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Tuesday, 26 April 2005


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At times I just think these Swiss look at us in Africa as fools.While our dictators do the highest foreign banking in their country, that is never taken in to consideration but rather they talk of the large number of illegal Africans in Swiss.What about our large amount of money there?She will need permission from Switzerland to answer a question about our money in Swiss banks......what does she take us for? Only fools will not know that Switzerland feeds fat from illegally gotten foreign money and will not accept illegal foreigners to benefit from part of this money.Well the day shall come when all this will be history.
In God we trust.


My friend, I am afraid your trust in God is totally misplaced. What is it with Africans and religion anyway? Considering we had to be coerced and in some cases forcefully converted to the stuff? We are now hooked on the stuff like alcoholics are drawn to a bottle of beer.

Cosmologists have long argued over whether the moment of creation was ten billion years ago or twice that or something in between. To the best of my knowledge, the consensus seems to be heading for a figure of about 13.7 billion years. In all that time, my friend, God has not been able to make the poor and the meek to inherit the earth! On that basis, I think you just might be placing your trust on the wrong dude. In the meantime, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, both within Cameroon and in the world in general.

What does Switzerland take us for? Simple...for foolish simpletons. Who can blame them? Look at our "leaders"! One look at them and if you weren't African wouldn't you feel like patronising Africans?


Dear Mrs Consul General, thanks for your effort in saying very little on the immigration situation in Switzerland. You have only put but the carte before the horse. Kindly go to thr root cause of the problem, then i will say you are on the course; why cann't you asked yourself what makes Cameroonians to migrate at a time when migration from Africa is at a drop? You and your other European brothers go about distroying and distabilising countries especially those less developed world thinking that it wouldn't affect you people? All of us belong on thesame earth. Don't think when you destoye this one there will be another one somewhere for you to take refuge. Today i don't thinks the bad side of the Global effect is felt most in Africa the most damaged part on earth orchestrated by you people. You people mislead our African dictators who steal state money and transfer them to your country rendering African countries desperate. The people of Africa will keep to be attracted by the force of nature to their sweat that has been illegaly transferred to your country. So the earlier you stop them from transferring stolen moneys into your country then you have taken a giant step to the solution of your cry.
To be balanced you wouldn't have complained only on the case of illegal immigrants, you would have done thesame concerning illegal transfer of money into your country.
You claimed serious measures have been taken to fight illegal immigrants, do you think the immigrants are sleeping, they are also preparing to fight back? Well unfortunately for you the thief was born before the police. So try to revise your work.


Dear Madam Consul General of the swiss Embassy in Yaounde,Camerooon thank your talk on illegal Immigration by Cameroonians in Switzerland. Please tell your Government to stop encouraging African Dictators from Embezelling state money and your Banks from accepting ill gotten wealth.The cry of suffering African masses is heard by God .
Switzerland is not a hospitable country.I can proof it.
It is disheartenning to see such a double standard By Switzerland.


He has said all about illegal immigration by Cameroonians but has not said anything about the amount of money those corrupt colleagues of My Biya, have in swiss banks and its effects on the zeal by Cameroonians to move abroad. My Consular officer, you can fool someone, sometimes but not everytime. do send our money back stolen and hidden in your banks, our economy will be good and we will all return home.


Quit providing haven for african thieves who force people to emigrate. Switzerland, why do you think you are exempt from receiving the consequences of your actions. Do you still have the gold that was extracted from the teeth of murdered Jews by the Nazis? This is all very shameful. Get proper industries and stop keeping ill-gotten gooods. Folks, do you know something? Switzerland does not play this stupid game with the United States because William Tell will not suffice to stop a PO'd US. Just mess with African countries. Madam CG, please!!!!!

Ayeah Emile

What goes around comes around, when a diplomat lies to the media,where should we disprove her? to the media offcourse.A diplomat lies to the media about her country's hospitality, away from the media it is one of the most racist countries in Europe. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the World yet brothers, it cannot boost of one single Natural Resources. The famous Swiss banks says it all.As long as Swiss banks continue to reap interest rates on ill gotten money, then the government should be prepared built more asylum camps, and take care of every thing associated to that. Europeans are having hards times with immigration these days, it makes me feel real good. May be God is real, look any one who doubts the presence of the Lord doubts himself as well. God manifest in a very slow and intelligent manner.In the UK today, British citizens have abandoned London to foreigners and move to countrysides, in Germany, the Turkish are already claiming Germany etc There is no way you will get away with a crime on earth. We don't need the Consul General to get permission from her country to answer a question, we know the response already, that is just a formality. Now, it is very stupid when you think that you can reverse the course of nature. Every human being struggles for survival. The difference between countries that accept the realities is great. The UK remains the strongest economy in Europe because she did realised that it was pay back time to her colonial attrocities, why is Belgium not crying out loud against the millions of Zairians in their country?. This fucking Switzerland refused to signed for the Shenghen organisation which protects the free movements of foreigners within Europe because she was not interested seeing Africans having a taste of their own money, that was more than greediness, unfortunately, it wasn't Africans who took the lead to storm and attack their economy but thousand of unemployed Germans. Also, it has in vain tightened immigration policies yet still registering an increase in asylum application. This is a two way game brothers, thousand of Africans enter European cities every minute, it will continue like this until thy kingdom come. It is very easy to stop this problem, let them pack their embassies our of Africa if they are fedup, Hypocrates.In God we trust brothers. Europeans will pay to the last dime whether they like it or not.


Mrs. Bertschi,as a Swiss diplomat,you need to define your country's mission to Cameroon in particular,as well as to Africa as a whole.May we know the kind of co-operation Switzerland is undertaking with Cameroon?If such a co-operation was not beneficial to Switzerland,why doesn't your xenophobic Swiss government leave Cameroon?
It is an open secret that Switzerland is an inferno for immigrants,especially those with 'Brown skin'.This definitely puts your country on the top of the charts of the most RACIST western nations!Mrs. Bertschi,can you tell the world why Switzerland is so hated by other European countries,especially the Nordic countries?
You express stupid worry about what you shamelessly term 'persistent increase in the number of illegal immigrants from Cameroon' in Switzerland.But when one considers the numbers of illegal immigrants from Asia,as well as from the Arab world that are presently in Switzerland,you see that Cameroonian illegal immigrants are non-existent!But you want to make the world believe that Cameroonians,or better still Africans are posing such a threat to Swiss immigration?!That's quite untrue and i figure you must hate Africans a great deal.
If you think visas are refused from Cameroonians owing to false documents,then i'd like to refer you to the hordes of Chinese,Afgans,Iraqis,who are flooding to Europe like flies every blessed day.Does the Swiss authority issue appropriate travel documents to all of these people?Or is Africa your personal target because of your racist inclination?
Do Africans abuse the domain of demand for asylum more than Asians,and Middle Eastern countries?I don't think so,for all over Europe,your double-edged goverments have prejudiced African asylum seekers,in favour of equally questionable demands from Asia and the Middle East.
Be honest Mrs. Bertschi.




I truly wonder why anybody from Cameroon would want to travel to Switzerland,let alone SEEK ASYLUM in such an isolated country!There are many more humane countries in Europe to choose from,where one can atleast breath inspite of the uncertainties regarding survival in Europe.Truth be told,Europe is getting tougher,but to settle for a country of absolute xenophobia as Switzerland is a dum thing to do.Surviving underground in Switzerland is really challenging,but perhaps the worst of it all is the fact that you can stay in that hopeless place for years and you never take a woman home!
This Bertschi woman must acknowledge the fact that Africans as a whole are comparatively scarce in Switzerland,and many more are forced to skip the country everyday.I stumbled across a Swiss man some years ago in Sweden,and he was really shocked to see how hospitable Swedes are!And this is contrary to what many people think of Sweden.
Switzerland is not a place to consider.Besides it is utterly shocking to imagine how Switzerland can survive as a nation without any heavy industry.Mrs.Bertschi's country is reputed for dishonest dealings with some of the world's leading gangters,yet she has the guts to speak of con-men in Cameroon!See,that is typically Swiss,that gangster inclination that is characteristic of a country which is known to produce JUST watches.
The woman calls people con-men,but i wonder how Switzerland managed to allow Sanni Abacha to transfer that immense sum of money he percolated from Nigeria to a Swiss bank(just one example).
You Swiss are all stinking criminals,Mrs Bertschi.

Danny Dane

Mrs Bertschi,
Shame to you and your double standard government with cabinet members who are all conmen-419. The Swiss gov`t and all the banks are jointly and severally liable for supporting and encouraging African dictators to embezle state revenues. You and your gov`t have two options the first is either you pack your things out of Cameroon and close down the consulate or secondly your banks should refund our money. Failure to do this, you will have many more trouble with your immigration system as you claimed whether you like it or not. You may like to start by refunding what the devil Paul Biya had embezelled from State coffers. Good luck and continue to grant visas to the hell called Switzerland. Nyam!

Atah Allen Blaze

Hi everybody. I am especially thankful for all your eye opening feedback on this issue. I now know what Switzerland is all about. I must really be on my guard now. Keep the revelation.

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