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Thursday, 24 February 2005


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Charles Taku

It is not enough to simply hire, fire and reappoint the same members of the CPDM crime syndicate in power without rendering a comprehensive account of their purported stewardship at the helm of state corporations and enterprises.Even the so-called GICAM whose president pretended to to seek information about the privatisation exercise is but a CPDM front for tax evasion and other economic crimes. Reason why its members overwhelmingly supported and finance election rigging to sustain the crime syndicate in power.
Anything therefore short of a public, free and impartial judicial commision of enquiry into the running of the state corporations in the last twenty four years of the socalled new deal and the conduct of the purported privatisation will be unacceptable to the people.
With regard to the CDC, what happens to the socalled performance agreement in which workers were co-erced to forfeit part of their salaries in exchange for a stake in the corporation shareholding as we were then told?Was this considered in the alleged privatisation of the tea estates?Will that be considered now?
Can some one answer?Musonge?Inoni?Or must I address my question to The French neo-colonial masters?Some one just reminded me Yvon Omnes is still in the Presidential palace.No doubt Cameroun is but a French private estate and the socalled president is it's head servant.
Chief Charles Fuatabong Achaleke Taku


Talks of the World Bank recommending privatisation in Cameroon sounds like a return to slavery and slave trade, colonialism and its extortion/exploitation.

Very soon they will ask Cameroon to privatise her education, culture and you can name the rest.

If this is what the civilised world has got to offer the "uncivilised" world, better to die than to live this experience.

Cameroonians should be careful, very soon the world bank will ask to Privatise the Entire nation and we shall be left with nothing. Even our own culture shall be patented by these wolves of Privatisation.

This should happen over my dead Body. Lets us join the fight against this vampire institutions that are taking away our remains.


Privatisation,as a solution to an economy in decline,is,

I must admit,not a bad policy approach.However,it has to

be tailored to meet the hopes and aspirations of the

people concerned,in this case,cameroonians.Simply put,

privatisation can be defined as the sale of gov`t-owned

properties.However,it should be stressed,these sale can

only be,of corporations that have become drains to public funds,and these,usually is the result of poor and

ineffective management.Those appointed to stir these

corporations,as is the case in cameroon,always plunder

them with impunity.None has ever been held accountable.

I would recommend that the gov`t fashion out what we

may call here,a cameroonian-styled privatisation scheme

that would take into consideration,the socio-economic

landscape of the nation, in it`s implimentation drive.

The gov`t should distinguish corporations up for full or

partial privatisation,and others that should rather be

up for commercialisation - by these,I mean those which,

given the proper environment,should be encouraged towards self-financing,than being over reliant on gov`t

to bail them out of trouble.

Then,gov`t should come up with the decision of what per-

centage of the corporations up for sale,should be alloc-

able,to what set of interested parties.

The most recommended arrangement should be that 60-70%

of the net-worth of these corporations be sold to groups

and individual cameroonians,whilst the rest be made

available to foreign concerns.

Therefore,with cameroonians as principal share holders,

means their interest would be better preserved.The m`gt

of these corporations would be in the hands of those

with high stakes,and you can imagine how hard these

individuals would work for the success of thier invest-

ments.All of these would`ve been made all the more

glamourous,if the country had been bold enough to have

floated a stock market via which stakes in said troubled

companies would`ve been traded.This unfortunately,is a

situation that is not to be,as the current regime

continues to keep us in the dark ages.


When I said in this very forum last time when the Minister of transport said 'If CAMAIR was to collapse,its GM was to go first'that it was already a sign for the foolish GM to start by resigning before he was saked, someone said I was being foolish myself.When I said let CAMAIR go and the common man will rest,some one said I was unpatriotic.
Well,I have known this Biya system for 22 year that at any time before any given decision is taken,I can tell any one who wants to know the out come.It is not magic.It is a simple thing to know,when you have the same persons doing the same thing over and over,you will always know who is next when the other gets out.
When I told people during the last presidential election that this was the turning point and the most dangerous one for the Biya history,people said that was empty noise.The plan now, let me tell those who still have hopes, is to cut down all the trees from which the money use to come from before they go, don't still count on any positive element that will come from this Biya issues.
How can we talk of privatising the post office when in the U.S.A, States don't even have the right to run post office,it is the federal gov't which does it and this very people will come to Cameroon and tell you,the solution is to privatise CAMPOST.The truth is that even they too no more want Biya, they are ready to give him poison in the name of advice so that it can kill some Cameroonians so that the slow thinkers of Cameroon will get up and reason to send out Biya even by force.
When you talk of privatisation of water(SNEC),this was once tried in England and it failed and the gov't had to take it back and today it is being recommended to Cameroonians.Just as the post every one should be ready to fight very soon probably by the end of the year when this starts.
The remaining part of the CDC,is its heart and that which has the poorest Cameroonian workers,where will they go with their families when they are sent off like those of the tea estate?
Time has come for Cameroonians to understand that every one is tired of Biya and his management.Lets stand as one man and force him out of the country.That is the only solution unless we shall keep crying untill we die. Pascal.

Paul Mboh

The idea of privatizing state owned business entities such as CAMAIR, CDC e.t.c is not such a bad one.It is about time that the people of Cameroon wake up to the realities of inefficiencies. In my view, one of the roles of government is to create an atmosphere where private enterprise can function. It should not be in the business of operating failing business enterprises that have been proven to be more efficient when managed by the private sector.

What this means is that, govenment should enact legislation upholding the right to private property ownership and creating an atmosphere for private enterprise to thrive. If this means privatizing state owned entities to encourage private ownership of some sectors of the economy, so be it.The people of Cameroon would be better off in the long run. In the past, ordinary citizens did not see any tangible benefits from these state owned corporations which encouraged cryonism. At least, given the opportunities to be stockholders of these newly created private corporations, Cameroonians will have the opportunity to participate and share in the rewards or failures of these enterprises. The concept of private ownership and profits demands that these new entities be managed efficiently.

In turn, these new private entities would pay reasonable taxes so society in general would benefit. We should stop pointing fingers at Paul Biya and the government for all of the ills plaguing the Cameroonian society. The government should share some accountability for past errors but not all. Moving forward, the government must not only enact the necessary legislation regulating these new entities, but also create adequate enforcement mechanism.This will require the executive, legislative and juducial branches of government all working towards a common goal. This is a daunting task even for developed economies.Cameroon however, does have the benefit of learning from others mistakes.

Continuing to blame the govenment for every failure, further demonstrates a culture of expecting government to fix all the ills of society. Private enterprise can make a positive contribution. Privatization, is one of several solutions that may eventually demand other state entities to be efficient in their operations and management systems or they will be privatized.

Privatization enables ordinary citizens to participate in the free enterprise system. If well organized and executed,it creates ownership and the new management accountable to the new owners-stockholders. The key is how these new entities are structured.

Privatization opens the door for other enterprising individuals or organizations to enter the market. The airline and some other sectors of the Cameroon economy must be privatized.I applaud the government for taking this bold step. It is not easy for any government to abandon or modify a policy that it created. Perhaps, this demonstrates maturity, that at last,the Cameroonian society is getting wise and positioning itself to compete in the world economy.This cannot be done with inneficient state owned entities. It is about time to bite the bullet and face reality and once again applaud the government for towards the right direction.

James B Nduta

Paul Mboh is giving too much credit to the Cameroon Government for being the architect of privatization ! In fact, privatization has been foisted on the Government by Bretton Woods Institutions as part fulfilment of requirements of the HIPC initiative. This is the same old structural adjustment programme or SAP pill that many Developing Countries have swallowed.

Government has to get out of business and leave it for the private sector. That way overseas aid can be applied on mass development programme instead of subsidizing loss-making government-owned ventures.

Paul Biya is always out of Country and he is more of an administrator than a competent business man. Consequently the HIPC initiative, which potentially can wipe off billions of US dollars from Cameroon's overseas debt remains unexploited. In Cameroon, the government is more in power than in office. This semi-colonial generation in power is either tired and bereft of talent or has no confidence in tackling seemingly complex problems.

When Biya is out of town, all the ministers sing praises and watch their backs. No body does a thing. The country deserves a coup d'etat by fierce army officers who can clean the slate and pave way for a pro-active democractic government.

Jammie Nduta, New York

Paul Mboh

It is true that Bretton Woods created the institutions of the world bank. However, privatization of some sectors of a state economy to create efficiencies and improve the lives of ordinary citizens predates Bretton Woods. It is a proven fact that privatization of some functions of government, creates efficiencies and in the long run, benefits the common good so lets give it a chance.

Cout d'etats, though very popular in post colonial Africa did not create any positive benefits to the populations they purpoted to be saving. The new regimes in most cases, were no different than the ones they deposed.A coup d'etat is NOT the solution for Cameroon. Ordinary citizens lives post coup d'etats have always been worse off. So let us dismiss this misguided
proposition. An orderly and democratic constitutional process to change must be the path to follow.The Cameroonian process is not perfect but is the right prescription.

Cameroon, the cross roads of Africa can be a shining example to the continent on effective methodologies of alleviating poverty through privatization of some state owned monopolies. When ordinary citizens have a personal stake and interest in an enterprise, they will be engaged and hold management accountable. In Cameroon,like in most of the developing world, state institutions are considered to be "everybody's property" so nobody cares. It is as basic as renting versus owning a home. Those who own their homes, protect and take care of it. If one owns a share of private capital, one will take care of it and hold the managers accountable. This is not rocket science but common sense.

It is time for Cameroonians to wake up and face realities. If we do nothing now, we are doomed to subject our children and grand children to a permanent status of dependency. Let us give privatization a chance to succeed in Cameroon. Everyone will benefit in the long run.


Each day we get news of a presidential decree sacking this or that person for either stealing,mismanagement of public prop,not capable to handle public office, or tired of being in office(retired) do we mean to say that president who signs those decrees never gets old himself to rest(retire)? or is he so perfect that he does not mismanage money or after about 24 years in office he is the best Cameroonian who knows best how to manage us?? ridiculous indid!! however, it is said what goes up must come down,if he the so called Biya paul thinks there is no one to sign a decree sacking him as he has consistently refused the only person the ballot box which has the power to and has done so,the suprime being will one day do. If Eyadema was told he will step aside when he still had almost four free years to rule,he will not have accepted but where is he now??? if one had told Abacha of Nigeria he was going to die he never would have thought it true but he went!!! professor Dr. mr.Biya was happy to tell Cameroonians to give him 20 more years before they could attend his funera well no one is God no matter how strong you are death has no respect for any individual one day ur turn will come and you will die a very shameful death!!! Each time you shamelessly make yourth speeches that the yourths of today are leaders of Cameroon´s tomorrow We the yourths of the time you started making those silly statments are today adults and already stopped putting to birth meaning we are looking at others as yourths, most of us are more fraustrated in our own country than strangers Are you banking in two your God forsaken children to grow up so that they can be handed the batten of tomorrow´s leaders??? like your friend Eyadema wanted to do,hope not at all else the ghost of your ancestors will hunt you.
Please for the sake of God and if you love Cameroon give another person tha chance to try.Cameroon is not your pineapple farm at mvomeka that you have sole right to keep.
A word to a wise is sufficient!! I am not a suit sayer but I see a very black future for you coming sooner than later.




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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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