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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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paul  ebia

fru ndi still beleive in the system?

poor you, in the old soviet union , men who are soo
stone-headed would be sent to the gulag,
with all these signe, that the frenchcameroun dont want anglophone to be president, they are bent only on raping our girls and petroleum in return for bullets
killing our youths and jailling , fru still dont get it?
massa, maybe he is aiming for a nobel peace prize, for his carjoiling with the regime, in the face of great oppression, but he is not mandela.


So for how long will you keep crawling in front of co-conspirators for change?The is a problem more at stake in cameroun known to the commonwealth.One of the cameroons is suffering annexation from the other,known to commonwealth.They have closed their eyes and pretend not to see the issue at stake.What more of crying for flawed and rigged future elections?I would have want you to ask why this so called commonwealth is not pressing Nigeria to hand over Bakassi,in re of the kangaroo and fraudulent justice by the ICJ cedding it to LRC.They are both members to it.they may be having a moral say?You would have asked them what is stalling handover.LRC who was carved and sanctioned Idependence by the French was not designed to conduct transparent elections at any one time.Why don't you write to Francophonie also 'bout this same issue,including Bakassi.Did you offer a word about the current Mayhem in Buea by this odmahaun powers that be,Or your jurisdiction is only 'bout transparent elections?Will you participate in this vauderville called elections,if how you want it to be is not done Mr SDF Chairman?Have you any alternative Mr Chairman?It is alleged that you were the Victor of the 92 "elections",but yours was pumpkined,Why was it so?THERE IS MAYHEM IN BUEA,YOU SEEM TO BE SHTUMED?What will you expect the international community and her commonwealth sibling do with your quest,when they seem to be palsy-walsy with ya foe?

Edward Nde

While these electoral commision people are crise crossing the country, we sure know that elections most be looming, and it is time to remind politicians about credit agricole du cameroon and what Cameroonians lost in this bank. It is also the place of the chairman to remind these international personalities that thyis bank which had an international link went away with his people's money and perhaps some smart lawyers can sue the international cxonnections to the defunct bank which will then force the regime in place to pay what is owed. I observed that during the last elections the SDF did not say anything abpout what the government owed cameroonians in these banks, which could have been another great campagn slogan having the effect of maybe giving Camerooniasns something.

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