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Monday, 28 March 2005


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do we not wish that camerounians and southern cameroonians were as enthusiastic at resisting their fate as you are?

Mukete Jude

Before we flatter people from other provinces into thinking that Inoni is Prime Minister for all Cameroonians, I would like to statem without any degree of error whtsoever, that South Westerners are feeding fat from what North Westerners have worked for.

On realizing that the CPDM and himself has no place in the North West province, Biya completely vomited the whole North West province. Unable to buy the conscience of Noth West politicians like late Pa Muna and late Pa Foncha, Biya openly told his tribesmen that he will teach the North West province a bitter lesson.

Biya's number one enemy is Ni John Fru Ndi, the man who has demonstrated several times that the whole North West province is his. Biya has promised hell to the whole of the North West province because they consider Ni John Fru Ndi to be their leader.

South Westerners are those benefiting from this open hatred against the North West province. And the south Westerners are now playing their cards very well. Blackmail, gossips and lies against North Westerners is common among South Westerners.

To tell North Westerners that Inoni is for them, is pure shit. It holds no water and even Inoni can not sleep with his eyes open in a room where North Westerners are present. You think Inoni can eat or drink freely in the presence of North Westerners.

I am not dividing the Anglophone community, but I am calling a spade a spade. What I am talking about is the simple truth, and those who would not like to listen, should dive inside the Mongo river and scatter their heads into pieces.

I hate the naked-face hypocrasy that is practiced by our shameless journalists- those who would always call white black.


Ndze Ntuv Evaristus Tunka

Mukete Sir,
There is no flattery in saying that PM Inoni is for all Cameroonians. He is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon and as constitution states the Prime Minister of all Cameroonians whether they be Notherners, Southerners, Northwesterners etc. I'm sure you know politics is a game of manipulation and propaganda, a game of who gets what, when, and how. Spitting out your disappointment and (maybe)failure in the game of politics on the facts that be is not honourable of you. I do believe, PM Inoni has so far proven that he is PM for all Cameroonians, and he should be credited for the moves he's taken so far.
The problem of SouthWest- NorthWest divide, is far more than politically opinionated, and so we should not continue to let this hamper the development of Anglophone Cameroon. We should learn to give credit where it's due and not just spark off flames of discontent, gruntlement, and disunity. Northwesterners have shown their political maturity, kudos to them, but with comments flaming disunity like yours, then, Cameroonians will remain blindfolded on what the reality is, and this will of course ( and has done in the past)give room for Mr. Biya and his cohorts to take advantage and manipulate Cameroonians. Whether it was a Westerner, Northerner, or Southerner as PM, he would still be PM of all Cameroonians.
It is not hypocracy on the part of the journalists, when they say the Prime Minister of all Cameroonians, it is the fact- instead, it is hypocracy on your part not to acknowlegde the fact that Inoni is the Prime Minister of the Beautiful triangle called Cameroon.
Ndze Ntuv Evaristus Tunka
Minnesota- USA


Mukete tastes with a bitter tongue. Just as Ndze has noted above, it is true, and no honest Cameroonian can gainsay it, that Northwesterners have and still put in a lot to sustain the flame of change. But to give the impression that southwesterners are just opportunists feeding fat on the sweat and blood of the Northwesterners would be outright myopism.
You mentioned Muna and Foncha. They were fighters.They did a lot for this nation. Foncha,I will agree realised his errors. But did Muna do? Remember the KNDP split due to the election of Jua to replace Foncha? Remember Muna's machinations over JUA for the West cameroon prime ministery, and later FONCHA, for the vice presidency? I am not a historian, but from the little I can understand MUna can never be said to have frowned on the divide and rule tactics of Ahidjo and later Biya.You think his 1988 retirement was a snob on Biya and his curruption?

Let's look ahead to a day when this Southwest/Northwest divide would end. It's only when we stop it that Anglophones can stand up as a people and instead of dashing their brains into the ruins of the Mongo bridge as u suggest, they will rise resplendent from the refreshing dive. Or if if we rise not, who knows?, "From Shari, From where the Mongo Meanders, From along the banks of the lowly Boumba stream" we shall muster together and stand mighty as the Buea mountain.

JP Tanyong

Inoni should have better things to do than chasing civil servants to their offices. His policies are a smokescreen for several reasons:

First of all, his hands are not clean. He has been an insider in one of the most corrupt administrations on earth. Let him declare all his assets and their source to assure Cameroonians of his honesty.

Secondly, let us not forget that all the problems Inoni is pretending to solve were brought about by his master Paul Biya. Biya has completely killed any investment culture in Cameroon by his wanton mismanagement, lack of foresight and embezzlement. If Inoni wants to help Cameroon then he must be fighting against Biya and all he stands for, which is impossible.

Thirdly the Prime Minister is not getting his priorities straight. The civil service should not be the focus of employment opportunities. What does it produce? It is merely a service industry. Inoni should be thinking about setting up manufacturing and production industries which can generate the much needed jobs in Cameroon and boost the GDP. If these companies are well run, then the country will be on the path to reconstruction.

Lastly Inoni is forcing workers to get to work early. Let him ask himself what the transportation system is like in Yaoundé. Has the government provided a reliable bus or train service? Or may be he thinks all civil servants come to work like himself, in a limousine escorted by siren flashing police cars.

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