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Monday, 28 March 2005


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Denis Tambe

Dear Mr. Tanyi,

We have seen this situation before in the United Kingdom.

Do you remember Conservative Cabinet Minister Jonathan Aitken's flat and categoric denial that the Saudi Arabian government had not paid for his bill at the Ritz Hotel in Paris? He went on to challenge a newspaper to prove the allegation. The Guardian Newspaper did not only oblige, but it exposed the elaborate charade Jonathan Aitken had used (including asking his innocent teenage daugther and wife to lie about the payment) to cover the Saudi payment.

Dr. Murungaru has called his bluff and Transparency International has responded appropriately by asking the Kenyan Government to put in a request for the damning evidence. Transparency International has no quarrel with a never-do-well thieving African miinister. To stoop to Dr. Murungaru's level would be to open the flloodgates of individual quarrels with the many thieving Ministers in Africa - SPINELESS MEN WHO HAVE NEVER LEARNED TO EARN A LIVING AND PERSISTENTLY PREY ON HELPLESS AFRICAN MASSES (for the most part women and children).

Transparency International has thrown the gauntlet at the Kenyan Government, which has the power and authority to prosecute Dr. Murungaru for theft of public funds once the evidence is presented. Infact, armed with a request from the Kenyan Government Transparency International may even go the extra mile to provide further proof of the rampant theft by other Kenyan Government Ministers. The benevolent British High Commmissioner to Kenya has spent most of his time in Kenya exposing rampant high level corruption and thievery in the Kibaki Government.

The thieving Kibaki government will not rise to Transparency International's challenge and request the damning evidence against Dr. Murungaru. Kibaki may not want to set a precedent against his comrades-in-thievery. Transparency International should be prepared to act without the request from the Kenyan Government. Exposing Dr. Murungaru will go a long way to warn other thieving Africans that there is no safe haven for their ill-gotten gains. African thieves should not be at ease in Western Banks.

Are African Ministers unabashed indolent thieves? Do these people have any sense of honour? How can a self-respecting person steal and live off the resources of down-trodden African masses? How can these people condemn a whole race to perpetual servitude? Go through the London Underground at night and see battallions of black Africans srubbing and shoving. Why must these men (for the most part) be allowed to perpetuate the debilitating misery that forces Africans, educated and uneducated, to become servants and labourers in the Western World? Africans are perpetually eeking a marginal existence or fighting to survive while these thieving buffoons lord it over them.

And we keep asking why Afrrcans don't read or write. Can a race that is perpetually hustling to survive have the peace of mind to read, assimilate and contemplate? Those Africans who have made measurable progress towards a comfortable life must deal with EXCESS BAGGAGE - the many family relations suffering from the debilitating effects of misrule and thieving in Africa. These Africans on the threshold of a comfortable life must continuously detract from their savings (towards investment) to meet the survival needs of their ever expanding extended families (sex is the main recreational activity in poor African economies and this accounts for the ever increasing population)

Then there are those Africans who continuously compromise their future economic prosperity by being avid conspicuous consumers. How can people not far removed from poverty and whose poor relations remind them every day of their lowly beginnings chose to spend money on big houses and expensive cars? Is this due to an inate sense of inferiority - trappings of wealth giving us a sense of worth? And how can a people so intent on showing off ever become PARSIMONIOUS and save towards investment and ecomomic growth in Africa? These conspicuously consuming Africans will, no doubt, resort to stealing if they were ever to become ministers in African governments. They will have to contend with their expensive tastes, poor relations, and a general love for the good life.

Materalism is an END for most theiving Africans.

Mukefor West Sussex United Kingdom

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