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« Registrar On UB Strike Action | Main | UB Joins Varsity Strike:Students Sack Campus, Destroy Cars »

Thursday, 28 April 2005


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Desmond Aymard

I have been a UB student and I know how it feels. No proper food in the restau and poor facilities for the students. A complete lack of security and the list is endless. Now they add fees and don't offer resit courses so that students may end up having to return for a 4th or 5th year. It's just crazy and I hope the students stand firm in whatever they do.


Goddam, my country needs the scnc most urgently at this moment. The Biya/francofone thing is a failure..... Along with those my brothers who support him. God save us.

Ndze Ntuv Evaristus Tunka

Two students have lost their lives in what started off as a peaceful demonstration to protest against the ills of higher education in Cameroon. All this due to the selfish egos of a band of scaliwags and nincompoops who call themselves University administrators.
We are no strangers to the dilapidating nature and dysfunctional structures of Universities in Cameroon. But what do we get for protesting for the betterment of students statutes, the bruteless murder of two armless and peaceful student protesters. I hope the death of these two heroic students acts as an eye openner to the rest of Cameroonian folk, and the international community for the need of a regime that will respect the rights of its citizens to peaceful protests, a regime that respects Human Rights, a regime that shuns corruption, and finally, a regime that will play its role of serving the people.
Our "humble" Vice Chancellor, Dr. Dorothy Limunga Njeuma has now become, not only tight-seated bad administrator, but has also become an accomplice to murder. May the death of these two heroes echo a new era in the higher education arena. Fellow Cameroonian students, you should not let the sacrifice of life by these two students be in vain. To the dead I say REQUIEM IN PACE.

Bernard Agwa

Mr Ndze, in what part of the world have you seen a peaceful protest where buildings are looted, cars burnt, computer equipment stolen, etc.? Let us stop this foolishness because people are dying on the ground while you guys seat in your mansions in America blowing hot air!!! Was it Njeuma who sent these fools to go into the streets to confront the Police. Let me say what all of you cowards are afraid to say: The blood of the dead students in on the hands of those students who started this madness. Not only should they be banned from any tertiary institution in Cameroon, they should be shipped manu militari to Kondengui and the key thrown away!! Because of tuition they kill their fellow students? If 50,000 is so unreasonable, how much did these same students pay in Sacred heart, Sasse, Comprehensive, etc.? an average of 250,000!!! suddenly they are unable to pay 1/5th of that sum. Give me a break!! Lock them up and throw away the key!!

Minjo charles

Am just sick reading throw the reports, the same old names- Ngoh, Njuma, Herbert & co. These same pple, How can there be a change UB. We tried twice while there and nothing change; hope this time with the dead of two somethings, I mean something good will come out of their innocent blood.

esape   jojoe


It is a shame to read what is taking place in our beloved country. The strikes taking place in our universities should lead the way for other issues to be addressed; for example, the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and services like cement et al, must make Cameroonians stand up now and make the Biya regime learn. Must Biya empty our pockets before he leaves power? Shame to all who re-elected the CPDM.

Esape jojoe
Kristianstad - Sweden

A. Percy

The Cameroonian police core has once more exhibited the paradox of professional ethics.Instead of trying to bring the strike action of UB students which broke out on Wed 27 April, the so call "law enforcement officers" rather instigated real chaos. However, it is explicit that their intentions for such action was diversifiesd and egocentric: the police officers went into mass looting of cell phones,money and an unreasonable level of destruction of property. Oncemore, it is worthy to note that the Cameroonian police is a combination of all sort of hardden criminals who take the police profession as a pretext. The death of the two students is a sacrifice which the state and the University authorities are compelled to effect change in a decayed political nation where democratic actions like strikes have become criminal. The list is long.
Change is necessary in UB where large lecture rooms have no sound systems but her administraors drive in very luxirious cars.
Change is vital.


It is with deep regret that I learnt of the plight of my fellow brothers in UB.This is the moment for Cameroonians of all works of life who are vying for change to join hands to compliment the struggle that has been started by these University students.The wind of change which is blowing all over the world has long been over due in Cameroon.All Cameroonians should stand up as "one man,one voice" to effect this change.
All of us that are out here in the diaspora greet this brave action of the UB students geared at up rooting dictatorial regimes that are out to suppress and intimidate.'No amount of police crackdowns should stop you fellow students'.Go ahead!


Dear People,


Do to others as you would others do to you.


Emelda Ntinglet-Angu

May the souls of the two students Rest In Peace! Can the Government and Administrators, please, intervene and maintain tranquility in the country? It hurts to loose a family member and we are assured the families of these two students now have an irreplaceable vacuum. A violently plagued atmosphere cannot be unruffled with bustling barbaric intervention from police to trigger gunshots now costing the lives of our future leaders. My condolences to the bereaved families and May God Bless us all as we pray for Calm and Peace in Our Country.

Emelda Siri Ntinglet-Angu
Maryland, USA

Mbonde Ivo

I was in ub for a few months before leavin' to study abroad, and i know how ub really feels. it was horrible to study in amphi 250 and besides the absence of speakers made it worse. i'm likewise sayin' the students have the right to strike if they're not havin' the best in skool. people strike everywhere in the world, but a good strike is a non violent one. president bush's inoguration for instance was also hot here by protestants but no gun was used to stop the angry mob. it's a shame to see the police use their guns on unarmed civilians espercially students more to that. somethin' really needs to be done.
Mbonde Ivo,
Seattle, Washington,
United States.


Let's only put every thing in prayers and see what the Lord in his might and Powers will do in Jesus name" Let it be so"

Moncler Daunenjacke

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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