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Thursday, 03 March 2005


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Glenn Wilson

The Office of the Prime Minister.
Yaounde, Cameroon.
Fax (237) 2235735
1st March 05

Open letter to Chief Ephraim Inoni

Prime Minister of Cameroon, Africa.

Dear Sir,
This letter is a follow up to a meeting that we had at your personal residence on the 9th of July 2002, whilst you held the position of secretary General in the Presidency. I delivered to you on that day, a copy of a petition to President Biya requesting intervention in a personal matter involving several criminal issues regarding the theft of monies that I invested in Cameroon and my being poisoned. This matter was raised due to the corrupt actions of the Cameroon Judiciary and continued threats for me to abandon my property to thieves. A friend and interpreter (Mr Paul Mapouth) who escorted me to this meeting was violently attacked 2 months later over these same issues, and has since passed away. To this date, several further petitions have brought no action by the Government Officials, thus allowing the matter to degenerate into some alarming accusations of murder, terrorism and the sale of human body parts, being made in the Cameroon media in an attempt to justify the theft.

I wish to congratulate you on your recent appointment as the Cameroon Prime Minister and applaud the stance you have taken against corruption, that is being continually reported in the Cameroon press. I also wish to applaud President Biya on his recently implemented programme (greater Achievements) designed to provide an improved lifestyle for the average Cameroonian.

It appears that at this time, most of the Judiciary is corrupted to the point where there is no justice available to those who seek resolution by this means. The courts have refused to acknowledge the value of contracts and ignored evidence, but willingly receive false statements from fictitious witnesses, (ghosts). Several requests to the authorities to investigate an incident outside a Cameroon bank (Societe Generale de Banque au Cameroun) which involved soldiers from Delta force and gunplay outside the bank, was refused. The incident was an attempt by criminals to remove funds transferred from Australia. 90% of scams involving banks in Cameroon generate from this bank (SGBC). Perhaps it is time to be serious about dealing with those who destroy the image of your country, for their own self centred and criminal means, while at the cost of the average lawful Cameroonian citizen.

I offer to provide conclusive evidence against those listed below for theie involvement in this despicable crime.

-Societe Generale de Banque au Cameroun.
-Justice J.F.Fonkwe - Fako Appeals court judge.
-Justice A.K.Nana - Fako Appeals court judge.
-Justice Lebong Morfaw Chibili - Fako High court judge.
-Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob - Limbe Deputy State counsel.
-Barrister Eno Charles Agbor - Eno Law Chambers, Buea.
-Barrister Tanyi Mbianyor - Eno Law Chambers, Buea.
-Barrister Mbi - Solomon Chambers, Kumba.
-Chief Bisong Etahoben - Weekly Post editor
-Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea.

Under the present conditions in Cameroon, there are no protections for investors against Mafia style Cameroonians who prey upon foreigners, due to their lack of knowledge into the workings of a corrupt system. I have placed all possible means before the Cameroon Government to resolve this issue, including statements, petitions and a volume of evidence in a matter that is thoroughly documented. Four years of interaction with the system and over 40 appearences in the courts of Cameroon has given me a comprehensive insight into the inner workings of the judiciary and the stumbling blocks to investment. If there is no resolution, I shall have no choice other than to send these stories to the world over to discourage investors and alert them to the dangers that await the unsuspecting. I hope this is not necessary and your intervention can improve Cameroon's prospects for investment, thus assisting the general population of Cameroon.
Yours Sincerely,

Glenn Wilson.

c/c List (via Aust post)
-His Excellency,Paul Biya. President of Cameroon.
-Minister of Justice, Cameroon
-South West Province Governor, Cameroon.
-Secretary General in the Presidency, Cameroon
-Australian Foreign Affairs, Canberra.
-International Court of Justice, The Hague
-World Bank Headquarters, Washington D.C.
-International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C.
-United Nations Headquarters.
-Western Union, Corporate Headquarters.
-Societe Generale, Paris.
-Societe Generale de Banque au Cameroun H.Q.
-African Development Bank.
-International Finance Corporation, washington D.C.
-British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London.
-American Embassy, Yaounde.
-Transparency International.
-European Union.
-American Business Association.
-United States Information Service, Cameroon.
-US Export-Import Bank.
-Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs.

From:Glenn Wilson
Address supplied.


To Glenn W.

Bravo!!! You do it right. Keep up the good work!

Sincerly Rodney


Hi Mr. Prime Minister,

With due respect,please can you give attention to Mr Glenn Wilson complaint. He is one of the very few who have tried to invest in Cameroon to improve the lives of the common man in te country but was preyed upon by the corrupt situation in the country. He tried to take the matter to court and had no way forward because of the corrupt judicial system of the country. To give your corrupt campaign credibility, can you attend to his case.
Kind regards


Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister on your efforts to eradicate corruption in the civil service. I will like to call on you to form a subcommission to monitor those involve in this anti-corruption campaign. This will make them more duty concious so, criminals will not go unpunish by giving some bribe.

The judiciary in Cameroon is a mess. Please Mr. Prime Minister, the poor can no longer receive justice in the courts. BE OUR MESSIAH.

God bless you and your efforts.

Anjoh George, Boston, U.S.A

Hi Mr. Prime Minister,
Mr. Glen Wilson is a wounded and desperate man, and you know a desperate man can cling to a sepent. Please, Mr. Prime Minister save our beloved country by acting promptly on this matter. Thanks, sir for understanding.

Hilary Awoondole

What makes a man is matching his words with action. Everybody who takes this office always promises hard times to those who stand on the way of his functions. Will the new PM in the person of E Inoni deliver the goods? The answer to this question will be to the affirmative if corruption topping the list of crimes in Cameroon is dismantled. This is not a big deal for some one of his like, He should start by washing his hands, which i think he has little to do and have no fear for those monsters who claim to be from the so called ruling clan. He should be adviced not to follow the footdteps of his predicessor who barks but never bites. Mr PM go the extral mile to be the right person in the right hole. All have come to swell their bank accounts at home and abroard try to demistify this attitude harboured by Cameroonian.
The first challenge is conspicously standing infront of you; weeding out corrupt civil servants in the public service and looking into the landmark case place before you by Mr Glenn Wilson. If you fail to look into this sensitive cases before you so shall you end this new office. Working hand in hand with the likes of Benjamin Amama Amama, fire eatter, who usually defies order from the so called untouchables to satisfy their personal interest. Who could say lasy candidates who go to write the entrance into ENAM should be permitted to enter the campus nor corruption should not be reduced in that institude.
Well chief Inoni this is the time for you to set the pace without
any fear or favour. I wish you Good luck in this task. Its a disgrace that Cameroon is rich but Cameroonians are poor.

Dr. Martin A. Salah

Corruption in Cameroon can only be abolished progressively and from the root courses. Majestrates and Judges, Tax and treasury Inspectors, DOs etc bribed their way into ENAM, Teachers bribed to enter ENS and these very teacher are the individuals educating the whole society, what do you expect from such a society? A policeman bribes to enter police school, a medical doctor bribed his way to and through CUSS. These so-called professional Schools are endless nurseries of the corruption in cameroon. To fight corruption effectively, if it is not just a window dressing affairs, let the PM do that from the grassroots. Other nurseries of corruption are the misery and desperation progressively cultivated in Cameroon by the system that creats too high taxes, unfair competition and extremely unequal destribution of national wealth resulting in the concentration of the national resources in the hands of a few who are in positions of autjority but refuse development.

Therefore there is no best way of fighting corruption than re-implenting a merit system, a fair and independent judiciary, infrastuctural development, a fair tax policicy and above all an accountable and fair democratic principles.

Charles Taku

Mr PM.
Corruption has ruined Cameroon.It has unfortunately become a way of life.
However, the measures being taken while commendable,cannot in my estimation solve the problem.
Refering the cases to the Civil Service Disciplinary Commission per se only helps the culprits to go home and continue to enjoy the loot.
I therefore recommend that you create a judicial commission of enquiry with poers to investigate cases of corruption where ever the evidence leads it.
Citizens who have specific complaints can report to the said commission with their evidence to sustain their complaints.That will guarantee due process.
In some countries, the judicairy would have been given this responsibility but in Cameroon the judiciary is corrupt and inept.
Therefore an independent judicial commission of enquiry will investigate and cause all proven cases of corruption to be prosecuted. In this way the judiciary will be investigated because to the extent that sovereignty belongs to the people,members of the judicairy have to be held accountable for their actions like any other state institution.
the recommendation given by the PM to sanction this malady lack a credible manner of control and credility.


I understand you must have a problem as an investor in Cameroon but I think this was not the right forum for you to expose your case.The approach is wrong,if this is the way you went to court before being treated as you claim,it would have been dismissed for procedural reasons as well as jurisdictional.You may have a good case but taking a wrong procedure might make it a bad case just as taking it to the wrong court.If your case did not have a favorable out come in the appeal court,you had the chance of taking it to the supreme court.Most of those who talk of a corrupt jurdiciary may be correct to an extend but we must not forget that there are exceptions in any situation,not all magistrates are corrupt.Some of those you made mentioned as being corrupt had been promoted as a sign of good work.May be you find out more on them before you start your case once more.Remember if you have a case with a company,say a bank in Cameroon,it is a private matter that must be addressed by the courts of Cameroon and not the gov't.Being in Australia and writing on this forum and thinking that action will be taken as a result of your threats,is just as a child's play.There's no way you will get anything from that matter in that way,go back to Cameroon and fight your case there.I understand you are just the type of investors who come to Cameroon to spend less in order to much work done for you because you have been told Cameroonians are poor,we could be poor financially but not intellectually.Learn to pay your Lawyers good money and mostly take one to work with you from the starting point on any investment projects.There are alot of legal issues before you invest in Cameroon .Meeting Inoni at his home gives me the impression that you wanted to pay him some money to do you a favor or to influence him to do something which was not correct to him and he did not see your way.People must not just think that he is there to do every thing all alone.He is at the head of a gov't and executes the policies of the state as defined by the head of state.He needs time and the participation of every one at any given point.Be a wash to your neighbor and Inoni will wash over every one.By the way,since you have made it public here,make the world and myself know in what investment you were into in Cameroon.Pascal Ewane.


Pascal your comments seemed to have been reasonable till you got to the end.What do you mean by Mr Glenn visiting Mr. Inoni at home while he was still SG as an attempt to buy him? That is naive, lobbying in Cameroon is effectively done that way.You go to a heavy weights home to have an opportunity to sell your case or problem without the hassle of secretaries and go between. It remains one of the most effective ways of lobbying in Cameroon.

Meanwhile I understand the plea of Mr. Glenn and I feel lots of disgust at the outcome.However I agree with Pascal that you need to go to Cameroon to see your case till the end. Seek to enlist the help of the Australian government to lobby for you.


Glenn Wilson

Mr Pascal,
All the quetions you raise are available to you at my website.

It has been there for the world (and yourself) to read for the last 2 years. Are you making an accusation that I attended Chief Inoni's house to corrupt him? It is a shame that my witness is not alive to be able to speak of this meeting. I hope Chief Inoni will.

JB Samba

Pacal. Again Learn to investigate before you post any comments on this forum

John M

Dear Mr Glenn Wilson, it's a tragedy that the unfortunate things you've cited in this and your previous letters happened to you.There no doubt that our institutions are corrupt.But I believe you've not done enough to receive any sort of attention.

I suggest you should change your strategy.Writing to the PM through this medium will do you no good.Why don't you defy all odds return there and fight for justice.How else do you think you will get justice if
you sit far away in Australia and write to the PM?Is the PM of Cameroon a Lawyer?

I believe that if you return there,with the aid of your embassy,you would get a lawyer who ensure that your case goes through.Remeber that while most of the judiciary corp is corrupt there are often a few good men.Men who do their duty as its prescribed by the law.

Take heart Mr Glenn,have courage. Seek and you shall find. Try and try again.Do you know the legendary Bob
Marley? He usually sang "Get up stand up and fight for
your right".

Be a man Mr Glenn, go there once more.
your Cameroonian friend


Fellow Cameroonians,
I am astounded that some of you still think a prime minister can eradicate corruption in Cameroon. Inoni and his predecessors are part and parcel of a deeply corrupt system and any genuine intention to combat it should begin from above. All what Inoni is doing is baloney and it is meant for public consumption. As doctor Martin Salah rightly indicates above, corruption should be tackled from the root rather than victimizing civil servants who are taking advantage of a system that was foisted on them. Inoni and his predecessors are powerless servants of rotten and corrupt system championed by Mr Biya. He and other top government officials should come out and declare their assets if they sincerely intend to abolish this system.

Neba Funiba

It is amazing how people forget that the judiciary in Cameroon is not independent. (Supreme Court) Judges in Cameroon are appointed without a hearing and scrutiny of their interpretation of the law (by the Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly--if at all it has one). Ask some of those judges whether they are strict constructionists or judicial activists and they may not know what you are talking about. Nepotism and clientelism (not meritocracy) are largely responsible for promotions in Cameroon--the judiciary no exception. During each election season, judges/magistrates, in fact, top government officials including university professors, receive millons CFA to go into the villages to campaign for biya--prima facie evidence that judges/magistrates are subject to political influence and pressure, and that top government officials are clientelistic--hence practice the politics of patronage. Any judge or magistrate who insists on pursuing justice against those with vested interest in the regime would be transfered to, say, Ebolowa, and his/her spouse transfered to, say, Nkambe--as punishment for daring and to keep them away from the cases per se. We should stop pretending--the country is morally bankrupt and lacks credibility in the international scene. Well, Inoni is trying but he should have started by streamlining the cabinet from 60 ministries to about 20, for a country of about 15 million--a very effective way of cutting waste, making government lean and efficient. Recall that people wrote on this very website that Inoni has very big shoes to fill because Musonge was very effective/efficient; if that was the case how come a salary scandal of this magnitude is only now being uncovered? Also, Inoni used to be a top official of MinFi, how come he missed out on such a scandal? Could he have done so without becoming a sacrificial lamb? Was "Operation Antelop" not supposed to uncover salary scams? Can Inoni investigate the generals in Cameroon who have unlimited and unchecked budgets? For your information, the oldest six generals in Cameroon have been in uniform since the 1950s when they worked for the colonial masters. Can Inoni get them to retire? Exactly one year from now we shall find out how far up the hierarchy Inoni is allowed to march with his fight against corruption.

Ngassa Hans

Dear Mola Ephraim,
Charity begins at home! Buea, the capital of the South West Province is one of the most corrupt towns in these country. At the delegation of Transport, Driving Licenses are being issued at a price of 30,000 - 40,000 FCFA, whereas the real price is 15,000 CFA. Let Arthur Lysinge be held to account for the extra money they have been collecting there. To get admission into BGS Molyko, you have to bribe about 60,000 FCFA. At the University, sexually transmitted marks is the order of the day. Those perpetrating it are mostly South Westerners. All these Baakweri boys (your tribes people) who just left ENAM are building mansions here and there. Where have they been getting the money?
Dear Mola, sit up and let us, the South Westerners be the first to show the other provinces a good example.
Ngassa Hans, New Town Limbe

Nde Gabriel T.

One of the worst things that has ever happened to our beloved country is the issue of civil servants abandoning their jobs while their salaries are still passing and then leave for abroad. They are not only earning money for a job which they are not doing, but are also preventing those unemployed from taking their positions. I think all the Principals must be held accountable for this. For a school like CCAST Bambili, they have about two teachers in China, one in Japan and about two in the U.S. Yet we have graduates looking for jobs here and there. All these Principals must account for these ghost teachers! They are being bribed by those who are abroad. It is up to Minister Bapes Bapes to bring all these culprits to book.
Long Live Greater Ambitions
Long Live the Fight Against Corruption
Long Live Cameroon.

Ndive Jude

The fight against corruption should be extended to the private sector. The private sector in Cameroon is one of the most corrupt. Employment is not done on merrits. A lot of Cameroonians from the University and abroad with Ph.D's, MBA etc find it very difficult in having jobs. Why? Because most bank managers and other GM's prefer to employ only their relatives and lovers. In Amity bank, 80 percent of the workers speak a common dialet. In UB, most majority of the workers speak Bakweri. In chantier Naval, most of the anglophones working there come but from Mezam. In Union Bank, most workers speak a common dialet.
We should not only be pointing a hand at civil servants when we cannot manage our own private companies.
This fight against corruption should be fought by everybody.
Ndive Jude M.
Lion Konsulting.

Vincent Ezeaugu

The problem with cameroon is that everybody who belongs to the ruling party says YES to the President. That is not democracy. People of the ruling party don't disagree amongst themselves. If you do, you are expelled!
This is where Nigeria is different. Some members of the ruling PDP party do criticise Obasanjo. From their criticisims, the President knows that he has to work for everybody.
So, if Cameroonians are really committed to fighting corruption, then the ruling party should make itself more democratic. Senior officials have to be arrested on charges of corruption so that those below will know that the government is bent on fighting corruption.
Junior civil servants should not be made scape goats! The private sector should also be committed to fight corruption. By so doing, I think Cameroon will be at the forefront of fighting corruption.

Njei Moses Timah

If Inoni can bring out something positive from the anti corruption drive,the better for all of us. I am one of the people that is sceptical because the present 'Cameroon system' is very hostile to positive change. When Bob Marley says "The Babylon system is a vampire sucking the blood of the sufferers", I will say the 'Cameroon system' not only sucks the blood but also chews the bones of honest people. Mr. Prime minister, our problem is with whole the system. With all due respect I can conveniently say that the problems of this miserable triangle called Cameroon can not be resolved by your government alone. The CPDM has to reach out to other Cameroonians and even the international community for assistance if we still dream of moving this country forward.

Randy, Tokyo

Dear Mr Glenn Wilson,

I read with much attention the ordeal you were subjected to at the hands of the "Mamfe Mafia." I doff my hat to you sir for such exemplary maturity that you manifested in dealing with your problems-legal or otherwiseboth social and legal, during your stay in Cameroon.

Here in Japan, the philosophy of "ONE BAD APPLE SPOILS THE BUNCH" is so rife, and I'm convinced that many a Japanese would never step foot in Cameroon if this had happened to them. My country is corrupt to its very marrow but as your experience proved, there are still a handful of God-fearing Cameroonians who'll put their lives on the line to stand on the side of goodness. I'm not a legal expert and will not pretend to have much as advice for you. Transfering your life's savings from Australia to invest in Cameroon deserves praise, and as a Cameroonian I can say for sure that I'd have benefitted; directly or indirectly from such a venture.
Sir, have faith in your struggle to reclaim your stolen property and my prayer is that justice takes its course, much sooner than later.


You have all commented on the PM's bluff, but seemed to have missed its insight.Mr Inoni is out to flatter Biya with a disguised sense of duty and also to sacrifice for his appointment.Biya started his rule as a corrupt leader and will end as a corrupter.An apple tree will never yield oranges.If Inoni wants to tell the Cameroonian people and the world that he is out to set a thief to catch a thief, then he should start with Paul Biya and let him answer questions to his own corrupt practices. Biya is the corrupt tree and trimming the branches of the corrupt tree without demolishing it, is creating a chance for fresh and healthy branches to sprout out.It is not Biya and or Inoni to cure corrupt practices in Cameroon.

Tonka Ernest

Thank you very much, Randy, for such an incisive contribution. As I mentioned to you sometime ago, Glenn, many Cameroonians will not condone with such an inconsiderate and callous happening, to say we have lots of people of integrity and honesty in that country. I hope the PM is one of those. I applaud the steadfastness you've exercised in tackling this issue, and I'm hopeful that this will pay off someday. Keep up with the struggle!

Minto Elias

Dear PM Inoni,

I applaud your bold initiative, on this ocassion safeguarding the coffers of the State. I urge you to consider internal peace and freedom to the citizens beyond the metropolis of Yaounde.

I urge to purge the police, gendarmes and special brigades who man road check-points, not to enforce laws but to collect 500 to 3000 frs CFA from motorists. This is the most insiduous and institutionalized avenue for corruption in Cameroon.

Sir, send a secret CRTV crew with a spy camera on the road and document the misery that ordinary citizens are subjected to every day at road checkpoints by arrogant forces of lawlessness, disorder and corruption. Why so many checkpoints ? Is Cameroon under Paul Biya a Police State? This kind of state-ochestrated abuse of her own citizens does not happen in civilized countries.

Minto Elias

Manka Irene

The prime minister should keep up with the good work.
Programmes like "Minute-by-Minute" should be re-instated to help in this new "operation anteloppe".

A law should be enacted in Cameroon making all companies both in the private/public sectors equal opportunity emplyers.

Prophetic Apostle Hamilton Ayuk

It will be very naïve to start congratulating the prime minister for doing a good job just by stirring the waters. Inoni could be doing that to frighten the corrupt of corrupts so that they will tremble and give him better bargaining powers. It is too premature to start thanking him. Arresting people who have stolen 95,000 CFA is a child’s play. Like someone rightly said, him and the others should first declare all their wealth because with this campaign if he does not come out a multibillionaire then God is to blame
Former PM Mafany Musonge did the same thing and I took my friends to Cameroon only to be harassed and locked up for taking pictures in Marche Mokolo. They said we were taking pictures of sensitive buildings. Since when have fowls and pigs, cocoyams and plantains become sensitive buildings?
Then while traveling to Mbalmayo we saw some two people jump into the road spreading their arms. The driver sighed. “Terrible ils sont meme ici”? They delayed us for about twenty minutes trying to get my white friends to give them some money. One of them asked for our driver licenses. We showed him. Then he said, “chef ils sonts meme avec les permits etrangers”. I said we are not driving. The other one said but “no bi simall time you go di drav”. I was tired where I sat. What nonsense is this I asked. Then the girls asked me “what do they want”? I said “they want money”. They said “for what” I said “because you have foreign driver licenses”. “But we are not driving” they explained. I said “it does not matter”. You are expatriates. Folks that is how corrupt some of those police officers are. Please, let us give him two years and then evaluate him with all the arrests. You know that the law is blind but in Cameroon the judges see. Worst still Inoni’s corruption gun will select who to shoot and who not to shoot. Those with no godfathers he will kill on the spot and the ones with godfathers he will wound or even overlook.
Prime Minister Inoni, non perfunctory actions speak louder than words. In case it does, more grease to your elbows. In that, I wish you God's protection and guidance.

Neba Funiba

I am very impressed with the comments posted by a majority of you. I am happy that we are no longer empty handclappers and motions-of-support senders. In fact this is the type of awareness and consciousness that has remained in obscurity. I also thank the post for providing this forum where rich ideas can be expressed. I hope somebody in Inoni's office will tell him to read the information posted herein. His initiatives shall be halted immediately, the day any of those within biya's innercircle shall be threatened by this so-called fight against corruption. By the way when shall Roger Melingui, the beti who was the PDG of Marketing Board when it was brought to its demise, be investigated for the millions he pocketed? Why is he still with minefi? Also, every now and then, people congratulate chantal biya for the wonderful job her foundation does but what I do not understand is how she gets money for her foundation. How many public fund-raising activities has she undertaken in order to solicit money for her foundation? If she is using state funds for her foundation, it is the wrong thing to do even if the foundation is helping individuals. Such funds are not accounted for. In addition, when biya is leaving Cameroon for a private visit (to france or Switzerland--comme d'habitude) why is it that ministers and other top government officers in Yaounde abandon work to go and spend time at the airport to see him off? Why can these dummies not separate the state from biya? Do they work for the state or for biya? At one point, the french ambassador was at Nsimalen to welcome biya back home. It is embarassing.

Joseph Nkeze

Hi Mr. Glenn,
You have been looking for every single opportunity to post that same letter. It is on the web, and now you are posting it here. This is not how you fight a case. There are many lawyers you can enlist in Cameroon to fight for you. Many are even willing to take such cases pro Bono. In Australia and other countries of the people, people swindle others. If you shout outside nobody hears you. You need to go to Court!
Corruption is a norm in Cameroon. Inoni makes it look as if he is knowing this for the first time. Achidi Achu and Musonge began the campaign, but today, they are gone, and corruption is still rearing its ugly head.Everybody knows it is just a sour joke. Corruption is the bane of our society promoted to a new form of religion by the Biya regime. To stop corruption, the Prime minister should begin from President Biya to himself first. How many of them have declared their assets?
Joe Nkeze

Joe Nkeze

Hi All,
This is the story from the BBC.

Cameroon uncovers salary scandal

The government is checking payrolls at other ministeries
Cameroon says widespread corruption in its finance ministry has cost it 1bn CFA francs ($2m; £1m) a month.
About 500 officials are accused of either awarding themselves extra money or claiming salaries for "non-existent" workers.

Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni, who vowed to tackle corruption when he came to office last year, said those found guilty would face tough punishments.

The scam is believed to have begun in 1994.

'False claims'

The prime minister's office said the alleged fraud was uncovered during an investigation into the payroll at the ministry.

In certain cases, staff are said to have lied about their rank and delayed their retirement in order to boost their earnings.

The prime minister's office said auditors had found "irregularities in the career structure of certain civil servants".

It added that the staff in question "appear to have received unearned salaries, boosting the payroll".

Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni has promised to fight corruption within the public sector

Fidelis Nanga, Cameroon journalist

Fidelis Nanga, a journalist based in the Cameroon capital Yaounde, said the government was considering taking criminal action against those found guilty and forcing them to repay any money owed.

"The prime minister has given instructions for exemplary penalties to be meted out against the accused and their accomplices if found guilty," he told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

Transparency gap

Mr Inoni launched an anti-corruption drive in December after foreign investors criticised a lack of transparency in the country's public finances.

In one initiative designed to improve efficiency, civil servants who arrived late for work were locked out of their offices.

The government now intends to carry out an audit of payrolls at all other government ministries.

In a report compiled by anti-corruption body Transparency International in 2003, graft was said to be "pervasive" in Cameroon.


As is usual, Nigeria is always outdoing Cameroun, in good and in bad. Well, in Nigeria, they are going after the big thieves. Will Inoni do that? See the New York Times story for yourself.

L. Ngombe

Fellow Cameeronians

Its véry nice to go through the comments posted in this forum. But after all I still have some problems understanding the impact of all these vis a vis the situation back there.

When was this forum created? I just joined it a couple of months back. Are the comments posted here published so that those that do not have access to internet can also read the opions of others?.
There are some of us who are trying to use this forum to settle scores between regions, tribes or what have you. which is not good. Some are pointing fingers to young Bakwerians from ENAM ARE THEY THE ONLY ONES FROM THAT SCHOOL putting up structures? This guy faild to name the tribe that owns Amity Bank (I will do it for him the Banso guys)

I will say a word or two as corruption is concerned. After reading allthe ideas above, very few people are there to give solutions to this problem which is as old as the universe itself.

I am of the opion that corruption can only be rooted or reduced since there is no society which is free of this by all of us.

why should we always point at others while we are not different from them. WHY?. Some of you are suggesting that it should start from the President why not you and me.

How many of you will come forward to say this my family member bought his/her way to this school or that one. if you keep such a person then know that you are worse than the president

Mola Inoni is doing a surpeb job and needs our collaboration. Beacuse he alone can not do the job. if the public service is clearned then people will start to see progress in that nation.

what I will suggest is that all those found guilty would face tough punishments and their names should be published in nwespapers as well as forcing them to testify infront of the national tv.

Mola Ngombe
student Denmark

Justice M. Mbuh

Bravo to Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim. I have always known that he had it in him, judging from how well he worked in the Ministry of Finance even as deputy minister under another deputy Minister! The trouble is, he is only doing great work to those Francophones to whom he has always been a jack-ass; an "Njakasshi"! Prove of this is found in his campaign speech in favor of Paul Biya in 1992! Lest he should forget! The system is what he and his bosses have built and only they can dismantle it or wait a little longer and see how it implodes on them!

When he is done teaching those frogs some lessons about how not to run and ruin a country and give its obituary at the same time, he should do well returning to Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) to do a better job that would be highly appreciated, when freedom finally reigns soon.

As for targeting only those in the Middle Class, ministries, etc., that is not exactly where to begin: I suggest Mr. Inoni puts the President of Cameroun Paul Biya lui meme, under investigation and then climb the ladder down onto the common people, the low tax-payers who have become victims of the corrupted system from higher order corrupt public officials.

I will personally have no faith in this recent mission to clean house, unless the President of Cameroun, his Ministers and Directors of Parastatals and other top-ranking officials are investigated. If this is not done, the current undertaking will be nothing more than victimizing the middle class and it eventually could back-fire--it could lead to a middle class rebellion as predicted in Marxian analysis!

And corruption is not just the only ill plaguing that nation. Anti-corruption measures will not work if those enforcing the rule of law are not given the powers to utilize the powerful arm of the Courts in delivering unpretending and unbiased judgments. Nothing will work well in Cameroun unless that nation begins to respect the rule of law, domestically and internationally. That way, we should even begin by questioning the manner by which Cameroun arm-twisted "Southern Cameroons" and turned it into her provinces in breach of international law which should have put the two together. Selective application of the rule of law is tantamount to no law at all!

Winding the clock backwards and investigating that nation since independence--from every firm's, industry's, company's employment to financial records--all of these need to be investigated! It actually serves no purpose to attempt cleaning the system mid-way when indeed huge embezzlements that ruined the National Produce Marketing Board when it became a Francohone embezzling empire after the Office was wrongfully transfered from Victoria to Douala; or failing to investigate how Francophones ruined the West Cameroon Bank with the help of top ranking political influence, just to name a few, should go unquestioned.

That is exactly why some of us have stood firmly, unrepentantly by the Restoration of the "Southern Cameroons" total independence as the Republic of Ambazonia--for the greatest victims of the corrupted Cameroun system is the state of West Cameroon and her unfortunate masses who are being forcefully integrated into mainstream Cameroun polity in breach of international law. Should Prime Minister Inoni not want to pass as yet another window-dressing servant which the top officials from West of the Mungo are noted for, he should set up an investigation in to the illegal annexation of the Southern Cameroons, of the West Cameroon, of the NW/SW Provinces into Cameroun which sparked the Rebellion of Ambazonia led by the top Cameroon legal mind Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka.

Anything short of these suggestions is pure crap, pure nonsense, pure window-dressing to serve still yet, those in power, not the masses and the dreams which unity by the rule of law and democratic spirit would have long served since 1961! That country began her drift toward present-day decay when it committed her original sin: that of illegally and forcefully attempting to annex "Southern Cameroons"! Since then, everything has gone wrong with Cameroun politics as crimes are committed, covered, dressed and hidden under the lies of unity!

Lastly, the PM will do all Cameroonians and Ambazonians (how about that?) well to firmly demarcate the boundaries of power in Cameroun. The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, ought to know the limits of their powers--that to my mind is not the case and does call for cross-boundary injections and interferances which sponsor and promote corruption. Some of the crimes now passing as mere corruption are simply because there are no clear cut boundaries between the organs of government, as typical in any Anglosaxon state the world over--which states are far less corrupt compared to their francophone nations to which Cameroun currently passes as their leader-nation in every poor and bad aspect!

The ball is in the court of the Prime Minister and the law-makers in Cameroun's Parliament. Cameroun politicians,Parliamentarians especially, must all make their voices to be heard on this matter as time is running out! Is it today that they suddenly knew that Cameroun is that corrupt? Or did they now run short of energy in employing people to deny Cameroun's corrupted statue on the world-wide-web to now revert to attempting correcting the problem but from the middle? Or must such actions begin to take place only when Paul Biya has amassed so much power and almost becoming a Presidential King and an untouchable that has gone AWOL? These are heart-felt criticisms and suggestions and in no way should be taken as condenscending to the dictates of Cameroun rule over Ambazonia. No way and very far from it!

Our dignity (as Anglophones, Southern Cameroonians, West Cameroonians or Ambazonians) still lies in whom we are and are always suppose to be--people of the separate state that would have been in union with Cameroun on equal partnership bases, period! Does not the terms of union clearly indicate that the treaty of union was not supposed to be tempered with? If that was not the beginning of corruption in Cameroon / Cameroun (and which begs for urgent correction) where and when indeed did corruption begin to eat deep into the annals of power and business in Contemporary Cameroun Politics?
Justice M. Mbuh
Washington, DC.


Hello Pals,
I do feel very impressed that my people are now taking events happening in their country seriously. What i will remind everyone is that those benefitting from the very corrupt system will always appreciate its activities. So when u seen some Cameroonians Support the values of such a corrupt infrastructure like one crazy pascal has been doing in this forum, don't get surprised Glenn and pals. I have been also very impressed by Ndive for his citing of other private corrupt practices in Cameroon. I will never bank with Amity Bank and will never encourage anyone to do business with them. That is why i do not send money through moneygram and i will encourage every Cameroonian to avoid doing business with moneygram. Also, someone cited how some of the justice cited by Glenn have got promotion as a reward for their goodwork. That person seems to be blind on how that rotten system operate. who do you want to get promotion in a very corrupt system? The corrupt ones are the ones who get promotion, those who pay bribes are those who get admission into CUSS, ENS, ENAM, etc.I won't want to list you the number of gov't ministers who collapsed and embezzled large amount of funds of government parastatals and were promoted to ministeral positions after that. the very foundation of our system is corruption and those who get promotion there are mostly the very corrupt one. I won't spend time discussing how that system operate but i will advise any Cameroonian to act in one way or the other to destroy those vices of our society. for me i have a list of things i can never do, don't send money through MONEYGRAM to Cameroon as a response to the tribalism instituted by banso people in amity bank.

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