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Saturday, 28 May 2005


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Dr A A Agbormbai

Well done!


Julius, you have said it all. More ink to your pen.


You forgot to mention the rather cheeky nature of the man;his undipolmatic style and outright rudeness.He should be the first to be shown the door!There have been better Governors' in the south West.If only the strike had occured when Acham Peter was Governor.Weird thinking there,but...


Even Oben Ashu ( Asonglefac Nkemleke called him the no nonsense Governor) could have handled that strike better.We are unfortunate that apart from the UB staff, the other important decision makers are francophones.

About a decade ago when UB students went on strike, Agbor Tabi was Higher Education Minister,Oben Ashu was Governor. Agbor Tabi came to Buea and through lies, sweet coercion, and thanks to Anoma Ngu's oratory, the students went back to class.It was an open hearing, I can say. Njeuma was there in the open air, no auditoriom at the time. She told her side of the story and the students told theirs.
I would say we as students gained nothing. We lost the student Union and our President dimissed, lost half our caution and our student union fees totalling some fourteen million has never been accounted for.

Today Njeuma thinks that students are still those of yesterday. Times have changed but Ma Njeuma still clings to the old ways.Some will still remember how they intimidated Joe Tiemoncho into submission over this same issue of fees.And a sublime smile always lights up my face when I recall Joe's metaphor: " Chinua Achebe said people will stand in the coumpound of the coward and point at the ruins of the hero and say a great man once lived there." The next moment the strike died naturally. But today the present student leaders fear no such thing. Let the powers that be note this and get into action.

Aminde Nkem Atabong.

I think its time we all see into it that the so-called Ejake Mbonda should leave buea for good and if possible be sacked for life and charged with murder.He is such a coward and i doubt if he studied something like law in his whole life or maybe he left his village and through the normal hook and crook method as corrupt as the biya gov't is, he found his way through and now feels he is unstoppable and moreso untouchable.Ejake, if you don't quite now and find your way through, i advice you no one knows Biya very well because he at times surprises people through his changes, no one could imagine Biya sacking his uncle Michel Me'va M'eboutou after he stole huge sums of money last year knowing that he himself is a big thief,because knowing as bad as the gov't is, even if a minister steals the whole ministry money, as long as he is biya's agent,he can't be sacked but biya shocked many people by showing him the door as well as other ministers like Joseph Owona.Who knows whether he settled them with huge sums of money before showing them the door? Ejake, i beg take your big belle commot for that place before your letter of firing reaches you at it reached the former Governor and due to hardship he died.LEAVE THAT BUEA IN PEACE EJAKE WITH YOUR POT BELLE and find another place to go to because anything you do to hurt the students, will automatically follow your own children behind.

A. Agien Nyangkwe

Sorry sirs, you all got it wrong from Edjake Mbonda. This honorable man as I can say is a product of "the prestigious" ENAM.There is caourse delivered in that school and which is it that tailor all that you have like "Administrateur Civil", I don't know what that outfit means in the queen's language. The title: "Comment faire sentir son autorité" How to make one's authority felt (my translation). In the lesson that dates as far back as 1954, the French lecturer said to future Administrative Officers that:
1. An authority should never be on on time for an event, the earliest time should be 1 hours late!!
2. An authority should always people waiting for him so as to make his authority felt.
3. The authority should be the first to leave any ceremonial grounds.
4. An authority can only personally in an event when the repressive forces have failed to establish state authority, so as not to appear weak infront of the population.
5. The State is always very pwerful and can use all means to maintain that power if some group wants to "undermine it" and other such rubish that I will not enumerate here.
So when I read my refine Julius Ndem Mbeleke referring a highly rated management course to some one that has been groomed in such a crude manner is like asking satan to repent to god, no way man. To be honest to you my brother, it is like this Anglophones living together with francophones, no way. The artificial bondage can be for some time, but one day day we will separate. If it doesn't happen in my living, it will happen in children's.
Ejake Mbonda is a typical francophone who believes in brutal force like the illitrate Peter Oben Ashu (I quite remember the way he used to shout at me when I telephoned him to crossed check information)to solve problems. This works in french Cameroons but I am sorry that it will not work in the part where my parents are from.
Soa course in srisis management will not change anything in Edjake Mbonda.
As Mrs Dorpthy Njeuma, I regret bitterly to aknowledge how limited this mother is. You cannot imagine the tools at her possession to quell the UB crisis but she could not make good use of them. As he saying goes, if you are deviif incarnate your eyes are closed even on Quinine that is by your side and that you can swallow to stop the fellow that is pulling a fast one on you.
Did you see hat The Post Newspaper Inadvertently did some public relation work for The UB Vice Chancellor by publishing a report which she co-signed for the world bank. A cleaver leader will just have bpught about 100 copies of The Post issue that carried the story and then summoned the students for a meeting where one can use the report to his/her advantage. A proactive (Julius will say crisis management strategy) exploitation of that publication by The Post will have done well for Mrs Njeuma; She did nothing. She did not even call Mr Wache and the Scotland Yard Commissioner Charlie Ndi Chia (No one should dare querry me on this because Charly did all the best investigative work on the Eseme murder so much so that if there was justice in Cameroon, elements from his report would have landed the assassin to jail or posted fro the firing squad, but as the venerable Cardinal Tumi once said, "there is no justice in cameroon") for soùe Kwa coco and tumba mbussa.

Dr A A Agbormbai

The Post

Your forum is very revealing!

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