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Thursday, 28 April 2005


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Fru Ndi you are a failure and stop disturbing people with your primitive politics. Are you a national politician or a regional parliamentarian, complaining about the number of North Westerners who have been appointed ministers or directors. Just stay where you are and eat the money Paul Biya is giving to you and let Cameroonians take care of their problems.

We want young charismatic leaders like Men Muna and not old and useless hypocrits of your type.

Wilson Anung, Montreal-Canada

Mr.Herbert can we be gentle and subject oriented when we make comments in connection to what people write in this paper. To begin with there is no Men Muna in the political team of Cameroon. Secondly politics has not got any clear cut age limit to practice, so by saying that somebody is old to be a politician is complete absurdity. If you look at the American Senate, most of the Senators are old people. I suppose to pratice politics age is an added advantage. Please don't say things that can triger criticism and leave your political awareness under question.

Back to the subject proper, if the SDF Chieftain is directing his memo towards North West, West Cameroon or whatever, it's basically the same thing that he would have done if he (or someone else) finds a similar problem in any other part of Cameroon.
Ni John Fru Ndi, is undoubtable when it comes to Cameroon politics, but just like any other human he may at one point be sentimental. If you find such a situation and as a constructive Cameroon, please in a soft-spoken manner, point out his errors. Let me tell you that when a figure like Fru Ndi sends an article like this to the public he expects reactions and it's from these reactions that he strengthens his political puissance. If you criticise constructively, he will appreciate and acknowledge it even though you might not be aware of the appreciation and acknowledgement.

Mr Ni John Fru Ndi, we are all aware of the fact that there is an ignored part of Cameroon whether people believe or not, even the blinds can see that. But the future will tell.

KEEP PUSHING! We need people like you in our society.


@Wilson Anung, Montreal-Canada

We Cameroonians don't need people like you who support Fru Ndi blindly. You guys are the failures of Cameroonian democracy. I now see why the SDF was doomed to fail, because if you can't tell your leader that what he did was wrong, how can he ever correct his mistakes. But since you guys just keep on saying YES to whatever Fru Ndi says, you are reaping your fruits today. Just wait for the next election in Cameroon and see what the SDF will get as results if Fru Ndi doesn't resign and give way to people like Ben Muna and other intellectual and patriotic Cameroonians.
I don't need you to agree with me because you are too blind to see the reality of Cameroonian politics.

bernard baiye

I don`t doubt for one moment the reason for your bitterness, dear Herbert. Let me guess, you are one of us who believed so much in the `CHANGE SLOGAN` since the `90s.
Well i`m not playing the devil or angel`s lawyer, but if the chairman Mr Fru Ndi should talk about north westerners, this to me,is in respect of `charity begins at home`. Infact you have to look around or sweep your door mouth properly.
My real discomfort here are your choice of words,in the last segment of your dropnote. Is he really that sort?There isn`t any wrongdoing getting what a party leader should get rightfully from his government.
Again the fight is not about him winning the presidential elections but getting what is dued to the anglos.With the most civilized fraud system that we have you dare not dream another fore runner will make any difference.Whether Ni John is so disappointing to you or not he`s and will remain the anglophone Cameroon symbol of the struggle against constitutionalized thievery and disguised oppression.
The chairman has sometimes made some doubtful paths, but he deserves something better.

Peter Aka

Fru Ndi's letter to Biya shows that he is not a national leader. He is just fit to be candidate for the Governorship position in a "decentralised" Cameroon.


Fru Ndi is a national politician. Such a reggionally based Memo should have been written by the NW provincial Chairman of the SDF. This is another very huge, shameful mistake by the nattional chairman.


This alleged memo by Fru Ndi calls for some observations.
1) It shows clearly that Fru Ndi can not persistently seek for and have an audience with Biya either openly or secretly.Earlier refusals does not mean he can not be granted one this time around. After all, of recent his cronies have been suggesting the SDF goes the CPDM list system in forming its NEC. This Mr. Biya likes.
2) That the SDF has ran out of steam under Fru Ndi's watch.It epitomises Fru's lack of understanding and interpreting Biya's politics. I advice him to read some of the scholarly materials on Cameroonian politics written by the rare and eminent anthropologist, Dr. Francis Nyamnjoh.
3)The memo portrays Fru as a regionalist representing the interests and prerogatives of the NW Province in our national political chessboard. I think he is just respecting the foot steps of erstwhile KNDP leadership; I mean Life President as Foncha was for the KNDP.
4)No aspiring or future president of cameroon can rely on a region to lead the country. It is unheard of and can never happen in Cameroon.
5)It justifies the assertion of those who claim that he is politically naive suffering from what I may call "SDF Pensée Unique" installed by retired civil servants and political bootlickers.
6) That Fru is like most Cameroonians. Always writing petitions against this or that person. The One Party Era is over.

Samuel Batumbu

I am embarassed with this article. People are mourning for poor Ma Rose but Fru Ndi is instead interested in politics. Na wa ooh. Mr chairman your wife had an accident when she was for the service of the sdf and cameroon as a whole and you fail to aknowledge the fact. Instead of mourning ma Rose like others you are struggling to repair political blunders. For 15 years as sdf chairman you did not write a memo to Biya about the grievances of cameroonians but you wait untill ma Rose had a problem and you collected money on her behalf, shamefully you sit down and write a memo.If this memo was written on the 03/ 04 why did you not publish it the same day you send a copy to the governor. John it is a disgrace. You are playing politics over ROSE'S corpse.


Please Gents,
Being insulting in our postings is a mark of weakness of mind and thinking. Why can't we "correct" others in a more humane manner. I think the postings of Mukete and Herbert are outright insults and a mark of immaturity. The stuff we post out here is read by multitudes the world over, hence we most think critically before posting.

The chairman may be wrong in some instances, but calling him names like you do is historical and intellectual dishonesty. Let's be honest to ourselves and give credit where it is due. The chairman has done more than any opposition politician in Cameroon.
Keep on Chairman, but avoid descending to a regional politician.

Joe Che

Who is talking about the chairman, a MUKETE, funny!!!! A MUKETE can sit and spit fire? When they all have blood in thier hands. I am sure the famous NFON has sent this thug out to incite people. After killing Esame you Muketes' can talk? Wonders shall never end. My friend, just shutup. If you want change, go start from your backyard, with the Nfon and the other murderers.


Point of correction to you all.
That memo to President Biya went out before Late MA Rose collapsed. Please check the dates before you critize. Anyone who is challenging Fru-Ndi should simply challenge him on the SDF convention in December this year. Please stop making noise over this medium.
If anyone feels his is better than Ni Fru, put in for your nomination of national Chiarman thru NEC come December.

Also, if that guy who thinks Men(Ben) Muna can be the chairman, please advice him to try again this time. He might be beaten again.

Tony Macolo

By their words, we shall know them. Its disheartening to read such nonsense from (believingly young) Cameroonians who should be engaged in constructive critism and contributing positive and intelligent ideas for the reformation of our mother land rather than involve in such biased and negative attitudes as demonstrated by Herbert, Mukete etc. From your childish responses, i could only draw two simple conclusions
(1) you guys are sympathizers of the CPDM regime that has robbed our nation for decades. Probably you or some of your close relatives are either enjoying some personal benefits from this regime and sincerely dont want to see it change
(2) you are from the southwest.

Cameroon remains under the claws of the C cos of people like you who refuse to aknowledge/appreciate the sacrifices made by others on your very behalf meanwhile you lack the courage to forge ahead and be flag bearers of what you perceive to be the right way out.

Someone referred to Ben Muna as the right leader to lead Cameroon out of its present dilemma. Would you mind giving reasons to support this ??. However, i think your choice is wrong. Dont forget, Like father like son!!!!. Ben tried once to disintergrate Cameroon (the opposition) cos of his selfish ambitions. Why is he back?? the same people he was running away from are still in the house and still havent deviated from the party's ideologies. I believe he has come to accept the fact that the SDF is the only force that can liberate our country men from the "Biya gang".
People make mistakes. Only the wise aknowledge this and open their arms in welcoming any constructive criticsm and suggestions. The ultimatum to Biya must have infuriated some of you because it was centered on the Grand NW Province but ask yourself if those reasons were genuine enough to notify the gang leader that we are watching. As the national chairman of SDF, generalized national issues should be addressed but that doesnt prevent him from intervening if there are regional issues that are of importance. i think pa Ni has demonstrated sincerely that he has the entire nation at heart and is working towards the good of this blessed country. He has addressed issues affecting other regions before now and accept it or not, his intervention was neccessary for the NW and SW provinces. Only people with tribalistic ideologies will interpret his mail in the context in which u did.
Why are cameroonians being discriminated upon when it comes to sharing the natonal cake, based on their political affiliations??? Why dont we have a representative government in place, a government of national unity?. The whys are plentiful, needless stating cos you are not as ignorant as demonstrated in your mails.

I would like to state here that this forum is meant for intellectuals. People who can i repeat, constructively criticise and provide suggestions for better organiation and presnetation of this paper, and aid in building our mother land. Not for arogant idiots such as mukete who tries to settle personal scores here and calling someone a "baboon". I believe it is he who is a baboon. probably brought out of some of the dark forest of the south sudenly and surprisingly into daylight!!.

I wish to extend my heart felt condolence to Pa Ni John and his family over the lose of our beloved Ma Rose Ndi. May her soul rest in peace.

Mukete, dont be angry that there is nobody to invite you for the burial. You must be crying out why you are so insignificant in society. Please, there is an open invitation. Our people up north welcome all. So be not be angry that Chris gonna consume what you would have.

NB: Establishing and airforce base in the NW province is the preparation of the "gang" to institute a Togolese style leader when the gang leader perishes. For his days maybe numbered!!. Who will stand up against such move if not Bamenda??? Answer toothless bulldog!!

Tony Macolo

Mukete, you state one contribution you or your family has done to help cameroonians out of this situation.

Fru Ndi spearheaded political reforms in cameroon with his launching of the SDF. Through him, people like you know some of their basic rights.
Not just to sit back and praise the gang each time it carries out a project in your region. Projects that the citizens are entitled to. Hand clappers, thats what you shall remain!!


I have to say, I was shocked when I read such extreme negative and attacking comments by Herbert and Mukete. Even if you don't agree with someone's views, you can do that in a more civilised and mature manner.
As someone rightly said, this memo was indeed sent long before Mrs Ndi died, so it is not as if Mr. Fru Ndi is only thinking of politics while his wife was in her deathbed. I wonder however why the news is only now being published. When I saw the headline with Ni John Fru's name in it, I thought I would read something on him thanking the president, head of government for his prompt assistance in his time of difficulties as when his wife was promptly flown to Switzerland and the bills footed by the government. Anyways, we would like to read actual facts on this website so as not to lead to confusion. May Mrs Ndi soul rest in perfect peace.

FON.Ekia Gilbert KUM

It is realy clear that, the politics of Cameroon is real rubish and open self interest. I do acknowledge the fact that, Fru in yester years underpinned his political struggle because of the masses that supported and glorified his charismatic personality. This was because, the Cameroonian people wanted change and still want the change even now as I write, albeit gravely politically disappointed with the entire oppsition movement in Cameroon. Most of the opposition politicians and even their leaders in Cameroon do not actually comprehend what politics is, their reasons for practicing and even involving into politics. As a matter of fact, they are particularly interested in forstering their own plans, dreams and interests. I am personally addressing this mail to Mr.NDI Fru JOHN, albeit he has made his name in Cameroon politics, henceforth politically blundering and misfiring in and out of Cameroon. Modern opposition politics is not practiced the way Mr.NDI Fru John and his other political traitors in the opposition are doing. You all can never be the next President of Cameroon following real political meritocratic rules. All of you guys do treat and deal with the government in respect of your own interests. It was evidently seen during the last Presidential elections. You guys should either dump what we term in 'political science' political confusion and hypocrisy in your political rubish bins. The S.D.F. leadership and other opponents of the government must change their strategic, mechanical and political instruments in order to oust the incumbent regime from power. I do think that, even if some of you arrive at the helm of the country, you would encroach your selves as the present dictator who is un§able to quit due to his political misdeeds and atrocities. But I do think and believe that, one day, history will unfold all you peoples' political diabolic interconnections and you would be all accounted for before the Cameroonian people. Give way for young people who are physically, intellectually, meritocratically, and combatively fit for the game. Your chances are all over and you did not use them appropriately. I am sorry Mr. NDI Fru you and your colleagues in the opposition movement in Cameroon have politically disgraced the entire Cameroonian citizenry, and you would never become president in the Cameroons.


One of the major things Fru Ndi has done is to make it possible for idiots like you to expose their level of buffonery through mediums like this. The fact that you can even sit before a computer today and air your stupid views is because somebody(Fru Ndi)had the grit and will to defy Biya and his troops and launched a political revolution that made it possible everyone including idiots like to be able to talk.You have been very busy in this forum vilifying Mr Ndi even in the wake of the demise of his wife.Look Moron, Fru Ndi was not sent from above like Jesus Christ to come and save Cameroon. He has played a major role in the political struggle in cameroon and will definately leave an indelible imprint in the history of this country. If you think you have something better to offer, the political terrain is still very open. May be you can start from your backyard as somebody is proposing. Stop disrupting sensible debates in the forum with blind hatred.


Dear all,

Can I be authorised to draw your attention that this forum is for people to share progressive ideas and not pour their venom on each other? I'm so horrified to read about insults and derogatory comments from learned gentlemen and ladies of this forum. If I may ask, is there a perfect human being on this sinful earth? I think, if one does not have a valuable, constructive comment to post, it would be better to abstain than post something that would create polemics in the forum. Let there be calm.

All the best to my beloved comptriots.


Herbert and Mukete and all the likes.Why must you keep expressing yourselves like you were politically uncultured.l think you need some morals on how to judge.Are you happy in this country? If at all what made you to be happy.Did you embezzle and was not arrested. Stop filling your stomarchs when people are dying in University of Buea, and in Bamenda from the dust and the roads. l think you should see others suffering and not express yourself stupidly. You family name gives me a very bitter memory and you should be careful the way you open yourself. Harder times lie ahead and don't think that you are spared. You may eat cake today but tomorrow you will eat flies if you find them.So take care OK!


Stupid Mukete,
I will advice you to go refer the meaning of the word 'progress' before you come and tell me how progressive you are. Your malicious attack on the author of this news item just portrays how regressive and destructive you are.

Dear Ndingi,
I concur with you that this forum was created to encourage sensible discussions among cameroonians and not for trading insults but sometimes you just can't stand the stupid contributions from the likes of Mukete.Refer to his remarks above and you will see that this guy is just out to disrupt sensible debates in this forum. Why others were commenting on issues pertaining to the article, Mukete immidiately launched a very stupid attack on the very journalists who wrote the article.Tell me how constructive you can debate with such a wayward person.

chris, tennessee

Just see how you guys are wasting valuable time!! put this time into more useful things guys. there more pertinent things to be said and done, fellow country people!


Incredible calling Mukete Stupid!!!!

The forum is becoming useless.

feel Big guys

Tribal sentiments is taking range.

Push it away.

I accept on many issues.

FRU NDI equally have the right to his opinion.

Politics today has proven that FRU NDI is growing to limiting maturity,nevertheless What did he propose as actions if Mr Biya give him deaf ears as usual.

I am afraid now that Biya has Paind all his Geneva Bills!!!!!!!!!


Dear Debaters,

Re: Hebert, Peter Aka, Smartcalo, Mukete and Didi:

This forum is for constructive dialogue aimed at reviewing our past and present actions as Cameroonians in a bid to make necessary amendments for progress. It is not every time that any leader whoever they maybe would talk about problems affecting every corner of their country in one sitting. They always point out significant events one by one…..and usually not in a “single memo”

Gentlemen, Let us be reminded that this forum is not for petty minded prophets of doom, who demonstrate retardation, stagnation and worse still, historical death and slumber in both moral and academic standards respectively.

I have six questions for you guys. You can distribute the task amongst yourselves. Before you guys say whatever you have to say about the first participant “Ni John Fru Ndi”

1). what are the empirical flaws you guys found in him decrying the unsustainable pattern of development pursued by our current regime?

2). what is the logic behind your claims and perceptions of Fru Ndi and his Memo?

3). why do you guys believe you have the ultimate opinion?

4). has he not got the right to a memo of type in question?

5). What Authority and experience have you guys got to judge his leadership and political potentials?

6). Why don’t you let us know what those ideal politicians and leaders of yours have been doing for the current “dire state” of our country and its systems?

If you got Answers, then you understand why this forum was created.

“Sleep and Let the debate!!!!!”


Mukete, don't shiver man. They are just toothless bulldogs. They can't do anything. Do they know my educational standards? When they will come to know they will not be talking about education here. As you rightly said this is an open forum and anybody is free to express his/her mind even when it means criticising Fru Ndi, Inoni, Achidi Achu, Musonge, etc.
I have said it and I will continuosly repeat it here: FRU NDI IS A CALAMITY. The era of these old unscrupulous politicians is over. Any politician above the age of 55 is not welcome in a future Cameroon. He should stay in Yaounde and continue flirting with Paul Biya. We will descend into that country and they will know that there is a group of patriotic young Cameroonians.

Herbert From Geneva.

Tony Ngala

Finally, I am delighted to hear that Mr Biya is bringing the weapons that we will soon use to exterminate his 'kleptominical joke' that he calls a government to Abakwa.

Great to also know that his worthless army is mostly led by thieves and thugs whose only merit is their tribe of origin. They will run when the heat gets turned on...AND I am mindful of the generally accepted theory that underestimating your opponent is suicidal.Check out Jane's Defence Journal, for Cameroon Army competencies, equipment and personel and see for yourselves that this is a not only plausible but an EASILY achievable objective.

The french cannot fight on his side anymore like they did for Cameroun in the past.They probably have an arrangement to protect their economic interest around Ndian however, skillfull management of the events that evolve should draw strong international attention to their activities not only in Cameroon but to the other french economic slaves in Africa.
There are thousands of battle hardened young men throughout West Africa that will be willing to provide their service to help liberate our people from this lazy drunk megalomaniac.

A little chat with Charles of Liberian infamy currently living next door in Nigeria could be beneficial.

Bring it on biya !!!

Agbor Etchu

To Fru Ndi:

You are a Southern Cameroonian. You have no place in Cameroon any more. This is the type of insult you will get ad infinitum for wanting to do good. You will have more insults. COME BACK HOME and support Southern Cameroons Independence. Your time is over in politics in a foreign country, you were never even considered part of. For how long will you be crying foul, even to a people who say you are nothing, a bushman, and a second class person? For how long? Hear now are their children insulting you to solidify their parents' position. Listen to us your children and come back home. You make a choice to come to us now or we will force you to come running. We are tired of seeing you belittled.

Agbor Etchu


Hi comrades,

Its interesting to read such arguments from all areas in this furum. I am with you bro Etchu, Pa's place is not in this useless cameroon country; all he will meet and have as rewards for his courageous and relentless struggle to liberate cameroon is humulation, insult and the rest... Pa come back and join us on board to liberate our their motherland the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.


Why insult someone because he is a MUKETE?

Besides who told you "graphites" that ALL "muketes" must be BAFAW, or must come from Kumba. Please before insulting people think first and let everyone say what he/she feels. this is a forum, not a classroom. There are Balondo and Bakundu people who bear MUKETE too... Your forefathers worked for CDC ask them questions before insulting people please!

i may not know graffi(grass field) people well but i know "CHE" is not strictly a Bafut name. even Mankon people can also be named "CHE"

It doesnot change the fact that John Foncha SOLD us, we expect the same from JOHN FRU-NDI...Local politicians with Local brains. POOR PEOPLE... what Francophones called... Nouveau Riche!


To Endale,

Girl, you said it all. I wish I knew where you live, i would have offered you a drink.
We need ladies like you to join us to proof the hidden side of these individuals, who don't have the whole of Cameroon at heart and are instead busy trying to play sectarian politics.
Baby, don't be intimidated if they send you personal mails because one idiot who calls himself Joe Che ( just sent me a mail threatening me and I have ask him to give me his address and phone number and I will be the first to meet him in his lake Nyos residence. He is playing with fire.
Baby count on me for any support you might need.

Cheers and Have a nice day Sweetheart.


Who ever wants to wrestle with Fru Ndi,should ask Biya,who's Fru Ndi.
I am shock to read statements that point out that, we as Cameroonians,don't know our problems.
What we think is to be done.
If,Mr. Fru Ndi,sent a memo to Biya,it is very normal.
Taking into account the Political atmosphere under which he is operating.
First and foremost,as an Opposition Leader,Ni has a got a voice to air on issues of National Interest.
But,lack of a real medium to do so is a concern.So,I see nothing wrong in him sending the Memo to Biya.
His Memo does not touch only the North West,West or South West Provinces,but Cameroon as a whole.
Fru Ndi,knows Cameroon to his finger tips.He tours Cameroon at least five times a year,to see the country and have first hand information on how the country is moving.
How many times has the Prince of Etoudi toured round Cameroon?
He stays in his Ivory tar Palace or shuttling between Mvorgmeka and Europe.Is that the person you call a Leader?
Fru Ndi,is the man we need at the moment.
Wether he is Learned or not,he has the numbers and the support of the People.
In Politics,the numbers count.So Guys,if you are not with Fru Ndi,short your dirty and stinky mouths.
Go sing to the C.P.D.M,begging for Ministerial Positions.
Finally,may I congratulate Mr.Fru Ndi,for his courage.His current position is not the end of the road.
He will make it one day.
God bless him.


Dear all,
Someone once said that Cameroonians especially Anglophone Cameroonians should not expect salvation from the diaspora.The parochial insults and abuse as well as the anti-graffi and anti-south west sentiments expressed in this column make me shiver. It gives me an idea how Northwesters and Southwesters live abroad. You guys should be models to the suffering masses back home.

Samuel Batumbu

Joe Che you are just an idiot. I did not like to use this type of language in this forum but you deserve it because you are nothing but an idiot. First of all if some one expresses his view and he is called Mukete do you have to associate it with others. Secondly Nfon mukete made his political decisions which you might judge him depending on your school of thoughts. Again the Mukete's are not murderers because they have been in court where justice was done and they were not found guilty. Lastly i will like you to use your common sense next time before you write in this forum.


intimidated by who or what DARLING?

when it is time to lobby for support, they will talk about SOUTHERN CAMEROONS, when it is time to write a MEMO to beg for development, it will become a "graffi" affaire. hahahahahahaaaaa...

You think we don't know these things?

abeg make wuna kool down for we o!

Let Fru Ndi get a life, because even Cardinal Tumi can testify that he has none! No life whatsoever. let him bury his 2nd wife in peace, becoz when he sold the first one, we were all present. We know how nasty he has been,

We accuse Biya of killing Jean Irene Biya.... What did Fru Ndi do with his first wife?!

abeg...Fru Ndi My ARSE!



I am glad there are people who understand what it means to participate in a FREE public forum like the one we are using. It is unfortunately that the genes that have been transmitted through some families make members of these families to always try to put their long noses into peoples private lives; wanting to know what people do how much they earn; when they go to bed with their wives; wanting to know those who work or those who do not work; wanting to know what others do for a living; wanting to know how people got married, how they got money ...

In fact, these same people who would do everything to hide their own mess, frustration and failures, are those to use telephones to call people`s house, disturbing their peace, just to gossip about others. They tell lies even to those they should not; attending to mad people but telling lies that they impact knowledge; earning a life-time living by manipulating the instruments their family members like most - telephone; establishing survival through purely and hidden circumstantial unions; critizing others but failing to recall that if my brother Mayor had not done something they would still have been living in mud. And even after that?

PARADOXICALLY, these same people want to hide behind this forum to tell people in POLISHED ENGLISH what they should say, think and write. Unfortunately, from the way they are known - all over the world- it is very easy to fish them out.

As one person right puts it, this forum is NOT a classroom. The train is free! So either you jump into it and be tolerant of what others say or you creat your own forum and restrict its participation. It would also be better we use even our least time to deal our customers through telephone. What has CFA Franc exchange rate got to do with a civilized financial institution? So better take and work with the phone.

I am realizing that I am, surely, writing in parables, but I pray the Almight God give people like Gerald and his click the wisdom to understand. Excuse me, for that is how modern societies are built.



Better stop this forum.
So many idiots are participating in it.


Guys I've had a very vey nice time reading all your posts. Guys Keep the heat going and if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

bernard baiye

I pity the way you guys juxtapose your mental precincts on this issue. From a political address by Ni John,that gave room for pedantic circumvented submissions, you moved to insults. It`s become a NW and SW matter or that some particular names are affiliated to certain view points.THE POSTS, please do not allow this medium to be one of thoughtless claims.
Gentleman,do you mean you can prove, the names you mentioned(Mukete and stuff) are murderers if you were sued?
Frankly, i share most of the points you raised, but there`s always a border line to watch.We all know the `Kumba, lawyer Eseme murder story`
Guys, your chattering in all reveal one thing; when ever the dream of a southern Cameroon state comes real the next step will be a NW state and SW state, because you`re friendly woes as the French say `frere ennemi` I wonder how you judge some opinions because you`re persuaded this is a graffi or what ever southwesterner.
Don`t be prejudicial, especially be courteous in your language.The next i`ll get is that i`m a fool, writing this. For the Cameroonians that we are,that would be a mild but scornful way to acknowledge, my little advice will help you. Keep up!



'Better stop this forum.
So many idiots are participating in it.'

Just look at your name. How can the moderator ever listen to you? I can guess how civilised you are by just looking at your name.

Cheers Boy.


I think that the Chairman Ni fru should address national issues and leave provincial issues to his provincial delegate. I do not think the problems he is raising are perculiar for the NW. If NW has 7 post out of the 66 appointed by Biya, then Fru Ndi has nothing to complain of considering that there are ten provinces in Cameroon. In several occations, SDF has been contacted to join the Government and the party has always refused. Fru Ndi has taken North West hostage just like Biya has taken Cameroon. I feel that MUKETE should only be blamed for saying the right thing inpolitely. I have read comments from most participants of the forum and it looks as if the NW / SW divide is still very strong and I wonder what a Southern Cameroon state will look like if it were to be granted independence. We might be better of staying with the `La republique`


I think that the Chairman Ni fru should address national issues and leave provincial issues to his provincial delegate. I do not think the problems he is raising are perculiar for the NW. If NW has 7 post out of the 66 appointed by Biya, then Fru Ndi has nothing to complain of considering that there are ten provinces in Cameroon. In several occations, SDF has been contacted to join the Government and the party has always refused. Fru Ndi has taken North West hostage just like Biya has taken Cameroon. I feel that MUKETE should only be blamed for saying the right thing inpolitely. I have read comments from most participants of the forum and it looks as if the NW / SW divide is still very strong and I wonder what a Southern Cameroon state will look like if it were to be granted independence. We might be better of staying with the `La republique`



My Dear friend, you wrote:

' I have read comments from most participants of the forum and it looks as if the NW / SW divide is still very strong and I wonder what a Southern Cameroon state will look like if it were to be granted independence. We might be better of staying with the `La republique`'

I will proudly tell you that, there will be no way I will share the same country with the Northwest Province. The SOUTHWEST Province is big enough to be a country on its own if there were to be any breakup of the present Cameroon. The South West Province is bigger than many countries I know in the world for example, Belgium, Andorra, Lechtenstein, Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, etc and we are also more populated than some of these countries. So just forget about your Southern Cameroon state comprising of the North West and the South West provinces because it will never happen. We are in a modern world where nothing hides under the sun. We have seen the true colours of people from the North West and I can tell you that we are different, forget that we both speak english. Water and Palm Oil will never mix to form one solution.

J. Dinga, Boston

It is always so refreshing to get home news and hear people from home air their views. But we can do a lot better than show the world our ugly side. This welcome forum surely needs a moderator to help its readers derive the maximum entertainment and education from these exchanges. Diversity of views is good for our country but our views ought to reflect the state of our development. Are we really so bad?

J che

Herbert or Claude or whatever you call yourself. You again, can't you realise, what is already in you plate? Ok.


this is the kind of leaders that we need
here the chairman talks as an individual and not as a political thus others should follw as the students and aslo fighting for heir own rights


Herbert and Mukete, politics is not for you guyz. You are too far from mastering the basics of the game. Sit back and learn from other constructive debaters. Their upbrnging probabaly was not right. Half baked.

Afeseh Ngwa Hilary

all the guys in here who are guilty of seditious tendencies should, recant, desist or stay silent. What is all this nonsense of divide talk between NW and SW? This is mean talk. It is very parochial and narrow minded to judge a race from a handful of people. Only somebody suffering from acute spiritual myopia and serious chronic amnesia would forget every good thing a person has done because of one gaffe currently committed. To borrow Jesus' words, he who has never sinned should cast the first stone. There is a right method and we can always approach and reproach with love and with purpose of correction. Even Havard doesn't teach this. Learn to be tactful when you write.


This has been very negatively entertaining.I have never been so shocked at Cameroonians and our tendency to fall to animal stages.Herbert ,Mukete..Dr. G calm down. You guys are taking the debate completely out of scope.

He who does not know the contribution of Fru ndi to the political evolution in Cameroon is ignorant and may not even be from Cameroon.

Democracy, freedom of speech, an improved governance is gradually but steadily passing through Cameroon.This is so because on a certain day in May 1990 a man called John Fru Ndi led a movement that questioned the status quo and put pressure on government to reform.It also gave voice to some of us in this forum to express what we think,though some of us have shown we prefer to think like animals.

Fru Ndi like any other politician has had some flaws but he remains the only trusted and reliable political leader in that country. Bello Bouba, Paul Biya, Kodock etc have shown to us how ego-centric they can be.Ofcourse Fru ndi cannot lead the SDF forever and we need to start thinking of a successor. But it should be someone who can command trust and credibility. Complaining about treatment of the NorthWest does not make fru Ndi a regional politician. The Northwest is not a part of another country.It is perfectly in order for the national Chairman of a party to complain about a part of that country being highly militarised when it has other basic social needs which should be priority.fru ndi cannot complain of same in Bertoua when bertoua is not facing a militarisation scheme like the northwest or failed ring road promises.
-When Fru ndi complianed about the neglect of victims of Nsam did it make him a yoaunde politician?
-When fru ndi complained of government treatment of victims of the earthslide in the SouthWest province did it make him a SouthWest politician?
-When Fru Ndi complained of the brutal killings by the 'commandement operationnel' in Douala did it make him a Douala politician

No! This issues are national issues.Why should it be different when he complains of the militarisation and the unequal distribution of the national cake that affects the NW and Anglophone Cameroon?

Now guys some of you have prided yourself of educational achievements....funny. That is irrelevant as long as you talk street politics. Pride yourself of what you have done for Cameroonians (Fru Ndi has done his share) and not your personal educational achievenments. Secondly renown academics are those who have contributed to research in science or economics...well Mr X I havent heard of your name yet in that category.

I hope this forum returns to civility and positive contribution.our country is going through a phase and Fru Ndi is one of those few Cameroonians that have ushered in one of the most significant phase till date.

I have some questions about the strategic decisions Fru ndi has taken in some circumstances in the past like the decision not to go for the legislative elections of 92. But Fru ndi is a leader and decision making in positions of leadership is not as easy as it sounds on this forum.In taking decisions there may be a rationale for both ends which only the leader can decide on. Fru Ndi has taken some of such decions that today we look back and question but at that time was it as easy as we today make it sound?

In cameroon change can only be done by a party if it gets power.Parliament and the Judiciary are weak and the elctoral machine is flawed so why blame fru Ndi. His failure to get power and transform change is not of his making but the corrupt ,brutal and dictatorial regime of Biya.So who should we blame here....well I blame Biya not Fru Ndi and till I see a better candidate in Cameroon I will keep backing Fru Ndi.What about you?

J. Dinga. Boston, Massachusetts

It is sad that at a moment like this, with the death of two of our university students and several other avoidable deaths to ponder over, all we find time and energy to do is recrimniation of this type, a lot of which is tangential to the main issue of our underdevelopment. Yes, our earlier leaders have failed us. But are we now prepared to take up the challenge and change things? If so is this the language we need to pass on the word?

The world looks at us for different reasons. On our football fields, the search lights spot brilliant performances and the actors are quickly bargained for and enlisted in foreign teams. In academia, the good ones are easily spotted and cajoled into better climes elsewhere. What is true for our sports and academics is equally true for other areas of national life. Our youth must know better than continue to project only this negative side of themselves. What good does it do washing these dirty linens in the public places? What good is criticism that fails to offer a better alternative? Are we really so hateful of each other? Isn't there more to our civic education than this xenophobic propensity? How can our brothers and sisters out of the country help out if these divisive and unhelpful exchanges continue to be our stock in trade? Cameroonians in the diaspora continue to debate how to improve the lot of those left at home. People toil to see how to galvanize our people into collective action yet those at home who stand to gain from these ruminations take up only this sad aspect of life which consists in decrying the deeds of fellow countrymen. We can do better by postulating alternatives rather than slinging mud on those who venture their efforts. God surely knew why he made us all different and endowed us with different capacities and talents and placed us at different niches on our triangular country. Can anyone challenge this?



I find it unfortunate that you are what BB describes as "okokobioko kabu kabu" scholar. Else you would have understood the premise of my observations and hypotheses-I regret you do not even understand what is a scientific hypothesis. In the social sciences, facts are interpreted within contexts-hermeneutic approach. Learn to be sober and read extensively on the philosophy of science. It's going to help you tenfolds. I am not ready to use javel water to cleanse your brains. Just read books and read knowledgeably.

In relation to Fru Ndi's memo, I will like you to grasp the following concepts about nation-building in Africa:
1)Citizens including politicians (some which we call abusively "senior citizens") must obligatorily rise above partisan politics and tribal or ethnic groupings.
2)Thuggery in nation-building is a mark of "primitivity".
3)The nation's interests reigns supreme.
4)Dictatorship be it at party or state level undermines collective desire for the enjoyment of national identity.
5)Citizens must enjoy and exercise their basic freedom holistically etc-including freedom of speech.

I may go on and on. But get this straight: Fru Ndi so far is a dark abyss of political inertia, a liability to the SDF than an asset. Times have changed and the hand writing is on the wall. Fru is judged based on changing times. He has made the SDF a non-resilient party capable of adapting, acting and reacting to changes in Cameroon.His political actions are most often consistent since 1990:Biya is a bad man; Biya is a thief etc. He should and must be criticised. Criticism is a feature of "high culture" in which you claim to be part of.
Alex, if you are wise learn to support any civil society movement on the move that has a better ideolgy for our fatherland, not motherland (no offence to feminists) as some claim. So far our present political class have failed us.

JP Tanyong

Advice for the Post Newspaper.

Dear Editors,

I strongly commend you for your efforts to set up and maintain this interactive forum. I will however like to draw your attention to two issues. I am a financial transactions lawyer with 6 years experience in the Middle Temple.

First of all a lot of derogatory remarks have been made in several comments. Be aware that you could well be liable for libel (defamation) for facilitating publication of such statements. As it will be difficult to trace the authors of such statements (most of whom use aliases) you may well have to face the music alone.
You could even be dragged to court here in the UK under the Electronic Communication Act of 2000, in so far as the statements have an effect in this country.

I suggest that comments are edited before you allow posting and public viewing. I will advise you to set up a system where all comments are first read by a moderator. If they contain offensive, derogatory, petty or untrue facts or opinions they should not be posted.
Obviously that will mean that comments will not be immediately available but i think the wait is worth the risk involved.

Better still, make this a subscription service so that you restrict the calibre of people who have access to it.

I will be glad to give you any further advice.

J.P Tanyong Esq.
Of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law and Bencher,
3 Verulam Chambers
Lincolns Inn Fields
London WC2A 2AD

Ngoh Walters

The Man John Fru Ndi remains the greatest politician Cameroon has ever had.The party SDF remains the real alternative to succeed the CPDM as the ruling party by 2011 when the CPDM will come crushing like a pack of cards.At the moment i will continue backing Fru Ndi till
they is a change of government as Fru Ndi remains the real alternative to Biya.

When Fru Ndi went visiting the Nsam fire disaster victims before Biya could even return from his holiday resort in Switzerland,no one criticised him.When Fru Ndi visited victims of the flood in Limbe,no one criticised him.
Is it a coincidence that because he comes from the North West,he shouldnot challenge a government policy he sees wrong.
John Fru Ndi is no saint,but he remains the greatest political contributor to the political evolution Cameroon as a State is undergoing.When you want to criticise him,do so constructively and intelligently.
If the majority of SDF delegates continue to vote Fru Ndi as chairman,then they see him as competent to continue leading the party.Until the SDF delegates do otherwise Fru Ndi will continue leading the party till 2011 when the party will come to power.

Those who fail to see the changes that have taken place in cameroon for the last 15 years which are all due to the return to multi party democracy are all enemies to progress.
Mukete,Herbert and Endale,you have a right to criticise Fru Ndi,but do so constructively.That is accepted,but donot use mean and street language.

Fru Ndi has been re elected thrice to lead the who ever thinks he is incompetent to continue leading the party should either challenge him or back those who will be challenging him.The SDF convention is in November 2005,so donot wait,then you start to complain there after.
Biya has never been challenge in a CPDM convention because CPDM statutes do not even give that opportunity for Biya to be challeged as it pertains in the SDF.

The SDF remains the Real Hope and the Real Alternative to Cameroon.


Fru Ndi doit demissionner. Quand on lit son affaire, on dirait qu'il aime tellement le NW. Est-ce que le SDF c'est le NW ? C'est honteux de sa part, surtout qu'après il accepte l'argent sorti de la caisse noire.

Il aide le RDPC à déclarer le SDF parti régional, mais nous ne sommes pas bête. Fru Ndi a fait son temps, qu'il laisse les autres arranger le parti.

Il y a des hommes comme Muna qui peuvent prendre le SDF et le réformer. Comment a-t-il pu écrire une chose pareille ? Comment a-t-il pu accepter l'argent du RDPC ? Que voulait-il négocier après les élections présidentielles ? Peut-être son poste ministériel

Le combat politique au Cameroun ce n'est pas un combat pour un peu d'argent qui sort on ne sait d'ou. Nous voulons que le pays soit géré normalement.

How can we believe that in a tropical country people have nothing to eat, no water to drink ?

How can we beleive that in a country where there is no money for education, no money for health, but the president affords to buy a 300 places Albatros for his private travels ?

What is the position of the SDF about the management of universities in Cameroon ?

May be Fru Ndi would enumerate the number of universities in the NW.

Fru Ndi could have written on so many subjects, not on the number of North westerners who hold ministerial posts.

Fon Emmanuel

Dear Mr. Anung
I will start bz addressing comments to you but will shift focus to those to whom zou directed your reply. So bear with me please. Its a sign of maturity and good thinking that you did not try to exploit Mr. Mukete’s youthfulness and inexperience to score any ideological points in this forum. I wonder if he would take your advice on caution and constructive criticism in the same manner. Indeed the damage the Mr Biya’s regime has done to Cameroon is immeasurable. There is the visible economic, social and cultural destruction of the entire country,and then the invisible destruction of the minds of elderly citizens by corruption, children deprived of real learning and logical thinking, and an unfathomable general moral decay. I recently posted a contribution on ignorance on this forum and I know so many would be angered by it. Readers would think because I wrote it I was exempting myself from that unfortunate situation too. I am not but I think I have the good sense in admitting it. Here are supposedly graduates from the University of Buea - Mr. Mukete et al castigating Mr. John Fru Ndi for writing a memo to the President of the Republic pointing out what he considers developmental imbalance in the country. Then somebody jumps in to complain about the death of his wife without bothering to look at the time he wrote the memo.
Its a pity we are so ignorant. At times I almost go crazy when I read things people write on the internet about politicians like Mr. John Fru Ndi. For example some would say he lost elections against Mr.Paul Biya. These same people also agree that elections are rigged in Cameroon. When you say elections are rigged in Cameroon how does the word loose or win come into any discussion anymore? They have to take a stand i.e. either they agree that elections are not free and fair and the rigging element is the determining factor or that there is free and fair elections and there is no rigging. If you accept the former position which I believe most Cameroonians do I wonder on what grounds they would consider an opposition leader like Mr. John Fru Ndi a failure. The only political failure I observe in Cameroon is from that politician who decides to co-operate with the ruling government, i.e. they stop opposing the government without the Cameroonian people having achieved any sort of reforms yet. Before advancing any argument, can people look just beyond our borders and see how similar things are in other countries? Do free and fair elections really take place in sub Saharan African countries? Is Cameroon an exception? How do we expect people like Mr John Fru Ndi to win in Cameroon? Some people even ask what he has done to help Cameroonians. Oh my God! What can he do? Build schools, Hospitals, roads, fight corruption or what? These people don’t know the Cameroon they are discussing about. First Mr. John Fru Ndi can do absolutely nothing for you and I to benefit materially given the present political situation in Cameroon. Secondly the SDF does not have that kind of money and worst of all don’t even think the government would allow a political party do any such thing except you do not know the CPDM you are talking about. Even if for some strange reasons they allow it what can they do as a political party that would even make just a slight impact in the entire country? But after all these let us revisit why some people have these unfortunate conceptions on political success in Cameroon. The Biya regime has implanted the CHOP BROKE POT syndrome in our psyche. Apart from never planning for the future they have even succeeded in blocking our minds from lessons of the past. When an issue props up for argument many people don’t even bother to relate past and present facts and come up with some logical conclusions. For example when discussions center on elections rigging everybody agrees strongly that the Biya regime relies only on that mechanism to stay in power. But when the elections results are read and Biya declares himself the ‘winner’ the rigging equation does not surface anymore. It becomes “Mr. Fru Ndi did not do this or do that”. How they separate the two aspects makes a mockery of basic logic to me. However if anybody should advance an argument that right back in 1993 Mr. Fru Ndi would have seized the momentum, applied some violence to seize office, I would consider that since he did not do that he failed the Cameroonian people. But then I would not hesitate to forgive him because I believe none of us suspected that given the political climate at the time Mr Biya and his people would not do all they can to make drastic changes to alleviate the sufferings of Cameroonians. I also think that apart from being disappointed at having the top job wrested from his grip Mr. John Fru Ndi could still have contented himself that at least his efforts had yielded fruit to Cameroon. Force was not an option at the time and if changes could be made for the better it did not really matter who made them. How wrong we all were? The CPDM does not intend to change. They won’t let anyone do it for them. Short of violence what do you expect Mr. John Fru Ndi to do? Just look and quote an example where violence is not part of the political process in Africa. Don’t even start thinking of South Africa except you use our normal forgetfulness and choose not to remember the armed struggle. How far can I go to make my case?
Lastly let me draw your attention to a twist in the whole political equation. It seems those who mercilessly criticise Mr. John Fru Ndi have benefitted the most from his efforts. Some of these young graduates would not even imagine what part he played to retain the GCE they wrote(up to this date majority of Cameroonians would not believe it if told he played a very major role in the fight for the GCE back in 1983) even many who later became senior board members), in creating the University of Buea, in forcing multiparty politics which the regime grudgingly allowed and thus some of the chaotic freedoms that exist in the country today - and some benefits come from it today for the entire country. Many businessmen get government contracts only if they prove they are against the opposition. They just love that. The SDF did a marvelous job to expose the regime’s shortcomings to the international community and forced some feeble changes to be initiated and many of you have benefited from it. During that period of exposing the regime most CPDM politicians used it as political propaganda against the SDF accusing it of lack of patriotism and tarnishing the image of the nation abroad. The world knows Cameroon better today and most donor organisations deal directly with ordinary Cameroonians rather than the government. Most of you have benefited from such direct dealings but since we are so inept in putting one plus one together (and the CPDM is so happy as they know most Cameroonians are like that)they simply exploit the situation to shamelesly assume to have scored political points . Even some of the cosmetic changes the regime has made has attracted the resumption of some aid form overseas. Before the SDF came into the scene it seems the CPDM government was in sort of frenzy - a rampage or in competition against itself to plunder the treasury and destroy the country. Some of you use the current political situation to fly overseas and apply for political asylum and are granted. After all that you just turn around and call Mr. John Fru Ndi a failure. I would think that success to such mindset I am describing would only mean getting the presidency. But that is why all over Africa there is the cycle of violence and misery because once the top job is got by whichever strongman, they start from afresh to plunder the already scarce resources and then that even makes things worse than before. Is that success? You are the persons who would complain against the CPDM government but as soon as your uncle or brother is made minister you immediately switch and join the band wagon.
How porous our memories are and how ungrateful are we?

Samah Abang-Mugwa

The fact that an article/action by a man, one man, can raise so much talk, means he is much more than ordinary; He or is act, which ever way we look at it. As (senior)politicians, of equal or similar weight, who do others like Ndam Njoya, Bello Bouba, Koddock, Issa Tchirouma not give us same opportunity to discuss. Fru Ndi has his pluses and minuses. But to me, he is and will remain an icon in cameroonian politics. He has done much, and I swear, he can still do much. The present issue under contention, the MEMO, is one of many he has written in the past, on both national and regionally specific issues, touching on other regions of the country.
I appreciate the comments made so far and urge you all to continue, though with much spirit of tolerance and civility.
Samah A-M
Buea- Cameroon

Samah Abang-Mugwa

The fact that an article/action by a man, one man, can raise so much talk, means he is much more than ordinary; He or is act, which ever way we look at it. As (senior)politicians, of equal or similar weight, who do others like Ndam Njoya, Bello Bouba, Koddock, Issa Tchirouma not give us same opportunity to discuss. Fru Ndi has his pluses and minuses. But to me, he is and will remain an icon in cameroonian politics. He has done much, and I swear, he can still do much. The present issue under contention, the MEMO, is one of many he has written in the past, on both national and regionally specific issues, touching on other regions of the country.
I appreciate the comments made so far and urge you all to continue, though with much spirit of tolerance and civility.
Samah A-M
Buea- Cameroon

Linonge R.

you are 'sabi tous' no.1
You keep on singing that this forum is not a classroom,but i wonder if you even know what a forum is about!
You have been reproached many times because of your INDECENT language,but the fact that you insist on fighting to justify your foul style simply means you are unfit to participate in PROGRESSIVE debates.You are not being sarcastic,rather your style is immarture.
By the way,if you really knew what a forum is about,then you would realise that we all stand to learn from the exhange of ideas,as well as the rhetorical questions asked.Stop being boastful,and stop struggling to prove that you can teach when you know so little.Teaching will always stay the same,and teachers will always teach students what is right,and how things work.You make people spend precious time trying to re-direct you,instead of focussing on important idea-sharing aspects of the forum.


Pls, Mukete, having read your comments and the reproach others have directed to you, it seems it is an utter impossibility to correct your faulty thinking and rude manner. Read the foregone articles agsi for further enlightenment.



After the reply from Mukete the nonsense Linonge and bruno are writing are not called for. I hope that they fully understand that everyone may be forced to write in self defence. It seems his previous contribution has, sadly, touched some people. And as one Nigerian writer puts it, "An old woman is never at ease when dry bones are mentioned in proverbs." Even if the reality explained by mukate, happens unfortunately to touch our private lives, we must avoid writing out of sentiments. What is wrong in the final reply from Mukete that should push people mad? I thought that particular contribution was a call for tolerance, understanding and NOT dictatorship. There is no problem here and Linonge and Bruno should stop using this forum to fight someone they do not even know. To Mukate, I ask you not to take it personal because we do not know who is who. Mukete made no error at the very begining to identify his province of origin by writing his family name. Since he attacked Ni John Fru Ndi for betraying the common man, those who understand that he is from the South West province, simply do not want to see anything right in what he writes.We have to stop this stupid politics that is rooted on tribal and regional backgrounds. Thank you very much

Vivian, Bonn

Hilary awo o ndole

Mukete ,Linonge and the rest,i have got enough of your sensational debate. Why do you people keep on throwing stones toward each other? Are we out to contruct or destroy Cameroon in general and west Cameroon in particular? It is high time we have got to put our heads together and come out with a Cameroon where you and i can get up from Buea at 9 am and by 1.30pm he is in Bamenda passing through Kumba and Mamfe on a well tarred road rather than spending the whole day twisting through Litoral and West province. Or a Cameroon where an Eta, Elangwe, Mbah,Chi, Ngwa or a Mbella can also be able to sit in Etudi Palace and take decisions on behalf of the whole nation. History after WW II and before 1961 had it that we were brothers because of all this fighting and tearing one anothewr, we given room for vultures from La Republic to prey on us. keep aside the war of words and let us put our heads together, add up things and come up with a strong state of Soutrhern Cameroon or a solid North West and South West state within the frame work of a federal republic of Cameroon. When we are divided we give the enermy the lee way. This energy you people use in arguing over nothing would have been directed towards a fight against the evasion of Ndian, Meme area by agents of la republic in search of oil cocoa, timber and other resources. Look at limbe which has already become part of Douala, now occupied by Mahops,lehps Mbomes and the aborigines of Limbe are being chased out to be replaced by the Bassas, Doualas and Ewondos. Forgeting to know that it was due to this misunderstanding between our politicians of the southern Cameroon that the power that be was chanced to construct the Nsimalen airport and the CRTV head quarters in Yaounde with proceed from natural resources from our region. These people are not to be trusted, Ahidjo of blessed Memory and now Biya. They are giuded by the same policy, rendering our region to be less developed as possible. So stop throwing stones,so that we can put our energy together and make our own part of the country a better place to live in that we met it.

Lady Love

Hello my Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The very differences that divide us could constructively unite us if we respect others as we communicate. Respect for each other is key. We can say all we want to BUT in a more polite way. This is the reason Americans are properous. In thier differences in opinion they find a venue for growth. After reading all the posted messages, I prreciate those who express "adult" communication and think those who fall shot of acting "adultlike" can learn from the others. Many of you are using this forum as a platform for bashing, as well as, a forum for verbosity. Those mighty words do not matter. Just put the oint across. We will respect you better when we the "commoners" can understand you. If you have a Ph.D. in English, we applaud your effort of going through the rough moments but when it comes to every country the citizens matter. Don't insult Fru Ndi. Get a reality check by first of all defining who you are as an individual. You can only condemn someone when you have dealt with your own ego. They we can talk about self-esteem, selfworth and then we can lead with our ideas for the measses to follow.

Take care people and be at peace...Do we all remember the loving and reminding words of DESEDERATA..."even the...they too have their story."

We are fighting amongst ourselves here...who then gives us the feedback?


Lady Love

Thank you for your good contribution. You said it all. I do wish our brothers and sisters will gain a lot from what you said as I did.
We fight against each other instead of contributing positively to see how we can make change and development to our beloved country.

Thanks once more and may God's blessings be your portion.


thanks Lady Love for being so gentle and genteel.
Meanwhile its time to pay hommage to the death. Our condolences to the National Chairman. May God Almighty rest Rose' soul.

Fon Emmanuel

There was an Okafor on CAMNET@LISERV.CNR.IT. Today we have a Mukete on postnewsline. It seems every Cameroon forum must have one heady and controversial contribitor. It is sad that these controversial fellows do not seem to understand how angry Cameroonians are in their plight. But I wish they could contribute all they want but leave away personal attacks. The reply Mr. Mukete made to one Linonge was totally uncalled for. It will be a sign of maturity if personal scores are settled somewhere else. Our ages, levels of education social status should never come into play here. What we need are superior and logical ideas to our problems. If Mr Mukete has the humilty to analyse his contributions and replies in this forum he should realise that he has really fallen short in all respects. When we caution against letting our emotions come into play in forums like these we should also bear in mind that the level of misery in Cameroon today has gone beyond mere human reasoning. So if someone touches a subject like this concerning Cameroon, people will react not only with their heads but also with their hearts. That is why we also ask for devine intervention through prayers in our efforts to come out of this mess. So my advice to Mr. Mukete and supporters is that though no subject is reserved to be discussed by some special group of people they should try to understand that some discussions just go right into the heart of Cameroonians and their reactions would not be kind to anyone who handles the subject carelessly. From what I have read so far from Mr. Mukete et al. I would think they are not yet equipped in many ways to deal with such issues in public discussion. I know they eventually will someday. All of us went through the same stages. I wish them all the best.





We are going back to what we have struggled to stop. Instead of making general call to reasoning, people like Fon Emannuel are still calling people`s names. This is the old mentality we want to stop and I think if Fon Emmanuel had read previous contributions, he must have realized that it is baseless calling names at this point. This discussions have been pulling on for too long and I hope Fon Emmanuel was not merely waiting for the rod to be cold before he gathers the courage to write. At this point, I would like Fon Emmanuel to keep his mouth under control. Else we would support those who would like to write in self defence. This would make the issue to start all over again. The very last contribution from Fon Emmanuel gives the impression that he had been keeping some bitterness against Mukete in his heart, but lacked the courage to write at the right time.


Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

Dear Mr Fon,

You got it all!!
The problem with us Cameroonians is that we want to eat the cake and at the same time have it, no way! You don't have to bother with what have been written. You even discovered that some of the stuff was written in French for an English audience!! Some one is deperrate not so?
The answer is simple; we have a lot of beer to booz ourselves up so much so that critical thinking eludes us all. That is the delimma with that human specie called homo-cameruna.
Did you listen to one of the debaters who jumped from I don't know in Europe and started telling us about how "educated he was"? Remind the "educated" gentleman that politics has to do with basic common sense and not academics. Illustrations:
1. John Major who was last weex knighted with the British highest honour of Sir has been Prime Minister of Great Britain with the only academic qualification being a City and Guilds stage 3.
2. Pièrre Bérégovoy had the same qualification and was Prime Minister of France under Francois Mitterrand.
3. Alain Juppe, current Mayor of Bordeaux in France is a noted brilliant academician in France. In fact French President Jacques Chirac used to refer to him as "Le meilleur parmi nous" (the best among us). It is on record that Allain Juppe is the one French Prime Minister with the worst record in ter,s of achievement. Even after sticking to "le meilleur entre nous" dictum Chirac stage managed his election to the Post of U?P Party. He was forced to quit the post lest than 14 months after to a "less educated" but "politically more educated" Nicholas Sarkozy. These are things happening in countries near to where our "educated" compatriot is. But I regret that instead of acting like Alexis De Tocqueville who went to America in 1880s, saw and brought democracy to his motherland France, our compatriot risk bringing to us what Le Professeur Henri Hogbe Nlend brought from France: how to insult people.
4. Cameroon has the highest ratio of Professor in Government than any other country in Africa. The Biya regime stands out with the worst perfomance in governance in Africa. These are facts with whioch no true loving Cameroonian will be happy. Hidding behing some mis fired bullets at the SDF Chairman will not serve save the situation.
First if you are firm in your opinion why hide your identity. I am Nyangkwe Aaron known by all and sundry, even Ben Muna, Ni John Fru NDI. Why must I hide my identity if I believe in what I am saying.
If I believe that the SDF Chairman is such an ineffective leader, I just go arround campaigning to unseat him in the bext convention. Wining the Chairmanship is not through unethical debate write-ups like what goes up here. It is likethe type of things my friend Djeukam Tchameni did with a website created by Jean Jacques Ekindi prior to the last rigged Presidential elections. oo bad
I still believe and count on the man Fru Ndi. He remains the sole Cameroonian politician that have toued all the knoocks and corners of Cameroon....

Gladys Ngum

I know that on reading my contribution, some people will be swift to call it rubbish. Some will say I am stupid, primitive, half-educated, controversial, etc. I am neither of these. I simply want to let the plain truth out. I simply want to encourage those Cameroonians who are prepared to tell our Leaders (in government or in the opposition) that they have failed. Why should we be nailing someone simply because he, rightly, blames another Cameroonian for selling his conscience? We should stop playing the dirty politics we have been playing since 1990. Why do we consider people our enemies ONLY when they tell us that we are wrong?
I couldn`t fully understand what the hell is going on in this forum, until I had to read and re-read all the above contributions. I had also to read comments on other topics in this same forum, like the one on Ni John Fru Ndi attacking Journalists and Newspaper vendor...
I interestingly discovered that Mukete had stood solidly behind Ni John Fru Ndi for doing what he did to the Newspaper vendor. Mukete had seriously blamed the Newspaper vendor and the Jornalist. He even called our Journalists very funny names. However, as Mukete was supporting Ni John Fru Ndi and blaming the Newspaper men, NO one in this forum raised any objections. Our contributions and silence clearly confirmed that the majority was in support of Mukete.
What disturbs me now is the fact that some of us are raising up our tiny fingers and tribal voices to attacking Mukete for blaming Ni John Fru Ndi and another Journalist. What hypocrsy! Where were these people when the very Mukete was blaming the Journalist who went to Ni John Fru`s compound? How can Cameroonians be so low? Why do people of a particular province or party insist only on seeing other people crusified on the cross. When we insult Mukete as stupid, primitive, etc. simply because he has written against "our people", we fail to recall that the very Mukete had stood with our people.
It is unfortunate to find people expecting others to defend only what they like. This idea of chasing people who do not share our own reasoning has given a serious blow to a major opposition party in Cameroon. No Cameroonian is a God and if people of a particular party or province want to make their own person a god, then that person will be god only for his people. Other Cameroonians will do everything to make sure that those who give importance to regional considerations do not rule our Cameroon.
When I see the dirty politics our so-called oppostition leaders are playing, I weep over all what I lost during the 1990s. Opposition leaders pushed us into losing everything we had worked hard for. Some of us lost our jobs and businesses simply because we foolishly believed what they were saying. While some of us are walking on foot everyday with nothing to support our family, these same leaders are driving in expensive cars, doing multi-million businesses, going to very expensive hospital, building mansions and their children are attending schools abroad, while the abandoned are dying in the university of Buea. IS IT STILL POWER TO THE PEOPLE OR POWER TO OUR OPPOSITION LEADER?
I want to state here and now that the main contributor at the centre of all intimidation has done NO wrong. I even strongly encourage him to supply more facts. How he does it is his personal decision. The important thing is for us to understand the facts he gives(and there are many he has given) and if we do not agree with them, we give own facts to proove him wrong.
I have read the many questions someone has asked here, but of all the contributions aimed at intimidating him into silence, NO ONE - I MEAN NO ONE - has given even a single answer. Let us stop this politics of intimidation.

(In respect of most previous contributions, I have decided NOT to call names. This is not important)

Glays Ngum

JB Samba

Ladies and gentlemen:
Everyone has the right to think and reason in their own way but we should all stope being too emotional. I will not add to the tusslings that have been going on on this topic but I have just this for Gldys Ngu.
Gladys, I just want to point to you the fact that on this very forum several people post on the same name e.g. Chia, Egbe, Mbome, Nfor, Mbella or even Ndi could post under the name TANKEU. the bottom line is the Mukete you ascert supported Fru Ndi against Newspaper vendors is NOT Mukete the author of the above postings.

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