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Tuesday, 22 February 2005


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Charles Taku

This story is significant in that it vindicates what many of us have always thought and written on the pages of The Post for so long; namely that in terms of political idiology today, many in the SDF have abandoned the basic principles on which the party was formed and embraced the CPDM politics of illusion and deception.
I also find the introduction of the Holy Bible and its rationale by Ntumfor Nico Halle who was supposed to be an umpire in the most fraudulent Cameroonian elections disengenious.Who says political appointments by Biya are devine inspired as stated by Ntumfor?
The Biblical invocation of the temptation of Christ before his alleged baptism smacks of amateurish biblical interprattion to sanctify a product of fraud and fraudulent elections.Christ was never baptised in the sense understood by my dear friend because he was conceived and born without any sin to warrant cleansing.
What many in error consider the baptism of Christ at the River Jordan by John the Baptist was but one of three instances where God confirmed the Devinity of Christ before a pre-ordained witness John The Baptist as well as reveal the the Trinity, God, Holy Spirit and Christ ;all in one God.
The two other incidents where God manifested the above truth is at birth through the wise men from the East and in the presence of some Apostles during the transfiguration.In all these intances God personally intervened and spoke about the Devinity of Jesus before these credible witnesses.
The above clarification is intended to save several christains from the perfidy by political opportunists using the Holy Bible to give a human face to fraud and thievery.
Chief Charles Fuatabong Achaleke Taku

Janvier Tchouteu

It is not surprising. I have indicated several times that the rot in the SDF was by a clique many often referred lightly back in the late 1990s as "The Ntarikon mafia" , "The Ngemba mafia", etc. That clique had Fru Ndi at his head. Simply, all these guys mentioned above who constitute the SDF leadership in Momo with their patron being Mbah Ndam, who know more than others how tainted the Fru Ndi-Mbah Ndam etc clique are, just want a share of the "supposedly" national cake.
They have all lost the essence of the struggle, and as stated earlier, I consider them as traitors to the noble ideals of the kamerunian struggle to change the anachronistic French-imposed system. They betrayed the union nationalists and revolutionaries of the SDF and above all, they betrayed the struggling kamerunian masses and the hundreds of thousands of Kamerunians who died for a free, prosperous, liberal and united kamerun.

Visit the links below.

Charles Taku

A frontline nationalist Boh Herbert accurately calls this group of reactionalists,whose stock in trade is treachery the "widikum mafia".
Finally Biya identified , co-opted and rewarded it for "services "rendered in the appointment of Amah Muna the daughter of the unchallenged high priest of the said fratenity S.T Muna.The moblisation and show of solidarity by members of this cabal is but an outward manifestation of what has been going on in secret. And we were all along aware.
What did Muoafo Pierre the assistant secretary general of the SDF do to elicit article 8.2 that all the members of the mafia did not publicly manifest in their public outing in Momo?
A friend of mine who stumbled on a meeting of the mafia when Acham Peter Cho was appointed Governor of the South west by the head of the crime syndicate that passes for the president of Cameroun was so amazed that he ran to me crying.I could understand his justified frustration. We had both staked our lives defending the democratic credentials of some of them.
This public manifestation of the true face of the mafia and its exposure in The Post comes as a major relief to many who still beleive that the mafia may hoodwink reasonable people to concede leadership to them in the evening of Biya' potential demise any time soon.
Now that they have chosen their camp and stated so publicly, we accept them for what they truely are.
Chief Charles Fautabong Achaleke.

Janvier Tchouteu

Well Nkellefac,
We are all temporary instruments in the hands of providence. It is irrelevant whether you have heard of Janvier Tchouteu before or my person known in another name. This is a forum and we all are trying to send a message.
The question you should ask yourself whenever you read my writings are:
Why is he doing it?
What is his purpose?
What is his my conviction?
What values does he believe in?
Is he writing out of a blinding emotion or for self interest?

If the answers are in the negative, then you should be curious and try to go deeper into the subjects I am writing about. I don't think I have been any less a supporter of the SDF and its chairman than any of those commenting here. And I don't think I understand the pains from the mess that the political leaders caused any less than my fellow commentators. When I write, I am trying to confront myself and the reality for us all to judge, learn lessons and never repeat the wrong actions of those we believe or once believed in. We are in the most complicated and difficult part of the cause for a new kamerun. Many of us can't even identify the enemies, let alone our friends. And unless those identifications are discernible based on the virtues of a right cause, we shall find ourselves trapped for ever.

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