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Monday, 23 May 2005


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ngalame E: N

what a tragedy, my condolence to fritz makoge.However this incidence arouses the question as to who is authorised to use locally made guns in public manifestations, be it cultural or otherwise.Is it just anybody or people who have a hang of how the gun works.
Another wind blowing question is what type of guns and catrige should be autorised? IS it just harmless explosives to produce the required sound effects for animation or deadly bullets which some vilains might surepticiously use to settle scores. I remember reading on this same medium last week or two a report on how local authorities were schooled on the dangers of producing and using locally made amunitions. Hope the Makoge incident will serve as foregleams of worse things to come is locally made guns or armes are not stringently used.

Roland Ngong

Fritz Makoge was a brother. I felt and still feel deep pain writing about him in the past because I knew him from way back in the past. He was a bakossiman. I never knew because that was not an issue. It had never been an issue.
His death is a real shock particularly for those of us who are bound to live and work far from home - with no possibility to buy "ordinary soap" to help wash him before burial.Why,one is bound to ask, does the Lord only take the good ones?
I still cannot believe that I will not see him when I come home. This is time for prayer - a quiet one- for a kind soul and a decent human being. May he rest in peace.

Judy Ako

It is aching and sorrowful for this to happen to the Makoge's family. May the family accept my heartfelt condolences.

Like the chairman said "as an accident (for which nobody is to blame.)" Was the use of fire arms not banned in the North West Province? Why did this man not shot in the air as it is usually done?

After shoting the husband of a woman forcing her to widowhood,killing the father of children it is now described "AN ACCIDENT"

Left to know if it was an accident.

Papi- Västereås, Sweden

Pa check yourself ohhh I beg you na weti be die inside your compound, u sure say some man no put e hand for bad pot. Pa check yourself I beg plenty.



Fritz was jovial, popular and well loved man. My heart cries out that he had to end in this way! Is it not time to reconsider the use of live firearms in funerals? Perhaps firecrackers like the Chinese use. They are not 100% safe, but much safer than guns.

Uche Eze Nkatta Idika

May he too, rest in blessed memory

Dr A A Agbormbai

These sort of accidents seem to have become all too common. I had a school friend at CPC Bali who I remembered to have been upright, dynamic, and athletic.

When I next saw him decades later in London I couldn't believe my eyes. He was horribly crippled!

When I enquired what the matter was and what had caused such a predicament, he told me that someone accidentally shot him at a mourning ceremony in Cameroon. What a joke, I thought!

In line with common sense and with what is common practice in democratic communities, where human life is highly treasured, I would propose that live guns be banned from all mourning ceremonies. Dummy bullets should be used in place of live ammunition.

becky dioh

i would just like to make a CORRECTION! FRITZ MAKOGE WAS MY UNCLE AND HE WAS NOT REPEAT NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER, NEITHER WAS HE A MILITANT.he was just a good friend, very good friend to Ni John.from Adam's when Ni john had his little bookshop in bamenda. they had known themselves for ages. politics did not bring them together.he was just taking snap shots like a souvenir, like any other person would have done.
so please before broadcasting anything, you should investigate well, and have concrete evidence.because you don't know who might read this. i repeat, FRITZ MAKOGE WAS NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER.
MY name is becky dioh, niece to fritz, on behalf of his sons, and family.
thank you


Yes Becky a photographer is anyone who takes a photo whether it is his(her) profession or not. A footballer is not just someone like Eto Fils which is his profession but even me who play in our local village field.
So the reporter is right to call the passed away(may his soul rest in perfect piece) a photographer since he was photographing the events in Pa's compound.
Let's forget how it is being reported but give thanks to the reporter for the information to those of us in the wider world.
Becky I extend my sympathy to you and the entire family

becky dioh

i understand that massamoyo!thanks!may his soul rest in perfect peace. what pains me most is, he was still a full fleshed man, active and always jovisl and available.i am going to miss him so much!!you cant imagine just how much!!
my family accept your sympathy may God bless You!

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