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Friday, 22 April 2005


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These people who clapped and clapped at anything Nkwain said on hehalf on the gov't, who hailed Nkwain as a hero, who could(if only they didn't) kill anyone who opposed what nkwain said or stood for, who eat from the schemes of nkwain and the gov't. Now that nkwain is on retirement, you call him selfish because there is no more grain coming through him. Have you forgotten that you were eating at the expense of the majority population? Or you call that generosity.

Now you are looking for sympathy, calling yourselves poor people, some even stranded in Yaounde. It's just the begining of your reward. The cries of those poor villages is coming after you. Things will certainly grow worst for all those cameroonian vampires. You'll all be stranded.

The voice of the people is the voice of god.

Ngonyama Ka Brooklyn

On a strictly apolitical basis,I would offer another opinion on Hon.Francis Nkwain.As an elder of the then English Speaking Catholic church -Elig-Affa ,Yaounde,Hon. Nkwain was a very humble man.His political views bore the brunt of some people but "Let he who is without sin,cast the first stone".
I know nothing about his labeling people 'merceneries" and his political ambition.As minister of Mines and Power in 1988, he hosted the Catholic Youth group that I led at his Bastos residence.While treating the poor students that we were to a sumptuos meal and drinks, he and two other elders-Late Prof.Ngongikuo and Mr. Ben Fultang preached to our group and also provided a financial incentive for our projects.They were and remain great role models.As a 41 year old man today,I now see what it takes to mentor people.
I am sorry to hear about this victims' saga and pyromania due to political affiliation!Hopefully,Mr. Biya would compensate you as he is trying to leave behind a positive legacy for posterity.I tip off my hat to Pah Nkwain,Professor Boniface Nasah,Professor Jacob Ngu Lifangi,Prof.Lantum ,Mr. peter Chateh ,Commissioner Patcha,Pah Foncha etc who mentored me in the 1980's!

Boniface Ndemping Wewe
Ngonyama Ka Brooklyn

Ogunlawa Ngombe

Francis Nkwain a mentor! A mentor! Will someone stop this nightmare. Francis Nkwain a mentor?! Mr. Nkwain is a leech and will go down in MY history book as one of Africa's greatest traitors. Yes! I said it. Who cares if he fed catholic school boys, when a large majority of those so-called catholics in impoverished countries cannot afford a meal, yet the vatican remains one of the richest enclaves on the planet. Give us a break...Africans all over the world are every passing minute because of leeches like him. If religion were the barometer for virtue, the catholic church wouldn't have endorsed the transatlantic slave trade when the Portuguese and Spanish went to the pope for permission.


If you ever wondered why slavery, colonialism and dictatorships have flourished in Africa, it is all there in Mr. Wewe's comment...sychophancy in its worst possible form.


You said it church was the prime endorser of this slave trade thing.And before
Paul 11 passed away last week or so,he was told by Fidel Castro when he visited Cuba,that,he is still to say sorry to black people because of the Catholic Church's involvement in the slave trade era.He hasn't don it.Some people are so muse with Christianity,and the catholic church as if it wil bring salvation.We have to be very very careful with this church thing.


Hi guys'

The catholic church is not the issue here. Have been boiling with anti catholic sentiments? Then create another forum for that. One man is only trying to say how he got help from Nkwain. Nkwain is not the catholic church.

The issue here is about Nkwain and his former clique. Don't try to divert.


One man is asking us to judge a politician on the basis of a free meal he received from the politician, as opposed to the politician's record in offices he has held over decades!

A free meal and drinks is clouding one man's objectivity of a politician's lifetime record. Typical African stomach principles! A man gives you a "free" meal and immediately he owns your mind! The slave traders used this trick, European imperialists used this trick, African dictators are still using this trick and corrupt politicians in Cameroon are still using this trick. Do we ever think of anything else but our stomachs?

Seems as if while other people think with their brains, we use our stomachs to think.

Francis Njobe

If I were there during the slave-trade era I would have opted to be sold as a slave. The blacks sold to America are better off today.Many Africans today are buying to go to Europe to do the same odd jobs Slaves use to do in those days. Even if the Pope said sorry before dying history will not have changed its course.
The so-called Post Electoral Violence Victims deserve their punishment.Hons. Nkwain is playing his role well as a member of Chop People Dem Money. What do you expect from the CPDM gov't? Lies and Machination. My advise to these Victims is forget and never take part in dirty Politics.

Ogunlawa Ngombe

Gone are the days when challenging the church was taboo. The time has come for Africans to objectively reassess the role religion plays in pacifying Africans albeit our pathetic circumstances. Period!
From my understanding, only a fraction of our ancestors who were sold as slaves made it to bondage. The "slave" hole in the boats carrying them were disease ridden and smelt of death and agony. Personally, i would be a lot more cautious in wishing that one any human being. When an entity like cameroon can breed such a thought, maybe it's time we set it ablaze mentally.
Big up to p.w. for the wisdom. Its a sick world and God is still to answer our prayers even though he seems to answer our oppressors'.
"I refuse to be politically correct at a time of war. We are dying by the minute. Check the stats!"
Ogunlawa Ngombe


Mr. Njobe,

If you think all African Americans are better off than you just by virtue of the fact that they are in America, you have some real self esteem problems. Moreover, you are totally ignorant of African American history.

You don't also have to just wish and dream to be sold as a slave today. Guess what? If you want to be a slave today you can actually make your wish come true! In Mauritania, the Arabs still trade black slaves. Why not go and volunteer your services? I am sure they would just be too delighted for a slave obtained for free.

If your preference is for white slave masters, I am sure there are still parts of the Deep South in the United States of America, where they would just love to still have black slaves, and would be delighted with your services. So, my friend, you can actually still make your dream of being treated as subhuman come true in 2004. It doesn't have to remain a dream!

Meanwhile, your insensitivity towards to victims of political violence associated with the 1992 elections needs to be treated with the contempt it deserves. It speaks volumes about your selfishness, which is obviously consistent with your insensitivity towards the African victims of the slave trade.

Kumbringu Kaba K

Do you guys look at the issue at stake before posting your suggestions. One mans's hypothesis just can't derail the focus of the issue at stake. Come back to your senses.

Ogunlawa Ngombe

Every thing is connected; greedy politicians, violence, "His" story, religion, profiteering, mind control, power etc etc.
We must learn to look at the big picture to understand why people do what they do. With all due respect Mr. Kaba, we haven't derailed our focus. We are just trying to articulate what our colonial history texts failed to address.

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