . you can nver in the history of mankind become the president of cameroon so stop disturbing your self . you should concerntrate on your bookshop .

Y. Isidore

One question for Mr. Raymond and Mr.Ekiti: "what contribution have you personally made to change the rather precarious situation in Cameroon?" You two have just demonstarted with impunity how ignorant you are as far as recent political developments in Cameroon is concerned. And for Mr. Raymond, i don't know what "book selling" has got to do with issues of nation building. I think the post provided this column for Cameroonians to give suggestions as to how our dear fatherland could be better managed and not for individuals to be making licencious talks about people who have sacrificed so much to make Cameroonians realise the ills of a dictatorial regime (Fru Ndi inclusive). Which is better, a book seller who acquires his money through book selling or an autocrat who acquires his money through theft,murder, forgery,corruption and bribery (Biya)? I would appeal to the Post to delete the contributions of people who have nothing constructive to offer like Raymond amd Ekiti.


It is regretable that people like Mr Ekiti are using this column to expose their level of stupidity. A political leader should be judged based on his leadership qualities rather than on what he/she does for a living. I really do think the post should edit most of the comments before posting.We should remember this site has a worldwide viewer range and strieve to be constructive otherwise it will defeat the whole purpose of initiating this terrific idea. Again Mr Ekiti, this column was not created for people like you to portray your idiocy.


if you are a cameroonian practising politics,the home politicians are your professors as well as outside politicians, then you are a student of politics.Biya and Fru Ndi are the most talked of politicians on the land.They teach cameroonians politics which is best to the cameroonians' political understanding, yet cameroonians do not still understand.if they up it
more than that level cameroonians will grow mad.the cameroonian people are to be largely blamed in the political crisis in cameroon.they do not follow Biya nor Fru Ndi, they get confused and lost in the void because they do not understand what game is politics and how it is being played, after all Biya had earlier said allow politics to politicians.

Janvier Tchouteu

Mr. Raymond and Ekiti whom I think are the same people, your comments sound are very immature. They are based on negative emotions (hatred etc) rather than on rationale or intellectual objectivity or the virtues of life. Biya and his regime are made up of pseudo-intellectuals with a high degree of learning, but what are their impacts to the life of Kamerunians. Negative. Those who criticize the opposition leaders do so based on their failures to live up to the demands of change and on nothing else. It is indicative that you a beneficiary of the system or if not, then you belong to this category of Kamerunians mentioned in my 1995 notes entitled HOW COMMITTED ARE WE IN THE STRUGGLE TO CHANGE THE PRESENT SYSTEM:

............However, we can clearly discern the divided forces:

1) Firstly are the ignoramuses, the indifferent, the skeptics and the cynics:
• The ignoramuses who fortunately constitute a small minority of the Kamerunian population are those who do not truly know what is theirs by right (their freedom, liberty and share of the Kamerun’s wealth) as citizens of the nation. It is because of their ignorance that they extol the custodians of this system for the handouts dished out to them, without being aware that they are being given hardly a decimal of what is theirs by right that has been stolen from them by the Biya regime. Make these ignoramuses to understand that their pathetic state, which they themselves abhor, is the responsibility of the system, and then we can rest assured and even boast that we have won powerful converts. Explain to them the objectives of the struggle and the turbulent phases it has gone through, and we shall be certain that we have trained the most reliable soldiers for the cause. These ignoramuses are aware of the fact that the handouts from the Biya regime cannot alleviate their misery.

• The indifferent are aware of the Kamerunian plight, but because they are in secure or comfortable positions, or because they have lost hope and are weary of the struggle, they have chosen to close their eyes, block their ears and pocket their noses. In short, they refuse to see or comprehend the wrong. What they need is a fresh spirit and a forceful engagement. And in a way, they can be made into remarkable assets for change.

• The skeptics and cynics can be said to want change, but doubt or distrust the change that the majority of Kamerunians are striving for. This may be due to their rigid attachment to outdated concepts, ties, futile dreams or their envy for not being the pillar in the struggle. They can be considered as the most retarding force outside the system.


Politics is a game of people and not an individual or individuals. Well Ni Fru is an individual and so far he has played it to the best of his ability. What I see as an individual is, Cameroonians are very confused and Ni is right to let them know that this is a group or people battle and not an individual's battle. Remember when the SDF was lunched, people supported him. Without the support, he couldn't have lunched this party.

At the moment, this is what Ni is trying to do. The simple truth is, he is trying to mount that support again before the very crucial decision to go or not to go (not gun battle but an up rising that can finally deliver). Please read in-between the lines.

Well, concerning the forum to write on post-line-news. Please people should not use this occasion to settle scores or vendetta else the purpose of this forum is defeated.

Remember that be it Biya or Fru, I personally think these individuals are playing politics. At the end of the day, the people decide who they want. If the people are still very confused, it is the work of oppositions like Fru is educate them. Fru is simply educating the people as usual. I don’t think that is a problem. He is not educating people to be gorilla war lords but for them to stand for their rights. If some of your readers think the gorilla stuff is better, it is simple, go out there and be a war lord and face the consequences. Please readers don’t get so angry and put your ego a head of the game. Stay calm and think which path to follow.

I hear the lion is sick and is in the stage in which Arafat was before he died. I will pray for him to recover faster. If he doesn't then, change can come thru that path.

Neba Funiba

I applaud all those who are quick to realize that ekiti and/or raymond happens to be the same simpleton--a charlatan with an uncanny level of asininity. The only advice I will give to ekiti/raymond is that he should refrain from posting anything on public media; by so doing, his ignorance of the issues will not be grossly exposed as is the case herein. Yes, Fru Ndi has his weak points however, some people will take Fru Ndi over Paul Biya anytime. For 23 years and counting, Biya has guided the country back to medieval lifestyles such as the use of bushlamps in hospitals. Biya uses the country's treasury as his personal bank account, and is largely responsible for Cameroon's economic snafu and political conundrum. Is this what makes him the best?

moka Moni

Mr Raymond-Ekiti,
If Oben Peter was still in power , you guys would have been detend for 15 days renewable for using his slogan with a lot of bufunery and foolishness, infact you guys have really shown how stupid you are,from your comments it seems you guys are claiming southwest as your origin,but let me tell you, an anglophone will hadly make such comments, Fru Ndi has tried, for even the international community will hadly talk without mentioning Fru Ndi, he is infalleble but i believe he deserves a feather on his cap.
Moka Moni


Do You Know Why people Like Ni John Fru Ndi?
They Like him because he makes mistakes and he is human. He is like one of us. He is someone you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with.

Do you know why people hate Ni John Fru Ndi?
People hate Ni because he doesn't flip flop. The man tells you where he stands on issues. He is not on the fence.


Dear Mr. Raymond Ekiti or whatever you call yourself, you seem to be writing faster than you are talking hence your very bad english! I think the post should start editing comments before the are posted on the net. This forum is not meant for drunkards like the so called Raymond Ekiti. Ni FRU NDI is or was a commom book seller as you mentioned, what about NELSON MANDELA? A "prisoner President"?

Walter T

chofor  L.

if this our blessed country kamerun could be composed solely of very idiotic and shameless fools like ekiti and raymond who cannot even at their ages distinguish their left from their right,what sorrow would await us in the comings dayz.thank GOD there will always be upright people amongst them to put them onthe right track.
God bless kamerun.


I think Ni John has become too tacky. 15 years is a long time to be at the helm of the opposition and its time he leaves power to other people. His place in history is certain but every great leader should know when it is time to let go. He has dissapointed me, and I'm sure some other Cameroonians feel thesame way. I must however admit he tried but I don't know if he did his best, if that was his best then it wasn't good enough. He talks about the Ukranian people, rising up. They didn't just do that on their on, they had a leader who was charismatic enought to stir the people to rise up and fight for thier rights. This was clearly not the case in the presidential elections, he did it when he started SDF, but since after the 1992 elections, it has been one dissapointment after another. I believe Cameroon needs the youth to stand up and take some of the responsibility. Its hard because the old guard don't want to let down thier guard but I believe we can do it and rather than being partisanal, we should be objective and be able to see accept that our leaders can make mistakes, not supporting them blindly.
Talk is cheap and reading from Ni Johns, interview, I thought he was just taking cheap shots at Biya, who is doing a terribly job. I've always maintained that Ni John has to convince me that he can deliver and he has not done so yet. Its easy to point out the "stupidity" (if I may) of the Biya regime but doing so without proposing counter ideas is really really cheap. If elections could be won that way, then I'm sure every person could be president of the country.

JB Samba

I think the Cameroonian's attitude toward certain things should be well assessed before blames are thrown at Fru Ndi. Have you asked yourself what will happen if Fru Ndi were to decide to stir Cameroonians into an uprising? The answer is simple - ONLY the 'Bamenda'people will answer the call.
Thus Fru Ndi is just being smart because the Bamenda people have paid the price several times and the rest of Cameroon just sits and waits for miracles to come from Bamenda. This is an issue that needs concerted effort and until 'ALL' Cameroonians are ready to rise, I will do exactly what Fru Ndi is doing if put in his place.
If there is one thing that I regret about Fru Ndi and the SDF, it is that they are a stumbling block in the struggle for the restoration of Southern Cameroons.


I am just so sorry about the situation in this poor, domant and fearing country. I know it is true that no body in this country love Biya. Cameroonians just support him out of fear or hunger. It is clear that if cameroon had about five Fru Ndis, this country would has been enjoying her democracy. What do you want Fru Ndi to do with this monster who has used his under power to charm all the poor cameroonians. If not of Frundi in this country, late me assure you that Biya would have left power long ago in the hands of his son. Biya knows that he is tired but can't giveup because of his selfishness. If you care u all sit and watch.

Massa E.

I have read a couple of comments. while some are realistic and objective, others are a complete fiasco as to what a true Camerooian should say and what a so call Cameroonian should say. These divided views of opinion on the one hand are good but damaging on the other hand. While some portray a smoke screen citizen others portray a true and gunuine citizen of Cameroon and not la Republique.
If not because of Fru Ndi, many Cameroonians would and could still have been in darkness with the political parparasa happening in Cameroon. Then came the SCNC with a similar message to educate Cameroonians of their rights and previledges. Sine qua non, if these two bodies strive on a single objective and ignore the so call politics La Republique seems to verhemently enjoy on their advantage, then we could pick up from somewhere and raise our own flag. The likes of late Muna and Foncha who had served with La Republique before finally realised their flaws and that explain why the built the route for independence before they took to their graves. Cameroon have been carved into a dychotomous structure of dominant and dominated groups which is not acceptable. It is about time we stop it.

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