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Friday, 29 April 2005


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sincerely, i no dey undastan dis article oh.

the various paragraphs are incoherent!

after the inquiry and confirmation of the deaths, weti hapun?

abeg wona complete stories before posting mai-fren...


R. DeSouza

Who wrote this article? The last paragraph is just plain stupid! Who cares about the colonial masters of Cameroon?

JP Tanyong

This article was published courtesy of Reuters, an nternational news agency. It was not written or edited by the Post. These are people in Europe/US writing about a country they have probably never visited before. In another place, they mistakenly state that Buea is in the North West Province.


I am afraid this enquiry just like other government enquiries will exonerate the police of any wrong doing.This should not be surprising because the president and his clique will be those to choose those who will constitute the panel.
The NEC(National Elections Obsevatory)is a painful reminder of government sponsored commissions.
The enquiry will be a farce and cover up to satisfy human rights activists and the international community.
With the death toll at three now and on the rise it brings to mind the level of indiscipline and impunity amongst our uncontrolled force.
The blood of these students shall haunt the murderers and God's wrath awaits those sponsoring them.


this isthe time for Cameroonians to come out in solidarity with the students and get his monolithic Government to know that Camerron has no future under their common. Strange to here that students attend lectures in the Molyko High school Besides that sports is one of the Courses in the school course work. With this students are even not allowed to graduate because they failed in sports.
may brothers remember that if the taxi people are striking and we do not join them thinking that it istheir problems it will finally bounces back on us.becos the prices will be increased and we will be forced to pay.
so let us not look at the student problem today as only their problem but it is a societal problems that involves every body.


Who is the Leader ordering an inquiry?
Where was him when the troops were sent to confront these students?
Who gave instructions on the operation of the troops?
Are they not his agents?
He should shamefully accept the failures of his regime and step down.
We need him no more.
How can a Nation be experiencing waves of killings,and the Gov't remains reluctant to act.
If the Police has started killing themselves,what more of innoncent civiliance and students?
From the death of youths in Bamenda,multiplying through that of John Konteh in Balikumbat,Police man in Douala,and today students.
Is that not enough spank on the face of the Gov't?
Shame to the C.P.D.M regime.
Human rights Organizations should take note.
Enough is enough,Mr.Biya should step down.


Jacques Fame Ndongo or what you call your self.
Tell that your so-called Leader,who is ordering an Inquiry,to inquire about himself.
He should inquire if he is truely a Leader.
A true Leader is one who is concern with the welfare of his citizens.
Not one whose concern is to consolidate his grip on Power,regardless of what the nation is facing.
A Leader who hadly speaks on National issues?
His time has expired.He and all his colony of Ministers should step down and leave Cameroon in Peace.
Bad Gov't in a beloved Fatherland.


This article is a response to Mr Endeleys article in one of our local newspapers. I am studying in a UK university paying 4000 pounds as an EU student. I am originally from Cameroon and a graduate of UB but as a result of my current citizenship, i can pay EU fees. the fees will not bother someone in as much as the economy of that country can afford to, the standards are good and we are being subsidised to pay the fees. I wonder how an educated minister of education will resort in a strike situation by comparing the fees paid in the university of buea with those paid in US/UK universities. that is absurd. You tell students to pay high fees, you don't provide them any facility, etc. Thats absurd. Besides you are talking about foreign students paying high fees. do you mean a cameroonian in his own country is a foreigner simply because he is a native english speaker?


We all know the story of what happens when enquiries are set up. The question here is, is this going to be the same? Sometimes enquiries are set up to literally "bury" a story, since the results either take too long to be published or the results never get to be published.

Well, let's hope that since this time around it is a judicial enquiry, the culprits may be found and some sanction applied. Hopefully things will return to normal in UB.

Once more my condolences to the bereaved families.


Please be very explicit,don´t just write for the sake of writing and give us concret conclusion,what has this got to do with colonial masters or what soever.
After the inquiry,what next,the damage has already been done,why not handle your affairs well rather than wait for sure disasters to occur before looking into problems.
Please all those comparing the fees and study conditions(ministers,rectors,registrer and co) should mine the way the put it,Cam´n is not US nor any country in Europe.Despite the high fees abroad,they have the means(gov´t surport and part-time jobs) of meeting up with the standard,is there any sure means in Cam´n?
Yes we acknowledge the fact that the gov´t is subsidising the studies,my fellow friends, 50.000FCFA can´t cover us in the university,it is actually a registration fee as the registrer puts it.If that is the way the gov´t thinks he can surport students then improve their study conditions and encourage the students by employing them upon graduation and giving them more openings to further their education.

Philip Ndum

The use of deadly force should only be reserved in a situation where life is at risk. It pains me to read about these unfortunate events at UB where students raising their voices and using stones against a culture of tyranny are attacked with deadly force. The pictures, if representative of the facts on the ground, with gun-trotting policemen invading unarmed students residential areas, are really a cause for concern.
A government enquiry, though welcomed is not likely going to be objective, but what is the alternative? When political leaders remain silent despite such oppression, the government is empowered to be the accuser and the judge.
It is sad to say but the truth remains that governments everywhere are as good as the people they represent for from that pool comes the leaders and the ineptitude of the people serves as a silent affirmation to the actions of the leaders.
We cannot continue to blame Biya for all the ills of Cameroon. Until we all take collective responsibility and work in ways that will foster progress and unity, this cycle of denigration and retrogression will only continue.
Thanks to the operators of this forum for creating an environment where free thought can be expressed. My only advise to them is that personal responsibility and accountability must be maintained for civil discussions to continue in this forum. The use of aliases and other misleading and untraceable names will only encourages faceless monsters to destroy this forum like others before.

Blasius Ekange

The use of deadly force is a time-honored tradition in Gaullist Africa to resolve social and political issues. It started in Setif, Algeria, went through Madagascar, continued with the genocide of UPC adherents tribalized as Bamilekes and Bassas by France in La Republique du Cameroun, and so too in Rwanda. France's African henchmen, brainwashed and zombified are always at the ready to use deadly force.
Of note is that deadly force by colonial armies of occupation my friends is the norm! It has been no different in the Southern Cameroons.


It is schocking to hear that University students were shot because they were protesting against poor living and study conditions in the infamous "place to be".
This reminds me of the inhuman treatment we received in Yaunde university in 1991 during thev famous student parliament, at Bonamousadi.Kontchou then said,"il ya eu zero mort".
I almost wept when I read the Registrar's comparison of fees in America and Cameroon.There is no iota of comparison.First of all, only foreign students pay high fees.Morever,students have so many job opportunities to get money for tuition.In addition,students have decent study facilities,libraries,better organised and varied programs, just to mention these.
We Cameroonians in the USA are deeply hurt and shocked by this calamity and urge the President to take punitive actions against those who ordered these killings.This is the only way he can exonerate himself from blame and be free from the wrath of the spirits of the dead.
God bless their souls.


In the light of the killings and the brutality exercised on the students, one will want to know if Taku and Besong are the only brave men West of the Mungo at times like this? Where are the defenders of the Southern cameroons way of life? Is the Endeley reported here really the son of Late Dr. EML Endeley? Has he asked himself if he would be here today had his father been shot dead as a student at Ibadan? How do heros give birth to dead men? Thanks to Inoni, this Endeley and Njouma for buying their positions from Biya with the blood of their fellowmen.
NDI MANJONG (Leominster, MA, USA).


May the souls of my brothers rest in peace.i thinh those inquiring about the death of this students are only making the public believe they are working meanwhile it will be a forgotten better not be because it will only call for worst things to happen can poeple with weapons come to fight war with poeple without weapons?i think this policemen need the nuts in their heads screwed they even know God?they better do before the wrath of God falls on them.heartless poeple with no sense of direction.they just get excited when asked to do a job and overdo it thinking they would be praised.the government better do something and fast.


Why the anglophones? Is it becouse our cry have not been considered by theU N? This is the time i believe when we all sahall take our cry again to the Door steeps of the U N for a solution to these delima.The Cameroon GOVERNMENT have always use us the Anglophones as a test grund for their WEAPONS,Remember Lake Njos,the Bamenda masacreof 1990,The university of Yaounde were our Anglophone students were killwd,just to mention a feiw and now the University of Buea.Where are we going to?to meet succes or to meet Dead at a time that our Parents have used their last KOBO and especting us to support our Geniors.When i look at these pictures,i regreat the Fumban Confrene of 1961.It is indeed true that the Goverment of La Replulique have decided that the Anglophone Student can only be EMPLOYED IN THE GRAVE.Dear Brothers of the FIGHT,let us keep fighting for the INDEPENDENCE of Southern Cameroon as it is the only way to reduce Dead Rate in the Anglophone Region.It is true and Ibeleive that La Replublique is the number ONE killer Disease in the Anglophone Region AND NOT H.I.V Aids. Our Universities are now Battle fields for Cameroun Goverment.MAY THE SOULS of our brothers of the fight REST IN PERFECT PEACE. From:CLEMENT BONGHAM,OKLAHOMA U.S.A (brother of the fight)

Ntonghanwah Forcheh

The killing of students by officers in Cameroon can not come as a surprise to anyone who has spent a reasonable time in Cameroon. Law and Order is not something that our law and order officers understand anything about, and it is not something the politicians are interested in. That is why even law makers such as parliamentarians can be killed or can kill and nothing gets done to the killers.

What is most disturbing is that Cameroonians continue to tolerate this state of affairs, and some even exploit it. For example, I have witnessed several instances in public transports buses in which a brave passenger or the driver challenges a corrupt officer who wants to extort money from him/her and rather than fellow passengers uniting to challenge such an officer heap insults on the passenger or driver for wasting their time. A taxi driver in Limbe recently showed me his “Verbal Tax” declaration, which he said is among the countless taxes that he most pay to get his car registered. I once was in a Taxi when an officer asked the driver for his “Turn-Over” tax.

When taxi drivers get fade up with never ending harassment on the roads, extremely poor and dangerous driving conditions, and never ending taxes etc. etc. and go on strike, the rest of the population looks on as hapless frightened chickens. When their own children in school become fade with non-existence study facilities, lack of allowances, and never ending charges, and go on strike, even the teachers and administrators who should know better, call the trigger happy officers to haunt them out of the University and out of their hostels to be beaten and tear-gassed and even shot at as the events of last week show.

When is enough going to be enough in Cameroon? When are Cameroonians going to decide to live in dignity befitting such a great nation? What is going to require Cameroonians to rise as it has happened the world over (in Romania, Chile, the Philippines, South Africa, Georgia, Ukraine etc) and let the politicians know that that they, the citizens are the owners of the land and its resources, and must be the deciders of who manages them and how these resources are managed? How long are we going to continue to live dozily in this “Le Cameroun des Grand Illusion”?

...Until we are turned into another Cote d’Ivoire or another Togo, or another Rwanda? These are examples of the consequences of no action and Cameroon bears incredible similarities with these three countries.

My take is that Cameroonians deserve more and must strive for more, and must fight for more. It is time for civil society and well meaning Cameroonians be them in government or opposition, in education or in heath, civil servants or “Sauveteur”, at home or abroad to determine new avenues, a new existence befitting an “Indomitable Lion King” that Cameroon was made to be and must be.

May the blood of the deceased students not be in-vain.
Sincere condolences to their families.



It's a disgrace that a police man should pull a trigger on peaceful demonstrating students. Even here in the UK where demonstrations are common, I have never ever seen a police officer with a rifle. That spells out loud and clear how illiterate and ignorant our uniform officers are. These 'scouts', I don't think have ever received a lesson on basic human rights. I pray the ghost of the departed students hunt these road-side referees.
May the souls of our departed brothers and friends rest in perfect peace.


I am really afraid of what is going on in my beloved Cameroon.

How can the "forces of Law and Order" turn to be the "Forces of Criminality and Disorder". The Article above is so childish and must have been written by an amateur who really don't know the in-depth of a "matter".

It said when people demonstrate in telling the "Powers That Be" about the troubles they are facing. Isn't strike actions a part and parcel of "real democracy".

Even in Uk and USA students or let me say, citizens demonstrate on a course they belief its true and for theie betterment.

What type of Police Force do we have?? There are many social disorders in Molyko they can't arrest. And when poor "unarmed" students express themselves, people who failed to understand the "Ethics of good policing" shoot at them.

I learnt that Molyko has turn into something else, just like "the streets of Baghdad".

I can't even continue to write, those pictures are so weird... I am really afraid...Well,if I have the courage to write again, I will express my grievances.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe, Douala

Sorry, this is the true version of that story

Government Jokes Again

Orders Investigation Into the Killing of Varsity Students

La Republique's Minister... Jacques fame Ndongo has true the regime's policy made another ^ronouncement that sounds like the notorious government jokes when public authorities get fellow Cameroonians done to death. The Minister revealed that, true to his way of operating, the President of the Republic has ordered an enquiry into the killing of Buea Varsity students. The Minister made the statement with all the conviction that like in other gruelsome murder cases, no result of the enquiries will ever be made public.

A story like this one sounds more convincing, isn't it? This story looks more accurate and balance. What about that?

Hilda  Tangham

What a shame our country is still the same, Power, Money and Killings from the law makers. Why cann't we find peace in our own country. Why in schools. The killings that occured at the University was very shameful, but i don't doubt it. Thinking about it these students just wanted an improvement in their study and living environment. Hoping that they investigate the matter this time and take action.


As sad as it is, some cameroonians never learn. I still ask myself how people get to die in such situations. I know if I were there I won't die coz I will go home immediately the whole thing starts. How can people stand beside a cameroonian policeman who has a gun? We all know the kind of trainings our police officers receive. It is like gambling with your life trying to confront this people. I wonder how many people will advice their brothers and sisters and loved ones to participate in such an action, more in a country called cameroon which is not very far from a jungle. I wonder why people still consider that territory a country. It is not one. That is a jungle made of of families and tribes.

How can somebody risk his life this way? And students going on strike just destroy everything they see.. destroy the same buildings they need for their education. Destroy their own canteen, lecturers cars. I wonder were in a people do this and not expect a total police brutality, which is also totally wrong. It is just a cycle of madness out there. Students beating up police, putting journalists lives at risk, police responding with excessive force and two are left dead. Cameroon the country as some still know it, a place in which 80% of everything done at any given time of the day is wrong. I sometime wonder how it is like living there.

Anyway, God bless the souls of those who died. They gamlbed directly or indirectly with their lives but hope they didn't die in vain. Each time you click on a cameroonian website to read about something going on in cameroon, it is always something wrong.

I got just one advice for those students, if they want to strike, let them strike and not riot because that is unacceptable and only leads to what we just had. It doesn't help. It leaves people dead, streets messed up, loss of property and nobody is a winner in the end. I don't think that is what they wanted. They better rethink their strategies next time.


it is a big surprise that while the minister is trying to create an atmosphere of dialogue with the students,the authorities of the university of Beua ,stand to pretend that they very much love cameroon,by standing to defend the university and state properties.This spirit of attaching more importance to material wealth is typical of certain cameroonians whom I think they do these only to protect their posts.
I really see a wind of change blowing across cameroon.It is a pitty that a cameroon which is said to be democratic,the police wages war on armless students,killing them for just no reason.Police people loot houses and carry away property and all go unpunished.
it is time to put order in cameroon.The head of state has called for clarification.After the declarations of the rector and vice of the Buea university over the university crises,it is but obvious that it is really a big shame to have such persons at the topof uversity of Buea.It puts alot of question marks on the credibility of the university.They all need to be sacked.
we need new persons with new ideas that match up with the present circumstances.
Infact,after i read all the declarations of the chancellor and his vice of the university of Buea,i was more than ashamed in their places.How can the chancellor says that the students of Buea were only being instigated by the students of yaounde.he went further to say that the Buea students just went to strike in solidarity with their yaounde inmates without actually having any reason.But on the other hand the students have outrightly complained about the poor administration,lack of dialogue,high fees etc.
when such grievances remained unhandled by the authorities ,that is a sign of disrespect from the part of the authorities.

Hyacienth nguh tebie

fellow cameroonians,members of government,the time has come to change from all forms of hatrate towards one another.
It is a very big surprise that after the mess in Buea,the university staff has just been displaced from one university to another.
Discipline has no sense or meaning in this context.
my greatest wish"ALL those who want to command,must first learn to obey" .cameroonians who are in offices have no respect for those who the are to serve.They will not remain eternal in those offices.
I believe strongly that justice,order,respect,peace,harmony and unity must reign in cameroon.
I dream of a cameroon where be you of english expression or of french exprerssion,you have the right to freedom of expression,freedom of criticism,access to all state amenities ,equal rights for all,the law should be thesame for all.All uniform officers,civil servants who violate the rights of the minority should be punished accordingly.
I dream of a cameroon ,in which every one will be happy,friendly,respectful and creative for a prosperous development and unity.
what is the future of cameroon?All young cameroonians are out because there is no conduisive living condition in are given only to those who have a relation.those who donot have a relation,have limited chances of getting jobs.
cameroon is a very rich land that has enough resources to keep all happy.
colonial exploitations which are still going on today has keep cameroon at the bottom line of development. All these coupled with embezzlement ,corruption and mismanagement only deteriorates the situation. we need to take our destiny into our hands to make cameroon a better place for all cameroonians.

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