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« Minister Drenched In Rain As 20,000 Striking Students Boo | Main | UB Strike: To The Rescue »

Thursday, 28 April 2005


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JP Tanyong

This goes to confirm what I have written elsewhere on this forum. UB students should count their blessings rather than follow Yaounde blindly like sheep.

I have been at UB and I can tell you I see the likes of Titanji, Endeley and Njeuma struggling everyday with limited resources to make the best for students. Only in UB do procedures exist for students to challenge marks, evaluate their teachers etc. Every activity in UB is planned one year ahead of time, timetables, exams, admissions etc. There is no bribery involved in admissions and award of degrees. In short UB is a paradise in Cameroon.

Of course with more money things could be better. But the truth is the money is simply not there. Do you want the VC and DVCs to use their meagre salaries to build facilities?

The gendarmes were very wrong to harass innocent students in their homes. But that is Cameroon, the forces of law and order have become forces of lawlessness and disorder. Why should a university student put himself at the hands of an illiterate first school certificated gendarme?

I hope this problem is peacefully resolved.


On a personal note, I think there is a lot of inconsistency with the registrar answers. First he cliams that the students do not have a legitimate reason to strike and somewhere along the line he acknowledges the fact that there are grievances. Who is he trying to protect? Himself, the Cameroon government or the school? By the way, if he spent all the money anyone can ever pay as school fees on his education, what the hell is he doing in Buea on a meagar salary? Doing charity work or corporal works of mercy, so to speak. Let me make a guess, lobbying for an appointment with the autocratic government of Cameroon someday. Let me conclude by giving the registrar some credit for being so honest about the Buea University crisis and the detrimental situation of students and lecturers. What a sad situation?

Ngange Nfor Ngala

Mr. Registrar, thank you for your reaction to the situation in your University. Though traditionally, one should not start from the end, but because you made a good remark at the end, from there I will start. To the question: "There is also the persistent complain of inertia and bureaucracy in the University of Buea", your answer in denial of the existence of bureaucracy included the frank statement: "For us to modify a student's marks or results, it is a long and tedious process". I think deep in you, you realise what I mean, without it being said, if bureaucracy can be properly defined.

You equally made mention of the fact that a proper channel to resolve such problems is through the students unions, claimed not to be “managed” by the administration. Being stooges of the University is not only about management of their funds, but performing their duties. The administration is all about a casino arena, and the University has all the aces.

Coming to the aspect of viewing their strike as a blind-emulation from the University of Yaoundé I, this is not the best spectacles to be had on by a Registrar in a winter university environment. The grievances of the striking university students are for the benefit of the national student body, which include the student body of the University of Buea.


I have been a student and I think the registrar is wrong in saying that there are no complaints or grievances. The food is very unapetizing, no drinking water on campus etc. THis are very basic things students need. THe registrar is wrong becasue I think he is rather suppose to protect the students. He is protecting the government and pretending that student have no grievances. He is even pro-government to the point where, he already sees the government using its brutal police force to subdue students who are fighting for their basic human and student rights. FOr how long will our fellow Anglophone conspire with the Francophones against us ? Mr registrar I think it is time for you to repent.


The registrar will never know the plight of the students because his children are not there in any of the University in Cameroon.I find it very fustrating that an intellectual like him will have to compare the fees of an american student with that of a student in cameroon . America and cameroon are two very vast different nations in all. It's like comparing an ants to an elephant .i strongly feel the Students in Buea need to stand togather with those in Yaounde for their cries to be heard .

fred Ndip

Reading the interview of Mr. Endeley, one can only come to the conclusion the he does not get it. I am particularly sadden by his remark that 8 students cannot run a centralized student union of 8000 students. Please give us a break. We all understand why Njeuma and Endeley have banned any centralized UB student body. It is to stifle dailogue and prevent any meaning student oversight of the dictatorial policies of the university administration. For him to say he does not know why the students are rioting is dishonesty in its peak. Let me remind him of the real problem of UB.UB needs a new administration. The present administration of UB has been in place for 13 years (V.C, Registrar) UB needs fresh minds with different approaches to management. I do not know what Biya thinks when he appoints rectors. All the other state Universities have hard their rectors replaced three or four times within the past 13 years except UB. Common knowledge tells us that when an administrator stays in a position for that long, he or she becomes outocratic. This might be what is happening to UB.
However, I think student are wrong to destroy school property. No responsible students will be calling for more amenities on campus and at the same time destroying the existing ones. When I hear of destruction of UB property, I cannot but weep. I am weeping because I know how long it will take for those destroyed properties to be replaced.


UB students have their grievances but what they're doing right now is very shameful. University studies is a previlege not a right and I believe they don't understand this. I am a UB pioneer and this is just sad. I've tried to look for reasons why students should be striking and I don't see any, no fees? This is rediculous, the gov't is obligated to provide free education up till the primary level, if u want to go to university u should be ready to pay fees. As the registrar rightly pointed out, private universities are a lot more expensive in cameroon and the students there do not complain. This is just a sham and those who are organising the strike probably don't even understand what they're doing. I'm so disgusted I don't know what to say now, they should be marching to the ministry of higher education or the presidency rather than destroying property at the university. Resits too are just a priority and not a right. My university here in the US does not offer resits, if u fail u have to repeat the course all over the next year. I believe UB students don't understand the difference between rights and previleges

Samuel Batumbu

I want to emphasize that this is not a political issue. First of all i am an ex-student of UB and we have been involved in strikes. We went to strike when we had legitimate grievances over our money we paid into the student union coffers. The current strike in the university is stupid and uncalled for. Why did the students not go on strike at first if they had genuine grievances but they only wait for a strike to begin in yaounde uniuversity. If they want their grievances to be met why should they destroy the university property. I am highly disappointed with some members of this forum who make this a political issue. We paid 50,000 as registration fee and we complained. Today I believe the complains were out of ignorance. As the registrar said that is not school fees but registration fees. It is unbelievable to see how acedemic pundits are treated in cameroon. With their meagre salaries lecturers don't go on strike but they sacrifice for ungrateful students including myself because i was once a student in that university. If students are complainning of the food in the university canteen they should go to HELL. What do you think mami Ayuk is doing with her delicious okro and eru in the university junction. There are many restaurants in molyko. Let them go out of campus and eat. The University sells food for 150 frs and i believe that is fare enough. Please this is not politics. Lets advice our younger brothers to go back to school. If they drop out now they will face the consequence of life ahead of them. MAY GOD BLESS UB.


I think Endeley is just playing the politician game. I have been a student in UB for 5 years. How can he say they every level 400 course is offered at resit even if there is only one student? That is a blatant lie. Personally I think all these old people should give way for young people with problem-solving ideas. Njeuma, Herbert and the rest should go!!!!!!!!!!


Well this is really a sad situaution. No one is completely right and no one is completely wrong. There are some things I'll like to point out here. First of all I can't really put complete blame on the registrar and other administrators. They don't really have the powers to do much. I said, much, but that doesn't mean they can't do the little they can in thier power. I find it wrong that the registrar should throw the careless comment that these youths are not forced to go to school and so they should stay home if they want to. The fact that one is disgruntled about something does not mean that that person doesn't want that thing. It is because he/she really wants that thing that he/she makes complaints. Mr. registrar, I bet you if these students weren't interested in getting educated, then they would not even be demonstrating! Education in this millenium is a right and NOT a privelege! I also find it totally wrong for you to compare the fees paid in the USA and in the Catholic university to the registration fee paid at UB. They are two very different situations. One should pay for what one gets; you can't expect these students to pay fees of 750.000 FCFA when they don't get the equivalent in quality of education and study conditions. Now on the point of central student unions banned, I think it's bullshit. Every university has a right to a central student union as well as student faculty associations. These two are different and are there to serve different purposes, they are not mutually exclusive! As Mr. registrar rightly said, the faculty associations are there to solve faculty problems; the Arts faculty for example does not have the same problems as the Science faculty, true, BUT, you are wrong to say that 10 people cannot govern 8600 people. Who says the aim of a central student union is to govern people? They are simply representative. They are there to form a channel through wchich the students' problems can reach the administrators and vice versa. So I find it totally wrong that the VC should actually prohibit these central student union.
Now, I don't condone with the students rioting. That is not the way to do these things. They had to have made a formal complaint in writing first. Then, if nothing happened, go ahead to do a peaceful demonstration to show they are not happy with their study conditions. Destroying the little available university property is not the way to go about things. I should add I find the registration fee of 50.000 frs in order.
Also, a remark to the government.You had to have in mind that a state university would not be made up of 60 students forever. You had to have taken into consideration the fact that, the university was bound to grow and make adequate allowances for containing that growth in population such as making available funds for building additional toilets, lecture halls and so forth.
You guys must think I am really have the nerve, thinking I have the answer to everything huh? Well I donot, these are just my humble observations and what I hope for the future. Thanks for reading.


These strikes just reveal the level of frustration and discontent that characterises live in Cameroon.As long as we still have Biya and his clique in power, things will get even worse ..... I just can't understand what kind of country we have .A learned minister like Fame Ndongo would give credit to Biya for disbursing over 2 billion cfa to solve the crisis as if it was a free will donation. Biya has taken Cameroon hostage and we're living at his mercy .... Gold Help us !!!!!


You are lucky, your university is being run by people who know what a university is, in the anglosaxon sense. They are operating an institution of that size with a very limited budget. Next thing, you will have a french dictator imposed on you, who does not know anything about universities. Then, you will really cry. Take this from a grey head who went to riot-torn universities. These things do not get any better! Do not go stoning police who carry bullets.


I seem not to understand the type of training given to our police men, the cameroon police still remain a disgrace , very corrupt and confused how, when and to what extent to react to situations related to civilian strikes. It's rather unfortunate that they had to provoke the violent actions of the UB students and went as far as killing students. The role of security forces during strikes reamains that of protecting the strikers and also other members of the public and not to provoke.Also the extent of reaction of security forces, the type of weapons used remains important. Killing students went too far beyond the expected level of security expected from the police, a disgrace indeed. The cameroon police force still has a long way to go especially the need to be objective rather than always thinking the government is always right . They Seem to behave like cowards acting before they weigh the consequences of their action.Some even foolishly think killinig innocent citizens on such ocations will go a long way to favour their promotion , a situation that the regime seem to promote. The Cameroon police still needs alot lectures on issues related to their actions with civilians and more especially punishing so called policemen who go agianst standard rules.

Fred. N

The students in the University of Buea had no basis to go on strike because if they compare their university structure and others in the country they will find out that theirs is well organised and doing everything to improve on the conditions of learning of the students. It is obligatory for results to be published before the begining of a semester. CA's are published weeks before the exams giving ample time for serious students to submit complaints.
Infrastructural development is going on despite the fact that government does not give subventions to UB. This in an attempt to frustrtae the good efforts of the administration. Amphi 750 was built with toilets though not enough, we agree. Look at the cultural village, were every university is putting up a temporary structure for the UNIFAC, UB authorities and the Registrar in particular thought it wise to use the small money to put up a permanent structure to ease the space problem. In other universities the authorities will embezzle the money and put structures not worth it.
Yes there are problems in UB but not same as in other universities. Only students in the first year pay 68,000FCFA which ofcourse covers, medical, IDcards and what have you, of which they pay in two instalments which is what the Yaounde students are requesting.
In the days when government was giving allowances to students in Yaounde, house rents were exhorbitant. the cheapest was 25,000FCFA for a carabout and pit lantrine. Those who were living in the so called studio (self contained)had to pay nothing less than 35,000FCFA. At that time people were advised to withdraw after spending two to four years in the university. Many people ended up reading what they never intended to read. The frustration was high, thus the reforms. UB is really a CITADEL compared to the other universities in Cameroon. Teachers are devoted. look at Y'de, Lecturers demand that students pay CFA 2000 to attend tutorials? so we see that Y'de had peculiar problems.
Why on earth must students destroy what has been serving them for so long, instead of protecting them. If the destruction are assessed, students will be asked to pay extra for the damage. My fellow UB students please do not destroy, demonstrate on campus peacefully where you are protected by the law and don't go beyond your gates for you will be attacked by the forces of Lawlessness and disorder for breach of public peace. Anything can happen at that point. We have lost some brothers and sisters already so think.
Some people might blame Endeley for his utterances but sometimes it can be painful if you know that you are making sacrifices for the best interest of the University only for it to be destroyed in a day.
If some people think 50,000FCFa can run the university, then they should multiply that by the number of students. this gave me just 430,000,000FCFA. Just a ream of paper is about 2000fCFA and to do a continious assessment test ( which some faculties must give two) by the number of courses), we see that just to run a continious assessment test per course may be around 60,000FCFA only for paper. I leave the rest for you to think. Well let my brothers and sisters rethink and stop their action to save lives.


Ya all (UB Students) are just a bunch of dysfunctional losers.
Where on earth especially in this century are
individuals especilly university students who should
have the innate ability go on a kitchen throwing sink tantrum
of this caliber. People wake up and smell your upper
lips it is not going to cut it.

Ya all have just slap your head upside down. Look
how long it took to recover if we ever did from the
distructions after Fru Ndi taught Etoudi was stolen from him.
My people it doesnt pay to be destructive. History has
taught us that non-violent will give you what you want(ala Martin Luther King and the Indian guy).

My people, when are we going to stop this
copy-cat escapade. Do we have to wait for Yaounde to commence on something before we embark on it. Yaounde
knows that UB is the model of universities never seen
in this part of the world and hence the jealousy
to be like us has put a bitter taste in their mouth
for the past decade. Hence we fall in their stupid ploy.
How come they are not destroying their properties?

Wake Up People And Stop Blaming Each Other............

Okolle Justin

Okolle J.


Dear Mr. Registrar, University of Buea. I beg you for stop that confusion as you di try for justify inhuman act by Cameroon Police. Tell we how many people must represent 8600. I be university student too. Faculty Association na different thing from Student Union.I be sad for hear Intectual like you di make plenty effort for shamelessy change meaning for words like you di do. Make you Know say one hundred years no be forever. That Picken their blood di cry for them and Papa God di see am.


Samah A-M

The recent troubles rocking UB may be uncalled for, especially within the scope of University life in Cameroon, but I think it is an opportunity for people to sit and reflect on many issues. I shouls say, being an ex-Ubite that the students used the situation prevailing in Yaounde to express their built-up frustations in a system characterised by intimidation (of both students and lecturers), fear, and the absence of dialogue. Many of the grievances of the students are worthless, for conditions of study at UB are comparably more suitable at all of the other State universities.
That notwithsatanding, i hope the university authorities will use this as an eye-opener to look into the more and mose pertinent issues this misfortune has come to expose viz. the organisation of resit exams, provision of toilet and water facilities on campus, improvement on quality of facilities and services offerred to students. after all, the fact that conditions at the other university are bad, doesn't prevent people fro doing their best at UB.
Samah A-M


Habby stop drinking EXPORT "33" at the Club,limit your smoking habits and think wisely.You don't talk like the interllectual i know you to be.Your children are not in UB that is why u care less.Why do you send them to Nigeria,London and your brother ESUKA to the US if really UB is the place to be like you all claim in that UB administration.


During the construction of the openamphi, the VC claimed that 20M was already spent putting the floor. No side wall had been erected. This was an interview she gave Adamu Musa. If we could not hold her at the time, then its too late. She and co have already fattened themselves. Well their yaounde boss sent them down to do just that. He too has emptied state treasury.
My brothers in whiteman countries i can understand why all of you think 50.000frs is too small. Because you have to sweart it out there to go to school doesn't make 50.000frs in cameroon small amount of money. What do you guys think about the welfare of a state? Any government must be ready at all times to improve the living conditions of citizens. This does not exclude cancelling tuition and given tax breaks to citizens. But when these officials take to fattening themselves how can they provide basic services as water and toilets in a uiversity. We lack leadership. Read the comments given by a university registrar in cameroon.? I can understand the reason for the strike. A very stupid and unreasoned way of telking by a university boss. Why did you guys go ahead construction an unnecessary fence around the campus, when lecture halls are few? And besides, you knw the government subventions were not coming. How do you compare two university systems, based on the tuition?. You have to understand the difference in level of facilities, including water, nutritious food. Anf for mami Ayuks son, not every body will like eating eru, okro, in the midst of flies in a garage were carbonmonoxide is running. I understand you use mami Ayuk as a pretex to escape from lecture. A good student has to eat in the restaurant, and immediately go back to their study. This is why we need a goo adminnistration with fresh ideas, not 19th century colonial educated, fit for retirement, corrupt embezzlers.


This is what i could call BIYALISME . Cet idiot d´herbert endeley je veut dire cet encule qui se permet de jouer le role du bon devrai etre classe dans la meme trape que ces vulguairs braquers et assassins appele communement police camerounaise.
On en a mare vraiment mare que des inbecile heureux de la trape d´endeley et ces cochons de policiers detruisent notre chere PAYS . Sont -ils la pour la protections des etudiants et des citoyens ou pour leur executions?. Concernant les mots vain de mr BIYA qu´en est-il des 9 disparus de bepanda ou nous avons eu un discour semblable, stop les discours et revendiquons nos droits" oeil pour yeux, dent pour machoire" ce n´est que de cette facon que nous pourrons mettre ces especes de biscuits pour chiens en tenues sur les rails


You guys at UB should stop acting
a fool. How can u on earth stipulate that Njeuma and
co. has been in power for too long. Look
around the world and tell me which of the
universities has a president even head of
dept. that comes and go like u people
are talking about. You people think
life will be better after Njeuma,
look at the effort she has put and
her objective character, I bet you
she is the best at the present moment. We know
at the very inception of UB, there were nasayers
who wanted UB to fail since it was not suppose
to be in Buea and still to this day are praying
for UB to fail.
You say Njeuma has fattened her pockets,
with all the gossip journalism we
have in Cameroon I challenge for one example.

Thank God for what you have.


Endeley forgot to mention that his scrap car was burnt during our strike in UB in the 90's and her got paid heavilly for a car that is not worth 150000cfa. He should read the aticle by nyamjo and jua.


Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!.Mola Endeley na komie!
You are a very big fool to ask your own brethren to call their children home because you think if they express their dissatisfaction for 'your' rule, it means they are not interested in the education they so dearly want.You hail from a family where paths are cut out for you before you even decide to take a journey. It is no wonder why you cannot even reason with kids who could be your own.That 'cold war' that Njeuma and co. have mobilised into the University of Buea to suppress talents for their personal gains would lead them to their very end. I can assure them that
One guy said, quote This is why we need a good adminnistration with fresh ideas, not 19th century colonial educated, fit for retirement, corrupt embezzlers.Unquote. I really like that phrase.
Mola give way to Excellence and leave intellectuals to do the work meant for intellectuals and forget about your educational profile beacuse your peers can all atttest to your poor performances making you incapable to lead as we see today
Take it from a Mola to another mola and stop bringing issues of tribalism into real matters.


So, I know what riots are. Marching on the streets is not a riot. That is causing public nuisance. And if somebody gets killed out there, God bless him.


Endeley's report to Cameroon post has a lot of bottom meaning.
Firstly, i believe Endeley is a parent and should learn to talk like a parent. Biya's government is not his father's house. Some day he, Endeley will leave that position.
Secondly Endeley's report shows him as a dictator. He is not an administrator. An administrator will systematically fused his statements with some simple nice words, together with a bit of logic in a critical moment like this to calm down the students. But Endeley dictates.
Endeley is not different from Paul Mbiyang his master.
Endeley i assure you, that if i were back home, because of your kind of statements, i will do every thing possible to hurt you, even if it will mean making you to loose a member of your family.
Watch out the way you deal with public affairs.
Curses be unto you.




Nji Naphtaline

It is a sad thing to see a peaceful demonstration by student and hear that policemen have shot and kill some of the students who are not in arm. Why should the police be call up to intervene in student activities knowing fully well that the police and students are not always in good terms because most of the policemen are First school holders and always look upon students as future administrators who need to be tortured now before time cut them short. Just imagine you in vehicle stopped by a policeman and you show a student ID, the policeman will say, "Do we eat a student ID? Please I want a national ID and if you don't have step down". Please if there is anything concerning students let a man in uniform not be allowed to handle it. Female students too fall victim because the men in uniform are always been turn down and they will always look for an opportunity like this one.
Also looking at the registrar's answers to the interview, on can clarely see that he is merely dangling with words. He first of all says the students have not reason to strike and some where again says everybody has grivacess, what a contradiction. If people are looking for means of appointment, let them do so ginuenly and not using others. We know the nature of our country Cameroon, tht if you don't support the government in power, then yours is finish.


People, people, do not forget that Dr Endeley is answering multiple questions under high pressure. He appears to be doing his best under conditions of a Southern Cameroonian held captive by the situation. Unlike a real anglosaxon university, he is an appointee of the french colonial sergeant in Yawindi. In a real university, he would be elected by the senate of the University.

Be careful what you wish for, because you could lose someone who understands how an anglosaxon university works, and whose sympathy for the students comes through in the interview. The next appointee could be a person for la republique who happened to have attended a university in the UK. You guys would really be screwed then. As the man clearly says, there are insufficient funds to run the institution and to grant the students' wishes. You should be annoyed at the french people in Yawindi who are starving the university and want it to fail like their own abysmal institutions.

I know you do not like the comparison, but in many ways it is much harder being a student in America, unless you are like some who have rich, corrupt Daddies back in Cameroun (u know your selves) who give them an easy life. People work overnight cleaning excrement from the backsides of old people they do not know and do other backbreaking jobs just to pay their rent and to pay for a few part time courses. Not surprising to take six years to do a three or four year degree.

I know you folks are angry, but Herbert Endeley is not the man to hate, if you really understand what is going on.



I think this issue is serious and my registrar should reconsider his words tothe world.According to his answers there should be no strikes and no one student union.What is he so afraid of?his political ambitions,the student welfare or how his children are enjoing studies abroad?Some of us who have no means to study out should take any shit given to us right?May GOD WIPE AWAY YOUR IDEAS,AND EVIL, DEMONIC FOR LIFE?you are egoistic an sooooo foolish!
So there was money in this cameroon up to that amount for the universities and where has it been all this while.Instead the registrar wanted the students to stike so that his few salary should be increased.What a SHAME!!!!!!!.

Stephen Nfor

I doff my cap to the bravery and professionalism of your team of reporters for the detailed coverage of the incidents in and around the University of Buea resulting from a students' protest for better conditions in this institution of learning.

In spite of the gravity of the incident and the characteristic appalling manner with which the forces of law and order or should I say 'forces of lawlessness and disorder', handled it, I was not surprised that on trying to get the official version of events, the Vice Chancellor thought it right to point out more to your not mentioning material damage in your reports (eventhough students had been shot dead) and thereby seeking to destroy the UB. The rantings of the Registrar do not surprise me either. In a country rife with patronage politics the protection of one's post demands that you echo the master's voice.

And tomorrow when an accusing finger is pointed at the government for the lack of respect of Human Rights, they will claim they were baseless assertions.

It is amazing that in Cameroon - cradle of our fathers, our armoury has been used consistently on armless and harmless citizens time and time again. And the men in uniform have earned promotions and increased pay mostly for doing just this.

Our democracy is very advanced we are told and I can remember some big joke by well placed government officials claiming during the heat of the struggle for democracy in the early 90s that before perestrioka, the world had learnt democracy from us(laugh).

Yes! 'democracie avancee' and poor students cannot make their concerns heard through demonstrations - one of the recognised ways of exercising freedom of speech! It is unfortunate but 'le Cameroun c'est le Cameroun'.

May the souls of those students who died merely for seeking to make their voices heard, rest in perfect peace! And to you guys at The Post, more grease to your elbows

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