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Thursday, 17 February 2005


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All I want to know is the name of the journalist who asked why Fru Ndi had not congratulated "President" Biya on allowing the lifting of Fon Doh's immunity!! Are there still people out there (including respectable journalists!) who really think Biya should be thanked for allowing people to shit!! Excuse my French, but this is absolutely scandalous! Such servitude!!!

Titi Mile Zero

The list continues..Fon Doh personally led the invasion of Bafanji on several occasion killing innocent Bafanji people as well as some in his village,he burnt down all modern houses in Bafanji leaving hundreds homeless,he ordered the physical abuse of teachers sent to teach in his village.Where is Pah Lebga? Where is his mother? Tortured her and from his beatings she became sick and died, impregnated his own sister,caused lots of attrocities in Balikumbat,tortured and forced individuals to drink traditional concoctions resulting to their death, was asked to pay Ngufor over 75 million but has not paid anything.. he uprooted boundary pillars planted by a Federal Court Ruling and nothing was said..he has blocked the use of classrooms built by the Bfanji people for the Secondary School at a strategic location to serve six villages..all with the blessing of the CPDM..What has this almighty Fon not done?Yet I wonder why our well respected journalist will want to hear that Biya is congratulated for uplifting the very man who his government through former PM Achidi Achu created a consituency personally for him to handle and discipline Opposition villages like Bafanji?


The attrocities of fon Doh are testimony of the type of leadership we expect from north westerners.Fru ndi will never be a good leader too. If the North west has been fighting for land and boundaries resulting to deaths since the 1960s with no solution, then what solution can they provide for Cameroon's problems. Think about the Foncha and Munas, they led us into this unholy mariage with La republic. The north westerners have always been sell-outs, hypocrits nepotic and selffish. Their targets have lawys been the s.w.what a shame you people from the N.w .the S.Wners have now understood that , any union with the NW would be the bloodiestin African history.We hate the regimes of la republic du cameroon an the marriage, at the same time, they are better off than any regime that will be headed by a N.westerner. such a regime would be a model of tribal democracy in human history. Now the N.W leaders should know that. with la Republic, the S.w risk lossing their lives, but with the NW they loss their souls. God forbid any Scnc that will see a N>Westerner emerge as leader.
Good bye mr. Fru the Anti democratic leader of cameroon

Edith E

Mr. Ngalame is being economical with the truth in order to state his political prejudices. The values of the Hitler Fon Doh are neither those of Foncha, Muna, Endeley, SWers nor NWers. Fon Doh's values are universally reprehensible. The biggest demosntrations took place in his own hometown of Bali.

Nepotism is one of the ills in a multi-tribal society like Cameroon. Grasslanders do not monopolize the vice. For example, Premier Inoni's recent appointment of his ethnic Bakweri Parliamentarian an as his chief of staff could be seen as nepotism but that will seriously and wrongly underestimate the abilities of the appointee. By the same measure, the present Goverment is almost all from Biya's ethnic group including top generals in the army.

Let us look at some contemporally facts. Who headed the CDC when the Tea Plantations were under-valued and sold off ? Answer - PM Musunge a SWer. Who is head of the University of Buea where a law suit has been filed to address institutional discrimination against Anglophones? Answer - Madam Njeuma a SWer.

In which province is there an oil refinery where there is a practice of by-passing local people in preference for imported laborers from Douala ? Answer - the SW. This blatant economic discrimination cannot happen in the NW with impunity. NWers will require the DG to end it or be made to leave immediately. The SWers have tolerated this nonesense, including the politically movitated change of Victoria to Limbe, downgrading of infrastructure (wharfs in Tiko/ Bota, Yoke hydro-plant, closure of PAMOL, etc). Also despite oil, there still no all-seasons motorable road to Ndian Division !!

While Paul Biya, with his trickery and indecision, toyed with the idea of multiparty politics, the Chairman Ni Fru Ndi crash-landed right on Biya's table with the SDF. Biya tried to stop the launch by deploying armed troops in Bamenda. Several heroes were shot dead -a bloody day that gave birth to competitive politics in Cameroon. It was also one of the sad days for the Cameroonian State Press as CRTV newsman Eric Chinge failed to rise with the tide and proclaim the SDF launch in Bamenda that evening TV newcast. History, I bet will proclaim Ni Fru Ndi as the father of competitive politics in Cameroon (not Biya who covertly tried to stifle the change!).

Ngalame, do not toy with history. Facts have an uncanny way of staying the test of time and dominating the landscape.

Edith Epie

Titi Mile Zero

Well said Edith and my friend Ngalame who now understands how politics can catapult people into places they never dreamt of should know it is the Northwesterner who made it possible for " competitive Politics".Thanks to him,Biya turned his back on the Northwesterners and appointed Mola Peter who transformed Buea town into a near-modern city.Thanks to the Northwesterners that all the thick forests all over the South West Province are yearly being transformed into farmlands.However,I do not want to go trivial because no one should try to underestimate the contributions of the South westerners in the northwest province.
Between 1994 and 1998,I wrote some articles in The Herald Newspaper on this very bitter topic Mr Ngalame invoked in his political agenda. Fon Doh is not in the same League with Muna and Foncha any more like you will put Chief Endely in the same pot with Nnoko Mbelle and call it South West Elites.Infact Mr Ngalame comparison sounded much like you will be talking about Judas Iscariot while drawing on a piece of paper Jesus' picture..What a great contrast !!!
'stomacracy' well 'frenchified'is what reigns in our country today and anyone crying wolf wolf wolf is looking for something and when he gets there,that is the end..We all saw how The Herald Newspaper cried out against ended up last year in October with a near-Presidential Majority and what a fall!!There is divide and rule everywhere although my friend Ngalame sounded as if the South West is well united.No..not in that province where I grew up..they are all divided according to Divisions and sub divisions and villages and in every chieftaincy and what about Chief Ngalame????Not yet saved himself or is he?????????

ngeh ngala/denmark skandinavia.

Ngalame please beware of what you write to the world at large .How,when,where ,what and why do you think you are different.Anywhere that is your mind alow those that believe in Fru Ndi to go ahead i am a full time sdf supporter same as you.
Nevertheless should you again discourage the struggle for democracy .May God save your soul from the hands of the wrong and wicked !thank you Edith.

Asong Aloga Larry

Dear Lovely brothers and sisters
We should not be misled by the appostles of division who claim differences between SW and or NW. Cameroon is one and indivisible made of ten provinces. Those who go around without the fear of their consciences claiming some individuals or some particular persons from some specified parties can not rule our beloveth country err. i think we're all cameroonians and are all elligeable to any post in that country. The problem with Cameroonians is that, we have no confidence on ourselves, talk less of others.I think if we are transparent in our activities and have self confidence and trust, our problem will not be determining who is a good leader before he assumes the thrown, but judging him as he carries his duties. Lets give every body a chance and in good faith i think all will well, no matter who seats at Etoudi.if we're self respectful, we will not have to be rude and insolent to other people, regardless whether they're north westerners or south westerners or what ever you guys call it. If we look so much on this tribal differences what gonna say the people of littoral, east,west and other provinces? We Africans in general and cameroonians in particular, i should say have got to grow, think big and evolve other wise we shall always be hunted by our own actions. we live in the dark, operate in the dark but pretend to want to be in the light. no, no live in greed.we deserve a mental or i should say a faculty evolution about the easiness of life. may the Lord Bless and forgive our thoughts and activities.
it's been Aloga and wife in China.


Ngalame, you are a disgrace to Cameroon and the southwest province as a whole.Please its good to have an opinion but its better not to mess yourself up with stuff you have no idea about.I wonder if this guy went to school at all.But God sould safe his poor soul.Edith Epie God bless you.


Ngalame, you are a disgrace to Cameroon and the southwest province as a whole.Please its good to have an opinion but its better not to mess yourself up with stuff you have no idea about.I wonder if this guy went to school at all.But God sould safe his poor soul.Edith Epie God bless you.

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