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Thursday, 17 February 2005


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This is a very interesting development. I would like to use this forum to congratulate all those who took part in this historic legal struggle. I think Cameroonians should reserve any celebration till the end of this issue. Biya and the CPDM are very capable of turning things around. The post is doing a terrific job by keeping us abreast as the events unfold. Keep it up.


long live the post for nice coverage hi Piggy and his boys Good Job
thanks Francis for a good bolo sending out your boys and girls to feed us with interesting news in the diaspora
thank u charlie for taking time to read this nice articles
i can see your hands and professinalism behind the articles
long live the freedom fighters
things most change


Please let’s wait and not pass judgment. The Biya regime is a great manipulator so much so that they can burn this killer’s file and say it got missing. Case close! Hope it doesn’t happen that way. This regime! Words alone can’t express my feelings.


Fon Doh should already be declared personal non-grata in Balikumbat.I am wondering if Saddam Doh is still at liberty to move around.This dangerous monter should be caged immediately.A close watch should be kept over him as he may decide to go and hide himself in a rat-hole like his causin did in Iraq.He has brought a lot of shame to the people of Balikumbat.
I dube my heart to the Notrh West Attorney General and the bureau of the N.A

Ogunlawa N'gombe

Interesting piece from about our psychology.

What Jacques Chirac really meant to say to Thabo Mbeki (English translation)

My dear Mbeki, when I say that you do not know and understand the
psychology of Africans from West Africa, I do not want you to take it
personally, but it is the sad truth.

My dear Mbeki, you and the Africans from the Southern part of Africa
are different, you are another breed of Africans who know what they want,
understand the world political landscape. Your fight was different and
remains different. During your fight, indeed you lost some precious
heads but your fight created some heroes and immortals such as Nelson
Mandela, Desmond Tutu, yourself and many more. You have studied, you’re
intelligent and intellectuals. You have used your intelligence to pull
together and fight oppression and domination. You have put your knowledge
to good use to free yourself and your people from an evil regime.
Today, you’re free Africans who can think for themselves. You lead the white
man who once oppressed you. When Tony Blair from Britain asked you for
help to destabilise Zimbabwe you said to him NO WAY. You are another
breed of Africans.

Here in West Africa unfortunately the psychology is totally different.
Here is how the psychology works in this part of Africa; Samori Toure
and his friends were sold to the white man and murdered, Sekou Toure,
Thomas Sankara, Kwame N’kruma, Lumumba were all sold to the white man and
murdered. West Africans use their knowledge, intellectualism, education
to destroy not to build. These West Africans (QC, Doctors, presidents,
former presidents, students, all social layers included) have no clue
about World politics; they do not understand the basic notions which
form the foundation for development and which are: peace, self-respect and
cooperation. Mr Wade president of Senegal and all these ‘intellectuals’
who surround me can contradict me if I am wrong.

I have known Cote D’Ivoire well before you, I thought I understood the
psychology of the people but the West African psychology has derailed
in that country. So the country wants to escape and possibly join you
(you’re a pollutant Mbeki) but in my struggle to recover it, and put the
psychology right, I am not alone, the West African psychology is
helping a great deal and it is working. All the West Africans know my
intentions and those of my government. The ECOWAS is present, The UN is
present, the AU is present. Every African country has its representatives in
the country. They all know that there are no African rebels other than
the French army. When we destroyed the Ivorian air force and killed so
many Africans, the same Africans were the ones who supported me to
impose an embargo upon them.

It is not an insult when I say that your mediation has failed. Here in
the psychology of the West African; THE WHITE MAN IS THE ABSOLUTE
it up nor saying it, BUT, it shows in their behaviour, I just read their
behaviour and build my case, and while I am sitting here, I am still
reading the behaviour (you know what I mean). Otherwise I would not be or
allowed in Senegal today on “Africa soil” and be welcome as a king. Do
you really think that any African leader who behaves like me, can set
foot on European soil or European country? Ask Colonel Kadafi?

God created Africa and put these West Africans here to serve us. These
Africans do not grow up, do not mature and will never grow up nor
mature whatever their level of education and age. They could be QC, doctors,
professors, president, former president through to the peasant they
will always remain kids in the head. From my position, I can ask them to
fight; they will fight without asking a question as you have already
noticed. I have the power to decide where and when I want war to break out
and with the helping hand of the West African psychology, the war will
happen. If I am bored, I call them for a Francofolie meeting, (I am
sure you are familiar with the word. Francofolie is a monitoring tool to
ensure that the prescribed West African psychology is working and if
anybody needs resetting, we reset them) they will all be there. I have the
power to manipulate them, they gave that power to me because I remember
when I was a cab driver in New York many of these Africans were
presidents, barristers, ministers you name it, I used to lick their
boots but you can see that they have not grown up at all, they have not
matured at all.

My dear Mbeki, I can see that you have good intentions for your African
brothers BUT they will not listen to you because you are not a WHITE
MAN. What you could possibly do is to hand your mission over to a white
tramp, dress him up and it would do the business. They will listen to
him because he is a white man, otherwise you are wasting your time. You
are not a white man, your mission is a failure, your own African
brothers in blood will never listen to you because you are not a white man. It
is sad but it is also the sad truth. That’s why I said that before you
get involved you must know and understand the West African psychology.
To better understand my thesis on African Psychology, let’s together go
through some historical facts.

-As you well know, Africa has been through the worse atrocities the
world has ever known and especially this part of Africa which has suffered
and is still suffering. Africans have been chased, poached, caught tied
like animals and piled up like sardines and shipped across the world
for sale. That period was the period of slavery of which Senegal is
bearing the fresh scars. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE.

-Then we invented the invasion called (colonisation) during which
Africans suffered the worse. Africans were forced to work for us, they went
through the same atrocities and humiliations. What lesson have Africans
learned from it? NONE.

-During the two European wars (world wars I & II), the poor Africans
under some derogatory names of Senegalese fusiliers (of which Senegal is
still bearing the scars) were used as sniffer dogs in the snow to free
our trapped and dispirited parents from the Nazis. Many Africans lost
their lives under the French flag. When we celebrate the liberation of
Europe who mentions them? Nobody. These Africans dared to ask us to
compensate them, we French told them to get lost. What lesson have Africans
learned from it. NONE.

-they wanted their independence; we gave them their independence with
small prints tagged at the bottom and on the conditions that they stay
our slaves. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE

-All Africans have witnessed and still remembers how Jean Bedel Bokassa
from the republic of Central Africa was treated by Giscard Desting and
his government. Bocassa was proclaimed emperor, he was humiliated,
after all the riches from the country were transferred to France, he was
then deposed by the same French government. What lesson have Africans
learned from it? NONE.

-Then came the genocide of Rwanda when millions and millions of
Africans fought against each other for no apparent reasons. Millions and
millions of Africans lost their lives. All these African leaders including
the UN SG know very well the role France played in this genocide. But
what lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE
-then there have been the following cases; Congo Brazza (the president
was democratically elected and deposed by France), the same Republic of
Central Africa (the president was democratically elected and deposed by
France), Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad. I could give you examples
until year 20yx. But what lesson have Africans learned from these
unfortunate events? NONE.

-Many Africans live in France and in other European countries. They
know how we treat them. These African leaders know the lives of their
countrymen in Europe. For example, we can arrest an African and detain him
for no reason. We have recently voted laws in France to limit the
number of Africans entering our Universities, we refuse visas to Africans.
Currently, while in Senegal, I can telephone my police and instruct them
to arrest any African walking in any street in Paris, put them on any
plane provided it is flying to Africa and put them anywhere the crew
desire and I will be applauded here in Dakar, possibly throughout all West
But what lesson are Africans learning from all these treatments? NONE

You see as Europeans we believe in one law: eye for eye tooth for
tooth. You kill one European we will kill millions of yours. What do
Africans believe in? Nothing.

The West African is a F**** slave to the white man, my dear Mbeki, you
are wasting your time. Your own brothers in flesh and blood will not
listen to you for you are not a white man and you have not come to


Neba Funiba

Mr. N'gombe:

Whoever you are, wherever you are, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you and congratulations for this excellent analysis. It is a song that I (and a few others) have been singing about frenchification, french neocolonization, and the marriage between Chirac and West/Central African dictators. You saw it with Kabila in Zaire, you are seeing it in Togo, and other kakistocracies such as Gabon, Cameroon, etc. will soon follow along the same path. Oppression, clientelism, presidentialism, dictatorship, neopatrimonialism, kleptocracy, authoritarianism, autocracy, and the politics of patronage are attributes of French-style governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ogunlawa N'gombe

Thank you Mr. Neba. I do not deserve any credit. The author of that piece is a certain Loba Osri in London. My hope is that someday we can identify our enemies, strategize on how to get rid of them and rebuild our battered psyches. Someday Cameroon and the rest of W.Africa will be free!

Emel Junior

What has the cameroon government done with the fact that the Vice prime Minister, Minister of State incharge of Territorial Administration Marafa Hamidou Yaya tried to embezzle over three billion CFA francs from a US NGO but was caught. I want to know because this is a disgrace not only to my country but also to my personality. i can't wait to come back home and run for president.


I was nice to read all that had to be said about the french and their unscrupulous dictatorship over some West African countries. Well as the saying goes, "everything has time" and i do strongly believe in the fact that one day, France will live to regrets all what they have been doing to these countries. i will also like to make mention the fact that african leaders are nothing but fools(off course not all, who just sit there and accepts orders from these so-call french people. If some of them like Biya of Cameroon, Bongo of Gabon, late Kabila, you name it, could get open their eyes and learn a good lessons from Nelson Mandela, i think Africa would have been a place worth to live in. France isn't paradise to me. Do you know that "No matter how high a bird flies, or you fire a bullet in the air, it will always come back to the earth. Give me a visa to live and work in France, i will not believe.........Thanks to those who had to give a justice a chance from the story i read about the Fon who murdered his fellow country man b/c of political diferences after having his opponent's junior sister as a wife. What a taboo. i will rather ask the public to reserve their celebrations and wait to see that the accused is dealed with in the right way for no confidence should be given to African leaders when it comes to issues like this one......

nzana seme

Paul Biya serait-il en phase terminale?

[ New York - États-Unis ] ( 22/02/2005) Ndzana Seme

C’est dans un secret total que Paul Biya était évacué en fin de semaine dernière dans un hôpital européen dont le nom est tout sussi gardé secret, selon une source de Yaoundé proche du pouvoir. Le président camerounais, qui risque de ne jamais revenir, laisse derrière lui un panier à crabes de gouvernement, une succession non réglée qui aiguise des couteaux, et un désastre social et économique qui augure du chaos qu’il promit aux Camerounais en 1992.

C’est dans un secret total que Paul Biya était évacué en fin de semaine dernière dans un hôpital européen dont le nom est tout sussi gardé secret, selon une source de Yaoundé proche du pouvoir. Le président camerounais, qui risque de ne jamais revenir, laisse derrière lui un panier à crabes de gouvernement, une succession non réglée qui aiguise des couteaux, et un désastre social et économique qui augure du chaos qu’il promit aux Camerounais en 1992. Selon une source proche de l’Elysée et qui requiert l’anonymat, la maladie du président camerounais est en phase terminale et il risque bien de ne pas s’en sortir.

Ce qui veut dire clairement que les multiples postes vacants dans la function publique et dans les missions diplomatiques camerounaises resteront vacants pour une durée indéterminée. Evidemment, les dernières larmes du crocodile Paul Biya pour son septenat en cours, à savoir que l’”erreur n’est plus premise” cette fois-ci, parce qu’il entendrait “Sortir le Cameroun du sous-développement et le faire accéder à la modernité”, tomberont une fois de plus dans un océan des voeux pieux dont les Camerounais sont déja habitués, d’autant plus qu’il n’a pas d’autre remède pour achever son rêve que l’endettement auprès du FMI et de la Banque mondiale.

Le plus épineux des problèmes, celui qui met à rude épreuve les nerfs des jeunes loups aux dents longues, est la succession de Paul Biya. Le dernier coup d’Etat du Togo et sa mise en échec par les autorités institutionneles africaines fait aujourd’hui réculer le general René Claude Meka et ses officiers bulu et beti dans leur plan initial d’opérer un coup d’Etat similaire si Biya décédait.

La giffle que les Africains, menés par le président de l’UA Oléségun Obasanjo et son secrétaire général Alpha Oumar Konaré, viennent d’infliger à Jacques Chirac et à la France, en demandant notamment le “retour inconditionnel à l’ordre constitutionnel” – qui signifie clairement la démission du Bébé Doc Faure Gnassingbé, la réinstallation du président de l’AN et la tenue des élections présidentielles dans les délais constitutionnels – sous peine de sanctions et même d’intervention militaire, et non pas la seule exigence de l’organisation des élections que l’Elysée cherchait à faire accepter afin de maintenir son poulain Faure au pouvoir à l’issue de fraudes électorales, est un avertissement pour le général Meka, son neveu Ze Meka à la tête de la défense nationale, et les autres officiers tribalistes bulu et beti qui ont plannifié un tel coup d’Etat au Cameroun.

Avec le camouflet reçu au Togo et les menaces de la mettre dehors en Côte d’Ivoire, la France est entrain de revoir ses stratégies d’intervention militaire en Afrique francophone. Car les “accords de coopération” signés en 1960 deviennent manifestement et de fait caducs depuis que les Africains, à travers leurs institutions panafricaines, ont adoptés des solutions africaines aux problèmes du Continent, y compris l’intervention armée.

C’est ainsi que l’épouvantail brandi la semaine dernière, avec la visite officielle du chargé de la défense au ministère français des affaires étrangères, paraît aux yeux des observateurs avisés comme un battement de l’aile de l’Elysée qui est maintenant très hésitante quant à engager ses coûteuses troupes en Afrique en cette période précise. Ceci revient à dire que les défenseurs de la solution de libération armée n’ont pas de meilleure opportunité que maintenant pour renverser les dictatures en Afrique francophone.

S’ils attendent que la France s’en sorte à bon compte de ses pétrins de Côte d’Ivoire et du Togo, nous serons repartis pour 45 autres années de néoclonialisme, de dictature et de paupérisation de nos populations. Ces derniers mois, des bruits ont couru sur une solution de coup d’Etat de palais à Etoudi.

Il s’agit alors d’un plan de renverser Paul Biya par un "coup d'Etat médico-constitutionnel" comme Ben Ali le fit avec Bourghiba en Tunisie, de le mettre bien à l’abri de toute poursuite judiciaire future, et de placer, avec la bénédiction de la France, un autre suppôt au pouvoir. Le suppôt en question serait Atangana Mebara et le complot impliquerait Pierre-Désiré Engo du côté financier et les Meka du côté militaire. Le nouveau pouvoir aurait alors la chance de verser la poudre du changement aux yeux des Camerounais, afin de continuer tranquillement la politique du tribalisme, de la corruption et du vol de Paul Biya.

La dernière sortie médiatique du capitaine Guérandi est venue donner des sueurs froides aux comploteurs du palais. Car un mouvement de libération en ce moment précis compliquerait leur tâche, en les contraignant à une lutte de factions qui aboutirait à un impasse comme en Côte d’Ivoire. Seul le temps nous en dira plus.


Hello Mr Nzana,
Is this a true story? if yes why don´t you post it to the numerous French online newsgroups in Cameroon? I hope you are not plying on our intelligence?
It´s an interesting story any way. I pray our Lion King will overcome this. after all he is a church going Christian. Our God is a God of second chance. Please God grant him another chance.

V Ngwari


Apres avoir annonce la mort de M. Paul Biya, M. Nzana Seme revient en nous annoncant qu'il serait en phase terminale?

M. Jacques Chirac se trompe legerement. Tres souvent son analyse part de premisses totalement fausses. elle est surannee. Les africains dont Chirac parle sont les gouvernants africains actuels, qui, a l'image d'Eyadema, Biya, Bongo etc. sont les presidents de la colonisation.

Lifting Doh's immunity is something to encourage. I miss the fact that nowhere noone looses a line to praise the administration for this exemplary behaviour. Que justice soit faite


Mr. Eric,
Cameroon Government or Administration deserves no praises from anyone doing proper analysis of the trends of this issue.
When the administration does something out of its own accord, I will praise the administration, but when it does something because of pressure from the masses (like lifting Fon Doh's immunity), the praises should go to those who deserve it-THE MASSES.

TA Tach

Lifting of the parliamentary immunity is a good thing but I am always very sceptical and slow to celebrate actions like this within the context of the Camerounian way. The president of that country called Cameroun deserves no thanks for giving instructions for the immunity to be lifted. Faced with the pressures exerted by the aggrieved he had no choice than to do what he did. I only hope that the government is not trying to validate the innocence of Fon Doh by allowing the trial to go through the dependent judicial process before in their normal tradition telling the people cosmetic stories. The eyes of the world are strictly on the outcome of this sensitive trial. This is high time, the Attorney General of the NWP, Justice Bechem effect the arrest of the so called Fon for he is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) amongs his own very subjects he purports to be protecting, sombo!

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