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Saturday, 28 May 2005


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This urge by the Meme traditional rulers should be insistently repetitive and practical. The killing of these students should receive a strong nation-wide condemnation. When ministers, D.Os, Directors, etc are appointed there's feasting and jubilation, Cameroonians in traditional regalia will flood Yaounde to express ignorant thanks and support but when their own sons; their only divine gifts are wantonly gunned down they stay mute. What a shame?

Njei Moses Timah

It is comforting at least to hear such a call for punishing police culprits from Meme chiefs. Callous anti-North West statements from a minority of some Southwesterners about the UB crisis gave us the impression that the lives of the dead students were dispensable just because they originate from the North West.

Ewane Mboh

Congrats to New Meme Chief's Exco

By Ewane Mboh Davidson
in europe.

I write to particularly express concern as a son of Meme Division following the recent communique from the Meme Chief's Conference.

The issues raised on this communique are very important, especially the spliting of the division, with Mbonge Sub-Division becoming a full division. This will help to bring rapid development in the area.

The second point that I very much commend is the poor state of the roads, especially that leading to Mundemba. Infact, I can describe Ndian Division as "The Sickman of The South West Province". Despite that fact that petrol is coming from Bakassi, The Division can be proud of nothing. There should, atleast be tarred roads leading to Mundemba.

The third point is the trial of the uniform officers who shot down students on demonstration. These students can be your cildren. The gun knows nobody.

Lastly, I will like to appeal to the Meme Chief's conference to raise their voice when it comes to other aspects of the community.

I congratulate my friend Chief Nawa Ngoh Martins for his election as Secretary of the Meme Chief's conference. He is very competent for the job. The new leadership as well as the outgoing has been very competent. Chief Rudolf Douala Itoe, retired Administrator and traditional ruler of Bombe Bakundu has done a commendable job. Dr. Chief Ebanja will nodoubt continue with the same spirit.

The Meme Chiefs are very resourceful, and they have a lot to offer to the community. They should go as far as intervening in tribal-divide within the division. Everybody has a right as an elite of the division, and contribute towards the development of the division, the province and the nation as a whole.


Emma tange

I wonder if those of you giving the chieves this loud applause have really read through it or you are just commenting simply because it is a free network or because you have a language problem and could not really understand the reporter, Yes atleast i know that for the first time the chieves deserve an applause but not a loud one as you just did,my dear brothers come to think of it, i know the chieves have just condemned the murder of the students but without any reflection the are asking the students to go back to the class room even without dialogue with the Almighty Njeuma, if this woman isa really a true daughter of southwest then why these Red Cap men not convince her to dialogue with the students so that peace can reign again, instead the are just asking the students to back to class it therefore means the our Red Cap Fools feel the students had no reason for striking,
This Red Cap fools are fun of going to yaounde or sending a Delegation to and say thank you to the God of the land grandpa Biya for appointing a son of the soil which is a thing he is suppose to do or you will always hear them sending their message of support to him after helping him to fraud Elections in the country, why can this Red Cap men not send a delegation to yaounde on behalf of the students, why can they not send another message to their grandpa to put an immediate end to the crisis of our only University, if the truly valued education the would asked their president DR Ebanja to go and tell his Boss Njeuma to bring back peace to our dear University, i Know the will not do a think like that because their so called president who is the Deputy Rector and also a member of the witch hunting gang killing our innocent students in Buea but however i want our Red Cap men to come out and talk on behalf of our children if the truly value the Education of our youths and future Chieves, it is however a challenge to the Chieves and not an insult to our royal system,


Jokers,stooges,primitive politicians and licensed beggers, what good can come from you? Please, we want our fight without you, chiefs.
How many of the lamidos,nfons,fons,chiefs and senior traditional administrators don`t have hidden murder records,especially the political chiefs.A human soul is not as important as the favours you expect from Yaounde.
We know the trick, you want to attract a little attention for unsatisfied promises.How many decades ago did you cease representing your people.
How nice it sounds the Meme new executive will soon begin planning a trip to Yaounde to congratulate the almighty powers for the appointment of their son/daughter to the prestigeous post of thievery.
Take your ridicule away from our struggle, yes i see nothing laudable in your purported communique.Wait for elections to hide ballot boxes in your bedrooms and use your jujus to intimidate.
However, we wait to see if the SW Chiefs Conference will go meet the President or PM about this unfortunate murder cases. I bet a million that this will never happen.
Stay away chiefs, don`t use our struggle to attract attention. Same warning to useless SWELA!


You have said it all and any Chief that has ears should winkle them like the rabbits ears.
They just want some CFA's from Jaounde.
Dont mind them. We know all their useless 'cornie'.
How many of the Chiefs or have they send a delegation to condole with the deceased parents of the lost students? 'Lie thing dem'
Mbu thats chief for you


My brothers,

It surprises me a lot that somebody has mentioned the name of the PM in this saga. The PM as we all know is a mere figure head and has no powers. Have you heard any thing from his end? If we critically follow the administrative pyramide, the PM would have been the champion in this whole insipid event that has befallen our academic institutions. But since power comes from the almighty Biya, he choses who ever he likes to solve situations even without reflecting. Only god knows when he will end our predicament.

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