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Monday, 28 March 2005


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Seems to me hon Nkwain wants to make a come back.
This attitude of Biya supporters praising him no matter what is the act that has landed us where we are.
We all live in lies.


What else can Nkwain? Has he ever been out of touch with the people of the NW.


Poor old Nkwain should know by now that Northwesterners are not interested in Political appointments and look for other means to seek attention from Biya. Northwesterners had long closed the door to Mr Biya and do not give a damn whether a northwesterner is appointment minister or not. He even went further to claim that the exorbitant taxes foisted on Cameroonians by the Inoni government is justified because 'Cameroonians have enjoyed a long period of tax moratorium'. It will be interesting if Mr Nkwain can tell us what the Inoni government has done to uplift the plight of millions of cameroonians that have been suffering under Biya for more than two decades. It is regrettable that people like Nkwain can actually sell their consciences and people just to beg for favours from Biya.

Neba Funiba

This is classic false consciousness. Ironically, Nkwain and Inoni were co-workers at the Cameroon Embassy in Washington, DC--may be he is seeking a comeback. Nkwain should stay put underneath the political rugs where he belongs. What I find disturbing is the hupla generated in villages, tribes, divisions, etc., whenever someone from that locality is appointed a minister or senior administrative officer. For example, what do Peter Abeti and Peter Agbor Tabi (ex-ministers) have to show as contribution toward the development of their localities?. Nothing! Ninety-nine percent of these appointees are narcissistic cranks interested only in their immediate families and may be those of their girlfriends (now curtailed by the fear of AIDS); the locality at-large does not benefit anything substantial from the appointment of an individual. Even some parliamentarians (elected officials) bankroll themselves with money they receive for micro-projects. A typical example is Dr. Solomon Shu, former CPDM parliamentarian from Bafut. For the years that he was in parliament, he got money for micro-projects yet there is absolutely nothing to show for that money. Whether a minister is from Northwest, Southwest, "DOWNWEST, UPWEST, FIRSTWEST OR LASTWEST" it does not make a difference because the system is broke and must be fixed.


I've had the opportunity of sitting in the same room with Pa Nkwain. I've even had the priviledge of serving him a drink on one or two occasions. As a custom in the NW, we address elders 'pa'(ba) or 'ma' and so I fondly addrees him "Pa" or refer to him as such when talking about him to others. He's a man of great wisdom and such a vast knowledge and I just love looking straight into his eyes when he gives advice about Religion and Character.
But I'm afraid when it comes to politics or the cpdm party in particular, Pa Nkwain, deliberately, and shamelessly so, chooses to be outright dishonest or turns a blind eye to the ills inflicted on the Cameroonian by Biya and his thieving cohorts.

To be honest with you Pa, when I have another opportunity to sit with you in the same room again, it'll be very hard this time around to look you straight in the eye again. Not because I'm guilty of some wrongdoing, but because your words of advice and especially that determined look of 'honesty' in your eyes would have ceased to become a source of inspiration to me.

Alobwede Benard

It is out of sheer effrontery that any right thinking Cameroonian will make the ridiculous declarations made by the 'honourable' Pa Francis Nkwain.How can a man of his age and education become so dishonest to himself and Cameroonians?
North Westeners have been marginalised in the "new" government of Chief Inoni and Cameroonians have been cruelly subjected to heavy taxes.
I also wish to state that anglophones in general have been marginalised by the regime over the years.Any anglophone who fails to point out this truth is a sycophantic, kabu kabu, self seeking political nonentity in search crumbs,in the guise of appointment, at the table of "Le Renouveau".
It is high time the exploited, oppressed and downtrodden stood up to right the wrongs done to them.
As a Cameroonian in the diaspora, I will continue to be patriotic by speaking the truth.
Benard (U.S.A)


Why should people still worry about worthless opinions of weary-brained,and selfish men like Francis Nkwain.Such are some truly shameless hypocrites whom anglophones should do all to disown.
Anne Nkwain and the rest of Francis Nkwain's progeny should really be embarrassed by their very own father's insanity!It is awefully frightening to have such a fellow as your dad!
Shame on you Mr. Nkwain.

Ashu felix

What Really is Marginalisation
Should lazy people get up and start working rather than talking Nonesence???
This is the type of politics thats has keep and will keep africa and Cameroon in particular in the bin of poverty.People are not judge for what they can do within a particulary period of time but they are judge because they are from one part of Cameroon or the other.When a Cameroonian from the french speaking province is appointed to any ministerial position there is out cry of Anglophone marginalization, when its came from the south west there is similar outcry of Northwest marginalzation.So too if the governor appointed in southwest is a Bakweri man there will be a bayangui marginalization.
I wonder whats this "Marginalisation" is all about.To me its anloge to a Lazy child who always complain that the Teaches hate him whenever he had a bad result slip.
Ashu Felix(Oldenburg Germany)

Stephane Ndong

There is a story around which alleges that Mr. Nkwain slept with ALL his daughters.

Is that true?

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